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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 30 January 2010

What You Eat Impacts Your Health

Friday, 29 January 2010

Tony Blair - Countdown to Judgment Day

"Since leaving office, Blair has made around £15million - much of this either coming from or is related to the U.S., where he remains extremely popular because of his support for America in Iraq" -

The public need to understand what it means when someone makes a deal 'signed in blood' - The Daily Mail identify this to have happened between Tony Blair and George Bush.

There are people who sell their soul to the devil. Some people openly boast about this too! The innocent fear those who have chosen this path. The time has come with truth being revealed!

Tony Blair has enjoyed cash benefits and donations yet research 'preventing investigation' with privacy laws on his multi-layered companies and faith foundation - the man who refused to do God as PM. To investigate where money has come from and why it was accepted is where crime is usually uncovered. Bank transactions are traceable. Greed from the Blairs has invited bad press.

Examples of when this applies. There are laws against bribery and corruption and money laundering too. Tax loopholes are exploited by astute business people. Corporations maximise corporate taxes within the parameters of the law. In the meantime ordinary people keep paying because they have no choice. It is taken by employers at source. It is time people are informed.

Apparently it is against the law to pay tax - This why and here is the evidence we have been long waiting to hear. Evidence matters especially in a court of law! -

Tony Blair an example of someone seen to be what is known as social climbing. He came from humble roots who rose in their career. He reportedly 'modelled himself on Mick Jagger' and sang in a band called 'Ugly Rumors'. ' When he was first elected as Prime Minister, he smiled at the cameras and always gave a friendly wave. As time progressed we observe a man who has traveled to places with great suffering and devastation. Even when matters that concern our respective countries, he still smiles at the camera. He is not a celebrity - he was paid to do a job.

When one has not carried out their job ethically and in the appointed role 'serving the public in the public's best interest' he must be called out and answer. Tony Blair might be hesitant to smile today as he realises he is not so untouchable. Any deals he has made, will not stand up in the law. ANYONE he has done wrong to, may be silent for a while, eventually all comes out. We are reminded that perjury is a criminal offense. Yet incriminating evidence is being withheld!

The greatest wrong he did was to lie to two nations, Great Britain and USA; maybe others. If Iraq offered him to go work there and pay him - Do you really think he will turn down the offer?

In what way was he to benefit by doing a deal 'signed in blood' ? A question we need to ask. The answers are now being revealed.

He must pay the price for knowingly murdering innocent people.

Today again we are forced to open our eyes and see the true character of this ducking and diving ex Prime Minister. His actions mirror this by taking advantage of privacy laws for investigation into his multi-layered 'administration' company transactions! Presently the taxpayer is paying for extensive security. This warmonger needs to be paying this himself!

It is not a good idea to sell your soul to the devil - Old agreements will be called when least expected. Accountability still applies!

So much is held out of public eye. The silence is deafening.

I very much doubt this hearing will be his judgment day!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Reality is calling you...

We must focus on what is real.....

What can we do to make this place a better world to live in?

We can start by being conscientious people - by being sincere. By caring about other people and humanity as a whole. We can start by being gentle on ourselves, others and our entire planet!

Many people are misguided - they are driven by the hunger for power and with greed. Observe other people. Remember that each of us is not perfect and we all have different lessons to learn.

There is so much deception going on the world from the very top! Innocent people are being mislead and suffering. Even I was caught in the cycle of greed and injured by legal corruption. I listened carefully and observed. Police and lawyers know there are innocent people in prison! Liberty and life is a Human Right.

There is a greater force than any human - awareness shows it is very much at work. Time will eventually show that any wrongs need to be accounted for - we must all pay this price. Karma!

Not one person is above the law and yet there are those in the legal profession who obstruct justice. Our world has suffered because of the refusal to be ethical - We are paying this price!

Within a lifetime each person will have different experiences and be presented lessons. The lessons will still be repeated until we put right their wrongs. Not one person is more important than another. The ego need to be important came from childhood and competing for attention.

