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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 17 June 2018

'Glory Be To God - Humble Yourselves' Message 15th June 2018

The following message was written moments after the initial words were given that indicate a message was being conveyed to write and share.
Message 15th June 2018
Start time 11:23 am
End time 11:54 am

'Glory be to God'

'Glory be to God the most highest in the realms of the universe. 
They who try to rule against him cannot.  The people perish. They cannot rule, rulers perish. They cannot live forever as it has been shown over and over again. And when they try the Lord Almighty will swart their plans like they never saw it coming to them. 
The Lord Almighty is gentle with his people and harsh with its rulers for the world knows no other calamity than what comes from the Lord. 
Mountains are brought low and snakes in the grass run to another place to hide and yet they cannot. There is no place to run and hide.  
The Lord Almighty knows all their plans and the people perish trusting those not trustworthy. 
Who helps my handmaiden and who helps the healer who gives all for the price of life so you can all live? 
The addiction to pills and the drug fuelled society is deliberate and cruel.
The debauchery rises and holiness considered shameful in this time. 
You lose so much in the world that gives nothing back.
Who is my handmaiden of all I have chosen - for my people perish under the unholy order over all? 
Glory be to God - She will praise him and many cannot stand to hear the name mentioned. She is scolded and rejected and she had the experience to bring down the mighty ones by their arrogance to mis-rule the law.
They planned and plotted that she will suffer but in the day of judgement will they celebrate their fall?
Will the children of the lowly ones be scared to run to Him who loves you all?
The children cower in fear when their father is drunk and he tells them to be  quiet and make no noise. They cower in observation knowing they can do nothing at all. 
The children belong to the Lord Almighty and the souls of the new born were not with supremacy rule. This is a lie. 
There is one born to be King over all and He has reached out to the gentiles. 
The Face of the Lord Almighty is revealed in the Son and the Father of all souls planned the way that no deception to rule over His people can be known.
The Lord Almighty will reveal His truth in providence and the upholding of this world is with the pillars he has set that man cannot change what he has ordered, for he can be removed.
The great destruction comes and then all things are made new.
The plans to control and oppress the people who are the inheritance of the Son and Lord over all are thwarted by the truth being made known.
Their loyalty to the God Almighty is none and the god of this world battles against the God Almighty.  He is no god who rejects the Almighty. He has his power for a time by manipulation. The armies rise up in loyalty to him so the Lord God will rise in the hearts and minds of His people. 
They pray for mercy from man when there is none.
Who thrives with terror and fear? What will happen when his day comes? Will the Lord God Almighty not terrorise him? 
He laughs now provoking the Lord God because he thinks he is untouchable. All his money will not save him. His soul is spoiled. His greed un-endless. His lust for power insatiable and his misery within is with anger, pain and resentment.
He will not win the battle of the war game they play. 
An accident you recall will be played out again and the truth will be told for all. 
You will know the truth when you relinquish your hope in that which cannot save any of you - and turn your hearts and minds to the Lord God Almighty. 
As you Glorify God the powerful on earth lose their power and God the Almighty will strengthen your soul to endure. 
You are weak and yet your soul lives. 
Your body might perish and yet your soul lives.
You will fly in your spirit wherever the Lord Almighty takes you; now do you trust him? Stop trying to do your will and let the Lord Almighty lead you in truth to a better life away from conformity and oppressive rule.
They rule by deception and complicated structures that preserve an order of control over the people. What will the Lord Almighty do?
He will do what He said he will do  and no more.
Set the captives free now or you will be led into captivity. 
Let my people go' says the Lord Almighty. 
Humble yourselves before the Lord of the Universe or you will be humbled and brought low.
Never again will you rule or reign over my people' says the Spirit of the Lord Almighty, Sovereign King over all. 
Be done, Amen. It will be done'

Of the times the following scriptures are identified:

For I received from the Lord what I also passed on to you: The Lord Jesus, on the night he was betrayed, took bread (1 Corinthians 11:23)

Are they servants of Christ? (I am out of my mind to talk like this.) I am more. I have worked much harder, been in prison more frequently, been flogged more severely, and been exposed to death again and again. (2 Corinthians 11:23)

Truly I tell you, if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and if you do not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, it will be done for you. (Mark 11:23)

Woes to Religious Leaders
53As Jesus went on from there, the scribes and Pharisees began to oppose Him bitterly and to ply Him with questions about many things, 54 waiting to catch Him in something He might say (Luke 11:53-54)

Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews; but went thence unto a country near to the wilderness, into a city called Ephraim, and there continued with his disciples. (John 11:54)

While the above message was given on 15th June exactly word for word as written, today  there is an article published on the 17th.. Reading between the lines - a tremendous amount of money has been identified and as I know from personal experience there is refusal to work for justice in this land. 

There is deep concern with elderly people being killed off prematurely for years There is a eugenics mindset who have no hesitation to assist death. 

Assisting death of the elderly saves paying out pensions and yet media reports present isolated cases of blame when there is widespread concern.

Take care of your loved ones, the elderly and especially protect your children from the system that influences people - never hush up corruption in law courts despite threats of imprisonment - that just shows influence of evil. 

Never ever hush up  abuses by police, doctors and social workers and do not let someone jab a vaccine in your arm - Do doctors earn big bonuses for that? A few years ago they were paid £10 a shot - Government policy?

Who implemented this policy..assisted murder for gains?

People have been warned..I am late in discovering the truth. I hear from officials in their professional capacity to take notice. I ask questions too.

Jesus known as a Revolutionary by some, was not really..He was trying to get people to take notice - He was preparing people for the Kingdom of God but many decided to reject him. A great many who would not were killed.

There is to my attention an influence to get people to renounce God - you are forewarned now. How it will come God knows. Why? It is written!

Peace be wiih you
Pauline Maria  

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