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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Court Corruption is Silenced

My thoughts are very much on everyone who has had adverse experiences with the legal profession - whether by legal corruption, abuse of court process by police or expert witnesses and especially perjury in family courts.

Many people are silenced by gag orders and yet they have witnessed first hand violations take place and not prosecuted. What the courts are very much responsible for is allowing the deliberate destruction of innocent people's lives and huge financial losses to pay legal fees.

This abuse must stop.

Before anyone considers entering the legal profession or social services, if you are NOT honest and ethical or working in the peoples best interest, choose an alternative career path.

There are other professions that require responsibility; both moral and ethical considerations. This especially includes the medical profession. Medical health professionals are supposed to be trustworthy, not negligent or motivated by greed.

Corrupt professionals are a huge liability to life.

Pauline Maria
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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Julian Assange - Stop the Insanity

"Submitted by Peter Kemp on Tue, 12/28/2010 - 04:58




We, among many law abiding citizens of the world deplore and condemn, as applicable, your utterances and writings calling for the extra judicial ie unlawful: kidnapping/assassination/murder/physical harm of Julian Assange, his supporters, Wikileaks workers or members of Assange's family.

We remind you of the laws in your country and others against incitement, inter alia:

Common law:

In English criminal law, incitement was an anticipatory common law offence and was the act of persuading, encouraging, instigating, pressuring, or threatening so as to cause another to commit a crime....The inciter must intend the others to engage in the behaviour constituting the offence, including any consequences which may result, and must know or believe (or possibly suspect) that those others will have the relevant mens rea."

Codified Incitement Law:
(1) Australian Commonwealth
11.4 Incitement
(1) A person who urges the commission of an offence is guilty of the offence of incitement.
(2) For the person to be guilty, the person must intend that the offence incited be committed.

(2) Canada
464. Except where otherwise expressly provided by law, the following provisions apply in respect of persons who counsel other persons to commit offences, namely,(a) every one who counsels another person to commit an indictable offence is, if the offence is not committed, guilty of an indictable offence and liable to the same punishment to which a person who attempts to commit that offence is liable; and

(3) United Kingdom
(1)A person commits an offence if—
(a)he does an act capable of encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence; and
(b)he intends to encourage or assist its commission.

There is no automatic 1st Amendment protection per
Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969):
Freedoms of speech and press do not permit a State to forbid advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action

We remind you that while such prima facie incitement by way of utterances and writings may go unpunished in your country, they will not necessarily go unpunished in others, and especially so should you have the courage of your convictions to repeat them in those other jurisdictions.

We ask you respectfully, to contemplate this writing of Mahatma Ghandi:

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.

And that truth is that Julian Assange is no terrorist; he is not a war defined "belligerent" acting against the United States; he cannot ever be a "traitor"to the USA since by definition he is not a citizen of the United States.

And lastly as Ron Paul put it so well:
In a society where truth becomes treason, however, we are in big trouble. The truth is that our foreign spying, meddling and outright military intervention in the post-World War 2 era has made us less secure, not more, and we have lost countless lives and spent trillions of dollars for our trouble. Too often it’s the official government lies that have given us endless and illegal wars resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and casualties.

Yours Faithfully
Peter H Kemp
The Wikileaks Central Crew
And I believe, so many others all over the world."

From a different perspective:- Like him or feel hatred towards him - How many people actually know Julian Assange?

Before we decide whether we like someone - perhaps we should take time to listen to what they have to say. On a previous article an indepth honest interview is posted with video.

Julian Assange has taken huge risk to speak the truth to the people. It is my ethical obligation to speak the truth to you too.

Ethical people do not stay silent.

There is concern with pressure and manipulation where not only Julian Assange life is being threatened but also his supporters. The truth has been exposed. Even with my limited understanding - lying on oath was said to be considered a serious crime.

Politicans, lawyers and officials who have lied on oath are being exposed and so therefore as evidence comes forward, surely this means they must be prosecuted? Yes they protect each other!

