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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 30 April 2012

The Tewksebury Purse is Over Flowing

Warnings are to the very top. The Royal Family and Prime Minister! Yesterday I posted trees and scaffolding torn down revealing fire damage, perhaps with an insurance claim for modernisation. There is no protection for hiding abuses to the people! Keeping people blind is like a spell is cast over them.

Tewksebury Abbey in Gloucestershire reported in the Daily Mail.

"I think this is God's way of saying lift the hosepipe ban?" Alex in East Grinstead/

People have been decieved. OATHTKERS WERE TOLD to End corrupton And put wrongs rightOver 300 times they refused. When I tell police our food and water is poisoned deliberately and the wars are killing innocent people based on lies, they block out the truth. They are incompetant for the job. No one is above the law even with a paid network of protectors.

This is not about the people - this is the bloodline who have abused at the top. And people need to review the prescription drugs they are taking; all this is seeping into our water too.

The Queen took an Oath to Protect the people. This is what the Oath is to prevent officials abusing and exploiting and especially to ensure family are not exploiting people. Reportedly she renewed her promise to serve yet we see in recent pictures that the Almighty is saying THIS IS NOT ENOUGH! The Queen has not done what is expected! She has not brought an end to all the injustice and genocide taking place. Very Serious Crimes!

Meaning of Governing:
1. To make and administer the public policy and affairs of; exercise sovereign authority in.
2. To control the speed or magnitude of; regulate: a valve that governs fuel intake.
3. To control the actions or behavior of: Govern yourselves like civilized people.
4. To keep under control; restrain: a student who could not govern his impulses.
5. To exercise a deciding or determining influence on: Chance usually governs the outcome of the game.
6. Grammar To require (a specific morphological form) of accompanying words.
1. To exercise political authority.
2. To have or exercise a determining influence.

Tewksebury Abbey is connected to the Benedictine Monks as is Mount Zion! Why did the Monks sell the building - what pressure where they facing to do this! Was there coercion, pressure bringing financial difficulty? What created this!

Pope Benedict XVI reminds me of two great aunts have been Benedictine Nuns! He chose the name Benedict after St. Benedict who started the Benedictine order whose Crest is an Olive Branch.

Pope Benedicts Motto is THE GLORY OF THE OLIVE - The prophecy was first published in 1595 by Arnold de Wyon, a Benedictine historian in his blook Lignum Vitæ of the list of Prophcies to Saint Malachy. The Olive Tree is a Gift from Athena to the People and SHE IS The Protector of People!

The Next Pope Petrus Romanus is related to Athena. The Spiritually Enlightened KNOW who is protecting the people.

The meaning of Tewksebury is Treasury. The Royal public purse address location! The purse is overflowing just from what has been earned from water alone. The banker is revealed. Are the royal family drinking contaminated water too?

The water is overflowing and yet land Owner-Ship in Britain is collecting the rent. Are the corporations owned or major share holders in the Royal family. The corporations are raking in billions of pounds for a FREE RESOURCE of water alone. Chemicals have been added that contribute to bone cancer, detrimental to teeth and damaging to the brain. Fluoride causes GENETIC DAMAGE! This is a DELIBERATE DIABOLICAL DECISION! I am absolutely disgusted at what is happening!

JOHN YIAMOUYIANNIS (1943-2000) Highly ETHICAL GREEK Expert in fluoridation and cancer. Be Alarmed!

The All Seeing and All Knowing is not letting these abuses go. Already there has been refusal to deal with abuses. A few weeks ago I was told of an MP in talks to adding more chemicals to our water. NO! YOU SICK TWISTED GENOCIDE ABUSERS!

"Gloucester was a borough governed by a portreeve, with castle was frequently a royal residence, and a mint."

Portreeve is a Political or administrative appointment.

Gatcome Park is the main residence of of Princess Ann

In 1976 Queen Elisabeth II paid £5 million for a home as a gift to her daughter and former husband. In 1978 the land was increased by the purchase of the adjoining Aston Farm to 730 acres of which 200 acres (0.81 km2) are woodland.

Gatcome meaning - Valley where goats are kept!

This is what the Holy Bible says about The Sheep and the Goats

31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.
34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’
37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’
44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’
45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’
46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life. ”
Matthew 25:31-46

God is the Judge....He has made HIS Judgement very clear!

This borough in in west-central England on the Severn River NE of Gloucester. Edward IV's Yorkist forces defeated the Lancastrians here (1471) in the final battle of the Wars of the Roses.

Ah the war of the Roses....At least we KNOW God Wins! Without the intervention of man!

The WHITE ROSE OF ATHENS does not do battle with bloodshed - SHE WAS AN ENLIGHTENED MIND!

The Rose CHRIST is saying Power to the People - Loudly!

With 203 million people killed in wars over 100 years - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My Grandmother from Smyrna, Mother from New Smyrna in Athens - I might be born in England however my MOTHERLAND Land is GREECE. My heritage is Egypt too. I was meant to be born in Thornton Heath - Royal Westminster and have all my experiences to see the extent of officials abusing people!

Everything that is relevant to know can be found in recent articles - Check out the one on Aspartame. Deliberate poisoning!

With prayers, care and compassion for humanity
Pauline Maria
Daughter of Lady Athena Sevastianou.

They are falling down...Look!

Seeing is believing. Yesterday I wrote about the police and how they have been obstructing progress. In the last 24 hours God is making it abundantly clear that he is the boss. No one can deny this any more. This is evidence! Do not turn a blind eye now!

The support network is torn down to look closer - a fire seems to have taken place. No doubt an insurance claim too. I am reminded of insurance claims by alleged arson attacks then the money pays for new buildings. Happened locally for sure although I have no details of this building here at Notting Hill Gate, west London.

Wikipeda writes "Notting Hill is an area in London, England, close to the north-western corner of Kensington Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea." I live in the north west now. A gate is an opening to enter land and residences.

There is a clear message that the steel support protecting buildings, even in the royal borough is being torn down by the force of nature is meant to be brought to our attention.

Just in the last few days there have been gales with scafolding being torn town in different parts of the world. These are the signs of the times - with floods reported too. Officials are Judged"

"Troubled waters: The harbour lighthouse at Seaham, County Durham, is engulfed as towering waves explode against the sea wall this morning, driven by gale force winds off the North Sea as a storm sweeps across Britain" - Read more Daily Mail link below.

In ancient timees Empires have fallen by God's instruction. Today globally 7 billion people are being taken into consideration. For too long people are suffering war and injustice. In my previos post, about the Holy Thorn Tree - the new tree had steel protection around it too - not the Royal Family! The wars in the Middle East is where the Christ family originate from!

