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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 17 May 2010

Rife - The Silence on Cancer Cure

Royal Raymond Rife should be a household name!

"Dr Rife had discovered a very inexpensive means of curing not only cancer, but some of the most dreaded diseases in society today such as the Ebola virus and AIDS. His research was destroyed, his associates harassed and some even killed, and after years of hounding he died of an overdose administered to him in Grossmont Hospital, in San Diego, California."

The saying where there is a will there is a way seemed to apply in this situation. Dr Rife, in his determination realised where there was a need, he would use his mind to find a way and with this, he invented a 'Universal Microscope with 5,682 parts'.

Rife was recognised and credited for his persistant work in his chosen area of study -indeed he was awarded an honorary medical degree from the University of Heidleberg.

"While examining bacteria and viruses, Rife noticed that each one gave off a distinct light (or color) pattern. (In the late sixties it was discovered that every living cell actually gives off light and the healthier the cell the healthier the light; conversely the sicker the cell the weaker the light. But this research by Rife was done in the twenties using technology Rife himself invented.) So Rife began to experiment with instruments he invented that oscillated at the frequencies he'd determined from the organisms (bacteria and viruses) and he discovered that by playing back their own pattern of oscillation, slightly modified, he could destroy them without affecting the tissues around them. In other words, Rife could kill a particular virus or bacterium using light rays alone, light rays that were absolutely harmless to the host animal, but deadly to the microbe."

"When Rife went public, the University of Southern California sponsored a special medical research team to evaluate this new therapy on the terminally ill. After 130 days, every patient recovered with no side effects to the treatment."

The Rife Microscope could see particles that were even smaller than waves of light - this is stretching our imagination that some people still might find hard to believe. At the time this was seen to be impossible. Dr. Rife was said to be the first Scientist to see a live virus. Today's electron microscopes see viruses, but they destroy them in the process through the bombardment of electrons."

What was most remarkable, not only did Rife discover the cause of cancer but he also discovered a cure too. Yes he also discovered a cure too. Billions of dollars have been collected for cancer research charities for so many years when a cure is known.

As someone who trained extensively for the helping profession, it is rather alarming to discover that people are threatened and/or obstructed from doing their job - in the public interest. It is the scientists and researchers who work tirelessly to benefit the people. Many ethical experts have done extensive professional training. When the element of corruption is suspected, it is easy to see why people give up when they are blocked to progress. People are too scared to speak about corruption for fear of consequence.

Silence has a price. What allegedly implied to happened to Dr. Rife and his colleagues; given the seriousness I quote - however be assured I have no hesitation to expose truth and corruption!

"Dr Milbank Johnson, a supporter of Rife's and one of the people who had worked to validate Rife's research was poisoned. Dr Nemes who was duplicating Rife's work just 40 miles from Rife's own lab was killed in a mysterious fire that consumed his lab and research papers. Rife's closest associate was given a grant for $200,000 and quickly vanished. People who had worked with Rife suddenly denied knowing him. Rife sunk further and further into depression and alcoholism. By 1940, Rife's work had been wiped out entirely. Every time he tried to pull himself back on track to reduplicate his research, he was hounded and harassed and finally his life ended in a hospital by an overdose that was not self-administered."

Ethical experts in the legal profession and medical profession are bringing concerns to the public attention, even if they do so via someone who is prepared to speak out - You are justified to distrust. However when you dismiss important information, especially related to health, you may discover cancer has taken the life of a loved one. Many people believe there is no cure.

For so long I have listened to people mock conspiracy. We need to be not so quick to dismiss. What if the information is true. We need to begin to open our minds. We need to identify TRUTH!

Millions of people have lost loved ones to cancer. Millions of people are living with cancer today. So much suffering has taken place! Billions of dollars is still being raised for Cancer Charities?

Pauline Maria - Providing a voice of reason on this subject.

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