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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 27 February 2012

Fluoride - Chronic Illness and Cancer

Biological Warfare Exposed. One of many diabolical decisions!

What you are about to hear will shake your whole belief system of trusting health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. Decisions have been made by officials right at the very top 'many years ago' to contaminate our drinking water. The consequences of this is contributing to serious illness and killing people.

Ethical experts speak out because we are oblliged to. Ethical experts work in the peoples best interest as a priority. Silence is not an option. All it takes for evil to continue escalating is for lawyers to continue still obstructing justice - a serious crime!

"This video was recorded at the Cancer Control Convention in Pasadena, California, about 1991-1992.

Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, biochemist and founder of the Safe Water Foundation, USA, died October 8, 2000, passing away peacefully in sleep at his home in Delaware, Ohio, surrounded by members of his family.

Undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and afterward, in 1967; PhD in biochemistry at the University of Rhode Island. Postdoctoral research at Western Reserve Medical School; became a biochemical editor at Chemical Abstracts Service. There, he became aware of the health-damaging effects of fluoride.

His opposing water fluoridation prompted efforts by the National Institute of Dental Research to have CAS silence him or risk losing substantial US Public Health Service funding. He resigned from the CAS. His experience is described in his book, *Fluoride the Aging Factor*. Dr. Y's studies with Dr. Dean Burk to determine whether cancer death rates increased after fluoridation in the 1950s caused great concern among many Americans and prompted Congressional hearings in 1977 followed by a 21-day court trial in Pennsylvania. There, the presiding judge was compellingly convinced of the adverse effects of fluoridation and ordered its halt as a public health hazard."

Translation from the Japanese Journal of Fluoride Research, No. 19, Nov. 2000
Does Water Fluoridation have Negative Side Effects?
Fluoride: The Aging Factor (2nd Edition)
Author: Dr. John Yiamouyiannis
Published: Health Action Press
Year: 1986 (first edition 1983, third edition 1993)
ISBN: 0-913571-01-6
Can Fluoride Calcify Your Arteries?
FLUORIDATION: Mind Control of the Masses - by Ian E. Stephen (1995)
FLUORIDE OVERDOSE: National Institutes of Health - POISON CONTROL
Fluoride Action Network
Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides
Why EPA'S Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation
FLUORIDE ... The Aging Factor
How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride
John A. Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. (1943-2000)
The Greatest "Scientific" Fluoride Fraud Yet?
50 Reasons to Avoid Fluoridation
Fluoridation: Governmentally Approved Poison
Fluoride does not reduce cavities and does causes brittle bones and a soft brain
Fluoride: A Chronological History
Oregon Federal Judge Hands Darlene Sherrell a Major Victory Anti-Fluoridation Milestone
Frequently Asked Questions about Fluoride
Is Fluoride and Fluoridation Causing/Contributing To Cancer & Other Diseases
Dare to Think -- A Message About Fluoride, written by Darlene Sherrell
Fluoride Poisoning Symptoms
Fluoride Health Effects Database
How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body
Does Water Fluoridation have Negative Side Effects?

"Fluorine has played a significant role in insect control since about 1896 when sodium fluoride and various iron fluorides were patented in England as insecticides. Sodium fluoride was used in the United States for cockroach control before 1900 and was introduced in 1915 for the control of poultry lice. However, the use of fluorine insecticides did not become general until the 1930´s when the disadvantages of arsenical residues on food crops became apparent and the inorganic fluorine compounds were introduced as safer substitutes. Systematic investigation of organofluorine insecticides began about 1935 in the I. G. Farbenindustrie and the fluoroalcohols and fluorophosphates (phosphorofluoridates) were intensively investigated largely through the research of Schrader (1952). During World War II fluoro-DDT or "Gix" was used for the control of insects of medical importance."