"Old and New London, reports that the name derives from a manor in Kensington called "Knotting-Bernes,", "Knutting-Barnes," or "Nutting-barns",[5] and goes on to quote from a court record during Henry VIII's reign that "the manor called Notingbarons, alias Kensington, in the parish of Paddington, was held of the Abbot of Westminster." - Henry VIII set up Anglican church so he could marry his wives after he was angry because the Pope refused. Not a Holy Man who sees marriage as being sacred.

Being born in Thornton Heath, this is the location for Zion Road and Westimnster Court. Holy Mount Zion belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church where I am baptised into the Royal Priesthood - this is also relevant to Spiritual Calling and the Sovereign. Westminater Court is known by the Royal family of Government because the City of Westminster is where the Royal Courts of Justice is Located - This relates to the Queen of Divine Justice!

Royals do not all live in huge palaces collecting millions of pounds off the tax payer just in living expenses while there are homeless people living in the street. Queen Elisabeth has been turning a blind eye to this and to people from the Holy Royal bloodline suffering by her officals. England is spiritually blind.

Yesterday a tree was uprooted from within a garden boundary - the fence panel completely destroyed. The tree is from within the boundary in garden and unlikely to be replanted again. The removal men will take it away and a new fence put in its place.


The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire."
Matthew 3:7

The message is being given to share about the Great House - Yes the tree fell down and tt did not harm or injure anyone but it is a clear message with evidence to deliver and I had a dream last night to write by typing and share pictures so people can see!

The support network that protects corruption is being torn down everywhere. A tree ripped up by its roots in such a drastic way is saying the tree planted and planned for the future is not by God's Will. Queen Elisabeth II can decalare openly that she does not rule the world and neither does the Pope. We are ALL Servants to God.

INJUSTICE is inexcusable in God's Law and all these man made laws that have been made are voidable. A New Law is being Brought to the people that ensures the people are protected and also prevents corrupt officials working in public office.

Message to the police. If you cannot work serving the people and protect the people, leave the job. There are plenty of unemployed people who would value paid work being of service to the people. There will be no more lies in court by police either. The structure of how the court process must operate has been given to me.

There will be no more injustice or obstruction of justice anymore!

As the article says - 'It is a washout' it is time to clean up from the very top to the bottom. Make way for the New Way - HIGH Way!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Holy Thorn Tree Protected

The Holy Thorn has a delicate pretty white flower with a golden centre. Heart of Gold. White is representing the purity of the Holy Light of Christ. Pink is showing unconditional love. Notice how the delicate stems come from one centre to all directions. This is how the love of Christ is to everyone and everywhere wherever love is needed. From the heavenly realms, Christ is bringing his love to the earthly realms. This picture is taken from the established tree.

The Holy Thorn is sacred to the people and its situation in the English countryside is where people have gone to be in quiet contemplation and connected to the roots of history where this part of the world holds sacred. I read somewhre that every christmas a small twig is cut from the Holy Thorn tree to put on her table, perhaps to bring Christ to their home to join in their celebrations. No idea if this is true or not.

This is to show the signs of the times and how the Big Boss in heaven does not miss anything! He guided me to share this!

It was reported that vandal cut down the Holy Thorn. Notice even the cut down branches were left to die. Actually there is a Holy scripture that relates to cutting down and burning here.

"that you yourself have planted, this son you have raised for yourself. For we are chopped up and burned by our enemies. May they perish at the sight of your frown. Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand, Upon the son of man whom You made strong for Yourself. Then we will never abandon you again. Revive us so we can call on your name once more. Turn us again to yourself, O LORD God of Heaven's Armies. Make your face shine down upon us. Only then will we be saved." Psalm 80:15-19

The reason why it is named the Holy Thorn is because the origin has come from the Holy Royal Family dating back 2000 years. The Holy Thorn Tree is said to have sprouted from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea, who prepared the burial tomb for Jesus. This was planted in England when he travelled here.

The Holy Thorn tree bloomed Christmas and Easter corresponding these Sacred times. The desecrators hacked off the tree’s branches leaving a stump of a trunk. The tree is part of a sacred pilgrimage route walked by thousands of people throughout the world. Since the destruction people have gathered in prayer and sending positive vibrations even meditating. New growth appeared.

Two Branches face west and east to different parts of the world.

There are people who are aware of what is happening and in England there has been blocks to prevent people being empowered and the truth about all the abuses taking place being exposed. Not only injustice is rife, poisoned water and food, with genetically modified food with added toxins and the vaccines are just the start. Animals are violated too.

20 Mar 2012 – Queen Elizabeth II reaffirmed her dedication to serve in a speech to British lawmakers. On 1st April a new tree was planted with 'steel protection'. BBC Somerset reported that it was about six feet tall, with leaves coming off it and very healthy. Then in 24 hours it was broken down to be about a foot off the floor.

The Holy Thorn Tree is a Family Bloodline and the Throne of Christ - The Royal Crown. The Queen is custodian of the Crown!

God can see inside every heart and while Queen Elisabeth has had a long reign, it is quite clear he is not happy with what is happening. He has already given clear His instruction that must not be ignored, even by Queen Elisabeth who She took an Oath!

Isaiah 11:1-5 Branch From Jesse - King David's Father.

"A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—
the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord—
and he will delight in the fear of the Lord.
He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the needy, with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth;
with the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked. Righteousness will be his belt and faithfulness the sash around his waist."

Never doubt that God the Almighty one is the All Seeing and All Knowing. He is My Boss! He wants everyone to know Him!

We can all plant new trees and cultivate new growth to benefit everyone. All over the world people are connecting together in peace. Queen Elisabeth has not put wrongs right Yet and when ignored, God Speaks Louder! Divine Justice has arrived!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Police and Lost Leaders

On the 8th August 2011 Croydon in Greater London was set alight with fire. The people have been ignored fro too long. Money is being spent on war and promoting war - for anything other then what will serve and benefit the people. For too long keeping people down might be a deliberate move or due to lack of awareness to empower people. Governing officials to do their job can impact society in a positive way, or to their detriment.

It is the following video also I particularly want to invite everyone to watch. The above is before and below is the day afterwards with the clean up process. The following video is inspirational and people are uniting together in true community spirit - in friendship. The police need to be learning from this, not the people. The people are the teachers and inspirational leaders in our country - the officials have failed the people in so many different ways. The officials have violated people for too long and if officials knew the extent of this they would be mortified.

There is clear instruction with Zero Tolerance of abuse from any oathtaker towards people. Every public servant has an obligation to protect the people, not contribute to social problems.

The youth today, even the youngsters who have not attended school or for whatever reason, or have gone off the rails, there is tremendous talent to be found and gifted people. There is the seed of some skill that can be developed and put to a productive use. There is a desire to do something and this needs to be nurtured. For at least 40 years even what used to be youth clubs have closed down. People are deliberately kept down in England!

