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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 7 July 2011

What is God's Law?

There is no bravery in speaking the truth - it is an obligation. I refuse to deny who I am or a lifetime of study to justify speaking out about what obstructs health and healing also why people are being kept down. This is unpaid work!

Jesus did not work for payment. Jesus did not live in a grand palace or amass great wealth in an averistic way to feel superior and powerful. He walked and talked with people directly. He healed and empowered people in truth.

The legal system is still promoting corruption whenever this is obstructing justice. The law courts mock God's laws every day when they allow perjury and fraud by those who took an oath, whether this be a lawyer or a witness. The legal system is violating innocent people expecting them to pay - in God's name?

God does not operate with currency. God does not take anyone's property or land - Land is given on trust that it will not be exploited or abused. People are not to be exploited or abused.

Every country has it's own unique problems to address - however corruption is number one! Corruption is detrimental to humanity.

You may have heard of the term parliamentary privilege and immunity given to lawyers that is to protect them being sued for negligence. We are at a point where there are lawyers who think it is their right to lie in court - so they can be paid. This is not only blatantly criminal but also out of order!

Abuses that are taking place cannot continue forever. We are all equal and no one is above the law. Accountability cannot be avoided by those who mock God's laws. Time will reveal all.

Millions of people who rejected God do not know HIS Law was given to everyone for a reason. Man made laws can be made void if they violate what was originally written. All contracts that have been made on deception and coercion can be made null and void.

People who expose the truth have media blackout. People have also been killed who know too much - ethical experts WILL expose the truth. People have 'disappeared' or scared to speak out. Unfortunately this is the truth.

Anyone who is reluctant to speak out about abuses taking place - allows abuse to continue. If you protect a crime then you are just as guilty of commiting it. More people are waking up to realise money is not everything. Unfortunately the people who are hungry for money and power are a liability to humanity.

You decide if you want to live your life by Man Made laws, or God's law.

Man made laws allow the legal corporation to flourish - for profit.

Lawyers do not contribute to life in any way - they are taking from people. Lawyers have created divide in people. Lawyers earn well from divorce. Family courts thrive with cases that involve children being taken away from their mother. Lawyers have made people homeless and destitute. Lawyers have also made decisions to terminate a human beings life.

There are lawyers who claim to work for human rights. Lawyers who work for human rights do not work for payment as a priority. Most certainly they do not obstruct justice in any way.

Action speaks louder than words. When effort is made to put wrongs right, then we will be moving in a direction that hold's respect for freedom, life and humanity.

Long overdue are law courts that do not punish innocent people, but enable people to put their life on track. Long overdue are law courts that ony allow God's law!

The only people to FEAR God are those who have abused in his name!

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