S. Marcovitch gives some details as to how those fluoride insecticdes work (Ind. Eng. Chem. 16 (1924) 1249):

"The value of sodium fluosilicate as an insecticide is due to the fact that it is both a contact and stomach poison. Shafer has determined that when a roach walks over powdered sodium fluoride a little of the powder adheres to the lower part of the body, antennae and tarsi of the feet, and dissolves in the exudations of the integument. This seems to cause some irritation and uneasiness; the insect soon begins to clean the moistened powder from the body by licking it. In doing this enough of the poison may be brought into the mouth and swallowed, to kill after a period varying in from five to ten days. Other insects, such as Mexican bean beetles, also have the habit of cleaning themselves and by putting their feet in their mouths become very easy to kill. For this reason the sodium fluosilicate is more effective against the adult beetles than the larvae, which do not have these habits." Read more with list of Patents

As a trained professional in Holistic Health and healing, even 'as a child' I knew that if we consume poison at the least we will be ill. 'As a child I knew' to heal from illness we must eliminate the cause of illness. 'As a child; I knew that my life purpose was to assist peace and healing - making a commmitment since a child to learn and study for years to understand everything I know today.

Unfortunately as a child I refused to study to be a lawyer or I would be very busy prosecuting every corrupt official here in UK and if the courts obsructed this I would close the courts down for operating a corporation that violates the law. Governments are creating laws and fines to profit the corporation. Here in England lawyers are too busy trying to help criminals walk free. For a very long time Justice has been prevented. Criminals in England boast of their crimes and now lawyers and police boast of innocent people in prison too. OATH TAKERS drink contaminated water!

I cannot FORCE anyone to do right and have tried at least 300 times to get lawyers in England to work for Justice. They have arrogantly refused to do so. People are hysterical about the New World Order and yet if you read my bio on the side this explains. Ethical leadership WILL End all abuses. Watching and waiting.

If people want to take a role of responsibility in public office, they must seek within their own being if they really want the job for all the right reasons. As the saying goes 'many are chosen, only few are selected'. Ethical people are only motivated to work in the people's best interest as a priority - especially in public office.

Research and remember, Please take care of you and your health, This is not an understatement. Illness is always from a cause!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

The Divine Plan of The Ages

Information about history in context is limited. In the present time, not everyone knows they can talk to God directly and be divinely guided too. A promise was made to the people of faith.

As we progress forward, not only will there be renewed spiritual understanding available for everyone, there will be a breaking away of people being oppressed and religious divide. The paradise many millions of people dream of will be created on earth - a world without war, corruption, injustice and self serving officials.

In the world we live in, even high up officials and royals SERVE and are supposed to uplift the people. Every oathtaker has a responsibility and most certainly not to violate any people.

Everyone as individuals, we can only see what we can see and understand what we can understand. Nothing is coincidence! Everything happens with divine timing in God's New World Order!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hossein - A Story of Hope

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you - Matthew 7:7

This is the message that was given to me when I was a small child - knowing I could ask anything in prayer and be guided in this way.

Everyone is entitled to have a personal relationship with God.

Once we realise God is loving, compassionate and merciful, we must examine our heart as to why we would want to inflict pain, suffering and oppression to anyone. Unfortunately many people are suffering because of decisions and injustice that has been allowed because an authority is claiming to represent God.

Obstacles have been placed in the way by people who have not developed a personal relationship with God. This is preventing people with progress spiritually. The people who are sincere in their faith will be guided to realise a higher understanding. One of the lessons we are given is 'even when we make mistakes' we can learn to rectify our ways. The young man shares his experience.

God is not for one people and not for another. At different times since the begining of time, He has made his presence known to people and continues to do so every day. Being stuck with fixed ideas keep people down and divided, is not realising that the ever present God is trying to uplift people and unite everyone in faith.

Threating people for leaving their religion is not God's words. Hearing about death threats is alarming with this indoctrination.

If anything, the way to know God is in your sincere heart and a personal relationship with Him can be yours. God knows what is in our heart and we are being guided to know the truth about Him.

The Way, The Truth and The Life is the LIVING WORD OF GOD - This is the reason why Jesus Christ was born. Whatever your background, culture and religon, let no one prevent you from knowing the truth and being guided in the right way.

