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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Global Warming Name Changes

At one time there was a concept presented to the people called Global Warming. This opened up peoples awareness to consider the well being of our planet and take care of mother earth.

The sudden name reference to Climate Change was not by accident. The term 'Climate Change' has been used in media reports. The same as Global warming too. Now yet another name is being presented 'Global Climate Disruption'. This might be more accurate with natural weather being disrupted by interferance.

In an earlier article I wrote about Congress challenging Al Gore about Global Warming. As someone who trained to be a lawyer - he knows about contracts and how to make money. Al Gore certainly does know how to make money and has done really well.

If people discover that Global Warming was a lie, where even global governments have been drawn into a scam, surely 1) any contract that had been created to pay for global warming would be null and void. 2) Other corporations could seek compensation. 3) People could sue if there is proven injury, loss and even death.

Has a new contract been written and signed under the new name?

The toxins being sprayed in the air are a concern for detrimentally affecting our health. Add to this, no sunshine is coming through these thick clouds to provide vitamin D - that we need. Lack of sunshine is highly likely to interfere with the growing and maturing fruits and vegetables. The night skies are often clear.

In September 2011, a Fox News report headline stated:

"White House: Global Warming Out, 'Global Climate Disruption' In

From the administration that brought you "man-caused disaster" and "overseas contingency operation," another terminology change is in the pipeline.

The White House wants the public to start using the term "global climate disruption" in place of "global warming" -- fearing the latter term oversimplifies the problem and makes it sound less dangerous than it really is."

To my understanding, any changes to wording on a contract, would imply a new contract being drawn up, which would make the former contract null and void. Of course no one has mentioned contracts in the media related to this, so allow me to oblige. If there is a new reference that masks the justification for 'man made' weather modification, Global Climate Disruption certainly fits.

Why sudden name changes? We can make assumptions as to why this is happening. We can choose to ignore what is happening too.

We cannot afford to ignore the weather changes - During the cold times, we the people have to heat our homes. The cost of fuel to heat our homes continues to rise. Could this be deliberate?

While your mind is being pumped with information to distract you from the truth, you are not questioning what is really going on. And for those who know, with your silence any evil prevails.

Do not allow the fear factor to cloud the truth. As long as you fear your mind is not able to think clearly and see the truth of what is really going on. You are allowed to know the truth.

Some people want to fight and other people want to live in peace. There are also people who are soley motivated for profit.

Corporations are in buisiness to make profit and control resources. What is clear there are people in business who are not ethical. There are people who lie. The temptation to lie to earn big profit is something very few people could resist. The deception taking place by so many people to earn is 'corruption'

Even lawyers have boasted of lying to be paid - this says it all.

The artificial weather modification is big business - Aeroplanes are spraying the skies perhaps near you. Watch the chemical trails dissipate with your own eyes.

The potential consequences of what is happening might be seen in the movies. We can fantasise or look at the facts. Chemical testing has been done to identify the toxins. More recently birds have been dropping out of the skies. This is not fantasy - the reality is everything happens for a reason. Could the reason just be profit?

The reality is people are suffering with chest conditions, including asthma, also symptoms that are being put down to flu - Big phama is there with the solution, with the governments this year not being so directly aggressive in pushing the swine flu jab.

Civil unrest is expected - if it is not deliberately provoked.

Do not react!

Corporations and Governments know that people are waking up.

You are entitled to live without fear in this world.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved

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