Your life is very precious. Your purpose is far more important than people who want to play power games. There is no need to mislead or manipulate - especially to present a fake front.

You know better. You know who you really are and what is important to you. Your life is precious and life is short!

Remember everything you see and hear, might not be how things really are. Opinions are opinions. We are sold products based on marketing. We are sold lies! We neglect to listen to our own mind.

Real life is not a soap played by actors on Coronation Street. Virtual relationships are not the same as looking into someones eyes and being in their presence. The media has cleverly seduced us all into the virtual world. Many people have abandoned reality. Loved ones are neglected too. Are you living an emotional void?

Focus on what is real. Focus on who is real.

Invest your time and energy wisely!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved.

Shine Your Light

In my life and spiritual journey, I recognise that everyone is meant to be here...Everyone is entitled to be here and there is a greater force beyond than any human can fully understand.

We are all connected. Some people will replenish each other. There are people we will meet for a short while and move on. We are all in some way instrumental in each others lives. There will be people who will cause turmoil and even those who hurt other people, we can learn and grow. We do not see the bigger picture.

One friend wrote a heartfelt message and related us being a leaf on a tree, I like this! We 'all' have a connection to nature and our place in the world. We are by comparison all lights connected to the divine. We are all shining individually and illuminating each other and the world we live in with our own divine connection. No matter what, the light that shines from within you, shines brightly.

When we can accept that everyone is entitled to be on this planet and we all have our own light, that cannot be extinguished, then perhaps we can let go of the need to control and hold expectations from each other. We have no right to tell people from different nations how they should shine their light, or even not at all. From the brightest of lights - People like Mother Theresa and Princess Diana, their light will not be eradicated from history. From those who are seen as dark destructive forces - they took orders, they were influenced and we also judged. We are all wrongly judged.

When we can see the light in our friend and neighbour, even a passing stranger and smile - we light up their world and in this our light shines much brighter. When we can see everyone from our caring and compassionate heart, we can begin to realise that everyone has a heart and in the right environment, they can be caring and compassionate too. When we see the light in those who hurt others - we must realise they have been hurt and influenced. Many people are reacting from past hurts and violations. The people who are seen as a threat, may be desperate to heal pain, even from generations. When we acknowledge our light we illuminate the truth. We shine our light for need in this world.

When we see the light in each other and every person who is on this planet, we discover there no need in society to steal from another or keep someone down. And just because someone is misguided or trying to extinguish the light of another person - that does not mean you need to follow the same action. In this present time, many atrocities are going on in the world - People are being killed, some because they happen to be in the wrong place in the wrong time. Many wrongfully blamed. We are all human who are shining divine light - we have no right to take anyone's life.

The universal laws of life apply. Cause and affect - For every action there is a reaction. What is happening in this world has come from consequence. When people play GOD, they get it very wrong. The law of Karma gives us many opportunities to learn lessons. The same lesson may be presented in different ways several times. We must put right 'our' wrongs or we will pay the price - eventually!

There will always be a universe of lights shining brightly - each illuminating each other. Light will go on. Nature will nurture. We can see those who are caring and compassionate and those who are consumed with greed and hate. We can choose to be inspired by anyone we want. We can also choose to fight or live in peace.

When we embrace the real meaning of unconditional love, then this nurturing love will enable everyone to progress forward to live in peace and harmony. We still need to learn how to share and care about humanity. There is so much to learn. We must open our minds and accept everyone's birthright - to shine their light!

When we are able to be people united in the real world, we can all help each other. Everyone has their unique gifts and qualities that are an asset in this world. In the cosmic plan we must evolve now not regress. It is the unconditional love from your your heart to everyone that starts something really exceptional in this world. Your divine light and unconditional love holds all the power!