If the entire world converted to a religion because it was forced by an authority over this earth and I am last standing alone, I will continue to choose my personal relationship with God and be alone with this. We have again reached a point of time where history will keep repeating itself until people learn the lesson.

Long overdue is the end to all these arguments about religions. Long overdue is Global Peace and healing. It is time to realise a higher consciousness. We learn the truth with experience.

Everything is timely. Everything happens with divine timing.
Let Truth guide your life and not what you want to beleive in.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Father Lazarus - Holy Stillness in Egypt

"From Remigiusz Sowa best Documentary Transmitter Award winner at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival; a truly remarkable story of Father Lazarus El Anthony, university lecturer, Marxist who abandoned his life in Australia and went in search of God and freedom. His pilgrimage eventually brought him to a life of a Christian Coptic monk and live in solitude on the Al-Qalzam Mountain (Egypt) in the pursuit of what the Desert Fathers called apatheia, holy stillness." An inspiration of faith.

"Christian monasticism is a practice which began to develop early in the history of the Christian Church, modeled upon scriptural examples and ideals, including those in the Old Testament, but not mandated as an institution in the scriptures.

In modern English, they are also known by the gender-neutral term "monastics." The word monk originated from the Greek word monos, which means alone.[1] Monks did not live in monasteries at first, rather, they began by living alone, as the word monos might suggest. As more people took on the lives of monks, living alone in the wilderness, they started to come together and model themselves after the original monks nearby. Quickly the monks formed communities to further their ability to observe an ascetic life.[2] Monastics generally dwell in a monastery, whether they live there in community (cenobites), or in seclusion (recluses).

It is a misconception to think of the Christian monastic life as "living in a religious community". Its purpose is not always communal living with like-minded Christians. Rather, many times the purpose is perpetual training that is meant to help those who feel called to dedicate their life to God. This is in accordance with the example given by Jesus and his exhortation to "be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Matthew 5:48). This ideal, also called the state of perfection, can be seen, for example, in the Philokalia, a book of monastic writings.

For a monk, asceticism is not an end in itself. For him the purpose of life is to love God. Monastic asceticism then means the removal of obstacles to loving God. Love is the union of wills. If the creature is to love God, he can do it in one way only; by sinking his own will in God's, by doing the will of God in all things: "if you love Me you will keep my commandments". (John 14:15) Monks remember that: "The greatest way to show love for friends is to die for them" (John 15:13)CEV, for, in their case, life has come to mean renunciation. They commit themselves to this life through vowing poverty, conversion of manners and stability.
Old Testament models of the Christian monastic ideal include groups such as the Nazirites, as well as Moses, Elijah and other prophets of Israel. New Testament figures such as John the Baptist and Jesus Christ similarly withdrew from the world to develop spiritual discernment. First Century groups such as the Essenes and the Therapeutae also followed lifestyles that could be seen as precursors to Christian monasticism.[9]

A Nazirite was a person voluntarily consecrated to YHWH, under a special vow.

"Say to the people of Israel, When either a man or a woman makes a special vow, the vow of a Nazirite, to separate himself to YHWH, he shall separate himself from wine and strong drink; he shall drink no vinegar made from wine or strong drink, and shall not drink any juice of grapes or eat grapes, fresh or dried. All the days of his separation he shall eat nothing that is produced by the grapevine, not even the seeds or the skins. All the days of his vow of separation no razor shall come upon his head; until the time is completed for which he separates himself to YHWH, he shall be holy; he shall let the locks of hair of his head grow long. All the days that he separates himself to YHWH he shall not go near a dead body. Neither for his father nor for his mother, nor for brother or sister, if they die, shall he make himself unclean; because his separation to God is upon his head. All the days of his separation he is holy to the LORD. ..." ' (Numbers 6, RSV)

The prophets of Israel were set apart to YHWH for the sake of a message of repentance. Some of them lived under extreme conditions, voluntarily separated or forced into seclusion because of the burden of their message. Other prophets were members of communities, schools mentioned occasionally in the Scriptures but about which there is much speculation and little known. The pre-Abrahamic prophets, Enoch and Melchizedek, and especially the Jewish prophets Elijah and his disciple Elisha are important to Christian monastic tradition.

