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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 21 March 2010

50,000 people die from man made polution!

"More than 50,000 people are dying prematurely in the UK every year, and thousands more suffer serious illness because of man-made air pollution, according to a parliamentary report published tomorrow. The UK now faces the threat of £300m in fines after it failed to meet legally binding EU targets to reduce pollution to safe levels." Full article

My published reply:-

"Please address the real cause!

Is there a lawyer who will act on lawsuits; if so I would like to join the queue. There are several planes a day flying over where I live not on a flight path and out of season - They leave like chemtrails as seen on youtube. A friend, who is a fighter jet pilot in USA explained how exhaust condensation disappears after about 30 seconds. Well this residue is around for hours....and I am sure the government know all about it too. While I am at it, Aspartame, not good at all - yet in in some footage says over 6000 products; During testing found to be having adverse affects on almost 50% of the people. The other 50% were paid for by Nutrasweet who all reported no side effects. Research is revealing but also being trained in health, nutrition, psychological therapies and self healing seems like a waste of many years training with all this! Yes we are being made very ill with all these additives, preservatives and spraying in the skies. Can we sue? Psychologically we are being damaged by all the negative reporting and endless illegal wars too!"

Pauline Maria
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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Trusting Healthcare USA

Prescription drug addiction is something that came to my attention some years ago. The statistics are unknown.

This is a growing concern; especially moreso now encouraging people to address their health. Some people take a mixture of medications and admit dependency. If and when medications are being used as an emotional crutch, addictions can easily take hold.

We all need to have confidence in our healthcare practitioners and feel assured that our Medical Doctor is providing treatment with ethical practice. Not everyone questions this or even considers that their Doctor has certain professional standards to meet.

If you live in USA, you may visit the following link to check if a MD or healthcare professional is licensed. In case of questions about Prescriptions - your pharmacist can advise on any medications. Pharmacists study chemistry and know compatibility of medicine. Do not be afraid to ask questions when collecting prescriptions. Be alert if you are on medications you do not want or even need.

You are encouraged to check things out, especially related to your health. Seek out second opinions if you are not sure. Medical Doctors study for several years to be in the helping profession - Having a medical doctor you can trust can be a Godsend.

You are in charge to take care of your health and getting the right help. You have every right to expect your medical doctor to be fully licensed and to be helping you in your best interest.

You will find a wealth of related information on the following link

Article by Pauline Maria
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Global Warming Concerns

There is so much talk about Global warming. Just the other day a dear friend posted a video that related to HAARP - highly recommended to research if you are willing to know. I am not someone who takes what anyone says as gospel, no matter who delivers the information. I need to see credible evidence from my own eyes. It is with absolute encouragement that you do the same and all I ask is to keep an open mind, as we look closer together.

With regards to the weather, I live in the UK and these last couple of years have seemed much colder than before. We have had a particularly cold winter with snow. Some parts of the country has been worse hit than others. Internationally we are seeing and hear about what can only be described as volatile weather conditions.

Our attention has been drawn via the media to 'natural disasters' like earthquakes and Tsunamis - although I have always been curious about tornado's too because they appear like a freak of nature; with destructive and often devastating consequences.

There are always people quick to volunteer their help. In particular with Haiti, many health professionals dropped everything to go help these people. We are mostly united in international need. United our hearts reach out in compassion to all these innocent people who suffered unmeasurable loss though such devastating tragedies. As someone who is the friend to the world, my heart goes out all those who are suffering around the world; especially to all who have lost loved ones in the war.

To me, a need for AID cannot get there fast enough. What has always bothered me is why the Governments can give many billions/trillions of dollars towards war and yet the same priority is not given when catastrophic devastation is calling for help. I recall hurricane Katrina and on television watched as aid was delayed 'as if' there was an expectancy of another to follow. Perhaps delays are deliberate - Yes there is a sinister thought!

I cannot deny my own experience - something certainly does not sit right with these situations. It just happened that I was speaking to a lady in USA during Katrina and following what was happening on the news from UK. She told me her sister loaded her car up with food and blankets to take to these people. When she arrived a short distance from her destination she was met by armed officers who ordered her to turn the car around and go back home. I would swear on oath for this - This action raised alarm bells for me in a big way. Why was the delay in giving aid to these people?

For as long as their is media reporting - we are fed information that we have a right to question and form an opinion. When we compare information, we might find there are contradictions. When anyone says something and then does the opposite, this is going to raise eyebrows. Most people notice conflicting information, even if this is subconscious process. There is often ridicule with silencing conspiracy theorists. It also make sense why many people do not speak out, especially with fear.

It was while heating up a drink earlier in the microwave that I was reminded of how powerful this energy force is and I am not entirely sure it is healthy. In my research about HAARP, I was diverted to look at unusual cloud formations. We only need to look at evidence to question if something else happening. Friends in USA have witnessed strange clouds in the sky. Have You?

Article by Pauline Maria
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Strange cloud formations over Richmond Virginia

March 13th 2008 4.40pm captured in central California

Tama, Iowa KCCI-TV webcam on 6 May 2007

30 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

Monday, 1 March 2010

The War on Cancer is Very Real

Interesting that 'the war on cancer' is being used as a reference. I am 50 this year and for as long as I can remember Cancer Research has been collecting vasts amount of money with people leaving their savings in a Will to this charity. Considering my studies, it makes sense that a scientist will analyse what is cancer and then know what treats it. My studies are in health and healing. Not everyone is willing to do the research or knows where to start.

Connecting the dots is relevant. Beware of ignoring any inconsistent information. Keep and open mind and always be willing to learn and explore the facts. Much is hidden from the public eye - and some things are silenced. In another blog I wrote that cancer treatment was found 100 years ago. Still 'cancer research charities' are collecting a great many millions of dollars.

My personal interest is to identify what we can do to help ourselves. Looking at preventative care, we can also address what we need to do to preserve our health and well being.

The causes of cancer might be many, although the body's ability to fight any illness might be hindered with trauma and extreme stress - particularly where the body is run down and struggles to heal itself. When we are eating foods that are genetically modified, with growth hormones, additives and preservatives, there is concern that these unnatural substances could have an adverse affect on the body. Common sense should be telling you that they could even be affecting your health in some way.

During my hypnotherapy training, we 'witness' how the mind is very powerful. Already my background proved the mind has potential beyond what we may even realise or know. There are people who have had experiences of using meditation and visualisation to restore their body back to health again. We all have 'will power' an innate driving force and also intuition. Many people are unaware of the powerful energy they have within.

There is limited awareness in society about what contributes to harm the body. Some people go into complete denial - knowing too much of something might cause adverse consequence, but they go ahead and indulge anyway. I draw comparison to smokers. Most smokers know cigarettes are bad for their health; yet still puff away. Addiction is another topic of discussion.

Our body is affected in many different ways by what we eat, drink; especially stress. You have one body and your life is precious. What you feed it and how you take care of yourself is very relevant. Rest and relaxation can assist healing.

Pharma is big business. We already know some cancer treatments are expensive and aggressive. There are inexpensive treatments not being actively promoted and the question we need to be asking is why? One Ethical expert in Oncology, Dr. Simoncini has been treating cancer successfully by using 'Sodium Bicarbonate'.

Ethical experts practice in their chosen profession in your best interest. Many professionals studied extensively over several years to help people or to provide a service. This is a journey I have traveled and my willingness to learn more is never ending. My sharing is in the public's best interest and raising awareness.

You have a loyalty to your own mind and body to take care of yourself. Your health is not something to fear - if anything I urge you to embrace health and well being. You are worth it!,.7.aspx

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved