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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Facebook Alert - Friend Requests!

You may have noticed restrictions to invite friends on facebook.

Facebook is a network with around 500 million members - real people who all use the network for different reasons. Many people use facebook purely for socialising with new and established friends. Many people use facebook for business networking.

Unfortunately many people use the internet to abuse and exploit people. Internet crime is rife and this also cannot be ignored.

Sometimes facebook will limit and even block members accepting a volume of friend requests. This might be due to spamming - seen as taking care of members best interest. However having raised fraud and other online crime concerns, including indentity theft, pedophilia and endless scammers - Facebook are not quick to deal with problems. Perhaps few staff to answer emails. Who knows!

Recent changes to Facebook is asking if you know people personally. While this could be seen to protect you from fraudulent activity, it is important to realise the bigger picture of what is going on. The internet is a very powerful tool to share information. In times of international crisis a pattern is forming. It seems like internet communication is blocked in related countries.

Logic might think there is electrical problems to cause this action. However this mght not be so. We witness conflicting reporting with mainstream media every day. Sometimes the truth is hidden!

On facebook real people are communicating internationally and discovering the truth of what is really going on in other countries. Facebook has been used to raise awareness of need and to assist in crisis. Sharing credible information is vital to avoid confusion.

While there is media blackout in mainstream newspapers on very important issues that people have every right to know, this is showing that the real truth is hidden. In these times where civil unrest has been seen, more than ever transparency and openness is required. It is important not to close the door on speaking to real people, especially from other lands - who actually know their reality. Globally there are people who want to live in peace!

May I suggest readers to share this message - especially to truth seekers and those who are sharing information or reporting on global concerns. It is important that people unite together at this time - not be divided and confused. To find a trusted resource for reliable information is not always easy. Be reminded to check credible information with evidence - not to rely on assumptions.

It is important not to turn a blind eye to this information!

Social networks have been vital to getting the truth out there about the Flotillas in Gaza, Civil unrest and now with Egypt internet shut down, the people are silenced. As long as you do not know the truth of who is who and what is happening, you can form ideas and even be influenced. Mainsteam media is a powerful influence. Propagdana manipulates people. Do not underestimate the power of facebook - Your time and energy that makes it so.

Keeping safe on the internet requires you to be alert to suspicious behavior. You do not need to accept abuse from anyone. You do not need to keep silent about crime. Even when criminals and opportunists hide behind a nickname - they are still traceable.
Law enforcement, interpol and FBI take internet crime seriously.

If you have friends who value related topics, feel free to invite them to join my facebook page - There you will find a vast amount of credible research and informtion that brings a greater perspective with what is going on around our world.

Do not be put off connecting and speaking with people - this obstructs you making new friends and also discovering their truth. On a positive note - as friend circles grow, this brings amazing people together. Be empowered and feel free to speak out.

You are entitled to use the internet to promote peace. You are entitled to make friends with people all around the world.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 – All Rights Reserved.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Haiti - Past and Present

The reality of life in Haiti, is not documented by the media.

The Haiti earthquake touched people deeply globally - Our care and compassion for people closer to home, in Haiti and around the world makes us all human. A humanitarian heart is every day.

While the media reported at the time, with limited information, this is an opportunity for people who have donated and those who are curious to know, what has happened since.

Millions of dollars is being raised and donated in charity, but there is concern. Not all fundraising goes to a cause that people who are collecting claim to be. Charity fundraising has been exploited for far too long - this is going to stop!

Humanity aid and donations is being addressed directly here.

Accountability is not ignored. This is also being addressed.

Ethical experts promote ethical standards - this means working in the peoples best interest and not self serving.

Dr. Eric Noji, a highly respected top ethical medical expert, is my friend. Eric's passion and determination to continue his work; in retirement with unbridled commitment is truly inspirational.

Today Eric wrote - "Just knowing you are there, provides me with great peace of mind and strength to continue this difficult work."

We give mutual encouragement to speak out and make a positive difference where we can. Knowing Eric gives me the extra strength to keep writing and speaking out.

Many ethical people are feeling challenged in this time - many people are feeling tired and drained of energy. The voices of reason and credible experts are many. Even people who are in the know, credible whistleblowers are sometimes sounded out.

The problem is with the hunger for information - not everyone is listening to the right information. People are making assumptions without getting all the facts. Real work effort is taking place.

Misinformation is creating confusion and while the media might not tell the entire truth, we as people must try to work out what is the truth. Assumption is not fact. Believing is not fact either.

While I can shine a light with credible information to enlighten you, it is just as easy to ignore what is being written and go listen to a louder more popular voice. The ego can distract from truth.

This video is evidence of credible ethical experts speaking and answering questions. The Haiti people are not forgotten or ignored. While not avoidng the issue conflict of interest - it is my intention to speak out 'against' all those who are self-serving!

