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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Message for 2012

A new begining in 2012 holds hope. For is it with all we give that will make this year meaningful and one to look back on for all the positive reasons. Every step we take in life follows on from the previous one. Every seed we plant will grow and blossom. Even through the challenges and difficulties we can learn from these experiences and we can make sure the same mistakes will never happen again.In every lesson we learn, we give permission for other people to learn lessons too. This is the year people will realise that they hold the power to make decisions in their life and also make those who work for the people to do their job. Every day is an opportunity to create a better world. We can make a positive difference. The initiators and new leaders are paving the future by the steps they take. Always be yourself and be true to you. Giving my year for humanity healing and peace making.
Happy New Year Everyone.
Lots of Love to you ♥
Pauline Maria ♥

Friday, 30 December 2011

Wisdom of Women

Wise women will always shine a bright light of truth from their experience and understanding. The people who have realised the true meaning faith are not memorising holy books. Wise Women have lived life, learned lessons, grown through experience and know the power of prayer too. In ancient times people were empowered and enlightened. Women have been treated as equals and highly respected too. Women have been leaders in their time too. If men do not wise up to the truth, they will be left behind. ♥

A little bit of encouragement can go a long way. Empowered women empowering women will create a ripple effect that will be felt and benefit everyone. This is the future - With Love.♥

Notice the big orb in the picture ♥

Peace, Love and Best wishes
Pauline Maria ♥

Creating God's Kingdom

In so many different ways we can understand our spiritual essence and then we can realise our spiritual purpose in this life. It is with an open heart with the feeling of love that we can discover all we are and all that is created with love. When we live with pure heart and pure intention, the energy must follow through. If we seek the truth about ancient wisdom, we might learn something valuable.

Instead of waiting for someone to come from the heavenly realms to put all the wrongs right in the world, we must do this. In our heart we know that peace on earth is possible when we create peace on earth. For every tree that is cut down we can plant another - two or more. For every act of destruction out of ignorance - we can rebuild this world and make it is better place for everyone. Instead of endless wars, gun fire and fighting with people - put down the guns and learn to hug instead.

Long overdue is global peace and healing.

2012 is a new begining for everyone.

Peace, Love and Best Wishes
Pauline Maria ♥

Living Life Backwards

Living Life backwards. Make being backward the Only Way to Live.

2012 - Pass This Forward

Not everyone understands how complete strangers touch people's lives and hearts every day. In particular the smallest of gestures can be far reaching. ♥

Looking at life with renewed eyes and awareness of people around, we can get into the flow. When we are in the flow we are touching lives and hearts beyond what we know. If you are called to reach out to someone or feel a pull in your heart to help, only you can decide if you will. The decision is yours to change a life in 2012.♥

Happy New Year Everyone
Peace, Love and Best Wishes
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jesus Christ and The Christmas Family Tree

Genealogy of Matthew: With A Shining Star On A Christmas Tree

Christmas traditionally has been a time of celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary had a very important role in this so she must not be forgotten. For the Virgin Mary was Chosen to be her perfect pure heart to be the Mother of Christ.

In Greece, The Holy Virgin Mother as 'Panayia Mou' - My All Holy Lady. Where people might say 'Oh My God' when faced with struggle, difficulty, or sudden shock, we will often hear people say 'Panayia Mou'. Many millions of prayers have been answered through her and healings have taken place too. Prayer is powerful.

All across Europe and in different countries The Virgin is The Pure Heart Queen and she Lifted to the highest place in heaven. Mary is rightfully known as Queen in Heaven because she has come from the Davidic. As she included on this tree also with Jesus Christ in the Holy Family Bloodline. There is also a star shining on the top of the tree too. Notice Jesus Christ is looking up towards the Star.

In this, is he indicating another Star of Bethlehem? The Star is not above the Tree or that could represent God. For a long time people have put an angel on the top of their tree - stars are everywhere. Details of what we see is relevant. We must not change the past or alter what is being given in any visual expression. People ask why history has been changed and the reason is this. If you want to know the truth about Jesus Christ then the truth must be found in his life and the Holy Scriptures.

In nature trees grow and when in maturity the fruits blossom. All the people on this Holy Family tree had direct communication with The Almighty Father God to continue sharing His Word of Truth with people. The people chosen will reveal the true meaning of being anointed by God. God's Divine Plan is unfolding daily.