The most frequently cited "role-model" for the life of a hermit separated to the Lord, in whom the Nazarite and the prophet are believed to be combined in one person, is John the Baptist

The female role models for monasticism are Mary the mother of Jesus and the four virgin daughters of Philip the Evangelist"
Read more:

The monastic way of life is not for everyone. My two great aunts were Benedictine nuns in France; their chosen path in life. Many people in different ways are trying to attain our union with God. A peaceful life without stress, noise, pressures, arguments, greed, corruption, injustice and war is certainly very appealing.

Peace is not a destination, we must seek peace wiithin.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Queen Mary of Palestine

If there is one person who still unites people globally it is the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the Holy Land, Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ is still regarded as Queen and indicates that she descended from the Davidic lineage to be justified to be Queen, by birthright.

Not everyone is able to appreciate why Jesus Christ is referred to as God and yet this is because not everyone has been given the understanding. It is in faith that we are showing our sincere heart and also revealing who are the beleivers. Since ancient times the people who are true Spiritual Christians are peacemaking, loving people. This is an example that would be nice to see with everyone from all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. A message that is a reminder for peace, justice and unity as one spiritual family is given here. We can decide this to be the way of the future. I have!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Friday, 24 February 2012

Madhi - Peace in Egypt and the Middle East.

Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt at night, Corniche Al-Nile, Maadi, Cairo built in Pharonic traditions and some modern life. Photo by Alaeddin Faruki

Muslims are waiting for the Mahdi to be revealed. Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ to return - actually so are Muslims too. What is the expectations of the Mahdi? This is islamic prophesy.

In Arabic the term "mahdi" is translated as 'divinely guided one'.

“The Mahdi, (the name of the last of the twelve imams, the first being Ali, son-in-law of Mohammed) according to Islam, and in particular its Shiite branch, is the Savior to come at the time of the Last Judgment to save the world. It is interesting to recall that Mahdi, in Sanskrit, is the contraction of Ma Adi (Primordial Mother) in the same way that the returning Savior according to Buddha, Maitreya, is a contraction of Ma Treya (Mother threefold, trimorphic protonnoia or trigunatmika).

The function of the Mahdi is similar to those attributed to the Kalki of the Hindus, the Maitreya of the Buddhists or the Christ King of the Christians. The return of the Mahdi constitutes the most frequent prediction of the imams. Al-Kultani and Al-Nu’mani consecrated an entire chapter and Ibn Babunye passed down in thirteen chapters the predictions of the Prophet, Fatima and of the eleven imams on the subject of the Twelfth imam.

The obscure presence of the Mahdi dominates totally the religious conscience of imamism during the period of the disappearance of Ali until the return of the awaited Savior. But here and there, throughout the prophetic texts, there are hints of an esoteric knowledge. “At the moment of birth a light pierced the top of the child’s head (a possible reference to the opening of the seventh chakra) and reached into the depth of the sky. This child is the Mahdi, He who will fill the earth with equality and justice just as it is now filled with oppression and injustice.” 2

The universal precursory Sign of the return of the Mahdi, “He who Guides,” consists of the general invasion of the earth by Evil and the victory of the forces of Evil over those of Good. Without such a manifestation, the entirety of humanity would be engulfed by darkness.

In my research I also found the following which is interesting:-

"Maadi (Arabic: المعادي‎ / transliterated: el-Ma‛adi) is a wealthy suburb south of Cairo, Egypt. The town is home to the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Lycée Français du Caire (LFC), Misr American College (MAC), Maadi British International School (MBIS), the Cairo Rugby Club, and the national Egyptian Geological Museum.

Maadi retains the ancient name of the town that once stood on much the same site as today's district, and which has now turned out to be a significant Predynastic archaeological site. However, building activity in the area has destroyed some archaeologically sensitive places.