Emergency in Haiti: Where Medics, Missionaries and Militaries Collide

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 – All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Project BlueBeam Exposed

The mind has the power to create or destroy.

A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

To understand, we must be willing to know the truth.

Every day offers a new opportunity to learn something new. The more we understand, our mind opens up to a greater perspective.

What we might never know, is how many years this knowledge is around and in what context is the application being used.

The potentials are vast in its use.

The expression life is an illusion comes to mind. And it is!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 – All Rights Reserved.

Chemtrail $$$ Contracts

More people are waking up globally to the chemical spraying taking place in the skies. Some people are still sleeping.

The secret intelligence service has issued warnings to expect severe terrorist attacks. Meanwhile it is foreigners who are been seen as a threat by people. Very few people want to listen to foreigners, especially from lands where war has been taking place. Few want to consider the war on terror was yet another agenda.

People have been making assumptions that foreigners are the terrorists - because the media has been portraying this as so. Many people do not realise, sometimes the greatest enemy they will know, is much closer to home. People we trust can hurt us the most. Who we invest our trust to make decisions about our life, could abuse our trust. Not everyone is honest as you may know.

Not everyone will work in your best interest.

Having witnessed the chemical spraying personally with aeroplanes turning around in the sky, the obvious lines of remaining evidence of their trail cannot be ignored forever.

My professional training and experience had already shown me that to eat, drink or inhale toxins can be detrimental to our health. The chemicals being sprayed under whatever banner was eventually reported after meeting silence by the media for years. The silence remains about any health association still. There is a clear indication that people and animals could likely suffer from inhaling the toxins. Recently masses of birds fell from the sky.

For those people who still doubt and those who have denied what is happening - the truth has been revealed. Perhaps we all need to ask ourselves who is the terrorist? Media misinformation is rife.

The power game is real and played out every day in law courts by lawyers. It seems like war games are played by governments.

Face it - We live in a very sick and twisted world, where crime is promoted and in UK criminals get free legal help. So who is safe?

"Meteorology Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF"

Which lawyer is going to be brave enough to stand up and bring a global ban to this activity. This is not a time to think about money and how much you will be paid! Not only is humanity being affected but the future of our planet could also be at stake.

There is nothing more than can be said. Other than, for every action, there is a reaction. The universal laws apply for everyone - even planet earth we live on. Manipulating energy will backfire!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved!

Global Warming Name Changes

At one time there was a concept presented to the people called Global Warming. This opened up peoples awareness to consider the well being of our planet and take care of mother earth.

The sudden name reference to Climate Change was not by accident. The term 'Climate Change' has been used in media reports. The same as Global warming too. Now yet another name is being presented 'Global Climate Disruption'. This might be more accurate with natural weather being disrupted by interferance.

In an earlier article I wrote about Congress challenging Al Gore about Global Warming. As someone who trained to be a lawyer - he knows about contracts and how to make money. Al Gore certainly does know how to make money and has done really well.

If people discover that Global Warming was a lie, where even global governments have been drawn into a scam, surely 1) any contract that had been created to pay for global warming would be null and void. 2) Other corporations could seek compensation. 3) People could sue if there is proven injury, loss and even death.

Has a new contract been written and signed under the new name?

The toxins being sprayed in the air are a concern for detrimentally affecting our health. Add to this, no sunshine is coming through these thick clouds to provide vitamin D - that we need. Lack of sunshine is highly likely to interfere with the growing and maturing fruits and vegetables. The night skies are often clear.

In September 2011, a Fox News report headline stated:

"White House: Global Warming Out, 'Global Climate Disruption' In

From the administration that brought you "man-caused disaster" and "overseas contingency operation," another terminology change is in the pipeline.

The White House wants the public to start using the term "global climate disruption" in place of "global warming" -- fearing the latter term oversimplifies the problem and makes it sound less dangerous than it really is."

To my understanding, any changes to wording on a contract, would imply a new contract being drawn up, which would make the former contract null and void. Of course no one has mentioned contracts in the media related to this, so allow me to oblige. If there is a new reference that masks the justification for 'man made' weather modification, Global Climate Disruption certainly fits.

Why sudden name changes? We can make assumptions as to why this is happening. We can choose to ignore what is happening too.

We cannot afford to ignore the weather changes - During the cold times, we the people have to heat our homes. The cost of fuel to heat our homes continues to rise. Could this be deliberate?

While your mind is being pumped with information to distract you from the truth, you are not questioning what is really going on. And for those who know, with your silence any evil prevails.

Do not allow the fear factor to cloud the truth. As long as you fear your mind is not able to think clearly and see the truth of what is really going on. You are allowed to know the truth.

Some people want to fight and other people want to live in peace. There are also people who are soley motivated for profit.

Corporations are in buisiness to make profit and control resources. What is clear there are people in business who are not ethical. There are people who lie. The temptation to lie to earn big profit is something very few people could resist. The deception taking place by so many people to earn is 'corruption'

Even lawyers have boasted of lying to be paid - this says it all.

