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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Empower Your Life - Time and Energy

With understanding: It is when we take things personally or react from our emotions, that fuels our internal response. Depending on the outcome can exhilarate or take the wind from our sails. Looking at this is relevant because the first time something happens like this, we emotionally react. When someone makes a decision that seemingly might be to your detriment, or against the side you are defending - our passion is cut short. This lesson relates to our mental and emotional investment - just talking to people; when sharing knowledge that can be ignored or even deleted by a press of the button. It does not matter if we are right or wrong. Giving away your time and energy to a direction that can be ignored, abused or misinterpreted comes at a price.

Take a few moments each day to sit quietly and be at one with yourself - no matter what we are facing. This will help preserve mental and emotional well being. Stresses and upset cause emotional turmoil and intensity that can and does make people physically ill. When paid to do a job i.e. as a lawyer....ethical considerations apply. Most of us would expect they work in the clients best interest. What if the innocent victim loses the case? Lawyers get paid to do a job. Can you or I actually justify giving unpaid time and energy to be ignored?

A rational perspective is to remind ourselves who we are and our limitations. Limitations will always apply when decisions are taken out of our hands and someone else has the final word. We are conditioned to trust other people; even the law, yet when we do this, often the outcome will show we invested a lot of time and energy - even huge losses financially. We give our power away.

When people have an agenda or they are ignorant of truth, you can always expect opposition.
Be alert if you are being manipulated for someone else's benefit; even to your detriment. When we believe in ourselves and speak truth - this cannot be denied, although some people may oppose and argue this too. Be true to your own self and acknowledge your internal process.

To Empower Your Life consider where you invest your time and energy. Take note: - Invest quality time and energy in you too.

Article By Pauline Maria Copyright 2009 ~ All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Empower Your Life ~ Embrace Courage

Today's inspiration is about Courage.

So many people look at others and notice those who undertake act of courage. Not everyone is acknowledged or realises how strong they are as individuals. In times of conflict, all over the world there are people who have stepped out in a courageous role to fight for what they think is right. Some people have no choice - they have to fight for their life. More closer to home there are people who facing tremendous difficulties in life, some have found their worlds turned upside down, others have disabilities and some even finding the courage within to face and come to terms with terminal illness.

It takes courage to be strong for other people. It takes courage to speak out - it took a great deal of courage for me to speak out publicly; especially address wrongs, but if I stay silent and watch people being hurt, used and abused - am I not contributing to the problem? Is it so wrong to speak out?

My journey is about healing and growth - to empower other people....I am secure in who I am as a person which is why, I am at ease empowering others to be all they can be. This is my life path.

It takes courage to drop the mask to be your vulnerable self - Did you know your core being is not so vulnerable? If anything you are a very courageous person indeed. Your own inner strength has brought you to be where you are today. You do not need to pretend or be anyone else other than who you are. While there are people who are working hard to impress others with titles and positions of status, this is taking the individual far from their core being....A courageous heart is a noble heart.

In times of feeling vulnerable and insecure next to other people, keep a reality check. As long as you know who you are and are honest with yourself, you reflect this to the outside world. You do not need to sell yourself or pretend to be someone you are not - if you do, you are likely to be called up on your mask or attract people who are also out to impress. Is it not better to be valued as a person for who you are inside? Or to duck and dive - bending the rules to see fit, yet knowing somewhere, someone will remind you that are just the same as everyone else. Our roles or professions are not who we are.

The fact is You and I are all individuals. You are special. You are a courageous person too.

You are an inspirational light to everyone you know.

Pauline Maria

Copyright 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Being in Love....

Having listened and experienced the turmoil of a man in love - scared to love and sabbotage his potential future because he cannot heal the past, I can relate to the stupid things they can say, and then when going to far - maybe to test how far they can go, to say 'I Love You' - and each time this happens, I am not the only person who has wondered, how many more times....When women love, and I mean really love - we love unconditionally. But we can still hurt deeply. We women when we are really in love - we are vulnerable too. There is nothing worse than friends meaning well, but often their opinions, fears and ideals are based on their own perceptions and not everyone says 'what do you really want? Is this the one for you? If you love him or her, go for it!!! This week I have been caught up in helping a couple communicate with each other and listen to each other...not what they think the other person is thinking. When they got together I recall saying, This is YOUR relationship....only YOU know what you find special in each other and if anyone tries to interfere - especially to create doubts, ask Yourself - are you prepared to give up each other because of what someone else says. These are some hard lessons I have had to personally face....When we seek real lasting love in our heart and soul - nothing less will do. When we find that soulmate relationship, it is a relationship that tests us to assist our healing and help us grow. Some of these relationships are lasting..others will part ways, for a greater love. In the heart of both individuals, is the knowledge if a relationship is mutual; based on unconditional love and meant to last a lifetime.

I wish you much love and a lifetime of happiness!!!

Pauline Maria

Article By Pauline Maria Copyright 2009 ~ All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Empower Your Life

Being empowered is nothing to do with being better than another person. Most certainly being empowered does not mean keeping another person down to elevate your own self. Being empowered is not about exploiting another person to get ahead in life. An inflated ego does not mean someone is empowered. A position of authority also does not mean someone is empowered - because after all, each person has their inner process; their life pressures and insecurities too.

Someone who is empowered is able to express theirselves openly and honestly - without feeling vulnerable or weak. Being empowered is often seen in individuals who understand the meaning of humility and grace. When there is a need to present a false mask, even to react or shy away from responsibility, then this reveals someone who is not empowered within. Being true to yourself is the start to becoming empowered. Not everyone is willing to take self-responsiblity.

Being empowered is about being in control of your own choices - taking control of your life and also being able to face challenging situations, without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Being empowered is about being able to stand alone, not running with the pack. Being empowered is revealed when you have the courage to speak out in truth, when most people would stay quiet.

Being empowered is when you can say 'No' to something that is not right for you and you are not being driven by reward or favour, that may come at the expense of another person. Of course benefits of gain, especially financially in certain situations will weigh heavily for temptation with some people. Not many people can resist temptation - but there are those who are empowered and have a strong ethical code that will not be compromised. Sadly they are not commonplace.

Being empowered is about being able to set boundaries in friendships and relationships - to consider and not compromise the other person. Being empowered means to be willingly accountable, especially if, or when personal words or action cause hurt, harm or loss to another person, with wrongs addressed and rectified. Being empowered is a win win outcome for everyone. People who are empowered are openly encouraging to other people - in their growth.

Being empowered does not mean to strive to be important. If anything being empowered is about being whole and integrated as a person. Being empowered is not about needing to prove to anyone that you are good enough or the best at anything. Being empowered is about realising your own personal potential - being happy with who you are as a person and living a fulfilling life.

Empowered individuals reflect congruence. Being empowered is being honest to other people, especially with personal limitations. Anyone bluffing their way through life, to gain favour, position and even to win popularity - does not reveal an empowered individual. Being able to sell yourself well might be due to good marketing, but unless you can deliver, what is the point?

Sincerity shines in empowered leaders and teachers. Empowered people are not self-serving. Empowered people are inspirational and will actively do their best to enable you...not limit you!

Copyright 2009 - All Rights Reserved.