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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

When the law does not protect the innocent ...

Sometimes I wonder if those who like to play at being leader and keep things hidden are neanderthals compared to truly 'ethical' people who could do a far better job in leadership and money management.

Take just one concept - instead of spending trillions of dollars on war (that is seem to be just a bit questionable from what I have personally experienced) instead spend the money on the general public needs like free healthcare for all and education - especially the former. If people want to pay for private healthcare let them as a choice.

Please excuse my straight talking - for as long as I remember I have listened to so many contradictions and hypocracy. I come from a family background of business and from birth raised to know honor and integrity. My father co- founded and was a director of a company employing a large workforce locally. Both grandfathers were in business too. My brother apparently runs a successful business. Unfortunately my business intention stunted. Faith and perspective revealed the greater purpose to my life; sharing my knowledge and expertise to enable people with empowerment particularly self-esteem building and emotional healing.

With older age I do not suffer fools easily. Actually I lack endurance to listen to inflated egos and fake fronts, crooks misleading and deceiving the public - and especially nauseated by politicians hypocracy. We just got rid of the ultimate with self-serving...UK is a nation where it is against the law to carry weapons yet our former Prime Minister took us to war!!!

I sit here wondering why someone who never spoke of God in all his years of being a Prime Minister, suddenly changed his religion and set up a 'faith' foundation - He is collecting God only knows how many millions in donations; for what? Now his multi-layered companies is debated - yet the law protects investigation! The media exposed this - maybe we should mirror the former PM for tax benefits. His Barrister wife bought homes in joint names with her children - Perhaps another tax benefit to take note of friends. Imagine their son had not even started his job yet!

As for all those who promote and hide legal corruption - I wonder if they will see the the other side of the law. I used to ask in my prayer why me and to give me strength to live through the ordeal - after suffering multiple asthma attacks. I kept hearing you need to speak out the truth of what happened.

It takes more than being assertive to confront this crap...Yet I discovered when we start hitting home, they go a bit silent, not everyone though. Maybe that is duck and dive like most dishonest people do when caught out! There seems to be no punishment for corrupt lawyers (notice how lawyers are Presidents or Prime Ministers) because they close ranks and meantime abuse the bible and oath in court.

Anyone with a conscience would not lie on oath or sit back in silence while corruption destroys innocent peoples lives! I called the dishonest Barristers office the other day while the woman gasped at the story wanting to know more; then named him. That was liberating. What was funny she asked if I had strong faith - Then she said you remind me of Paul in the Bible...could not resist saying "my name is Pauline with unshakable faith" I did not hear from the CEO so need to follow up with copies of my letter.

My call was to say 'What would happen if I name and shame a barrister for lying in court to win a case to get paid?' I also said I am not going away...and hold all evidence. My plan is to write a book on legal corruption - both with police and lawyers contributing also to address that THEY KNOW innocent people are in prison and let them stay there. These are human rights violations. When lawyers lie in court this is fraud. Fraud is a crime. My endurance with this is that crime in UK has no time limit for prosecution!

I was injured in a car accident by a dishonest ex policewoman 'who boasted' of 20 years criminal deception and lying in court. she said she will never get caught and even if she did she would never be prosecuted - WOW such arrogance. I guess being in the police force since 1981 - 1983 is credibility. So a vastly trained holistic health professional and psychotherapist is not credible in comparison. WOW!!!!

In another case I have been threatened with homelessness. A Mr. Skouras sent a dishonest affidavit to the High Court in Manchester relating to a simple formality that should cost 500 euros. His client has run an international legal bill with no intention to pay. I speak out holding all evidence for former and latter - Yes by a miracle the court handed me the dishonest affidavit. In UK loser pays the legal bill.

I am gathering my strength to confront authorities and force the issue of corruption yet again. Only ripples are felt so far - not good enough with an authority we are all expected to abide by. Sadly not all honest lawyers have backbone to make a stand and speak out about the abuse taking place in their profession - I have been encouraged to speak out about this very real issue and will continue to do so.

Having lost a fortune due to legal corruption - firstly my injury and secondly the consequences of corruption. I was also bed bound for almost three years with chronic breathing problems from trauma of double whammy of abuse from legal professionals. In this time I could not physically talk - my voice would not come out. Fortunately I could type. Back then I was already using the internet to give advice and point people to access resources, particularly medical healthcare. Being a therapist, I had set up an eating disorder recovery resource with self help tools to benefit people who could not afford therapy. People were begging me not to close it down....It was a lifeline to over 1100 people.

Now I have my voice back, however despite 700 pieces of evidence being sent out just related to car accident injury legal corruption, I question why was I fobbed off - Actually I see now how people are fobbed off. The lawyer still works also the police refuse to prosecute perjury and fraud. Maybe Jack Straw is willing to address this issue that affects huge volumes of people. My journey is no longer about me - although I want to see dishonest lawyers and police prosecuted and thrown into prison. So far prosecutions are obstructed and fobbed off. I was told this too.

Up til the age of 40 despite a very eye opening life in many ways I was also naive. I wanted to trust the legal profession - and did. Sadly I will never have children now, but who would want to bring children up in a society where criminals walk free and boast of their crimes? Your children, even family members and I wonder if anyone who owns a home is at risk in this 'grab what you can' mentality with no care of conscience. Even if you do not have money you can still be 'forced' into court as I was - As a completely innocent person who has spent a lifetime doing good and helping others - I discovered that anyone can be a victim of legal corruption.

Now it is time where I must again say Enough is Enough - You are welcome to join me. Abusers in the legal profession have been playing a power game at our expense for far too long!!!

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright (c) 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

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