Thank you for your love and shining your light into my world.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tony Blair - War Crimes

The problem in Britain is that our legal system in the civil courts is based on 'a balance of probability' and that means anyone can say what they want and the judge decides. So much abuse of the oath and rare prosecutions is sending out a clear message that is it is OK to lie in court. I am told in the high court it is based on 'points of law' with evidence.

In relation to Iraq, the invasion was illegal and Tony Blair took the decision to support this against people who knew better. Perhaps he is stupid or he got carried away in his role where his ego has not been in check. I am more inclined to think he knew what he was doing and even if he did not, he made a very serious decision that he knew people would be killed. In this situation thousands of innocent people are dead - he must pay the price for his involvement in this.

The rule of law must be applied now or what next? Our society is declining with criminals boasting of crimes. Lawyers and police close ranks and they have been seen to be lying too. When those who work in law enforcement in a country do not respect or abide by the law, this will impact our society as a whole.

Even though immunity no longer applies there is still reluctance to prosecute fraud and legal corruption.

Time will tell if Tony Blair will serve a prison sentence for all the 'innocent peoples lives' taken in the illegal invasion to Iraq!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Rule of Law Applies to Everyone

There is much concern about the escalating crime rate. It seems in some cases the police in the UK expect the public to do the ground work - provide evidence for crimes. Having personally witnessed police actually refuse to investigate and prosecute crimes - even with evidence. This contributes to Human Rights Violations.

Other than what can politely be described as incompetence, it seems a few police officers have no qualms to lie in court; with innocent people being prosecuted. There are also those with an aggressive streak; maybe this is an excuse to take 'their anger issues' out on those who meet up with the wrong side of the law. Recently, one lady had been repeatedly harassed by a police officer - to a fixated degree that I personally found alarming.

There clearly lacks commitment to serve the public best interest. This article is carefully contemplated and compounded with concerns for the general public safety. While the system operates accordingly, ethical practice will never come about. The UK has an escalating crime rate. This is certainly no surprise. I am unsure what statistics show. Looking outside in the real world and listening to what people say, far too many believe crime pays.

This becomes more alarming when innocent victims of crime cannot always get legal help. It is disillusioning when innocent people are landed with the legal bill and scared to speak out!

Having personally reported perjury three times, then contacted IPCC twice because the police refused to address the crime. They also declined to prosecute a dishonest UK barrister stating 'they lie all the time'. I was injured in a minor car accident. The Barrister denied injury, medical treatment also a pile of professional qualifications all can be proved. I was landed with a large legal bill. The Barrister still practices and in my mind is disgrace to the legal system. I am unsure if all Barristers are self employed although perhaps most are. Temptation to lie 'to get paid' comes from a criminal mind, even if the liar wears a wig or is a police officer.

Our trust in the legal system is lost. Many people are in fear of being a target and experiencing financial loss. Just consider if most barristers are self employed and especially if they tell a few lies as some do to win a case, they still expect to be paid. I am told lawyers close ranks. Despite presenting evidence to all authorities, I never got justice or an apology. Instead I am told that they probably hope I will go away. Are the legal system so arrogant?

The legal system is making this country a very unsafe place if they 'refuse' to prosecute crimes that are reported with evidence. People have lost their homes to pay a legal bill due to legal corruption. Even I was threatened with homeless. Women are raped on a daily basis yet very few crimes are reported and even less prosecutions take place. Instead the public never hear from women who are rubbished in court that they emerge feeling raped again. Legal professionals over step their mark with abuse.

The decadence in society is reflected in the legal system not prosecuting crimes. One would think both the police and lawyers are working together to make our streets and country a safer place. I guess it is easy for someone to show up at work, pay lip service at their job and collect a wage at the end of the month. Barristers may be counting their fees in advance, negotiating the game in court - who will win - perhaps with the strategy in advance too. Yet the decision the Judge makes in their power game is sometimes the consequence of deception and lies. Wake up!

