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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 29 January 2010

Tony Blair - Countdown to Judgment Day

"Since leaving office, Blair has made around £15million - much of this either coming from or is related to the U.S., where he remains extremely popular because of his support for America in Iraq" -

The public need to understand what it means when someone makes a deal 'signed in blood' - The Daily Mail identify this to have happened between Tony Blair and George Bush.

There are people who sell their soul to the devil. Some people openly boast about this too! The innocent fear those who have chosen this path. The time has come with truth being revealed!

Tony Blair has enjoyed cash benefits and donations yet research 'preventing investigation' with privacy laws on his multi-layered companies and faith foundation - the man who refused to do God as PM. To investigate where money has come from and why it was accepted is where crime is usually uncovered. Bank transactions are traceable. Greed from the Blairs has invited bad press.

Examples of when this applies. There are laws against bribery and corruption and money laundering too. Tax loopholes are exploited by astute business people. Corporations maximise corporate taxes within the parameters of the law. In the meantime ordinary people keep paying because they have no choice. It is taken by employers at source. It is time people are informed.

Apparently it is against the law to pay tax - This why and here is the evidence we have been long waiting to hear. Evidence matters especially in a court of law! -

Tony Blair an example of someone seen to be what is known as social climbing. He came from humble roots who rose in their career. He reportedly 'modelled himself on Mick Jagger' and sang in a band called 'Ugly Rumors'. ' When he was first elected as Prime Minister, he smiled at the cameras and always gave a friendly wave. As time progressed we observe a man who has traveled to places with great suffering and devastation. Even when matters that concern our respective countries, he still smiles at the camera. He is not a celebrity - he was paid to do a job.

When one has not carried out their job ethically and in the appointed role 'serving the public in the public's best interest' he must be called out and answer. Tony Blair might be hesitant to smile today as he realises he is not so untouchable. Any deals he has made, will not stand up in the law. ANYONE he has done wrong to, may be silent for a while, eventually all comes out. We are reminded that perjury is a criminal offense. Yet incriminating evidence is being withheld!

The greatest wrong he did was to lie to two nations, Great Britain and USA; maybe others. If Iraq offered him to go work there and pay him - Do you really think he will turn down the offer?

In what way was he to benefit by doing a deal 'signed in blood' ? A question we need to ask. The answers are now being revealed.

He must pay the price for knowingly murdering innocent people.

Today again we are forced to open our eyes and see the true character of this ducking and diving ex Prime Minister. His actions mirror this by taking advantage of privacy laws for investigation into his multi-layered 'administration' company transactions! Presently the taxpayer is paying for extensive security. This warmonger needs to be paying this himself!

It is not a good idea to sell your soul to the devil - Old agreements will be called when least expected. Accountability still applies!

So much is held out of public eye. The silence is deafening.

I very much doubt this hearing will be his judgment day!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

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