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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

'Restored To a New Place of Righteousness and Grace' Message 31st January 2018

Before the following message was given, first praying with reason - a situation had been created that I could not ignore. I felt 'scolded' for accepting a gift with the words written 'I would not place a false god in my house, just saying'

The night before an email arrived with being chosen the 'very lucky winner' of a Buddha - Quan Yin from a Holistic health Cafe in Bolton centre. At first I was hesitant to enter the draw; yet I did. Being trained in Holistic Health Therapies and Counselling, now I am given a reason to visit too
In my reply I stated, 'this is not a false God it is a symbol of inner peace and enlightenment .....' etc Instead of writing privately,  concern for my safety  was in the open. (with awareness already the day before of danger being presented with gifts and parcels that might not be quite as they seem)

Not wanting to alarm anyone, there are risks to speak and write 'the testimony of Christ'.  The Holy Bible also warns about False prophets being killed. There are reports of Christians being beheaded in this time too. Though a specific scripture identifies a prophet chosen by God; not that I claim to be. The role I am given is sharing my learning and dreams. Messages written here are 'personal revelation' that validate the scriptures and Christ return.

However, if I may explain, after professional training in counselling, my lecturer, encouraged me to take another post graduate course in psychotherapeutic dream analysis. Many years of studies were not taken lightly. His respectability as an esteemed lecturer and ethical professional cannot be denied.

Nevertheless the English Law court has been corrupted; ALL my  professional training was denied with refusal for redress and reparation for their crimes. No apology, the court when corrupted also sent bailiffs to my home banging on my door with one days notice. They corrupted the law of God too. In choosing to protect corruption; they are enslaving people with godless rule,

With any revelation given by God - what comes from God is for all people. Much care is required to interpret revelation in dreams too. In the ancient times ONLY Priests who serve God were entrusted to analyse dreams. Every word of God (given by the Holy Spirit) is sacred as with dreams too. And in history, The Lord has revealed himself face to face for a reason too. He reveals himself for a reason now to his helpers and children too. This is foretold.

The person who stated he is concerned for my safety lives in America where he says he was shown catastrophe and judgement on America, Europe and Great Britain. Obviously there is a reason for this (with antichrist rule too) 

After prayer (before writing the message) I cupped the Holy Bible in my hands and ISAIAH 58 was revealed. Again the Sabbath is highlighted. If I rely on my own understanding (which is little in relation to the divine plan unfolding) I will be limited. In prayer I discovered the promises made to people too.

In my Spiritual life experience, I anchor onto Christ; Trusting God alone - not mortal man. If I am in danger, God knows and Christ is revealed  My situation in His hands, though I proceed; trusting God in what I must do. There will surely be times I make mistakes but never intentionally; nor to harm, As I walk I could trip up very easily and fall. Learning to take careful steps is with being aware of the weather and circumstance; also internally listening if warnings not to go.

Message 31st January 2018
Start time 11:58
End time 12:31

You are at once restored to new place of righteousness and grace. I will not abandon you this time or ever again. 
The tests are severe and the tempters are rife; do not enter into argument with anyone. Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No. Nothing else. 
Those who forbid you freedom to talk and claim my word as your own - given to you - you do not need to answer them. 
The word of the Spirit of the Lord is guiding you and giving hope for the Salvation of Mankind through me The Christ - a role I did not choose and I was seriously tested too.
Who can stand in my place and survive? There is none!
Who can suffer as I was made to suffer, torturing my soul because I knew what was to come? None!
Well I warn today  and ask people to seek the Lord God Almighty. 
Some listen and many do not. 
You are not to know about what will befall the rebellious ones and you are not to know about the catastrophic landslides that will change the geographic and geopolitic of the world. 
The Lord Almighty rules and reigns for the land under the seas are His. You have been shown this. 
If all were to change the earth above will sink and this land will be raised. Imagine the death toll how many will drown.
The Lord Almighty will do what He will do and if people repent, watch and see the blessings that will rain down from the heavens.
You have been given much; many others will be given much more. As you have told people who serve me in the Spirit and The Truth to seek in prayer daily to be guided in the right way. The people who are guardians over my people must remain humble and approachable too. They are vessels of holy light; yet those who reject you are not of me.
Those who are guided by the Holy Spirit of Truth will seek the truth and be connected with me spiritually, not just in prayer time set aside to write. 
You are living a life where mortal demands squash your spiritual essence; and the lost who reject me look to titles and robes or righteousness not seeing the person inside. They cannot see the soul when they look at the cloak.
When people look inside your soul they see me and even if you speak of me or not. You have not cast me aside as many have where you are.
You have seen in Greece where your grandfather was treated with much respect and reverence and you have walked the corridor of power yet remained humble. You are irked because in England where you live at one time admired for courage without tears in a time of much sorrow; you were resented and hated for the lie they believed in their mind - and so it is.
You are resented in your land for my choosing you to bring the light of truth and clarify the law, yet they persecuted you and threaten prosecution too. 
They lost favour from the Lord Almighty for what they do to you and my people. They hold onto what they gain and demand protection. If they had humility and the Holy Spirit they would not need protection from armed guards. 
This will not save their soul.
The want for more is why my people will not let go of me; when I will show myself to them so they will know I am real too. 
I will come when ready and not before; and I will reveal who I reveal to none, not before the Father instructs me too. 
I am the Almighty within my being - the Father speaks clearly and my people will be saved if only a remnant few. 
The land where you live are with a people called into repentance Now - not later or even tomorrow. Now! 
Pray sincerely and seek my face in truth and pray for each other that you can be healed from your suffering and stress. Let this Go and give it to me and see how I will return it on the transgressors for what they have done. 
They want money and power and want to show off while my people perish. There is no Royal Birthright with these people who reject me. 
There is no Right to Rule over my people who are my family in truth. 
There is no Right to Rule over the Royal Priesthood ; for the God of the ages is the Spirit giver of Truth to the Holy ones who seek to be guided in truth to serve the people. 
The Priesthood should not be seen as a comfortable job with a home and wage - only to turn away from the Lord when the church doors are closed. Where are they who visit the poor, the sick and anoint the elderly with prayer for their soul? For you did not meet one locally in England and there are others in their congregation who doubt about me; and their doubt spills over on the people.
Do you not think the Father hears the prayers of the sincere hearted? 
And do you not know the prayers said in My Name will be heard and answered; But take note: those who use my people to pray for their own furtherment - they will be broken and cut off. 
The Lord Almighty raises who He wants and gives His Grace to the sincere hearted ones. 
The Princess of mine is not harming my people and not even the enemy who wants her life. God knows what is going on and I am not her puppet to manipulate.'

End of message.
Shortly after this message, 'children are being trained to swim - yet we are born in water in the womb' came to mind.

Then another word followed at 12:43 pm


With the time 12:43 the following scriptures are found.

He also took up a collection, man by man, to the amount of two thousand drachmas of silver, and sent it to Jerusalem to provide for a sin offering. In doing this he acted very well and honorably, taking account of the resurrection. (2 Maccabees 12:43)

When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. (12:43)

After the message above scriptures were revealed that will be quoted on another page to show the precision of how God validates His Truth to know.

Joel 2:12-18

Following prayer afterwards in picking up the Holy Bible in front of me the page already open. My eyes were taken to read Psalm 94 and then 98.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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