It is time for people to demand ethical leadership! Do not turn a blind eye to the lies and obstructing of justice - out of fear?

Fraud and obstructing justice are serious crimes!

We will see ethical leadership when we see an end to war that continues under different guises. We will see ethical leadership when we see justice in the courts. We will see ethical leadership when there is ZERO TOLLERANCE for Corruption. When?

Until then you are the leader in your life - Make your decisions wisely and be very careful who you invest your trust to lead your life. Get to know your Human Rights.

Please share this important message - My articles are written for everyone, including those who find the temptation to lie to be paid. For every lie there is consequence. Many professions carry responsiblity but not everyone cares about what this means.

I trained in holistic health, psychotherapy and business performanace coaching, plus other areas to assist healing and empowerment. My determination to expose legal corruption is since I have experienced this personally, having listened to lawyers and police boasting of lying and innocent people in prison. If you choose not to see the cause of suffering and loss in this world - lawyers arrogantly boast about lies that are told.

Politicans and policies relate to law making.

Politicans know about law breaking too!

Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Julian Assange - Truth Exposed!

If we really want to know the truth - we must be prepared to listen!

Sir David Frost, a respected journalist has facilitated an enlightening interview with Julian Assange. Well worth watching to gain a greater perspective of the reality. Everyone is encouraged to listen to Julian's experience and reasoning.

Anyone with a rational mind would not be airing publically that Julian Assange should be hunted down and killed with a gunshot in his head. A trigger happy mindset is a dangerous mindset - especially when these people are being manipulated too.

Intense feelings can be triggered by truth. The lie is not easier to endure, especially someone else's lie that is costing you.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion - however our opinions are formed on information we understand. To make an informed opinion we need to have 'all' the information at hand; credible, factual and accurate. Limited information gives a limited picture.

Everyone is entitled to think and speak out. You are entitled to know the facts - especially if you are being lied to. You do not have to agree to war or the killing of innocent people, which has been happening overseas on such a grand scale.

Human Rights campaigner Jemima Khan is using her influence to highlight statistics. On Twitter she posted "10% of deaths in WW1 were civilian. 50% in WW2. 70% Vietnam. 90% of deaths as a result of the Iraq invasion were civilian (Pilger)"

People are threatened to keep silent. Many have stumbled on something that is intended to remain hidden. Legal corruption gets media blackout in UK and other areas too. The protection of individuals who are being dishonest is a major concern.

Not everyone is corrupt. Not everyone can sleep at night knowing the lies that are taking place grow bigger on a daily basis. Collosal amounts of money is involved in war - money our governments have been freely allocating and spending like confetti.

People are still scared to speak out - people who know the truth. The insanity cannot continue forever. Fear is no way to live! Already many whisleblowers risk their life by sharing information and speaking out. Aaron Russo was just one person who died, apparently allegedly from cancer. Whether recorded reasons for his death are accurate, we will never know because so much information is tampered with and twisted as the norm.

While soldiers are trained to be killers of a targetted enemy - what next? Will they be willing to take orders to elimintate a huge amount of the global population who are against the ongong illegal actions; especially the war that will continue until when?

When are all the soldiers due back home to be reunited with their families and loved ones - where they belong? The goal post keeps moving! Meanwhile billions of dollars in cash of tax payers money is going missing. Can anyone else hear the alarm bells ring?

People are entitled to know the truth so that they can take back their power and chose peace as a way of life. Unless we have visited other countries and spoken to the people, we have no idea of what is 'really' happening. Is the truth important to you?

The media presents what the government want the people to know - even if articles leave out vital information. Propaganda is a way to influence people for an agenda. Do you want the truth or spin?

Imagine what good the trillions of dollars that has been spent on war can do for your country and to help the people, especially with vital services. Yes trillions! $Billions in cash has vanished!