Boys and young men especially need to have their mind positively and productively focueed. I could write so much on this but in short, when busy, young men with surplus energy do not use their energy productively; can become restless. No one goes out and causes destruction without reason and there is always a root cause for everything. When males hit out, this is their acting out their inner process. The corrupt system that abuses people is not wanted in England or anywhere else. The fire destroyed it symbolically and literally. A New Queen Ship has been launched!

The police have created a bad reputation for theirselves for all their lies in court and corruption too. There have been too many ruffing up people and also trying to get people to lie on oath. There are people who have served long prison sentances based on lies and I am admanent to say now all these abuses are to stop immediately. Justice will be given to people without obstruction!

with an excalation of man made laws and police refusling to work for justice, they refuse to prosecute corruption by officials - this is inviting every officier to reveiw their reason for being in the job. Police is not about a wage - it is a vocation, where people in often distressing situations are relying on the police for help. This role carries great responsibility. This role requires a standard of respect to be shown to the people. This role requires an ethical standard and an example that must be built from the police by their manner, attitude and behaviour towards people.

Millions of people are struggling in Britian due to ill made decisons and priorities that have been misplaced. The people do not need to hae someone who is unable to funtion on their own initiative to do the right thing, to make decisions on their behalf. The people are the leaders in th is country. It is all the oathtakers who have been keeping people down and holding people back. The oathtakers have stolen from the people in so many different ways. The wars have been based on lies and injustice is rife. Enough is enough of this diabolical abuse. Warnings are given now!

This is a video to show officials it is from the people they must learn from and perhaps decide if they want to be a pubic servant or not. Less police, less courts, more money to invest in the people. It is for the police to learn, open their ears and eyes and decide if they are still human. Who do they serve - the Queen? Which Queen? Refusing to work for justice is rubbishing the Queen has been the cause to violate her coronation oath too.

On the 8th August 1959 is the day my parents married. In 2011 this would have been 52 years. I have known for quite a few yeras that 52 years was an important landmark in my life. Also 40 years I had to get past this timeline. I knew 52 is connected to Jesus Christ, how or why was not something I sought to find out.

A death was caused to these fires, so was the clean up and London rise rise again.....only because of the People. It might be an idea for the royal family to get their broomsticks out and join the people on the streets. The young ones are all party animals - their energy could be best served joining in with the people instead of putting on an act with the people. The people are waking up to the deception - multi-layered deception. Who are the lost sheep?

In one year alone, what was spent on international conflict of war could have funded Thee Hundred Years of United Nations Programes to benefit people. The War monger mentality and all the corruption taking place ends NOW! The £50 million a year the royal family have collected just in living expenses could be put to far more prodcutive use. So many people are homeless!

Ir ia astonishing that after being expected to wait for six hours, residents finally got the go-ahead to clean-up their streets. The police used this time on the crime scene but have refused to investigate crimes from corrupt officials. This just about says it all. There is a lack of real leadership in this country and that is to get those who are manning the ship to do their job properly, ethically and responsibly - showing respect to all people!

The people are the Leaders in this Country. And it is the People who have the intiative to make a difference in this world. Be inspired, learn from it and a message to MP's DO NOT PATRONISE people for being Human! Throw away the megaphone or get a scriptwriter like Tony Blair has that is carefully written!

Respect the People. Respect is given where merited!

A final video. A Message to Every Police officer, Go look in your Holy Bible in the last book of Revelation. Nothing is to be added or taken away from what is written. EVERY LAW Created by man is Null and Void! You are free to communicate with people as human beings and join humanity to preserve all that is good about our world. This starts with right relationships with the people. Thank you in advance for taking on board my recommendations.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Message from God to ALL Oathtakers.

There is actually a spiritual struggle in the world now.

Was it Jacob who wrestled with God? History repeating!

For many years there are human rights abuses, illegal wars, injustice and corruption is rife. Many millions of people are suffering globally and there are people waiting globally to bring and end to all these abuses. The New Law is to Empower people mentally, emotional intelligence and spiritually enlighten people.

This is being blocked by Man! Repent from wicked ways Now!

It is the role of responsibility of royals to uplift humanity not oppress people. Since the year 2000, people are waiting for the guided one to work in her Priestly and Royal duty. There has been an open calling for Global peace and healing need that is in so many different aspects, with so much unecessary suffering!

After hearing about Benjamin Fulford's lawsuit, there is justified concern about other threats. Every effort is taking place to block wars and implement positive changes. My loyalty is to Christ as my King, there is no one else who can replace him. I have been forced to speak out openly now - for the sake of humanity.

In England where the Monarchy reside, water is deliberately polluted with chemicals that damage the brain and bones. An ethical US expert found ingesting fluoride can cause cancer too. This was knowingly ordered and deliberately put in our drinking water. The vaccines that are 'experimental drugs' ordered by our government. The people in England are labeled 'commoners' - What is the label for those who decide genocide for profit?

Officials are violating God's name and abusing for too long. There are no excuses. There is no where to hide. One request to bring an end to legal corruption to is one request too many. Oathtakers you took your Oath! Lip service oathtakers are still accountable!

Remember what happend in Egypt! Moses warned the Pharaoh!

Do not bring God's wrath on innocent people. I have witnessed first hand it is officials who are the cause of the problems in society and within the system. Officials are destroying the Queen ship 'without care or conscience'. What little respect officials in Britain have for a Lady who invested HER TRUST in their Oath.

A combined effort to all who protects legal corruption and with every corrupt official in England have rubbished the Queen. Lawyers and police have even laughed to say they will never be prosecuted and 'everyone lies' - to then boast of many 'innocent people in prison' is diabolical. Shameful is an understatment.

The Queen took her Oath on the Holy Bible - Establishment officials in England have violated this and Rubbish her name!

I write openly because people are entitled to know the truth. The Queen will already know I am not blaming her personally although I have been instucted to confront this abuse repeatedly by the Almighty Himself and I know this affects her too. The Queen wrote to my mother personally and I have seen she is reserved but she still has feelings. It is the officials who need to be responsible for the error of their ways. Everyone is accountable in God's Law!

Will officials sit cheering if the Queen is humilated any more?

I know the reponsibility of the Coronation Oath because I took my Oath to God VERY Seriously and keep my promise. In 2003 this was compounded in a British Court of Law in front of three Barristers, a District Judge, a recorder and witnesses.

If I had to go to court just for the Oath, it was worth my suffering.

Yesterday I received a message from the Almighty God and share:

"I AM The Crown; the Life and the Universe. Do not let anyone abuse my name. You will do what you are told by me only and let no one boss you about - You will be called out to do a job - do it with smiles. Know I am with you always Pauline and you will always have a constant guide. Trust in me and I trust in you or you would not be speaking in this way to people. Many are watching you carefully. They do not agree with you but you are not here to be agreed with. You are here to give the truth to people, so they can decide to live the right way, with the right attitude, or continue to ignore my advice. People say they want the truth and then ignore the truth. You can continue sounding the horn and people will not listen because they are deaf and blind. This is an opening of doors now to prepare for what is to come. Everyone must be given a chance; so keep going and do what you are guided to do for mankind. You will succeed to change the status quo to realisations needed for change and acts of responsibilty. By the Authority and in the name of LORD God Almighty, Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Almighty Father of the Universe does not need anyone to Act for Him - HE is the Power. Humans who have not evolved are deaf to his instruction. Everyone has warnings. There are no more!

