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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 18 January 2010

Charity concerns - Important information

One of my gripes is the amount of people collecting money for charity or a cause. Personally I give directly to a source and like to see where my money is going. I also give a lot of my time voluntarily to help vulnerable people which would be paid for.

Before you donate to any charity - check if they are registered and please do not ignore this important message. All of a sudden I am being swamped with emails asking for donations for Haiti - when I do a check up some are from unregistered charities. Some fundraising is being portrayed to be for a registered non profit org - yet this cannot be found and digging deeper, yet again more inconsistencies apply. It seems I have developed a reputation as being a scam buster - I am not prepared to do this unpaid and without support of the authorities. Also it is far removed from my spiritual path - although it relates to empowering you with truth.

If charities are not registered, ask yourself where is your money going? This is not a time to be naive or see the good in people. On the internet there are so many con artists - some present really nice personalities...These people have to appear nice and rubbish credible people or they will not get you to part with your hard earned cash. A bit of common sense goes a long way.

Listen to your intuition in real life and especially on the internet.

So many fake royals and fake noble status too - another internet deception. In the real world most people would think the antics are people who are insane or with some need to impress. Sadly many are crooks who have an agenda. Not all - there are some really trustworthy people out there. But measure the trustworthy people you know in real life. Would you let a complete stranger into your home and give your back account details or credit card?

Just recently I exposed a major scam taking place in relation to Isle of Man titles - under the banner of Manx Crown. FACT the Queen is Monarch of Isle of Man - the next Heir is Prince Charles then William. These people are still involved with the scam and it is sad to see facebook let this endure. You have to do your homework - check credible websites and call up officials. I do all of the time and recommend it.

Back to charities - another of my gripes is the amount of money collected for a cause and how much actually goes to the destination. In some cases 90% is taken for administration - while the real work is being done by volunteers. If a 'credible' charity approaches me to hire my professional expertise at the appropriate rate that reflects what I can offer, then I will listen. Instead I am approached by a few opportunists who want my and other trained professionals expertise for 'their credibility' free while they collect donations. This can only happen on the internet. So many diverse scams are happening.

Registered charities provide records and also a registered office and contact telephone number. They also declare their income and expenditure. In your own country there will be a register or the country the charity claims to be operating from. If it is not registered - then you should be careful to trust it.

There are lots of people collecting money for Haiti and today I have been reading all that help that is being rallied around to help these people. Someone else has been involved with getting planes and help directly to people over in Haiti. This is talk and action. Consult a lawyer if you are unsure.

There are also a few people not being Honest. This is why I am posting this message. It does not just apply for today and Haiti - this information applies for all the time. Please be very careful of giving your personal details and especially bank account over the internet. Trusted charity resources will not spam you with donation requests. Be especially alert when an unknown charity suddenly changes cause to collect for Haiti or the latest disaster.

Here is a check a charity Link to see how much money is spent on the charitable purpose and on administrative costs. (locate the one that is relevant for your country)

Here is the UK Charities register

" The Register records details of organisations that:

* have been recognised as charitable in law;
* hold most of their assets in England and/or Wales;
* have all or the majority of their trustees normally resident in England and/or Wales, or
* are companies incorporated in England or Wales.

The online Register provides a range of key facts and figures about the work and finances of each charity. It displays details of those responsible for taking forward the charity’s work (trustees) and records whether they have complied with their reporting and accounting responsibilities.The entries for larger charities with income in excess of £500,000 include a financial profile.

The Register is maintained from information provided by charities in their Annual Return or Update."

USA donors can check the IRS list of 501 (c)(3) charities at

Here is the link to wise giving for charities and doners

Feel free to add any more related information that will be useful - Remember before trusting and giving online, please check up credibility. So many millions of people are not getting the funds that are portrayed to be for them.

Thank You for your attention. Please share this important information.

Pauline Maria

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