Jesus Christ warned that many false prophets will come in his name. Masses of people are being exploited in his name. We are living in times of great deception and confusion too. The blind are misleading the blind. Divine Revelation is given specifically 'Word for Word' and if anyone changes this, it is Not God's Word.

The Divine Right of Kings is being anointed with God's Grace!

The Holy Scriptures are still held in their original form. These have been translated into over 100 different languages. The scriptures have been gathered from different times over thousands of years. The Holy Bible is a Blessed book containing some of the oldest insights known to man so we can learn from the times.

Since ancient times, people honor their ancestors and the Saints. At Christmas time the Saints are remembered now because they brought the Word of God to people.

This is just one tree and it is the Tree of Life that Gives life to people. Not only is the Living Word of God 'Life' - The Word of God came through life and through the mouth of these people. Trees give the vital oxygen we need to live.

Never let anyone put you off the divinely inspired family and Jesus Christ. He has been working side by side with His Father. In the Laws of the Universe 'as above must happen below;. Decisions have been made and planned before we were born.

Jesus Christ came to show The Way and as always, God Will Have the Last Word. When you light up a candle in his name you are illuminating His light into this world.

This is just one tree and it is the Tree of Life that Gives Life to people. Not only is the Living Word of God 'Life' - The Word of God comes through Life and through the mouth of these people. Trees give the vital oxygen we need to live.

Being human we make human mistakes. We can misinterpret and misunderstand. We all made mistakes and if we learn from mistates, we learn valuable lessons. In our spiritual growth, we will fall and get up many times to become stronger. Strong trees grow over seasons of different eather conditons. When we give our life to Serve God, we can face difficult situations to assist God in His Judgement.

Presently legal corruption is rife in England, We must BE ASKING WHY!

Never give up on God ~ You have yet to see The Glory in His Name.

May your Christmas be blessed and your heart filled with love in this Holy time because you are Loved. Even if you are alone, know we are never completely alone. The magic of Christmas is realising the Spirit of Christmas can be every day.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

What does Jesus Christ Look Like?

"Prince of Peace" divinely-inspired painting by Akiane Kramarik (at age 8) - This artist has evidently been gifted as a child and through her art revealing what she has been shown. She named him 'Prince of Peace' and Yet Jesus Christ is known as King of Kings By Divine Right. At Christmas time, We are all reminded of Christ.

Akiane had this vision to paint Him and I have had a vision with Jesus Christ riding on a White Horse in an Abundance of White Light recently. The light was so bright it will illuminate the world.

Christmas is an emotive time for so many people. In Christ We are ALL One Family. Jesus Christ fulfilled the Universal Law of Peace, Justice and Brotherhood of Man. The Holy Royal Family Know God's Laws. We also KNOW the Power of HiS Love He gives to Life!

Man made laws do not exist and hold no ground in God's Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is being created on earth as it is in heaven NOW! God Calls for Unity of People in Christ. Christ Consciousness is with unconditional love. The Spirit of Christ is Love.

Make Christmas every day with the Love of Christ in Your heart. You will KNOW the feeling because You WILL FEEL the Love.

When WE Live to Love We KNOW there is no other way to Live ♥

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria ♥

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Return of the Goddess

The Holy Bloodline continue to share this very importat message as it has done so throughout generations; since the begining of time. The understanding of cosmic consciousness is something I was born with. It is such a shame for 51 years in Britain this is being sounded out. God Bless America and women Globally. ♥

The Goddess Project Kickstarter Trailer from The Goddess Project on Vimeo.

Empowering women today for the future the only way forward. Every woman has a powerful voice. It is women who have been chosen to be the carriers and givers of Life and this was NEVER meant to be silenced. Ladies I send my thoughts to uplift every one of you - for you are the shining lights in this world.

With just one light, millions of lights can be illuminated with Love.

The gift of love is the greatest gift we all can give. This is the most powerful energy that can and will transform the world we live in.

Keep Shining your light and smiling your smiles.

Return of the Triple Goddess. Divine Providence cannot be silenced or prevented by anyone! Everythng happens with Divine Timing and every detail is planned by the Great Architect of the Universe. The Glory of God Will be revealed before your eyes.

The Trinity is revealed in so many different ways. Grandmother, Mother and Daughter. Mind, Body and Spirit also apply.

