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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Is Cherie Blair fit to be Baroness?

The Times today invited mixed views. The author writes "Cherie Blair is the very model of a modern baroness". She Continues "Ignore the inevitable protests – Mrs Blair understands the lot of modern women and would be a great asset to the Lords"

Evidently those working in the media are not always well informed. Some are blind! Comments brought mixed views.

My response to the article has been published and shared here.

"Grace and dignity is never seen from either Blairs. My main concern is if she will represent the public best interest.

Having contacted her firm after a basic human rights violation in the UK law courts, fraud and perjury by lawyer and client. I was landed with the legal bill with an ex policewoman who stated her intention to lie - Matrix Chambers wrote to say they did not have the expertise to advise. The evidence, a car accident injury, was identified by a five year old. Considering I was recommended to contact her chambers and from what I see of both the Blairs, taking into consideration everything including her background, I will not be cheering for this status.

It is more bothersome she will be banner waving about empowering women (in her foundation - collecting donations just like her husbands 'faith' foundation) Perhaps she needs to decide whether she is a lawyer, celebrity, or working class woman who has made her way up the corporate ladder. There is a lacking of honor and integrity in many people where their personal agenda supersedes ethical practice.

Legal corruption is a big issue in UK and one that has been fobbed off and silenced for years until recently. Perhaps the elections changed this. I do not negate Cherie's professional standing but I cannot ignore hypocrisy! Collecting huge sums of money to hold a talk to charities indicates again only her self interest!

Being Baroness would be justified to create uproar, just as her husband is still 'smiling' while promoting the illegal war. Let's not forget he makes several £million - and USA are clueless to how the public really feel about him. Both Blairs are lawyers; both know the war is illegal and why. Both are slippery! Cherie Blairs children are apparently Irish Residents, with London homes bought by her in joint names.

Some people are in denial, blind to truth. Not everyone is. Please stop insulting the public"

Edit "Matrix Chambers wrote to say they did not have the expertise to advise." - should read 'experience to advise' from a letter held here from Matrix Chambers! Seen as another fob off?

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