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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 26 July 2010

Wikileaks the Truth

If it was not for Wikileaks, even more information would stay hidden.

The authorities are allegedly embarrassed with the truth being out. Actually to be honest, 'embarrased' is my words. The authorities should be ashamed with hiding information from the public - also when not working in the public best interest.

People do not need to be put down or be treated like cattle. Ordinary people have far more to contribute to this world than the egotistical power mongers; some who clearly get some thrill from destroying humanity! There is concern of this happening.

The truth is according to the Daily Mail, the authorities have reacted with fury after wikipedia published '90,000 top secret files that expose the horrific civilian cost of Afghan war'.

While authorities might be angry (at being caught out) - it is the people who have been lied to. You have every right to express your feelings and be angry too, especially at the truth withheld.

We only need to look closer at the level of increased spending and national debt. Perhaps the public should be told that we can expect economic collapse - however the majority of people do not want to see or know. Perhaps they have been brainwashed or just closed off their mind because they cannot cope with the cold hard reality of war in this world - that might just backfire on us all!

When we understand the meaning of responsibility - we do not go out to deliberately create debt. Yet the debt creators are many; who do not care or have a conscience - after all let someone else pay the bill. Who cares? Arrogance is seen in their actions.

While blowing trillions of dollars on the war for profit, a name given because it seems far more accurate - our public services have been affected. The cutbacks have been hidden, although more information is coming to light - a few years later.

The media is still selectively reporting. With ethical practice and also ethical leadership there is a plea for the sake of humanity for transparency and truth!

The risk with working for any authority or the media is being told what you can and cannot say. People should be empowered with TRUTH. Everyone can then make informed decisions about their life and learn responsibility. Lessons must be learned!

Conspiracy theorists are many and often ridiculed. There are still people focused on 9/11 and that is exactly what the illuminati want the people to do. The distraction is an ideal excuse to keep people numb and occupied - those who are still thinking.

Anyone who is ethical with nothing to hide is not going to argue when there is a valid argument to be made. When confronting abusers - they might threaten and first and then duck and dive.

Knowing who to blame is a decision - start right at the top. Stay with what is visible and remember, even wars are negotiated well in advance behind closed doors. War is not an overnight decision. A strategic plan will have been made.

Where possible I will always access credible evidence and share this with any insights accordingly. It is important to let the factual evidence speak for itself. An opinion can be informed or not!

In my world peace means exactly peace, without weapons or fighting - without people feeling fear. There is long overdue healing need and this can only happen when those who are making destructive decisions within authorities, stop and allow healing.

My closing is with the wise words of a friend "This world is separated into two industries: the War Industry and the Peace Industry." Yoko Ono

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

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