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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Empower Your Life - Time and Energy

With understanding: It is when we take things personally or react from our emotions, that fuels our internal response. Depending on the outcome can exhilarate or take the wind from our sails. Looking at this is relevant because the first time something happens like this, we emotionally react. When someone makes a decision that seemingly might be to your detriment, or against the side you are defending - our passion is cut short. This lesson relates to our mental and emotional investment - just talking to people; when sharing knowledge that can be ignored or even deleted by a press of the button. It does not matter if we are right or wrong. Giving away your time and energy to a direction that can be ignored, abused or misinterpreted comes at a price.

Take a few moments each day to sit quietly and be at one with yourself - no matter what we are facing. This will help preserve mental and emotional well being. Stresses and upset cause emotional turmoil and intensity that can and does make people physically ill. When paid to do a job i.e. as a lawyer....ethical considerations apply. Most of us would expect they work in the clients best interest. What if the innocent victim loses the case? Lawyers get paid to do a job. Can you or I actually justify giving unpaid time and energy to be ignored?

A rational perspective is to remind ourselves who we are and our limitations. Limitations will always apply when decisions are taken out of our hands and someone else has the final word. We are conditioned to trust other people; even the law, yet when we do this, often the outcome will show we invested a lot of time and energy - even huge losses financially. We give our power away.

When people have an agenda or they are ignorant of truth, you can always expect opposition.
Be alert if you are being manipulated for someone else's benefit; even to your detriment. When we believe in ourselves and speak truth - this cannot be denied, although some people may oppose and argue this too. Be true to your own self and acknowledge your internal process.

To Empower Your Life consider where you invest your time and energy. Take note: - Invest quality time and energy in you too.

Article By Pauline Maria Copyright 2009 ~ All Rights Reserved

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Thank you Pauline for your posting
It is always a good idea to revise our goals and where we are investing our time and energy and if it is still a wise choice for us. I have been doing a lot of that recently :) I decided I needed to let Go of certain areas to pursue more meaningful avenues :)