A large Jewish community lived in Maadi until the mid-twentieth century. Unlike the haute juiverie of Zamalek and Garden City, the Maadi Jews were well-off professionals - lawyers, accountants, small businessmen and teachers - who spoke French, English and Arabic fluently and had been living in Maadi for generations.[3] Biton synagogue was the main Jewish place of worship in the district.[3]

Egyptian Jews constitute both one of the oldest and youngest Jewish communities in the world.

Jewish immigrants settled in Egypt during the Ptolemaic era, especially around Alexandria. Thus, their history in this period centers almost completely on Alexandria, though daughter communities rose up in places like the present Kafr ed-Dawar, and Jews served in the administration as custodians of the river.[8] As early as the 3rd century BC, one can speak of a widespread diaspora of Jews in many Egyptian towns and cities. In Josephus's history, it is claimed that, after the first Ptolemy took Judea, he led some 120,000 Jewish captives to Egypt from the areas of Judea, Jerusalem, Samaria, and Mount Gerizim. With them, many other Jews, attracted by the fertile soil and Ptolemy's liberality, emigrated there of their own accord. An inscription recording a Jewish dedication of a synagogue to Ptolemy and Berenice was discovered in the 19th century near Alexandria.[9] Josephus also claims that, soon after, these 120,000 captives were freed of their bondage by Philadelphus. Ptolemaic and Roman Era (400 BC to 641 AD) - Wikipedia

With this information and knowing there is no one else who can take the place of Jesus Christ, someone is expected to restore peace, order and justice in the world. In ancient times, women were divinely guided. The ancient Priestess were divinely guided and Served God. Tradition says that Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ was consecrated as a baby and She chose to be raised at the Temple for Spiritual Service as a way of life. The blessed Mother was from an ancient Hebrew Jewish family who lived in Egypt.

Mary, mother of Jesus Christ had a very important role in being chosen to give birth to the living Word of God in the flesh. We are told she was visited by Angel Gabriel who spoke of her having a Son with the Holy Spirit - a miraculous divine intervention. With this Mary was extremely important in God's eyes and was given an role in his divine plan for humanity. Mary was/is the Holy Grail.

Mahdi, Mother Mary, the High Priestess and Primordial Mother could be the same. Mary was divinely inspired and whatever has been hidden from people, hopefully people can realise to withold information can hinder spiritual understanding. If we are a court judge and do not look at all the evidence for a case in context, we might decide to make a judgement that injures innocent people.

It is important to keep an open mind and know that God is the All Seeing and All Knowing. People in high places are being watched very carefully and it is not for man to judge. Everyday people are instrumental to having officials reveal their true intentions.

Being God Fearing is for a reason! Learning lessons is relevant.

This is a time where people have the freedom to worship in their true faith and gain understanding of how the Power of God Almighty works in this world. There are many people who have rejected God and Jesus Christ his only begotten Son, perhaps this has been by conditioning or because you beleive that so many holy wars take place. Actually the wars are all UNHOLY and Killing innocent people is not what is encouraged in the Law of God. If the courts operate with the universal laws of life, law courts would be closed down except to deal with administration issues.

There are millions of people who pray with sincere heart and their prayers are heard and answered. The Torah was given to Moses a few hundred years before Jesus Christ was born. Anyone who judges any people from any relgion might invite the same. In every background, culture and faith there are people who are exemplary in character and those who are not. We are living in times where people in high places are looked up to because of their status. People have been warned not to worship false idols, whoever they might be. Hypocritical oathtakers are transparent. People who are sincere in their faith, strive to be conscientious.

Life is very precious and our time here is short. We are born to heal, learn, grow and evolve. Everyone can make a positive difference in this world and realise a higher spiritual purpose.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Pentagonal Cycle of Venus

Today I was guided to locate this which is timely with what is happening in the world. This is my calling for global peace and healing. The aggressive way of peace by making war and healing by pharmauticals, that are toxins is something we must address. Venus is associated with love and the Goodness of Divine Love.

We are at a time when people are progressing to realise a higher consciousness - breaking down the barriers of communication and living with integrity. This entails feeling our feelings and being true to ourself. Where there is a healing need to address the healing need. For unless we can address this within our own being, we will not be able to realise a higher consciousness to evolve spiritually.