I trust what needs to be done, will be done, without any further injury to anyone, especially myself! Already I have suffered enough. Give my best regards to Queen Elisabeth II. She will understand why I did not write to her! She KNOWS who I am!

It is not up to me to tell the Queen how to do her job! I know what is expected from her! The Queen has passed her responsibility to her son and grandsons! Duke of Cambridge Serves with this!

Mr. Aggrey Orleans is still working in the legal profession and needs to tear up his diploma. No excuses with that abuser!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria
(Lady Athena Sevastianou's Daughter)

Triumph in Rome

Patience is a virtue.

"Triumph of Divine Providence." Palazzo Barbarini, Rome.

The painted ceiling depicts a swirling, angel-filled skyward vista that cleverly links the Barberini clan with the image of heaven.

"The subject of the central scene is that of the fresco as a whole, that is The Triumph of Divine Providence and the fulfilment of its ends under the papacy of Pope Urban VIII.

Providence, wrapped in a golden mantle and seated on clouds, her head surrounded by a halo of light to underline her divine nature, raises her right hand as a sign of command and holds a sceptre in her left.

Surrounding her are many figures that are closely linked to her and move at her sign. They include Purity, Justice, Mercy, Truth and Beauty. Below them is Chronos, or Time, naked and mighty, with great feathered wings, depicted in the act of devouring his children; on his right, further references to the fleeting nature of time and its incessant passing in the shape of the Three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, holding the thread of human existence.

To the left of Providence and moving at her command is Immortality, wrapped in fluttering drapery and holding a crown of bright stars above the great Barberini coat of arms depicted in the centre of the vault, thus crowning it with eternal glory."

The spiritually enlightened will understand. The ever faithful will know and Trust God. Sceptics are still confused. The fear mongers are still creating chaos. Non beleivers are clueless in all this.

Seeing the extent of how God is working in this world and how everything is planned before we are born, to the finest detail. Ever present, making what is not meant to be into what is meant to be - in His Divine Plan. Locations change, wars and battles with power stuggles have taken place; yet God Really Does Win in the end.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Scepter and Ruling with an Iron Rod

It is particularly enlightening to observe what is happening around the world in relation to how different people understand what they learn by reading, told or sold. So much misinformation, specualition and interpretion does not mean this is truth Too many people are filled with negative feelings towards people from a different culture and religion. Too many people are preaching and yet not seeking spiritual understanding to awaken and evolve.

There are people claiming to be Jesus Christ, Yahweh, King of Kings and one who claims she holds the sceptre declaring herself Queen of the South and Messenger of the Covenant. They are not!

Someone Spiritually Enlightened can enable other people with their enlightenment and so many people are claiming to be spiritual teachers today yet fundamental understanding and application of this is not in place. Today I want to explain about the Scepter and ruling with an Iron Rod to end the confusion.

Thousands of years ago, Moses led the people out of slavery from Egypt. All Moses had for protection was a wooden staff. Moses was given 'divine protection' and in maturity he was 'divinely guided' step by step. When he needed to deal with situations, this is how 'divine intervention' occurs. - It is important to understand this in context for what to expect in the future. With self mastery, you can also experience divine intervention to guide your life.

The story of Moses brings important lessons relevent for the present times. Moses asked the Pharaoh to free the people and because he refused, the staff represented proof to the Pharaoh that he had God's authority. The Pharaoh rejected the request and his ego stepped up to prove he had more power. God always gives people warnings and the chance to rectify the error or their ways. The person in authority is the decision maker over the people. If that person is allowing people to be abused, then it is the person in authority, who is responsible. God is the Protector of the People.

The Pharaoh was asked to free the slaves more than once yet would not repent. Moses staff (his scepter) turned into a snake when he put it to the floor - The Pharaohs ego rejected this as a sign from God and called his men to do the same. Other times water was turned to blood, frogs fell from the sky, plagues fell on Egypt too. It was only when the last plague took the life of the Pharaohs son that he agreed to let the people go. And when he did, still the Pharaoh's men came after the multitude with intention to kill them. At the edge of the sea and with these conditions, is the point Moses lifted up his staff and called out to God Almighty for help and the sea parted for the people to cross over to safety.

Moses instructed a human being, even though a Pharaoh King to repent. God was the Judge and HE decided the punishment necessary to bring the message for the Pharaoh to do right for the people. Moses was NOT the Judge - he was following guided instruction given by God Almighty! He was the High Priest King.

The reason why Moses left Egypt in the first place because he had killed a man and was filled with remorse. It is actually against God's law to kill anyone. His life purpose, experiences and learning were already preordained to the finest detail - even before he was born. Moses life experience was necessary to prepare him to Serve God full time for the rest of his life. Because of the authority given to him 'to save' the people, we understand Moses to be King and High Priest. The Torah was given to the people so they could continue to Know God and learn to listen to his guidance 'commandments' too. Who is being guided by God today?

Today people are in a state of preoccupation and living under oppressive and difficult conditions. Millions of people are trying to cope with every day life, they forget to reach up and speak to God, to ask Him to help them. There are officials who are abusing and exploting people, we have seen and heard of illegal wars over the years. Injustice is rife and so we are again at the time to show this needs to be addresse4d. Already injustice has been confronted three times and yet injustice has escalated. There is still refusal to put wrongs right. This is all timely to share so you can understand Divine Intervention of God and see for yourself.

There is a difference between dynastic and elected Kings. Dynastic is when the next in line rules on the throne. Elected Kings have been decided from a lineage and chosen for suitability for the job. Then there is King by Divine Right. Moses and Jesus Christ were both Kings by Divine Right - they were both High Priest and King. Because Jesus Christ was born without the seed of a man - he was miraculously created by God to be King of Kings deliberately!

God always makes it abundantly clear who He has Chosen. The Virgin Mary was Chosen and Born into a SPECIFIC Lineage to show people, He is the Boss. One reason Mary has been seen as a Goddess is because even at the time, there will have been signs in the heaven of her birth too. The Virgin Mary was by Divine Right Chosen Queen Mother of humanity as an individual and this was compounded as so with the birth of her son, Jesus Christ. As Mother of Humanity - Mary would have been Empress over the Global Empire. Notice the Scepter, Crown and Holy Dove!

