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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Letter Jesus to Bride / Scattered & Regathered / Israel Gentile Covenant

Sharing these different messages that also demonstrate how the Holy Spirit of Truth is specific and also with being guided by the Holy Spirit to speak and bring understanding. The Word of God that came through Christ will be validated even if not seeing this to be true, Jesus validates his truth too.

Message titled: Letter from Jesus to The Bride

In another video this is such an important message: This video was uploaded 29th January 2018

Stop Despising prophecies and spiritual gifts - Quenching the Spirit

It is written:  'Many of us have received personal "words from God" that never
came to pass, and it hurts. But what if it never needs to hurt? Rise on Fire is a ministry assigned to ignite a fire of Spirit & Truth around the world. God is calling us back to the walk of Yeshua with no more excuses. We are free from the traditions of men, led by the Truth and empowered by the Spirit. '

Video titled: Scattered & Regathered - Hear oh Bride

It is written with this video..

'Israel or Gentile - this will change your life forever. 9 Years ago, this was the teaching that changed my life forever. A big stone in my foundation of fire that created a boldness and sense of identity in me that would never leave me. My hope is that this teaching does the same - to change your life forever - as it has mine. Please watch this to the end for the best understanding.' 

To access more videos from this same channel

The chosen people have been given certain roles and some people have attained certain understanding that relates to what they are asked to do. We must never lose sight that the fulfilment of the biblical prophesies are relevant too.

Why is it that God has chosen one person to do something in particular and someone else to communicate other information - while seemingly different. Take an example  of a musical composition with an orchestra playing different roles, together the same melody should come together rightfully.

We are in the process of preparation and reparation, reconciliation with God and the return of Jesus Christ long foretold. The scriptures write of the wedding supper of lamb and the bride ready for her bridegroom.

There is more to this...New Jerusalem...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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