The power of the number 3 is Unity in Oneness. Each Lady has their own unique gift. When we make a commitment to enable other people, with sincerity of heart, we are shown The Way. Three friends where destined to meet and as friends to realise their spiritual purpose. The mature Lady Wisdom reveals an abundance of learning from experience and sharing her spiritual heart. Age has no boundaries with giving unconditional love.

The precious gift of motherhood is nurturing with love.

Divine Wisdom is revealed in so many different ways. Love does not restrict in distance. Unconditional love is not measured or conditions with expectation.

Spritual Love is Feeling Pure Love and giving with Pure intentions.

The Divine Mother is God's gift to every woman to uplift her and shine her light brightly. No Woman should be hidden away.

When a Mother experiences love and being loved, this creates a powerful bond. Never underestimate young girls who are in touch with their feelings and what they want. Keep dreaming, loving and following your inner guiding light. Because in this You will always be guided in love and discover how much you are loved too.

These precious Ladies are all nurturing each other with love. Humanity has been waiting for a very long time and there is a global healing need. We have a lot of work to do! After a lengthly telephone call across the miles. Yes You CAN count on ME too!

The Goddess Project is a Spiritual Family Project that no one can hide. Spiritually Enlightened minds and heavenly realms will be smiling at our connecting together. We have all been guided to understand the meaning of Divine timing for everything!

These ladies are the shining stars who will illuminate humanity.

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Brain FOOD Alert!

All the information flying around is food feeding our mind. The term 'flying around' is used because in a time where many millions of people at one time are using mobile phones, this is just one way that information is passing through the atmosphere and even walls. If information can pass through walls via radio waves - it can pass through our physical body too. This is just scratching the surface of what is happening. Should you be concerned?

If you have the television on, the radio, the computer and wireless technology, this explains why so many people are struggling to cope with concentration. People who are taking exams might notice this the most. Headaches and tiredness, might be because your mind wants a rest. Your brain might be frying with overload!

As your mind shuts down - perhaps you want to relax and not think about anything. By watching movies and reality shows, any messages that are being portrayed blatanly or subliminally will be easily absorbed. In this way people are being influenced. What you think, wear, do and beleive might have been decided for you.

It is no coincidence that relationships are breaking down in families. It is no coincidence that crime has been on the rise. It is no coincidence that violent crimes are happening every day. People learn from what they read and see - behaviour too!

There families who are getting rid of the television. Some parents are also hesitant to give their child a mobile phone. There are people who speak on the moble phone for hours at a time - imagine what this is doing to their mind!

For many years people have been obsessed with Diets to the point of obsession. Now many millions of people are struggling with eating disorders. As time is progressing body image is big business in different ways. Millions of people want surgery to alter their shape and size. If you think this is coincidence, think again!

Sometimes we need to do a big clear out of our mind and put everything back in order again. If we do not keep things in perspective, we can easily lose perspective. If our mind is overloaded with information, you might become reactive. You might notice people over reacting - they might be letting off steam. This is a symptom of brain overload. There is only so long people can keep pushing down their feelings. What you see is a reminder to be aware of what is happening to you.

You are a human being, with thoughts, feelings and actions. If we want to realise oru spiritual essense we must be true to ourself. The first thing is get rid of our addiction to junk food that we feed our brain. With a spiritual perspective, you will see clearly the messages that are being given to you to reveal your life path.

It is not easy to speak out. It requires much responsibility to share information which is why I turned down my own television chat show - It is not my intention to mislead anyone. If what you are reading resonates with you, take the understanding in the spirit of pure intention. Your health is your life. Do not neglect your mind!

If I can save a life and make a positive difference in this world, I WILL. If I can bring an end to all the injustice and wars taking place I WILL! Notice I am not silent about corruption and wars.

The above information is presenting food for thought so you can decide your own choices and experiences. My intention is to empower you to make decisions that are right for you in your life.

Take care of you because there is only one of you.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Bob Marley - Zion Train

Are you one of the people who is deaf and spiritually blind? Please do not be offended by my being direct. In many different ways I have tried to reveal the truth to everyone. The saying 'signs are everywhere' applies. It is time to wake everyone up Globally!

Bob Marley RIP - The music lives on and yet do people listen to the words of songs? Every song carries a message!