The artificial weather modification is big business - Aeroplanes are spraying the skies perhaps near you. Watch the chemical trails dissipate with your own eyes.

The potential consequences of what is happening might be seen in the movies. We can fantasise or look at the facts. Chemical testing has been done to identify the toxins. More recently birds have been dropping out of the skies. This is not fantasy - the reality is everything happens for a reason. Could the reason just be profit?

The reality is people are suffering with chest conditions, including asthma, also symptoms that are being put down to flu - Big phama is there with the solution, with the governments this year not being so directly aggressive in pushing the swine flu jab.

Civil unrest is expected - if it is not deliberately provoked.

Do not react!

Corporations and Governments know that people are waking up.

You are entitled to live without fear in this world.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved

Corporations and Power

‎"A corporation is a formal business association with a publicly registered charter recognizing it as a separate legal entity having its own privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members. There are many different forms of corporations, most of which are used to conduct business.

Corporations exist as a product of corporate law, and their rules balance the interests of the management who operate the corporation, creditors, shareholders, and employees who contribute their labour.

An important (but not universal) feature of a corporation is limited liability. If a corporation fails, shareholders normally only stand to lose their investment, and employees will lose their jobs, but neither will be further liable for debts that remain owing to the corporation's creditors.

Despite not being natural persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like natural persons ("people"). Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state, and they are often responsible for human rights violations.

Just as they are "born" into existence through its members obtaining a certificate of incorporation, they can "die" when they are "dissolved" either by statutory operation, order of court, or voluntary action on the part of shareholders. Insolvency may result in a form of corporate 'death', when creditors force the liquidation and dissolution of the corporation under court order, but it most often results in a restructuring of corporate holdings. Corporations can even be convicted of criminal offenses, such as fraud and manslaughter."

Read more related to Corporations and relevant information:

When we know the rules - we get to know the game being played.

While we are ignorant of the law and how the legal system operates, we can be easily exploited.

The people hold the power and it is up to the people to stand up for their rights. No one - not even a corproation is exempt from facing the consequences of crime.

All it takes is for you to open your mind and relinquish fear. The greatness you fear is within you. The written law is on your side.

Fear and ignorance keeps people feeling small.

Original article edited by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Contracts and You!

How many times have you seen photographs of an Official signing something? That something is often a 'Contract' - with the same or another Corporation. Recording the event for media coverage via motion picture/video or by photograph is to show You that a signature has taken place in front of witnesses.

The witnesses are relevant too!

When witnesses are present, this makes the Contract legally binding. By You seeing the evidence you become a witness too.

Having never seen any official papers signed by the President of USA, or any other political leader, I do not know how many witness signatures are given, if any. I just understand that 'if' Contracts are signed that entail fraud and misrepresentation (crimes) with ethical law, must make the contract null and void!

My father used to say "Never sign a contract until you have read the small print" - When you read the small print you might be justified not to sign. Contracts are administration tools relating to action and payments - these being legally binding in law courts.

Contracts now are agreed to verbally and many people do not realise this. You may get telephone calls or people visiting your home trying to sell you something. For example, changing heating and internet service provider and telephone corporations.

You can even buy your insurance policies over the telephone - when they read out their script that all the information you have given is the truth and to the best of your knowledge - any information that is not accurate can make your 'contract' null and void. Yes contracts are agreed over the telephone. How many times do you hear a message to say the telephone call is being recorded - of course the corporations are obliged to inform you, but they do not always make it clear why calls are recorded.

A total stranger can call you up and if you agree to what they are selling - You are agreeing to their terms of contract. It is as easy as that. If you change a service provider to a new source, you might have to pay a penality to the previous company.

People are even taking loans out by post - putting a signature to a debt that if they do not repay they can lose their home.

The invisible power that is being used is a Contract that can control you if you allow it to. You make the choice to sign up or not!

When we understand how corporations operate - we can get a greater idea of what is happening in our life and why decisions are seemingly out of our hands. Lawyers exploit this. When fraud and misrepresentation applies, the contract is null and void.

Article by Pauline Maria
© Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Media deception

The media is known to exaggerate - even twist stories to present a certain perspective. Perhaps reports are created to fill in gaps; then again perhaps not. Nothing is by accident, even the news.

Sometimes stories are presented, especially in the newspaper that are far from the reality. There could be an agenda or sell. What if, what we are told media reports on the news is fabrication too?

Media spin has been used to mask the truth because it is not in the governments best interest to reveal the truth to people.

Truth is truth - lies are lies. You decide!

When is deception acceptable?

Brought to you by Pauline Maria

Media Misinformation

Eventually we all need to face facts - The media exaggerates the truth.

Where there is often misinformation via the media, there is a hidden agenda by our governments who are not telling us what is really going on. Be sure we are not told the truth of what is really going on. Are you fed up with the media manipulation yet?