Today Queen Elisabeth II is holding the Iron Rod today. This is the scepture given to the person who is recognised as having authority by God to govern the people. The scepter is to ensure rightousness in Justice and acknowledges Divine Justice. The power of authority given by God is not to abuse people. Not everyone understands the Queen has obligations to fulfill and so do ALL her Oathtakers. The New Queen will be taking her commandments, meaning 'instruction' from God to deal with every situation that she is faced with. The will be instructed with the NEW Law given by God too. As Moses has written the Torah, The New Queen will bring the Written Law from God to the people.

Without wealth or an army both Moses and Jesus Christ walked alone and guided the people. Not everyone listened. Jesus Christ was meant to travel where he travelled and speak to the people who had not recieved God's Wisdom. When Moses went up Mount Sinai he was given the Ten Commandments written in stone. The Torah is the first five books of the Old Testament included in the Holy Bible. Everyone can read and learn from this. Nothing is hidden from anyone. Seeking the truth you will find the truth.

People ask why Jesus Christ did not write anything down. The reason is because he spoke the Word of God, his Father as instructed to him. Jesus Christ also opened the Torah to show people the message that related to them. He was is the physical vehicle that God Almighty, His Father had chosen to bring His Truth to the people. He showed people how to communicate with His Father directly - the Father of the Universe. With this truth people are set free from oppression, slavery and man made rules.

What is relevant for today's understanding is in relation to ruling with a rod of Iron. In ancent times people have been treated terribly cruelly. Today Queen Elisabeth II holds the Sceptre and Orb and you will see it is a METAL ROD! Queen Elisabeth II has taken her Oath in 1953 to Serve God and govern the people, with Mercy and Justice. She does not go around threatening people or ordering people to bow down to her. This is certainly not what God wants or expects. She does not order anyone to convert relgion or die and this has happened in history.

Today Muslims and Christians eagerly wait for Jesus Christ to return where he will Rule with an Iron Rod. The Iron Rod is the same and is a reminder that he will rule with fairness and Justice for all. There should be no war or injustice now.

Until Jesus Christ returns, the Throne of David must be occupied. Today Queen Elisabeth II is custodian of the Crown and she is representing the Bride of Christ. This allows us to see the Queen is working in partnership with Christ and God Almighty together.

The Pope also has a scepter as Bishop of Rome and he has the role of spiritual leader to Catholics around the world. God is for all people, not just one set of people. Ecumentical Patriarch His Holiness Bartholomew is paving the way to bring everyone together in Peace and with Justice too. His Holiness Bartholomew is the spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians around the world. Ecumenical means universal and pertains to the whole world. A lot of work is taking place to bring Global Peace and bring people back to God again. Promises have been given to people!

Until Jesus Christ returns, God always has representatives on this earth and this is to Protect the people. The Rod of Iron is not be beat people down, but to protect and uplift humanity. The authority to confront wrongs and bring people to a place where rectification of the error of ways is not easy. Many officials think they are above the law and Queen Elisabeth II has a problem with her oathtakers boasting of abusing and exploiting people.

The New Queen is expected be Divinely Inspired and guided by God. She will be Queen Mother of Humanity. She will be working in Partnership with Christ and God Almighty who is Her Boss. You may notice on the Statue of Liberty a Book - this is the Law given to the people in the ancient times. The torch shows this lady was Spiritually Enlightened Crowned Queen by Divine Right.

Being a Royal is not an ego trip. Being a Servant of God great responsibility. Decisions made, even the delivery and intention of what we say and write will impact other people. The Universal Law of cause and effect apply. It is totally irresponsible for anyone to claim to Be Queen and King and say they have the power to Judge 'people' especially to Judge nations and speak of the downfall on nations of people. There are many examples around today show how abuse of power has caused great suffering. Even reckless actions by officials show that it is these people who are the cause of an escalating mess. A mismanaged government is an understatement. However, God ALWAYS put wrongs right!

Jesus Christ is with pure love and pure intention in his heart. When seen with a wooden staff and given the authority to represent God on this Earth, this cannot be denied by anyone. The shepherds tend to the sheep to guide them home. Humility and being able to guide people is expected. Jesus Christ was a wonderful teacher to enable people to realise higher consciousness. We are in a time of renewed spiritual understanding. In the same time people are now reviewing their values and people are coming together in harmony!

As above so below. The Trinity is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. The three work together and are connected as One. The Queen is an intercessor to God as are spiritual leaders. Praying for people, for Global peace and healing is not a crime. The understanding of why anyone is given the authority by God is important to realise in context and the most important thing to remember - God is not for one set of people and not for another.

Here is an ancient coin showing Athena with the Scepter and notice the detail too with the olive wreath. The rejection of the ancient divinely inspired Kings and Queens is reflected in society today. Throughout the ages the truth has been given to people and perhaps people are now ready to understand that in ancient times people were spiritually enlightened to uplift people. Jesus Christ brought the understanding for people and showed The Way.

Seek the truth and you will find understanding. There are many layers of understanding and our learning is never ending. The All Seeing and All Knowing is absolute. We do not have knowledge of all things but we can learn with sincere heart. What we are meant to know will be revealed so we can gain understanding.

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

The Elect Lady of Zion and Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, a fortress-like building stands south of the Old City’s Zion Gate. Nearby soars the bell tower of Hagia Maria Sion Abbey (formerly the Abbey of the Dormition), a Benedictine monastery.

During the Byzantine period, Emperor Constantine built the Hagia Sion (Holy Zion) in Jeruslaem. It was regarded as the Mother of all Churches. In AD 614 it was destroyed by the Persians. Not good!

The Dormition Abbey is known as the place of the Last Supper and said to be where the Virgin Mary died. The Virgin Mother Mary is still lovingly remembered as Queen of Palestine and Queen of Zion.

This is Divine Providence. Pope Bemedict XVI - his motto is 'The Glory of the Olive' a symbol of Peace. The Olive tree is the gift Athena gave to the people. My two Great aunties were Benedictine Nuns. The cross I have from my Greek Grandmother is Byzantine and we are connected to Constantine. The confusion in the present time has been created by wars and division of people in different faiths. In recent years the churches are uniting in peace, relecting my prayers and united effort to assist Global Peace and healing.

The Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem is also known as the "Σιωνίτις Εκκλησία" pronounced Sionitis Ecclesia - the Church of Zion. We do NOT promote war with any people whatsoever!

The Blessed Mary was the Elect Chosen Lady to be Queen Mother for all humanity. Today Mary is still loved all over the world and millions of people feel a profound spiritual connection with her.

The connection with Mary and Zion is important to understand in context. The war mongers make divisions between people. Living in England, Laws were made to prevent foregin titles being used here - this is just priceless. WE in the Christ family have suffered enough of the abuse by the 'oathtakers' who are self serving!

I read recently there is a Greek Orthodox Chapel in Buckingham Palace. Strange how this is not common knowlege to the people in England. The Greek Orthodox church is relevant to the Crown!

