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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

They Could Not Stop The Perfect Law of Liberty: Love as Jesus Derek Prince

 This powerful graphic video message is shared as a reminder of what Jesus went through and even right up to the end, he never stopped loving.

This video message also shows what is so much needed in this world now. Jesus the man made one commandment known to us to remember 'Love one another' and yet if we hold back we block ourselves from love too.

God knows our needs and knows how much love can change everything in our world - families, communities and societies can be changed.

Do not wait until it is too late to regret...

As you are being trained to cry over those who are not known, in your own family and community there is someone who needs your love and compassion. As you are distracted from comforting each other - your own heartfelt needs are also being denied. When you comfort so you are comforted.

When you love so you are loved.

Jesus Christ the resented and hated, the persecuted and killed is justified to be loved as he is alive and has made his love known to us all.

'Forgive them Father' he said...'for they know not what they do'. The loyalty to want to injure to be paid, to hold onto a religon and law of injustice today, where is God known in your hearts? Is there no love in your souls to do right b everyone? The brother who lies so his sister falls, why is his resentment and hatred so strong? The sibling who hates his sibling is not of God.

You do not see the divine plan unfolding when your heart is aching and your mind is closed. You do not see with love, you are an instrument God is using and with love you might be persecuted too. Stay in love for the enemy does not want you to love - the moment you hate and revenge, you have lost.

Then I did not understand the perfect law of liberty - Love for in being loved by Jesus is with being loved by God the Father and he makes this known. Then I did not realise to be hated for being loved was a blessing in disguise.

Then I did not realise, if I have 20 biscuits (cookies) with 19 people in my company I can share all and still have something to eat myself.  Then I did not realise the more the Spirit of the Lord gives, the more I can share.

If I had the choice to pray and remain in the love of Christ or to seek to do war with weapons and hate - father I live in love than kill with hatred.

Love is the power that enrages evil and then it has nowhere to thrive.  Love transforms heals and inspires people to care about someone else beyond their own self. Love requires that we will reach out to a total stranger because of the need or situation requires that we care enough to show them.

Love knows no boundaries of time or space.

Divine Love is not restricted to this earthly realm.

Derek Prince..a Prince by name who loves and is not ashamed to say how love moves his heart and soul that he can share this message with other people.

As I came across this video message today it was timely to share.

Jesus loves - Jesus lives.

If you want to be a helper in the Kingdom of Jesus who is needing your love and care? Who is needing your help and compassion?

What can you do to be the helping hands with Jesus in your heart?

When I began this writing, with contemplation the realisation the greatest lack in this world is compassion and care. This gift we are given to love, can transform lives and we have this gift to give and inspire other people too.

Love is not purchased or controlled.

Love is a way of being and this essence of love is energy that flows wherever it goes and love will go wherever love is meant to go.

Learning to love as a way of being magnifies love in this earth - even if there are those who thrive with hatred and the enemy wants to control this earth. God's love is greater for mankind then the enemy who goes against Him.

He who destroys is the enemy helper..

He who raises up with love is God's helper.

He who humbles himself to the Lord will be raised up to know the truth of divine love even when this is what he did not know before.

Sometimes losing a loved one of profound closeness in heart and spirit is enough to bring our focus to the heavenly realms with tears and loss. Sometimes God takes precious people away to bring people close to him with love.

We may not understand the ways of the Lord but he will never decieve the heart of anyone. As we strive to do right, we might even get it wrong. We might reach out to people and it be wrong timing. Nothing is wrong timing at all.

A moment to realise someone cares when in a crisis, might meet with rebuttal but never forgotten...better to reach out with love, then never at all.

How are we to love...
We have the greatest teacher..Jesus Christ. We are being taught and reminded to Love as Jesus loves...Jesus loves the lowly, the leper, the widow, the poor, the humble and women, the rejected, the lost and the broken.
The orphans, fatherless and widows are many who are alone and not cared for - no one to care for them, no one to reach out to because hearts are closed. So many lonely people cry day and night - people are many neglected within their household by family who say they are too busy or preoccupied. Elderly forgotten because time is too short, not knowing that time really is short for us all.
'Suffering prepares the soul for the fountain'
Derek Prince delivers this powerful message speaking from his heart - not just a message, a living testimony with heartfelt tears in asking God...
Peace be with youPauline Maria

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