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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 5 July 2018

'I Am Yours and You Are Mine' - Message 5th July 2018

This morning the initiation of words given by the Spirit of the Lord were written, while the message that follows compounds the original source.

This is how it is. Test the Spirit to see where it comes from. The Lord of Peace and Reconciliation leads the way in truth that we can behold - simply.

When a message comes from God - we could consider this as personal revelation and yet what comes from God for the people, is shared with all people. As we are the people who are promised as the inheritance of the Lord; this is given.

Scriptures are identified at the end relating to the times.

Message 5th July 2018
Time start: 8:52
Time end: 9:29

'I am yours and you are mine'

'You belong to the Lord Almighty and the world knows the promise of the children of Israel. 
The rebellious rebel; but the gatherers are working.
Stay in the faith and inspire faith for there are those who do not know what is  going on. There are those whose hearts are hard too. 
Let them be, let them be. 
Shine a light of gentleness and stay in the love for Christ the Lord and you will come through this time remembered with kindness for all.
Pauline you have snapped in temper overload and there are those who know this is uncharacteristic of you. But the provocateurs want this, tempt and bait you with their own bitterness and remorse. 
You do not need to know the details.
Spiritual maturity is being motivated to be responsible for your own feelings. Your want to place your faith in God gives something for people to think about. 
You protect and preserve the vulnerable where you can; as you can and your prayers valuable as they are inspire thought, faith and prayer too.
As people think of me they remember.
The church ministers remember why they took their vow to serve in the community with the congregation of faith.
As spiritual mentors and guardians over the Christian believers, they have been entrusted with a special role; to inspire faith and pray for the forgiveness of sins. It starts with the one who leads - not to patronise but to do the work necessary on his self and his soul salvation.
When a leader leads by righteousness and deeds of selflessness, he inspires the same. And when he is without thoughts of gain, he gains much because the Holy Spirit is given to all who are of sincere heart and given what the Holy Spirit gives through them graciously.
As you bless people, they are blessed and as you pray for people, God the Lord Almighty hears as you hear sincere prayers when they are spoken resonating in your soul. 
This is the Spiritual Life in truth. It is not measured in material gain. It is demonstrated in what you can see has been done and given to you.
You are touching hearts and souls as you have never known before. 
Do not be silent when the Holy Spirit guides you. 
Only be silent when the enemy works through the foe. You will know who they are by their fruits and what they say and do.
They who are elder admire you for your strength and you admire qualities and strengths in the elderly. 
You shine a light of friendship and caring and bring hard hearts that are guarded from pain, soft again. 
Pray for the people you are told about needing prayer and advise where you know advice is sound and obvious.
There needs to be a preservation of my people and many helpers are needed too. 
As people remember me: I am the Lord God Almighty, they will seek the truth eventually. They will be curious.
And yet many feel unworthy of my love, compassion and mercy and so continue to fall and make mistakes that damage the soul.
The wounds are like visible scars to me, unseen by the mortals; seen by the spiritually guided in truth.
Who can pour oil like healing balm on wounds?
God loves his people - Tell them this and the Lord God is the preserver of souls. 
Warning is given not to cause the little ones to stumble and yet the children of God are adults too. 
I will be done when I am done and not before and no one will silence the mystery of the Holy Spirit working through you and my helpers chosen and prepared to guide the people back into life (spiritual life) in truth.
The mortal way of man has left many women unhappy, doubting and settling for less - when the love of God should enrich their life with a man who loves God. 
Many have chosen they way of perversion and spreading a seed of evil intent.
Many women abandoned left holding a baby that was not intended. The women whose life is devastated by this I know and when she calls out to me over and over with tears in her eyes and heart brokenness I listen.
And when she pleads with me to help her and guide her, to protect and preserve her and her child - do I ignore her? No!
For I am the Father of the fatherless and the guardian over the abandoned women and I will do as I say.
The evil doers will be punished if they do not repent from their wicked ways. And I will forgive who I forgive, but if my handmaiden does not forgive, neither will I, for I wait patiently for her to deliver the truth of what she sees for me to do and to act in truth for my people to know deliverance.
And she is capable as a woman of God to forgive but her role is to inspire faith in God for the family. She is not vengeance or hating. She is like a mother guarding and guiding her children.
The punishment for sin is great and the wrath of God greater. Better the man learn this way than to be facing terrible and terrifying calamity; if his heart is hard and mind rejecting the truth; the living God acts. 
He will not understand his role of responsibility or obligation; so he must be first to know: as I live I will preserve the souls of my people who are children in their hearts trusting the Father.
Anyone who hurts them will know about it.
Go forth in love and gentleness
Thank you'

With the times the following scriptures are identified:

Now all wept and mourned for her; but He said "Do not weep, she is not dead but sleeping" (Luke 8:52)

Then said the Jews unto him, Now we know that thou hast a devil. Abraham is dead, and the prophets; and thou sayest, If a man keep my saying, he shall never taste of death. (John 8:52)

that Your eyes may be open to the supplication of Your servant and the supplication of Your people Israel, to listen to them whenever they call to You. (I Kings 8:52)

Noah lived a total of 950 years, and then he died. (Genesis 9:29)

Yet they are your people and your inheritance, which you brought out by your mighty power and by your outstretched arm. (Deuteronomy 9:29)

"You warned them in order to turn them back to your law, but they became arrogant and disobeyed your commands. They sinned against your ordinances, of which you said, 'The person who obeys them will live by them.' Stubbornly they turned their backs on you, became stiff-necked and refused to listen. (Nehemiah 9:29)

And as He prayed, the appearance of His countenance was altered, and His raiment was white and glistening. (Luke 9:59)

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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