In ancient times the lineage passed from mother to daughter. A rise of spiritual people Guided in Truth are speaking about Sophia (meaning Holy Wisdom) The Divine Feminine and a growing movement have been invoking the Goddess for intercession, upliftment and healing. The spiritual alchemist is active in so many different ways to uplift humanity - both men and women!

Ave Maria is a timeless song touching peoples hearts globally.

Buckingham Palace should know if Jesus Christ is King and Head of the Greek Orthodox Church then Charles or William can never take his place! And Jesus Christ is my King - I Know Christ is Risen!

In ancient times the Queen was anointed by God to maintain a direct relationship with Him. As in ancient times and the present day, God will always make sure the people know HIS Truth! If there is to be God's government on earth, then Charles or William are not 'anointed by God' by the All Seeing and All Knowing One!

People all over the world need to wake up to what is happening. Stop the hatred, the fighting, the wars, the bashing of people from different faiths and unite together as one humanity. It is the people at the top who are creating wars for their own agendas.

The Holy Orthodox Church are busy promoting Global Peace and bringing people together in peace - We are a universal Church and while wars have happened in history, there is no excuse today. Millions of people are now uniting together in peace. All the ladies who are spiritually guided with unconditional love are assisting healing with the energy flowing in their heart. LOVE IS Powerful.

The Virgin Mary reached into peoples hearts. Princess Diana also touched peoples hearts. My mother touched peoples hearts and inspired people as a courageous lady. My grandmother and I shared the most loving bond - If we know love we can share love with other people. More than anything our world needs love.

The Virgin Mary inspires motherhood and unconditional love. She was a source of Holy Wisdom within her own being and also through her child who was the anticipalted New Born King. Through the lineage of the Virgin Mary, mother of humanity, women have genetic memory and can heal to share there unconditional love too. We must keep this love flowing now!

"The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in the truth; and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth; because of the truth, which lives in us and will be with us forever: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father's Son, will be with us in truth and love. it has given me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us. And now, dear lady, I am not writing you a new command but one we have had from the beginning. I ask that we love one another. And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love." 2 John 1:1-6

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Arabs and Jews - is this possible?

A Picture says a thousand words. The children are the leaders and teachers of tomorrow. Children know their own mind and heart.

I will do everything I can to assist Global Peace and healing. Now we need to address the decision makers at the top. For far too long war and fighting over territory has been allowed. The problem has been identified - the solution too. The authorities know the truth!

The people who claim to be beleivers, need to go read their holy books with a spiritual heart and remember, God did not say one people are more superior than another. The reason why promises were made was to ensure that everyone would always have a home. The divine plan is unfolding today. Step foward in peace. Jews and Arabs are cousins - We are one family and one humanity.

Together we can make peace happen and live in harmony together on this planet. It takes willing hearts and we cannot change the past. We can learn from the past and make sure we never repeat painful lessons. Give the children a chance to know peace!

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Who Rules the World?

This is the truth - No man rules this world. No woman either.

God Almighty is ruler of this world and the entire universe. Just because you cannot see Him, does not mean He is ordering in a disordered world. God does not have ego or desire or self serving. He has no interest to keep people down or to take from people either. God does not see one person as more superior than another either. Roles of responsibility have been forgotten.

In every generation there have been a mediator between God and Man. While there are people who beleive there is no other messenger of God, then we must ask - why do these same people lack awareness of the instruction by God given to all people.

Throughout the ages, people have been instruments to impart God's Wisdom. Sophia means Holy Wisdom. Women have been chosen to be the givers of life - women carry the seed that develops into a living breathing human being in their womb. Women nurture life from within their being and in the world. Women have been chosen to fulfill the Divine Plan for women are co creators, something that hs not been fully understood.

For a long time there have been elected kings. There have also been kings by conquest. If they do not declare God as the boss and acknowledge their role as servant to God, then they might be ruling by ego. There are today a few males are trying to be recognised as royals and even see theirself as being King of Kings - eager to get in a position of power. If any royal is by divine right a King or Prince, they are already instruments to bring positive change in this world - any crowning, ceremony and adoring people does not change this. Jesus Christ and his mother Mary, did not wait until they got approval to help people. The hunger for royal status today invites questions why? Look at agenda!

Kingship is one that completely obeys God's Will not their own. The Chosen Queenship is one that carries people safely. If God rules the world we must ask why are there people who are in position of rulership and law keepers. This is because at any one time there has always been a representative of God on this earth. When the law keepers are law breakers, this is time for change!

Why are we here?

We are born to heal, learn lessons, grow and evolve spiritually. We are all here for a greater purpose - not just to eat, work, play, sleep and die. We are not even here to make money to self indulge. We are born to realise our spiritual wholeness so we can experience our spiritual calling here. For a soul to incarnate, we need a physical body. For this body to live, we need take care of it. We need nourishment; not punishment. Enough soul destruction!

In this time there are people in oppressive conditions who have been allowed to suffer. Nurturing is needed. There are people who are living on lands and yet they have nothing to eat. It is unclear who is preventing food being planted, trees to grow and animals to roam. Without plant life, fruits and vegetables what are the bees to pollinate? When the birds do not visit to carry the seeds - we can only rely on wind, and human hands to spread this. Without trees oxygen diminishes. We must plant trees to sustain all life.

Without birds and bees life cannot be sustained. We hear about the birds and the bees as children, how many people are taught about their role in nature and to nurture nature for suvival? Life is not producing children, we must learn to sustain and maintain life.

Our body is made up of a large percentage of water - without water our physical body will die. Water has been deliberately chemically polluted and these toxins are not only detrimental to our health they are brain damaging too.

People who are instruments of God are inspired in different ways. One has been to bring clean water to people. This is not for money as a priority - this is about a need to sustain life. As a child I visited the natural spring in Malvern and said then then this water should be bottled because it was so pure. Years later while socialising people laughed because I was drinking water and I said one day you will do the same 'and pay for it'. The laughs became louder - then one day driving in a car with the same friend, a truck pulled in front of us. Evian Water. We went to eat and HE ORDERED BOTTLED WATER! It was not Free! Did he get it? No!

Backwards spelled Evian means Naive. Today there are those who are making an absolute profit on water....a free resource. There are people today who are already calculating the profit they will make from water and those trying to sell their own brand label. The greed factor mentality is escalating and it is time to stop.

Nikola Tesla another Orthodox Christian was inspired to bring light to everyone. He was technically minded and had many patents. He died a poor man living alone. He had no children because he was never married. He chose to be celibate and this is not unusual for Orthodox who are spiritually enlightened. It was not his intention for people to pay for electricity and light. Remember God said: Let There Be Light and there was light!

"Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs, the future, for which I really worked, is mine." -Nikola Tesla

Today billions of people are paying for lighting that should be a free resource. People are tied to contracts and metered for their usage. The voidable contracts are those that you have not agreed to. For this reason in the last few years there are electricity suppliers knocking on peoples doors to offer a slightly cheaper deal. It is to secure you to another contract. It could be the corproations are owned by the same people.

As the awareness has been brought to the people's attention openly now. There is a growing amount of people who are getting the understanding of Free Energy and yet many people are not getting it at all. Free means no cost. We are paying for poison!

Benjamin Fulford has been speaking about HIS vision to help humanity. It seems His vision is limited and this might be because of self serving interest. Suing bankers for trillions of dollars - maybe he wants in his own bank. He wants to 'sell' the idea of Free Energy to people, namely electricity and spoke of five year contracts! Again profit is indentified. He is not looking at the bigger picture and blind to enlightened minds. He has indicated threats and I hope people will not be involved in any more wars. The world had enough of Men who conquest with WAR!

There are a growing number of wind farms. Owned land allows profit; yet what is FREE cannot be sold. Electricity contracts can be made null and void when people have not made a contractual agreement. This explains those who are busy trying to sign people up to new contracts. Here in England financial slavery is escalting with increased man made laws and fines. As above so below - society is self serving now. Greed is bringing people to a standstill.

The coal mines were shut down becuse Gas would be more profitable 'with contracts'. Add maintanance costs of boilers and householders paying out insurance to cover for being fixed up to £200 a year - plus other insurances, insurance is big business too. Has it ever occurred that the insurance companies are owned by the same people too? Profit paid by the poor people.

People think they are covered with insurance and the call out cost with a repair can cost £150 - People are being taken as fools. A monster has been created because of greed and self serving.

After witnessing someone walk out of a store with a pile of fillet steaks - estimated cost £40, the security man said he is not allowed to physically stop anyone or he could be sued. He said the store employs him for insurance purposes. When shoplifters go to court, the insurance pays the legal fees and they are not cheap. Here in England, people in business are penalised in so many different ways. Success is blocked. Industry is closing down and the bills keep rising. Our shops are filled with clothes manufactured in developing countries - bought for pennies and sold for even 1000% profit. Billionaire Phillip Green owns several high street stores. At least he employs a lot of staff.

Some time back I found a website stating Queen Elisabeth II has a personal wealth of serveral billion pounds. After posting the two websites, both were removed from the internet. Ha - the effort to hide the truth is Exposed. In another website the lineage of both Harry and William were published both on the mothers side and fathers. Those who are protecting their intersts removed that too. Surely there is nothing to hide? The All Seeing and All Knowing does not miss anything which is why this came to my attention!

The British royal family take around £50 million every year just for living expenses - yet there is so much they are expected to do and do not. I could do a lot with £50 million a year income!

The Queen can make a decision to cancel all debts. She can decide bring an end to all wars and manufacturing of weapons. She can give all land back to God as the owner of everything - she could stop all the fines that are being given to people for even parking cars and it is DISGUSTING to fine old ladies for dropping a piece of cotton on the floor. This is how low British officals stoop for profit.

A basic human right is every child has a right to go to school and learn and the same applies for adults too. No one should be obstructing anyones development, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. The costs to go to university are so high now - limiting people to study. Many people take out loans and get into debt to gain their degree - So the educational establishment gains and the bank gains too. As jobs present criteria for degrees, this eliminates the people who cannot afford to study or who refuse to get into debt. Those who fall into the trap become slaves to the system - with the cost of living rising and housing costs, people are living beyond their means to survive. This problem is escalating!

There are rules about debt and not to incur debt. No one has any obligation to pay anyone elses debt. A financial war has been created out of greed by the bankers assisted by governments and allowed by the Queen. As long as there are wars between those who control territories, more profit is made because the weapons manufacturing business pays - not a billion dollar busibess but a multi trillion dollar business. Surely people should be saying by now - it does not make sense why trillions of dollars is being spent on war - yet there are people who are homeless and without food?

When shares are owned by the government and the focus is political (financial) interests then there could quite likely reveal the problem. Instead of seeing someone as the enemy and blaming new Presidents for the previous ones, see the truth of what is happening. Why on earth would anyone want to bow down to some royal, when royals are not superior beings.

I can not imagine a World Government being formed for William or Charls to rule the world. Compare the intelligence of Prince Alwaleed and both William and Charles look pale shadows in comparison. Prince Alwaleed, a self made international businessman who uplifts his people yet he is not a King. This is an example of what is expected from ALL ROYALS - to make things happen, to give and to uplift people. Royals SERVE the people!

The Rule of Law is to prevent abuses to people. It is not the role of any Royal to be self serving. A life of comfort and ease might be provided however there are expectations. There is nothing stopping any royal from making money however examination of how money is made is noted by the All Seeing and All Knowing!

Prince Alwaleed created Kingdom Holdings. He is chosen in the divine plan to assist change. A visionary and with sharp intelligence assessing situations and making decisions. He knows the meaning of responsibility and accountability. If he makes the wrong decision, he accepts the consequences. Prince Alwaleed demonstrates to build an Empire is making the right decisions and to invest. It is His investment that reaps dividends. Prince Alwaleed is eager to bring changes to the law so women can drive and not have to hide behind the veil. Women do not wear the veil inside His Kingdom. Obstruction to bringing an end to so many human rights abuses, is because to change the law, can only come from someone who is Guided by God in the Islamic world.

Empowering women in the Middle East is high up on the agenda along with other important areas that need to be addressed Empowering women in the West is also a priority and assisting healing where there is a healing need. This is happening!

Prince Alwaleed is a Man of faith and takes his religion very seriously. Everything is by God's Will.

"My tongue will tell of your righteous acts all day long, for those who wanted to harm me have been put to shame and confusion. " Psalm 71:24

The reason why God has a representative on earth is to bring an end to all the abuses that are taking place, especially in His name. Ending injustice is a priority. So many issues are a priority and even if there is obsructing IN ENGLAND to bring an end to these abuses, they are being brought to an end anyway.

So where do we go from here?

The world must be returned to God in Order to be restored. A government run by true believers who FEAR GOD, will be less likely to make decisons to people's detriment. A government is supposed to be taking care of the people and their needs. This will be a testing time for athiests. There is no room for lip service beleivers in official roles. Actions speak louder than words.

There has been refusal from England to bring an end to all the human rights abuses - Charles and William cannot take the crown because Queen Elisabeth II has violated her oath - She has been shamed by her officials! The corrupt lawyers and police who refused to work for justice were asked to do so by myself.

Will Prince Alwaleed rule the world? No! God rules the world, Always has and always will! We are in comparison of very limited intelligence, however there are great minds and selfless people who are dedicated to serve, to enable humanity to progress. The blocks to this must be removed now! No one is a slave!

Also promises made in the Holy Bible cannot be ignored.