Venus is associated with the feminine and love. If we consider spirituality, then venus would associate with the divine feminine and universal love. As we go through the cycles of change, with the day and night - sun and moon, the four seasons, there is a time with war and so there must be a time for peace and healing too.

Divine feminine is related to being divinely inspired by God. We are all God's divine creation and we are all entitled to know a far higher power then human manipulation. While there is teaching to not study astrology for divination, there is a whole universe that we are a part of and on this earth, we are just a dot. The planetary movements taking place are in harmony of the universal order, something we are not encouraged to understand. In a world in chaos, order must return again in the way God already decided.

If we consider with the right knowledge, we can learn to have understanding and with understanding we can gain wisdom to assist our personal growth and enable other people too. When we heal we can become at one with ourself, nature and the world we are living in. Everyone is relevant - everyone is learning different lessons. When we are spiritually whole and look to God as the source of all power, we can be of service to HIM. We must stop self serving, fighting and destroying this planet. With unconditional love for humanity, peace and harmony can become possible.

This image illustrates spiritual wholeness and the five elements.

The Five Elements are Air, Fire, Water, Metal, Earth and Ether.

In a world where we live masculine and femimine side by side, we are entitled to know the truth, to learn, grow, evolve and to live with care and compassion. The cycles of life will continue as we will continue to progress in our cycle of life accordingly. The choices we make determine our learning to evolve spiritually.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri - Messiah Revelation

Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri has been revealed the name of the Jewish Messiah. Yehoshua means 'Yahweh is salvation' or 'YHWH rescues;'. Yehoshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus and Joshua.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Blood of Christ is 'Alive'

Seeing is beleiving. This is the living blood of Christ.

"Ronald Eldon Wyatt (1933 – August 4, 1999) was an adventurer and former nurse anaesthetist noted for advocating the Durupınar site as the site of Noah's Ark, among other Bible-related pseudoarchaeology. His claims were dismissed by scientists, historians, biblical scholars, and even by leaders in his own Seventh-day Adventist Church, but his work continues to have a following among some fundamentalists and evangelicals.

From 1977 until his death in 1999 he made over one hundred trips to the Middle East, his interests widening to take in a wide variety of references from the Old and New Testaments." Wikipedia

"Ron passed away on August 4, 1999. Before he died he asked the Lord to take him if his being present would in any way hinder the dispersion of what he was led to discover. All who knew him with one accord say that he was the most humble of men, never taking any credit for what he had done, always giving God the credit. He had a single focus, that of following where God led him. His burning desire was to reach out and share with people to bring them to a knowledge of God."

Q. Are you going to test again to make sure the substance was blood?
A. We tested it to make sure it was blood. It is unique blood. I will quickly state this, I know that there are some doctors here, and nurses, and people who are familiar with blood. All of us have 46 chromosomes, unless we have Downs Syndrome. Christ had 24. Each parent supplies 23 chromosomes to a new infant--all right, Christ got 23 from His mother, He got one from His Father, and it was a Y, which made Him a male. He got it not from an earthly Father, or He would have had 46 like the rest of us.

When the test results will be shown, nobody will be able to honestly doubt, that this is indeed the blood of God's Son. That is why He says that this is His Testimony of His Son. It is His proof to this world. [It bears repeating that the blood analysis is the only hard scientific, tangible, physical evidence that Jesus actually was crucified, died and shed His blood as Scripture says. There is no greater proof that can be given.]

Q. What about the cells?
A. White blood cells. And you are saying how can you test a dead white blood cell for chromosome count? His blood is not dead. When put in a growth medium the cells divided and reconstituted themselves. If that doesn't blow your socks off, I don't know what will.

Q. Are you in possession of this blood?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you have this second video available now?
A. I will share it with people who I can trust, when I am told to by one of the four angels that are guarding the Ark of the Covenant, when to release it and to whom. Because I can't tell, people can fool me, I'm not that clever.
Read more Q & A

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Friday, 17 February 2012

Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love:- A book is not required.

