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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Divine Justice, Global Peace and Healing ~ It is written: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (Matthew 5:5) ♥

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

BILLION of Dollars Missing and No Questions Asked?

Many BILLIONS of Dollars CASH has gone missing just from Iraq in 2003 and now U.S auditors are investigating. Billions of CASH is being distributed by officials and there is NO PAPER TRAIL.

This matter has come to light and being investigated now only because ethical experts have spoken out and have done for years.

The voice of truth has been sounded out by the voice of lies for too long. People are waking up globally to the truth.

The voice of the people is powerful and yet so many people have forgotten what their rights are about. People have been sold a war on lies for profit. People must now realise the money has GONE!

The oathtakers have an obligation to serve the people. All lawyers took an Oath to serve justice. Many oathtakers have lost their way.

This is just scratching the surface. In my previous article titled 'The True COST of War - Revelation!' more insights are presented.

Seeing is believing - hearing the truth might be shocking. Better the ugly truth is revealed for what it is, than to continue beleiving the lie. Dirty money and blood money are terms used and there are people who are making a fortune from blood money.

When war is engineered based on lies for profit - this is the most diabolical corruption. Diabolical means the works of the Devil!

To all Bible beleiving Christians - Read the Book of Revelations.

Congresswoman Waters speaking out to bring the troops home now. She is asking why is there more investment for war? The voices of truth must not be sounded out!

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

The True COST of War - Revelation!

"The combined military spending of all the world's governments in 1987 were so large that all of the social programs of the United Nations could be financed for three hundred years by this expenditure!" (William H. Koetike, The Final Empire)

The US sent $12bn in CASH to Iraq - And watched it vanish.
Special flights brought in tonnes of banknotes in $100 bills!

Eventually we all must wake up and smell the coffee.

As long as the blame game continues, the excuse to keep fighting wars justifies printing off more dollar bills - with billions of dollars being unaccounted for. Surely this should make people question what is really going on. Especially when Billions of dollars are sent in cash to countries at war. The contractors handle all of this!

War allows the distribution of a huge amount of money to be transfered. The banks make a huge amount of interest - Bankers earn their money by charging interest.

When you hear of 'collateral damage' this might not be what you think. Collateral damage relates to PEOPLE! The reason this term is used is because every head has a price tag of worth.

Be as loyal as you want to YOUR country. My loyalty is to humanity as a whole and I can see the very sick power game that is blatantly manipulating people. There are war mongers and people who want to fight in this world. And there are peacemakers and healers. If we want to thrive and live, a peaceful world is the way. War is just one way that millions of people are dying.

We are now in 2011 and trillions of dollars has been spent on war in recent years. Are you still caught up with supporting this ongoing millitary spending? When is this war going to end?

Just imagine all the good this investment could do to help YOUR community and the country YOU live in. Spending on war that is detrimental to humanity, needs to be reconsidered to benefit and uplift humanity. What future are we all creating?

A reminder that in just one year of military spending, this could fund 300 years of U.N. programes to benefit mankind.

Soldiers are speaking out to say the war is a lie. They are brainwashed to think they are not killing 'people' - Soliders are not encouraged to speak about their experiences or seek psychological help. They must keep what they see and do in their head. This silence is to keep the UGLY truth hidden from YOU!

There are not enough trained professionals to assist the growing healing need. Even soliders are psychologically damaged from their experience (and military training) plus millions of people, even young children have been traumatised by war.

The phamacutical drug industry provides a solution that keeps people drugged and compliant. In UK masses of people who have taken antidepressants for decades - even since the war times here.

Ultimately everyone is responsible for their own process. Being anti-war and having trained for many years to assist healing - we understand when people are hurting and live in fear, they might react and can even be easily provoked to fight. Ethical professionals work in the people's best interest as a priority.

When investment of funds is to enable people - for self esteem building, skills training, education and creativity, we will see many more smiles in the world.

Already rivers of tears have been cried by the people who lost loved ones in war.

Unless the war is stopped, history will keep repeating itself until people learn the lesson. The movie by George Orwell - 1984, presents a perspective of war conditions. Could you handle this destruction in your own country 'again'?

Are the oathakers really working FOR YOU, or, for the corporation for PROFIT? The manufacture of weapons, military vehicles, jets and bombs is HUGE profit. Is war the business of the future...or are people ready to show governments another way to life?

Life is very precious. You choose between War and Peace!

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Pharmakea means SORCERY

Having studied various areas of health and healing, THIS is a major concern for me. Billions of people are being deliberately made ill - through toxins in food, water and air, plus pharmacutical drugs and manufactured labels to prescribe drugs.

Even though I share openly - if you do not listen to me, other ETHICAL EXPERTS speak out too. Ethical experts speak out in EVERYONE'S best interest - not working for profit as a priority.