In the UK the Civil Court works on a 'balance of probabilities' - Each party tells their story and ONE Judge makes his decision at the end. When solid evidence can be denied - shocking. What is presented can be manipulated. Witnesses can lie and all relevant information be obstructed in court. This is how criminals get off. The loser will pay the legal bill. Redress is often impossible especially when we write to the court stating 'the Barrister lied' presenting evidence of proof. Time limits apparently apply too.

The legal system is a money making business at the public's expense. The general public are pawns who eventually pay in an alarming power game. It is time we start to see responsibility and accountability. Personally I would like to see all dishonest lawyers prosecuted and disbarred. I am reliably told in Switzerland there are a few lawyers locked up who thought they could get away with lying - they got greedy. In Europe 'corrupt lawyers' get found out when a panel of judges look at the 'evidence' - this standard is applies in several countries to ensure Human Rights. Here in UK too many innocent people are paying a very high price.

In the meantime, innocent peoples lives are being destroyed - with no care or conscience. Children are hauled through the family law system - their whole future destabilised because of a decision made in court that might not be in the child's best interest. Then we have overcrowded prisons apparently - at a huge annual cost, yet there are a vast amount of innocent people in prison - why? Why are there not people in the legal profession doing all they can to get these people out? I have been told by UK lawyers there is no room for a conscience in the profession.

Criminals boast of their crime and get free legal help. Who cares?

What happened to 'Great Britain'? This country was so respected for all that is upright and honorable. Integrity is rare. Being an upstanding member of society and good person is more than likely to bring ridicule than respect in these current times. So as long as the public are too scared to speak out, crime will rule the days. The most serious crime is legal professionals exploiting the law and the legal system for their own selfish ends. The oath in court and all it represents is rubbished. The Rule of Law Still Applies!

The Lord Chief Justice stated UK is not a corrupt legal system. Sadly individuals are. My brief chat was eye opening. Lord Judge seemingly has vision but I am not sure he is fully aware of the drive of human beings and even lawyers lie - knowing they can get away with it. That is til the public speak out to expose this crime.

The Minister of Justice indicates some drive to address issues related to the police and yet I think the entire legal system is long overdue for an overhaul to clean up shop. It is up to the public to speak out and demand this. Under Human Rights Convention 'Everyone is entitled to a fair hearing' - I have confronted dishonest barristers for their lies, as expected both went quiet!

Article by Pauline Maria

Copyright (c) 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Monday, 18 January 2010

Charity concerns - Important information

One of my gripes is the amount of people collecting money for charity or a cause. Personally I give directly to a source and like to see where my money is going. I also give a lot of my time voluntarily to help vulnerable people which would be paid for.

Before you donate to any charity - check if they are registered and please do not ignore this important message. All of a sudden I am being swamped with emails asking for donations for Haiti - when I do a check up some are from unregistered charities. Some fundraising is being portrayed to be for a registered non profit org - yet this cannot be found and digging deeper, yet again more inconsistencies apply. It seems I have developed a reputation as being a scam buster - I am not prepared to do this unpaid and without support of the authorities. Also it is far removed from my spiritual path - although it relates to empowering you with truth.

If charities are not registered, ask yourself where is your money going? This is not a time to be naive or see the good in people. On the internet there are so many con artists - some present really nice personalities...These people have to appear nice and rubbish credible people or they will not get you to part with your hard earned cash. A bit of common sense goes a long way.

Listen to your intuition in real life and especially on the internet.

So many fake royals and fake noble status too - another internet deception. In the real world most people would think the antics are people who are insane or with some need to impress. Sadly many are crooks who have an agenda. Not all - there are some really trustworthy people out there. But measure the trustworthy people you know in real life. Would you let a complete stranger into your home and give your back account details or credit card?

Just recently I exposed a major scam taking place in relation to Isle of Man titles - under the banner of Manx Crown. FACT the Queen is Monarch of Isle of Man - the next Heir is Prince Charles then William. These people are still involved with the scam and it is sad to see facebook let this endure. You have to do your homework - check credible websites and call up officials. I do all of the time and recommend it.