Love is a feeling and experience.
Love is without fear or hatred for other people.
Love is not oppressive. Love is not conditional.
Love is Love.
Love gives and does not have a price.
Love does not demand off anyone.
Love uplifts and heals.
Love does not divide people.
Living with love, everyone is worthy.
Everyone is entitled to know and experience Love.
In love we experience Peace.
Sending you love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria.♥

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Billionaire Givers.

There are many billionaires who have given over a billion dollars to make a positive difference. There are bilionaires who are pledging their wealth into giving back. There are billionaires who are not giong to leave their wealth to their children because the wealth they have created has been chosen to give back to the world.

Bill Gates has given over $ 28 billion

Education - teacher training is the main project choice of focus.

Warren Buffet has given $ 8.3 billion

Warren has teamed up with Bill Gates to create the Giving Pledge, which so far has signed up over 69 families to pledge their wealth to philantropy.

George Soros has given $ 8 billion

George has backed diverse causes including clean needle clinics, scientific research, helping the Roma - Gypsies. George has also given to Human Rights causes, Education and promoting Democracy.

Gordon Moore, US

Gordon has given $ 6.8 billion

The Gordon and Betty Moore foundation focus on science, environment conservation and nursing training. The need of training was identified after Betty was given the wrong injection by a nurse. Gordon is also funding the worlds largest telescope.

Carlos Sim Helu, Mexico

Carlos has given $ 4 billion

Carlos is motivated by creating jobs rather than giving cash to charities. Most of his programes are digital education and health. He has contributed to help pay for 50,000 cataract operations. He has also funded nutrition and disease prevention programes.

George Kaiser, US

George has given $ 4 billion

The George Kaiser family foundation funds medical center programs to help women come off drugs. A strong beleiver in giving every child the opportunity to learn and live. Improving public schools and developing early childhood education is the focus. His Institute is also investigating ways to wean US of foreign Oil.

Just a few names from a long list of people who are making a profound difference in the world. It is our duty to make sure we do everything we can to help ourselves and not contribute to prevailing problems in society. You choose what you want to do, where you want to give and who to help. Sitting on the fence is not going to create change. Everyone can make a positive difference in the world. You decide how and in what way you will do this. Enjoy!

Richard Branson - An Inspirational Leader

There are many officials who are eager to profit from corruption and even war. A growing amount of people are working in the light to assist Global Peace, healing and empowering people. Richard Brandson, like myself, is open about being anti war. Are you?

Richard Brandson's Empire has grown to around 400 companies now. His first venture was a magazine called Student at age 16. In 1970, he set up an audio record mail-order business. In 1972, he opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Megastores. Branson's Virgin brand grew rapidly during the 1980s, as he set up Virgin Atlantic Airways and expanded the Virgin Records music label. Brand Virgin is expanding in giving.

There is a saying 'behind every successful man is a good woman' - One powerful influence in Richard Branson's life is his mother.

We can learn a lot about people when we listen to their philosophy and see it applied in life. Actions speak louder than words.

"For me business is not about wearing suits, or keeping stockholders pleased. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials" Richard Brandson.

With wealth comes enormous responsibility. Richard Brandson a self made billionaire has empowered many people in their personal growth, created countless jobs and is determined, with intention, to use his wealth and expertise to enable other people.

Richard speaks openly about Philantropy and he now in a position where he is being listened to and making a difference - sharing his vision and ideals, collaborating with other people of influence.

THE WAY of the future is GIVING BACK. We must invest in life, nurture people and the planet we live on to ensure progress.

Personally I would rather see the tax system collapse completely and be ethically restructured - than endure a system of hypocrisy that is funding the lifestyles of people who make decisons to everyone's detriment so they profit as a focus. Not everyone knows that legally people can give their wealth away - LEGALLY - actually it is one's own right to decide where people want to give their wealth. Man made laws have no place in this decision.

Many high income earners would prefer to give their wealth in identified need and work with a body of ETHICAL people who are working in the peoples best interest. We are all part of this world and can no longer ignore the reality of corruption, injustice and wars has been the way for profit for far to long. Long overdue is a change in mentality and real leadership in place that empowers the people and enables progress, instead of oppressing people.

