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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 26 July 2010

Neil Armstrong speaks out

A very powerful short speech from Neil Armstrong. Here Neil acknowledges the importance of truth. Evidence of this emotional speech is not to be ignored. Truth cannot be ignored forever!

Everyone has every right to uncover the truth - despite all the protective layers. The problem is people do what they are told and keep quiet out of fear. People in the know - know the truth.

We must relinquish our illusion.

Did you know the media allows lies and this is not against the law? This is why so many people have been brainwashed and you have been lied to for far too long. You are only told what the authorities want you to know. Spin is a term used to present a story as truth - This can influence the public according to a given agenda.

The television and movie screen can manufacture any concept they want to entertain the audience. This is big business - this is their business. The general public are all just a means to an end. That end usually includes big profit, also mind your control.

Unfortunately the media, television and movie screen has the ability to manipulate people to even control thinking and behavior. People acting out aggression in society and also following trends is not by an accident. Everything is by design!

The truth is known within however, many people ignore the obvious. Not everyone listens to their instincts or notices inconsistencies. Not everyone feels free to speak out!

Many people are ashamed - many more people are frightened to speak out. The calculative authority who deceives is to blame!

Many whistleblowers are no longer alive because they knew too much. Sadly too many people are still silent. Being brave is lost!

Then there are people like me, who exposes deception and corruption on a grand scale. Someone has to speak out!

Knowing the truth will allow you to claim your right of choice to be who you are and not to be manipulated for a corporate gain.

Free Will is your God given birthright!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

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