Back to charities - another of my gripes is the amount of money collected for a cause and how much actually goes to the destination. In some cases 90% is taken for administration - while the real work is being done by volunteers. If a 'credible' charity approaches me to hire my professional expertise at the appropriate rate that reflects what I can offer, then I will listen. Instead I am approached by a few opportunists who want my and other trained professionals expertise for 'their credibility' free while they collect donations. This can only happen on the internet. So many diverse scams are happening.

Registered charities provide records and also a registered office and contact telephone number. They also declare their income and expenditure. In your own country there will be a register or the country the charity claims to be operating from. If it is not registered - then you should be careful to trust it.

There are lots of people collecting money for Haiti and today I have been reading all that help that is being rallied around to help these people. Someone else has been involved with getting planes and help directly to people over in Haiti. This is talk and action. Consult a lawyer if you are unsure.

There are also a few people not being Honest. This is why I am posting this message. It does not just apply for today and Haiti - this information applies for all the time. Please be very careful of giving your personal details and especially bank account over the internet. Trusted charity resources will not spam you with donation requests. Be especially alert when an unknown charity suddenly changes cause to collect for Haiti or the latest disaster.

Here is a check a charity Link to see how much money is spent on the charitable purpose and on administrative costs. (locate the one that is relevant for your country)

Here is the UK Charities register

" The Register records details of organisations that:

* have been recognised as charitable in law;
* hold most of their assets in England and/or Wales;
* have all or the majority of their trustees normally resident in England and/or Wales, or
* are companies incorporated in England or Wales.

The online Register provides a range of key facts and figures about the work and finances of each charity. It displays details of those responsible for taking forward the charity’s work (trustees) and records whether they have complied with their reporting and accounting responsibilities.The entries for larger charities with income in excess of £500,000 include a financial profile.

The Register is maintained from information provided by charities in their Annual Return or Update."

USA donors can check the IRS list of 501 (c)(3) charities at

Here is the link to wise giving for charities and doners

Feel free to add any more related information that will be useful - Remember before trusting and giving online, please check up credibility. So many millions of people are not getting the funds that are portrayed to be for them.

Thank You for your attention. Please share this important information.

Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

When the law does not protect the innocent ...

Sometimes I wonder if those who like to play at being leader and keep things hidden are neanderthals compared to truly 'ethical' people who could do a far better job in leadership and money management.

Take just one concept - instead of spending trillions of dollars on war (that is seem to be just a bit questionable from what I have personally experienced) instead spend the money on the general public needs like free healthcare for all and education - especially the former. If people want to pay for private healthcare let them as a choice.

Please excuse my straight talking - for as long as I remember I have listened to so many contradictions and hypocracy. I come from a family background of business and from birth raised to know honor and integrity. My father co- founded and was a director of a company employing a large workforce locally. Both grandfathers were in business too. My brother apparently runs a successful business. Unfortunately my business intention stunted. Faith and perspective revealed the greater purpose to my life; sharing my knowledge and expertise to enable people with empowerment particularly self-esteem building and emotional healing.

With older age I do not suffer fools easily. Actually I lack endurance to listen to inflated egos and fake fronts, crooks misleading and deceiving the public - and especially nauseated by politicians hypocracy. We just got rid of the ultimate with self-serving...UK is a nation where it is against the law to carry weapons yet our former Prime Minister took us to war!!!

I sit here wondering why someone who never spoke of God in all his years of being a Prime Minister, suddenly changed his religion and set up a 'faith' foundation - He is collecting God only knows how many millions in donations; for what? Now his multi-layered companies is debated - yet the law protects investigation! The media exposed this - maybe we should mirror the former PM for tax benefits. His Barrister wife bought homes in joint names with her children - Perhaps another tax benefit to take note of friends. Imagine their son had not even started his job yet!