Confronting goverments about issues will meet a brick wall if it goes against their agenda. If governments are not working for the people they should not be operating. In a real DEMOCRACY the people hold the power and governments encourage people to be empowered. This is the way forward. THIS IS OUR WORLD!

Time for change is here NOW! EVERYONE can make a positive difference and it is not just about giving money. Your time and voice to enable other people in some way. You mght be skilled and can teach other people. You might know someone who is elderly or disabled who could do with a friend and some help. You are born to shine and smile - not be small and suffer. The universal language of the heart needs to be learned to unite humanity.

There is no one more superior or inferior to another person. There is no one more important than another person. When people are united together with a vision to create a better world for everyone - the intended vision will bring endless ideas to implement.

When there is an attitude to destroy someone for supremacy - progress will never be made. if destruction was the way to be reach a position of influence - nothing will change. Often people have fought their way to get to the top but their agenda is always revealed. The fighters who overcome the obstacles do not realise the energy they have and impact on other people.

We can create new pathways - we can work alone or with other people. People of faith are waiting for their spiritual purpose to be revealed and yet you are living this now. You choose what you want to do with your time and your life. Richard was raised to bring smiles and make a positive difference in this world.

Thoughts have power - You choose the world you want to live in. An act of kindness goes a long way. Learning is a lifetime experience ~ we never stop learning. The people who overcome trials and challenges, to realise success by personal effort are the real leaders in this world. The days of self serving are numbered.

Richard is unsure if he beleives in God and yet in one of his adventures, he asked for help in a precarious situation where he could have lost his life. As a humanitarian, Richard beleives in evolution and demonstrates understanding needed for progress.

Speaking with Piers Morgan, Richard was reminded of a discussion he had with a friend about God, before his home burned down. Belief and faith are not the same. If people are unsure - it is always healthy to be honest about this. When we are open to a greater understanding, we will be open to learn the truth too.

Many people who are focussed to bring positive change, uplift humanity and empower people are often challenged 'by the hidden powers of destruction' - not an understatement! Richard might be aware of having heavenly helpers watching over him - someone is looking after him that is for sure. Richard also has much love and respect from his family and friends. This goes a long way.

The understanding of life goes on and working in the light has already been written in Richard's heart. Evidently Richard is a man who listens to his own mind and is born to make a positive difference. This has been encouraged in his upbringing.

It is interesting that Richard chose the name 'Virgin' as his brand. It is with God's Providence to bring spiritual awareness of the unconditional love and giving heart of the Virgin Mary, with the reminder of her Son, Jesus Christ. The Holy Royal Bloodline will always uplift humanity and give to people, not keep people down.

Richard in his heart represents an ideal example and role model to enable this process. It just shows, even if people are unsure about having faith or beleiving in God, this does not need to be an excuse to stop you doing what you want to do. People are being inspired in different ways. We do not always see the greater purpose to our life. Life is ever evolving. The truth will be revealed to everyone.

Long overdue is global peace and healing. The way of the future is empowering people. Leaders are easy to spot - Richard Brandson is enabling people to enable other people to grow; be successful - to fly. Richard Bransdon loves life, loves people and lives to make a positive difference in this world. This is being inspirational.

Never underestimate the reason you are here. You were born to bring smiles and make a positive difference in this world too.♥

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria ♥

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Plant a Tree Campaign

Trees emit oxygen we need to live. Trees absorb carbon dioxide. We all have a relationship with trees. If everyone plants one tree in their lifetime - this will help maintain life. A fruit tree will provide vital food and nourishment for future generations.

Do not wait until all the trees have gone before deciding to do something. Apples, pears, oranges, plums, apricots, peaches, figs, lemons are just a few fruits. An olive tree can actually take many years before bringing the fruit that will produce olive oil too.

To keep providing food in the near and far off future, we cannot rely on someone else to take action. The seeds we plant today will blossom for future generations. We must help nurture nature. ♥