Ask Yourself - What does Julian Assange get out of publishing information that has also exposed deception to the people? Julian does not pay for this information. Instead, whistleblowers share information because they have justified concerns about what is going on. Providing evidence is the norm to back up claims. There is no spying happening. The exteme actions to silence Julian has highlighted the lies even more. Julian is well recieved by people of ethical standing. Obviously intelligent, Julian is also perceptive.

Wikileaks provided a reliable source to read information that the 'embarrassed' governments would prefer people never know.

Ethical people have a moral duty to speak out in truth!

Free press is where you are likely to read articles that are not censored. You are encouraged to read all available information including online papers. Check out the comments from readers too. Keep an open mind and allow the truth to flow to you.

There are millions of people in the world who are without justice. We have a choice. If we continue to allow injustice and promote illegal wars, we must also accept the consequences. The anger you see in this world is from years of abuses - the truth of these abuses have been hidden from the people. Now soldiers are speaking out.

The truth must be exposed so that one day Justice might be appropriately administered! Freedom from oppression is near.

Article by Pauline Maria
© 2010 All Rights Reserved

The Truth About Santa

Gift giving has become an important part of many people's Christmas. Millions of children will wake up on Christmas morning to gifts from Santa. No one can deny with so many children in the world, Santa needs many helpers to deliver the presents.

This year many more children will have a Christmas surprise.

Adopt-a-Letter is a programe started by my special friend Baroness Kimberly Moore. As CEO of the prestigious Echelon Club based in Beverly Hills, California, Kimberly is inspired to be a leader in community service. One area in particular where Kimberly has chosen to focus, is underprivileged children and families in the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles.

The Adopt-A-Letter campaign has been running for five years. Letters are collected that are written to Santa by children in need around Los Angeles. People are invited to sponsor or “adopt” a child’s Christmas wish. The letters are posted on the website to browse through. I encourage you to find a letter that inspires you!

20,000 children in LA had their christmas wishes granted when their letters to Santa were answered. Kimberly and her helpers deliver the gifts personally.

What is most unique about the Adopt a Letter campaign that makes it stand out from the rest -

100% of money raised goes to buy gifts.
100% of gifts that are donated are given
100% unconditional love, commitment and dedication to make a positive difference can be seen. This is Kimberly's motivation.

Adopt-a-Letter has become a major event over the Christmas holidays in Los Angeles area. The city of angels attacts many people who enjoy the gift of giving to those less fortunate.

Fox News has even reported on Kimberly's dedicated work.

How this progame has grown to be so successful is by the help from people like YOU.

This year the need is greater than ever. Today Kimberly wrote:

"Adopt-A-Letter & change a life! Please help us adopt a letter for a child in need this Christmas! So many children are asking Santa for simple things this year such as blankets, grocery gift cards, warm meals, clothes, toys because their parents can not afford a Christmas this year! Let's help bring a smile to a child this holiday. I will personally deliver their wish! We need your help!"

These children come from the poorest backgrounds in LA. One day they will grow up and be adults in our world. Many of these children are gifted, some will be major contributers in the future to society. When children are given a helping hand, support and encouragement to grow, they learn this naturally and will do the same.

These children are unlikely to forget their chistmas gifts or they way feel when they experience giving. If you would like to help Adopt-A-Letter please visit the website for contact details.

Adults world wide give children hope and emotional security when we live by example and in peace. We are the inspirational teachers to the little ones today. We enable children by nurturing their strengths and providing their needs to assist their growth.

Every child is important in this world.

Children are the leaders and teachers of tomorrow!

Pauline Maria
© 2010 All Rights Reserved

Who is Sharing Their Wealth?

This is a time of year where many people feel pulled in so many different directions. Demands are high and resources might be limited. Caring people have a natural gift to share their care and unconditional love with other people. There are so many people who have been emotionally abandoned. So many people feel lonely at this time of year. Reaching out and showing you care to a total stranger will enrich your life and give hope to theirs. The wealth of love is what our world is calling out for.

Pauline Maria
© 2010 All Rights Reserved.