As for all those who promote and hide legal corruption - I wonder if they will see the the other side of the law. I used to ask in my prayer why me and to give me strength to live through the ordeal - after suffering multiple asthma attacks. I kept hearing you need to speak out the truth of what happened.

It takes more than being assertive to confront this crap...Yet I discovered when we start hitting home, they go a bit silent, not everyone though. Maybe that is duck and dive like most dishonest people do when caught out! There seems to be no punishment for corrupt lawyers (notice how lawyers are Presidents or Prime Ministers) because they close ranks and meantime abuse the bible and oath in court.

Anyone with a conscience would not lie on oath or sit back in silence while corruption destroys innocent peoples lives! I called the dishonest Barristers office the other day while the woman gasped at the story wanting to know more; then named him. That was liberating. What was funny she asked if I had strong faith - Then she said you remind me of Paul in the Bible...could not resist saying "my name is Pauline with unshakable faith" I did not hear from the CEO so need to follow up with copies of my letter.

My call was to say 'What would happen if I name and shame a barrister for lying in court to win a case to get paid?' I also said I am not going away...and hold all evidence. My plan is to write a book on legal corruption - both with police and lawyers contributing also to address that THEY KNOW innocent people are in prison and let them stay there. These are human rights violations. When lawyers lie in court this is fraud. Fraud is a crime. My endurance with this is that crime in UK has no time limit for prosecution!

I was injured in a car accident by a dishonest ex policewoman 'who boasted' of 20 years criminal deception and lying in court. she said she will never get caught and even if she did she would never be prosecuted - WOW such arrogance. I guess being in the police force since 1981 - 1983 is credibility. So a vastly trained holistic health professional and psychotherapist is not credible in comparison. WOW!!!!

In another case I have been threatened with homelessness. A Mr. Skouras sent a dishonest affidavit to the High Court in Manchester relating to a simple formality that should cost 500 euros. His client has run an international legal bill with no intention to pay. I speak out holding all evidence for former and latter - Yes by a miracle the court handed me the dishonest affidavit. In UK loser pays the legal bill.

I am gathering my strength to confront authorities and force the issue of corruption yet again. Only ripples are felt so far - not good enough with an authority we are all expected to abide by. Sadly not all honest lawyers have backbone to make a stand and speak out about the abuse taking place in their profession - I have been encouraged to speak out about this very real issue and will continue to do so.

Having lost a fortune due to legal corruption - firstly my injury and secondly the consequences of corruption. I was also bed bound for almost three years with chronic breathing problems from trauma of double whammy of abuse from legal professionals. In this time I could not physically talk - my voice would not come out. Fortunately I could type. Back then I was already using the internet to give advice and point people to access resources, particularly medical healthcare. Being a therapist, I had set up an eating disorder recovery resource with self help tools to benefit people who could not afford therapy. People were begging me not to close it down....It was a lifeline to over 1100 people.

Now I have my voice back, however despite 700 pieces of evidence being sent out just related to car accident injury legal corruption, I question why was I fobbed off - Actually I see now how people are fobbed off. The lawyer still works also the police refuse to prosecute perjury and fraud. Maybe Jack Straw is willing to address this issue that affects huge volumes of people. My journey is no longer about me - although I want to see dishonest lawyers and police prosecuted and thrown into prison. So far prosecutions are obstructed and fobbed off. I was told this too.

Up til the age of 40 despite a very eye opening life in many ways I was also naive. I wanted to trust the legal profession - and did. Sadly I will never have children now, but who would want to bring children up in a society where criminals walk free and boast of their crimes? Your children, even family members and I wonder if anyone who owns a home is at risk in this 'grab what you can' mentality with no care of conscience. Even if you do not have money you can still be 'forced' into court as I was - As a completely innocent person who has spent a lifetime doing good and helping others - I discovered that anyone can be a victim of legal corruption.

Now it is time where I must again say Enough is Enough - You are welcome to join me. Abusers in the legal profession have been playing a power game at our expense for far too long!!!

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright (c) 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved