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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 24 February 2012

Madhi - Peace in Egypt and the Middle East.

Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt at night, Corniche Al-Nile, Maadi, Cairo built in Pharonic traditions and some modern life. Photo by Alaeddin Faruki

Muslims are waiting for the Mahdi to be revealed. Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ to return - actually so are Muslims too. What is the expectations of the Mahdi? This is islamic prophesy.

In Arabic the term "mahdi" is translated as 'divinely guided one'.

“The Mahdi, (the name of the last of the twelve imams, the first being Ali, son-in-law of Mohammed) according to Islam, and in particular its Shiite branch, is the Savior to come at the time of the Last Judgment to save the world. It is interesting to recall that Mahdi, in Sanskrit, is the contraction of Ma Adi (Primordial Mother) in the same way that the returning Savior according to Buddha, Maitreya, is a contraction of Ma Treya (Mother threefold, trimorphic protonnoia or trigunatmika).

The function of the Mahdi is similar to those attributed to the Kalki of the Hindus, the Maitreya of the Buddhists or the Christ King of the Christians. The return of the Mahdi constitutes the most frequent prediction of the imams. Al-Kultani and Al-Nu’mani consecrated an entire chapter and Ibn Babunye passed down in thirteen chapters the predictions of the Prophet, Fatima and of the eleven imams on the subject of the Twelfth imam.

The obscure presence of the Mahdi dominates totally the religious conscience of imamism during the period of the disappearance of Ali until the return of the awaited Savior. But here and there, throughout the prophetic texts, there are hints of an esoteric knowledge. “At the moment of birth a light pierced the top of the child’s head (a possible reference to the opening of the seventh chakra) and reached into the depth of the sky. This child is the Mahdi, He who will fill the earth with equality and justice just as it is now filled with oppression and injustice.” 2

The universal precursory Sign of the return of the Mahdi, “He who Guides,” consists of the general invasion of the earth by Evil and the victory of the forces of Evil over those of Good. Without such a manifestation, the entirety of humanity would be engulfed by darkness.

In my research I also found the following which is interesting:-

"Maadi (Arabic: المعادي‎ / transliterated: el-Ma‛adi) is a wealthy suburb south of Cairo, Egypt. The town is home to the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Lycée Français du Caire (LFC), Misr American College (MAC), Maadi British International School (MBIS), the Cairo Rugby Club, and the national Egyptian Geological Museum.

Maadi retains the ancient name of the town that once stood on much the same site as today's district, and which has now turned out to be a significant Predynastic archaeological site. However, building activity in the area has destroyed some archaeologically sensitive places.

A large Jewish community lived in Maadi until the mid-twentieth century. Unlike the haute juiverie of Zamalek and Garden City, the Maadi Jews were well-off professionals - lawyers, accountants, small businessmen and teachers - who spoke French, English and Arabic fluently and had been living in Maadi for generations.[3] Biton synagogue was the main Jewish place of worship in the district.[3]

Egyptian Jews constitute both one of the oldest and youngest Jewish communities in the world.

Jewish immigrants settled in Egypt during the Ptolemaic era, especially around Alexandria. Thus, their history in this period centers almost completely on Alexandria, though daughter communities rose up in places like the present Kafr ed-Dawar, and Jews served in the administration as custodians of the river.[8] As early as the 3rd century BC, one can speak of a widespread diaspora of Jews in many Egyptian towns and cities. In Josephus's history, it is claimed that, after the first Ptolemy took Judea, he led some 120,000 Jewish captives to Egypt from the areas of Judea, Jerusalem, Samaria, and Mount Gerizim. With them, many other Jews, attracted by the fertile soil and Ptolemy's liberality, emigrated there of their own accord. An inscription recording a Jewish dedication of a synagogue to Ptolemy and Berenice was discovered in the 19th century near Alexandria.[9] Josephus also claims that, soon after, these 120,000 captives were freed of their bondage by Philadelphus. Ptolemaic and Roman Era (400 BC to 641 AD) - Wikipedia

With this information and knowing there is no one else who can take the place of Jesus Christ, someone is expected to restore peace, order and justice in the world. In ancient times, women were divinely guided. The ancient Priestess were divinely guided and Served God. Tradition says that Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ was consecrated as a baby and She chose to be raised at the Temple for Spiritual Service as a way of life. The blessed Mother was from an ancient Hebrew Jewish family who lived in Egypt.

Mary, mother of Jesus Christ had a very important role in being chosen to give birth to the living Word of God in the flesh. We are told she was visited by Angel Gabriel who spoke of her having a Son with the Holy Spirit - a miraculous divine intervention. With this Mary was extremely important in God's eyes and was given an role in his divine plan for humanity. Mary was/is the Holy Grail.

Mahdi, Mother Mary, the High Priestess and Primordial Mother could be the same. Mary was divinely inspired and whatever has been hidden from people, hopefully people can realise to withold information can hinder spiritual understanding. If we are a court judge and do not look at all the evidence for a case in context, we might decide to make a judgement that injures innocent people.

It is important to keep an open mind and know that God is the All Seeing and All Knowing. People in high places are being watched very carefully and it is not for man to judge. Everyday people are instrumental to having officials reveal their true intentions.

Being God Fearing is for a reason! Learning lessons is relevant.

This is a time where people have the freedom to worship in their true faith and gain understanding of how the Power of God Almighty works in this world. There are many people who have rejected God and Jesus Christ his only begotten Son, perhaps this has been by conditioning or because you beleive that so many holy wars take place. Actually the wars are all UNHOLY and Killing innocent people is not what is encouraged in the Law of God. If the courts operate with the universal laws of life, law courts would be closed down except to deal with administration issues.

There are millions of people who pray with sincere heart and their prayers are heard and answered. The Torah was given to Moses a few hundred years before Jesus Christ was born. Anyone who judges any people from any relgion might invite the same. In every background, culture and faith there are people who are exemplary in character and those who are not. We are living in times where people in high places are looked up to because of their status. People have been warned not to worship false idols, whoever they might be. Hypocritical oathtakers are transparent. People who are sincere in their faith, strive to be conscientious.

Life is very precious and our time here is short. We are born to heal, learn, grow and evolve. Everyone can make a positive difference in this world and realise a higher spiritual purpose.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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