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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Rule of Law Applies to Everyone

There is much concern about the escalating crime rate. It seems in some cases the police in the UK expect the public to do the ground work - provide evidence for crimes. Having personally witnessed police actually refuse to investigate and prosecute crimes - even with evidence. This contributes to Human Rights Violations.

Other than what can politely be described as incompetence, it seems a few police officers have no qualms to lie in court; with innocent people being prosecuted. There are also those with an aggressive streak; maybe this is an excuse to take 'their anger issues' out on those who meet up with the wrong side of the law. Recently, one lady had been repeatedly harassed by a police officer - to a fixated degree that I personally found alarming.

There clearly lacks commitment to serve the public best interest. This article is carefully contemplated and compounded with concerns for the general public safety. While the system operates accordingly, ethical practice will never come about. The UK has an escalating crime rate. This is certainly no surprise. I am unsure what statistics show. Looking outside in the real world and listening to what people say, far too many believe crime pays.

This becomes more alarming when innocent victims of crime cannot always get legal help. It is disillusioning when innocent people are landed with the legal bill and scared to speak out!

Having personally reported perjury three times, then contacted IPCC twice because the police refused to address the crime. They also declined to prosecute a dishonest UK barrister stating 'they lie all the time'. I was injured in a minor car accident. The Barrister denied injury, medical treatment also a pile of professional qualifications all can be proved. I was landed with a large legal bill. The Barrister still practices and in my mind is disgrace to the legal system. I am unsure if all Barristers are self employed although perhaps most are. Temptation to lie 'to get paid' comes from a criminal mind, even if the liar wears a wig or is a police officer.

Our trust in the legal system is lost. Many people are in fear of being a target and experiencing financial loss. Just consider if most barristers are self employed and especially if they tell a few lies as some do to win a case, they still expect to be paid. I am told lawyers close ranks. Despite presenting evidence to all authorities, I never got justice or an apology. Instead I am told that they probably hope I will go away. Are the legal system so arrogant?

The legal system is making this country a very unsafe place if they 'refuse' to prosecute crimes that are reported with evidence. People have lost their homes to pay a legal bill due to legal corruption. Even I was threatened with homeless. Women are raped on a daily basis yet very few crimes are reported and even less prosecutions take place. Instead the public never hear from women who are rubbished in court that they emerge feeling raped again. Legal professionals over step their mark with abuse.

The decadence in society is reflected in the legal system not prosecuting crimes. One would think both the police and lawyers are working together to make our streets and country a safer place. I guess it is easy for someone to show up at work, pay lip service at their job and collect a wage at the end of the month. Barristers may be counting their fees in advance, negotiating the game in court - who will win - perhaps with the strategy in advance too. Yet the decision the Judge makes in their power game is sometimes the consequence of deception and lies. Wake up!

In the UK the Civil Court works on a 'balance of probabilities' - Each party tells their story and ONE Judge makes his decision at the end. When solid evidence can be denied - shocking. What is presented can be manipulated. Witnesses can lie and all relevant information be obstructed in court. This is how criminals get off. The loser will pay the legal bill. Redress is often impossible especially when we write to the court stating 'the Barrister lied' presenting evidence of proof. Time limits apparently apply too.

The legal system is a money making business at the public's expense. The general public are pawns who eventually pay in an alarming power game. It is time we start to see responsibility and accountability. Personally I would like to see all dishonest lawyers prosecuted and disbarred. I am reliably told in Switzerland there are a few lawyers locked up who thought they could get away with lying - they got greedy. In Europe 'corrupt lawyers' get found out when a panel of judges look at the 'evidence' - this standard is applies in several countries to ensure Human Rights. Here in UK too many innocent people are paying a very high price.

In the meantime, innocent peoples lives are being destroyed - with no care or conscience. Children are hauled through the family law system - their whole future destabilised because of a decision made in court that might not be in the child's best interest. Then we have overcrowded prisons apparently - at a huge annual cost, yet there are a vast amount of innocent people in prison - why? Why are there not people in the legal profession doing all they can to get these people out? I have been told by UK lawyers there is no room for a conscience in the profession.

Criminals boast of their crime and get free legal help. Who cares?

What happened to 'Great Britain'? This country was so respected for all that is upright and honorable. Integrity is rare. Being an upstanding member of society and good person is more than likely to bring ridicule than respect in these current times. So as long as the public are too scared to speak out, crime will rule the days. The most serious crime is legal professionals exploiting the law and the legal system for their own selfish ends. The oath in court and all it represents is rubbished. The Rule of Law Still Applies!

The Lord Chief Justice stated UK is not a corrupt legal system. Sadly individuals are. My brief chat was eye opening. Lord Judge seemingly has vision but I am not sure he is fully aware of the drive of human beings and even lawyers lie - knowing they can get away with it. That is til the public speak out to expose this crime.

The Minister of Justice indicates some drive to address issues related to the police and yet I think the entire legal system is long overdue for an overhaul to clean up shop. It is up to the public to speak out and demand this. Under Human Rights Convention 'Everyone is entitled to a fair hearing' - I have confronted dishonest barristers for their lies, as expected both went quiet!

Article by Pauline Maria

Copyright (c) 2010 - All Rights Reserved

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