Gwen Olsen was a pharmacutical drug representative and her job to sell the drugs to healthcare professionals. She KNOWS how the system works and what she had to do.

Eventually people will realise that the pharmaeucitcal industry is all about profit. Millions of people have been taking a cocktail of drugs for many years. Prescription drug addiction is escalating.

When minimising concerns, side effects and consequences - this is why you do not know the truth of the toxins that are being given to you legally - to make you ill. Some drugs may even contribute to shorter life. Saves paying out pensions to people???

Alarming as the following disclosure is, the lie is detrimental to your health and well being, or could even be potentially fatal.

Your health and well being is your responsibility. With so many healthcare providers - everyone is human and not everyone has a conscience. Listen to your instincts and search within your own self to enable your health. Do you really need to take drugs?

Reps might not have the background training as a Medical Doctor, however Gwen Olsen provides vital inside knowledge of how the pharmaceutical industry operates and this is my main reason for sharing her testimony. This has been knowledge for years. Other concerns include the rising amount of people with Drug Addiction!

Doctors are paid when they prescribe.

Please share this article with your loved ones, friends and family.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

July 2011 Crop Circle - Peace?

The governments and media are silent about a HUGE cosmic event - so allow me to share a recent crop circle in UK, A THIRTEENTH planet/constellation is coming into allignment (usally 12 in the zodiac) with the cosmic CROSSING. The SNAKE is depicted clearly for all to see. A time to progress spiritually and uplift humanity. You must decide?

This one is one to think about...smoking a peace pipe? 27th July 2011

Your Health is Your Choice!

Our body cannot take all the toxins we consume without having some detrimental consequence to our health and well being.

With all the terrible wars, injustice, violence and oppression to people - this also is impacting the energy on this earth and effecting everyone in different ways. Toxic energy battles with our mind until we shut down. The answer is not antidepressant pills.

People need to wise up to what they are eating, drinking and inhaling - especially the food they are feeding their mind. It is your entitlement to know what is going on in the world - but when you feed wars and are fueled with hatred this is what poisons your own system. Ultimately this is soul destroying.

Are you in control of your mind or has your thinking been changed so you can be easily manipulated with the power of suggestion by other people? Master your mind NOW or you risk other people influencing every decision you make in your life!

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

The Chosen Ones

Who are the chosen ones and what does this mean?

The chosen ones could be 'God's elect' - that is beyond human decision. It could be the man made choices - the top polticians and those who work with enabling the political agenda. I would like to think our world would be a far harmonious place to live with ethical leadership - people who are working in the people's best interest. If being chosen means keeping in the company of those who exploit the people....I am not one!

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Friday, 23 September 2011

Troy Davis - Injustice!

Let Troy Davis murder be the example to show that the legal system is highly flawed. This is the most diabolical human rights violation. Judges are obliged to prevent abuse of legal process. Too many 'mistakes' are taking place. When there is no care or conscience about deliberate miscarriages of justice - this is one cause of the problem of a growing cancer in the legal profession.

When someone is giving a death sentance to any innocent person this is murder - even if it is by a decision by a court. There needs to be an end to the death penalty and a change of attitude by those who see killing people as justified.

You may notice the term 'martyred' used in some situatons. In history many millions of early Christians were murdered in the most horrendous way. The time has come for people to wake up to the abuses taking place so blatantly to innocent people globally.

Until we are faced to the inner workings of court hearings, we might not have the understanding what happens. Much of court process is kept out of the public eye. Seemingly maintaining the integrity of the court is the excuse. When the abuses protected behind closed doors are exposed, the silence is deafening.

When we look closer and start to realise that many cases are not allowing credible evidence in a courtroom, and even that evidence is deliberately obstructed and withheld, this compounds frivolous negligence. When lawyers are motivated to be paid as a priority, they are not working to bring Justice, which is expected.

With the countless miscarriages of justice - it is the innocent people who pay the price. Not only can innocent people be landed with legal bills and can even lose their home, it seems that the death of people are decided by man made laws too.

Where is the value of life - I am not seeing it, with illegal wars too.

The draconian mentality has existed for a very long time. Lawyers who refuse to work for justice show they are not working in the people's best interest or even serving the court as they contracted to. Every lawyer and judge has taken an oath to serve justice.

Criminal acts taking place by oathtakers is alarming and also inexcusable. Alarming because the arrogance of lawyers stating sometimes they need to lie to be paid. When oathtakers boast of innocent people in prison and there being no justice - Diabolical is an understatement!

I would like to see an end to all abuses and miscarriages of justice - globally. Let this be a wake up call to all abusers of the legal system - who contribute to the loss, suffering and death of innocent people. An ethical judge speaks out!

Instead of listening to what you are told and sold - listen to those who know what is happening - ethical experts speak out for all people. The end of all injustice for Global Peace is long overdue.

Article by Pauline Maria