Now the internet is available, we can access lyrics to read what we are listening to. The internet is more than following the latest celebrity gossip and chatting on facebook. The internet is a powerful research tool to access information.

Here are the lyrics of Zion Train: -

"Zion train is coming our way;
The Zion train is coming our way;
Oh, people, get on board! (you better get on board!)
Thank the Lord (praise Fari) -
I gotta catch a train, 'cause there is no other station;
Then you going in the same direction (ooh-ooh).

Zion's train is coming our way;
The Zion's train is coming our way.

Which man can save his brother's soul? (save your brother's soul)
Oh man, it's just self control. (oo-hoo-oo!)
Dont gain the gold and lose your soul (just don't lose your soul)
Wisdom is better than silver and gold -
To the bridge (ooh-ooh!)

Oh, where there's a will,
There's always a way.
Where there's a will,
There's always a way (way, way, way, way),

Soul train is coming our way; er!
Soul train is coming our way.

Two thousand years of history (history)
Could not be wiped away so easily.
Two thousand years of history (Black history)
Could not be wiped so easily (could not be wiped so easily).

Oh, children, Zion train is comin' our way; get on board now!
They said the Zion train is comin' our way;
you got a ticket, so thank the Lord!
Zion's train is - Zion's train is - Zion's train is - Zion's train -
They said the soul train is coming our way;
They said the soul train is coming our way"

Allow me to repeat again a few lines :-

"Two thousand years of history (history)
Could not be wiped away so easily.
Two thousand years of history (Black history)
Could not be wiped so easily!(could not be wiped so easily)

Dont gain the gold and lose your soul (just don't lose your soul) - Wisdom is better than silver and gold"

Holy Wisdom and Daughter of Zion are related - Divine Providence is seen on the Dollar bill. USA and Israel are strongly connected. Have you worked it out yet?

Divine Providence relates to God working on earth and His works being revealed to show His continual existance and His Divine Plan being fulfilled according to HIS WILL!

Please bear in mind that history has been very ugly with wars already. The truth has been deliberately hidden from people and this is the time of the apocalypse. In Greek - Apocalypse means lifting the veil.

If people do not wake up and learn the lessons, history will keep repeating itself. War and retaliation is not the way. Do not allow yourself to be brainwashed to be used in a political power game. Your life is too precious to be fighting wars.

In case you do not know the truth, Jesus Christ brought the Universal Law of Peace, Justice for All and the Brotherhood of Man.

After the Crucifion and His ressurection, most of the early Orthodox Christians were murdered. The few faithful survivors of Jesus Christ had to go underground and continue their faith. Just to associate Jesus Christ name with God was a threat to the throne. The problem is there are people who know the truth and too scared to speak out. When God wants to get HIS message across to people, HE WILL find The Way.

To this day Jesus Christ is MY King. My Mother took me to New Smyrna in Athens Greece to Baptise me in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral. This is what God had guided her to do. My loyalty is to Jesus Christ and so I must speak up for HIM!

As a child, I took an Oath to God Almighty to assist peace and healing. In earlier Articles you will read how I have suffered a double whammy of Legal corruption in English Courts. Queen Elisabeth II by allowing this has violated her Oath!

As you will discover - Nothing is Coincidence! All will be revealed!

Jesus Christ did not come for one group of people. He came for all of humanity. Jesus Christ is King of Kings. This means he holds the authority of the throne.

No one can take his place. No one can change GOD'S LAWS!

Long overdue is Global Peace and healing ♥

Peace, Love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

The Truth of Christmas

The Eternal Word of God had to Incarnate on this earth to Bring the Truth to Humanity. He came with LOVE!

All round the world people are celebrating Christmas in different ways. There are also many people who feel alone and hurting. Even if you feel lonely, You are Never Alone. God gave you a Guardian Angel, who is always by your side.

Let the Divine Love and Light of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit fill your heart for it is in HIS gentle loving ways, God reaches our soul and reveals His truth.

Never doubt He planned The Way and takes care of ALL His children. Our Love in Christ is Christmas.

In Greek - Mas in Christmas means 'Our' Christ.♥

In Christ, Every Day can be celebrated as Christmas Day!

"May You Live many years, May You Always BE Happy, and in Your Body and in your Soul may You Always be Bountifully Blessed." Shared by an Orthodox Christian; from me to You.

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria ♥