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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Friday, 10 February 2012

Richard Branson - An Inspirational Leader

There are many officials who are eager to profit from corruption and even war. A growing amount of people are working in the light to assist Global Peace, healing and empowering people. Richard Brandson, like myself, is open about being anti war. Are you?

Richard Brandson's Empire has grown to around 400 companies now. His first venture was a magazine called Student at age 16. In 1970, he set up an audio record mail-order business. In 1972, he opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Megastores. Branson's Virgin brand grew rapidly during the 1980s, as he set up Virgin Atlantic Airways and expanded the Virgin Records music label. Brand Virgin is expanding in giving.

There is a saying 'behind every successful man is a good woman' - One powerful influence in Richard Branson's life is his mother.

We can learn a lot about people when we listen to their philosophy and see it applied in life. Actions speak louder than words.

"For me business is not about wearing suits, or keeping stockholders pleased. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials" Richard Brandson.

With wealth comes enormous responsibility. Richard Brandson a self made billionaire has empowered many people in their personal growth, created countless jobs and is determined, with intention, to use his wealth and expertise to enable other people.

Richard speaks openly about Philantropy and he now in a position where he is being listened to and making a difference - sharing his vision and ideals, collaborating with other people of influence.

THE WAY of the future is GIVING BACK. We must invest in life, nurture people and the planet we live on to ensure progress.

Personally I would rather see the tax system collapse completely and be ethically restructured - than endure a system of hypocrisy that is funding the lifestyles of people who make decisons to everyone's detriment so they profit as a focus. Not everyone knows that legally people can give their wealth away - LEGALLY - actually it is one's own right to decide where people want to give their wealth. Man made laws have no place in this decision.

Many high income earners would prefer to give their wealth in identified need and work with a body of ETHICAL people who are working in the peoples best interest. We are all part of this world and can no longer ignore the reality of corruption, injustice and wars has been the way for profit for far to long. Long overdue is a change in mentality and real leadership in place that empowers the people and enables progress, instead of oppressing people.

Confronting goverments about issues will meet a brick wall if it goes against their agenda. If governments are not working for the people they should not be operating. In a real DEMOCRACY the people hold the power and governments encourage people to be empowered. This is the way forward. THIS IS OUR WORLD!

Time for change is here NOW! EVERYONE can make a positive difference and it is not just about giving money. Your time and voice to enable other people in some way. You mght be skilled and can teach other people. You might know someone who is elderly or disabled who could do with a friend and some help. You are born to shine and smile - not be small and suffer. The universal language of the heart needs to be learned to unite humanity.

There is no one more superior or inferior to another person. There is no one more important than another person. When people are united together with a vision to create a better world for everyone - the intended vision will bring endless ideas to implement.

When there is an attitude to destroy someone for supremacy - progress will never be made. if destruction was the way to be reach a position of influence - nothing will change. Often people have fought their way to get to the top but their agenda is always revealed. The fighters who overcome the obstacles do not realise the energy they have and impact on other people.

We can create new pathways - we can work alone or with other people. People of faith are waiting for their spiritual purpose to be revealed and yet you are living this now. You choose what you want to do with your time and your life. Richard was raised to bring smiles and make a positive difference in this world.

Thoughts have power - You choose the world you want to live in. An act of kindness goes a long way. Learning is a lifetime experience ~ we never stop learning. The people who overcome trials and challenges, to realise success by personal effort are the real leaders in this world. The days of self serving are numbered.

Richard is unsure if he beleives in God and yet in one of his adventures, he asked for help in a precarious situation where he could have lost his life. As a humanitarian, Richard beleives in evolution and demonstrates understanding needed for progress.

Speaking with Piers Morgan, Richard was reminded of a discussion he had with a friend about God, before his home burned down. Belief and faith are not the same. If people are unsure - it is always healthy to be honest about this. When we are open to a greater understanding, we will be open to learn the truth too.

Many people who are focussed to bring positive change, uplift humanity and empower people are often challenged 'by the hidden powers of destruction' - not an understatement! Richard might be aware of having heavenly helpers watching over him - someone is looking after him that is for sure. Richard also has much love and respect from his family and friends. This goes a long way.

The understanding of life goes on and working in the light has already been written in Richard's heart. Evidently Richard is a man who listens to his own mind and is born to make a positive difference. This has been encouraged in his upbringing.

It is interesting that Richard chose the name 'Virgin' as his brand. It is with God's Providence to bring spiritual awareness of the unconditional love and giving heart of the Virgin Mary, with the reminder of her Son, Jesus Christ. The Holy Royal Bloodline will always uplift humanity and give to people, not keep people down.

Richard in his heart represents an ideal example and role model to enable this process. It just shows, even if people are unsure about having faith or beleiving in God, this does not need to be an excuse to stop you doing what you want to do. People are being inspired in different ways. We do not always see the greater purpose to our life. Life is ever evolving. The truth will be revealed to everyone.

Long overdue is global peace and healing. The way of the future is empowering people. Leaders are easy to spot - Richard Brandson is enabling people to enable other people to grow; be successful - to fly. Richard Bransdon loves life, loves people and lives to make a positive difference in this world. This is being inspirational.

Never underestimate the reason you are here. You were born to bring smiles and make a positive difference in this world too.♥

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria ♥

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