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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Aspartame changes name to AminoSweet

"The same types of aggressive brain tumors that showed up in the aspartame animal studies over 20 years ago are now increasing in the American human population"

"There is enough basis to suspect Aspartame that it needs to be re-assessed"

The emphasis is that the FDA needs to do the assessment urgently because the original approval was not met to ethical standards expected in such testing. The FDA are obliged to fulfill their responsibility - especially with presenting evidence. Given that serious reactions of brain tumors were evident in animals - this is a matter that has been uncovered by ethical experts who defy pressure of silence!

Not everyone is driven by financial gain - especially at other peoples detriment. Many healthcare professionals, myself included, trained over a period of several years to help people. It is totally unethical to ignore health risks and it speaks volumes of those who know the deception going on yet turn a blind eye!

The following video is informative given by ethical experts. Honest information disclosed from those involved at the point of testing Aspartame is alarming. It would be foolish to ignore this!

Legalities are addressed. This explains why Aspartame is still widely used today.

What perhaps is unknown to the general public, Nutrasweet had a vested interest in Aspartame. Real depth of credible research can be by comparing experts who are qualified in their respective field; most importantly with no financial interest.

From industry sponsored research relating to the safety of Aspartame, out of 164 studies "74 were funded by the Nutrasweet industry. Every single one of them attested to the safety of Aspartame. Of the 90 independent studies 83 identified a problem" Such feedback cannot be ignored. Time will tell if FDA will address this!

"Meanwhile Nutrasweet is now being test marketed in China a potential market of around 1 billion people!"

Your health is in your hands. The choices of what you eat is down to your own preference. Check the labels. Do you eat foods with Aspartame/Nutrasweet or Aminosweet? Ask yourself Why?

My sharing is in the public best interest -with extensive research

Pauline Maria
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