"As for Ishmael, I will bless him also, just as you have asked. I will make him extremely fruitful and multiply his descendants. He will become the father of twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation." Genesis 17:20

Ishamel had 12 Sons. The name Ishmael means "God has hearkened", suggesting that "a child so named was regarded as the fulfillment of a divine promise"

For those who say there is no God - think again. We live in a massive universe with countless other planets. To think we are the only life on this universe is very arrogant indeed! The ancients had understanding. Our soul has understanding. The effort to turn people away from God has been one that has been deliberate and excused so many abuses for far too long. This will be no more!

As long as there are true beleivers and those who know there is a higher power, those who thrive in darkness cannot get their hold. No Man has the right to rule over God! Remember ancient Egypt!

As time progresses, the Divine Plan will contine to unfold.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Seeing The Light

The people who are learning how everything is connected are also awakening to divine providence too. Nothing is coincidence!

A couple of months ago I had a vision of Jesus Christ returning towards earth on a 'White Horse. The image above does not reflect the brightness of my experience - the image further down the page does. My vision was was evidently an experience I was meant to share. One of my facebook friends wrote to say she had a dream of Jesus returning too. She wrote this "I saw Jesus flying on a white horse, with a sword, gladiator sandals with some spades. Then, I saw a woman, leading Jesus Army. Finally, the woman will attack the pope. :):):)♥♥♥. Peace to all nations. Adi."

My sharing is to show Validation of similar experiences. Adi's dream did not feel as if the lady would literally attack the Pope. However, her dream is indicating a woman will lead the people of the Church Jesus Christ is King. A New Queen will be crowned.

For some years I realise, I hold the keys to assist unity and peace. Fate brought my parents together for a reason. I am in a unique position. Jesus Christ is head of the Greek Orthodox Church, where I as baptised. My father came from the Catholic church. Both his aunties made a commitment to be Benedictine Nuns.

The current Pope is Benectict XVI Gloria Olivae - The Glory of the olive. His motto is "Co-worker of the Truth." What is particularly revealing with the Benedictine Nuns connected to the Catholic Church, Athena being my mother's name and Greek Orthodox too, it was Goddess Athena who gifted the Olive tree to the people.

The Olive branch is symbolic with peace offering and also we must not forget the story of Noah and the ark during the great flood. "When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth. " Genesis 8:11

Saint Malachy was born in Amagh Ireland in 1094 was an ordained priest had a series of visions about 112 Popes from Celestine III, elected Pontiff in 1130 until the last Pope who is described in his list as Peter Romanus. The final prophesy is being given here to consider. (In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Petrus Romanus (meaning Rock from Rome) who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.)

The present day situation is revealing. With the churches uniting together 'in peace' I believe this is a good thing. There is One God and to bring people together to set an example of Unity with God is a positive. In this present time there is interfaith dialogue and promoting of religious tolerance. People need to be careful of enduring differences. Seek what unites humanity in harmony which is a far more productitve focus. It would also serve everyone to ask God to reveal the truth and this is one of the major lessons in the present time. Seek the light, not darkness!

What is being revealed to me is a connection with Israel (Jacobs familiy), Egypt, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Also In a previous article I showed how France, Egypt and America are also connected with Greece. Already I know in Ancient times the Emperor and Empress were divinely inspired and the Israelites came out of Egypt. Also I was shown two Hebrew midwifes saved the life of the Israelite Jewish babies. They were blessed by God and married into the priestly Levitical Royal family. I am sensing these women came from a previous royal lineage too.

In my previous article Message to Israel, I showed the Greek Orthodox Chapel and Monstery at Mount Sinai, which is based in Egypt, South of the Oasis. America is also possession of the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. In another aricle I was lead to discover there is also a 'Beverly Hills' in Egypt too. None of this is coincidence and we are meant to see this. There is much more.

In an article titles Eye in the Sky this was to remind people of the the All Seeing and All Knowing Eye. This was April 1st. On the 3rd a friend posted an image of what looked like an eye in the sky - the sun with an aura around. There are a few on the internet and I did not source this and write another article so am including this here.

A few days later I encountered a disturbing women on the internet who beleives she is the messenger of the covenant and Queen of the South and yet she is bashing the Orthodox Priests...She reveals herself to be a fraud with this. After everything that has been revealed to me even with family, I did consider she might be credible and held back of writing here. Instead I asked in prayer what to do and I heard clearly she is misleading people...

Following my inner guidance I took a screenshot photograph from Google Maps to share as evidence! The Light of Lights revealed!

Being specifically guided to a particular road in Hollywood Hills - This is connected to my brother. His daughter's name translates to Holy Lamb. The area is in Santa Clarita - meaning being clear, bright, illuminates and famous. One thing for sure the Light of Jesus Christ is famous and what I am guided to share with everyone. We know the Holy Lamb of God is Jesus Christ and sharing these connections is to remind you that the truth will be revealed to you. All you have to do is 'Ask and you will be given!' Keep searchhing and you will find the answers...The Way.

The road name meaning 13 is connected; with 13 stars on the US Flag I connected this to the 13 children of Jacob (Israel) 12 sons and one daughter. Also a Wedding - bringing family together? We know there is conflict with Israel that needs to be resolved. To protect people's privacy, I have not identified the address.

My family have descended from the Christ family on my mothers side, however it would be quite extraordinary if my neice and nephew have descended through their mother to the family of Israel too. That I cannot answer....Bringing people together in Peace Globally is my intention and to assist healing where I can.

Seek the truth, seek validation and walk in peace - war brings pain.

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Truth Seekers Can Find The Way

So much confusion is compounded with misinformation by people with a self serving agenda. If we want to know truth of anything, we must seek the truth, not make up what suits. Today people are awaking about history being re-written, one reason is presented another is for spiritual understanding. It is not easy connect the dots if we do not have the right information to understand. Being born in family that covers much of Europe and Middle East, also feeling a spiritual connection with Asia, particularly India makes it far easier to understand over time, why at different times, spiritual understanding has been given to people. One lesson being given in this era, is to seek validation for everything, with open mind!

To understand present day politics when spiritually inclined is like comparing oil and water. Two different substances can sit side by side but not mix. When spiritual values are with love and politics with aggression - there is conflict. We are at a point to marry the two side by side to be beneficial for everyone. Politics should not be about gaining money and profit as a priority. The government of a territory should be providing for the needs of the people. Law courts should not be about profit, but to ensure fair and righteous remedy takes place so people can move on with their lives.

In history there have been attempts to hide the truth, sometimes out of total ignorance but also by those who are hungry for power. Everything that has happened is already written in the Holy Scriptures. The DaVinci Code has brought the search for the Holy Grai to the public eye. This has opened the minds about another Royal Princess, with a French Connection. No coincidence this is a well known brand name, also French People have a bond with American people. France and America are connected with Ancient Greece and Egypt. In the ancient times the Pharaoh Queen in Egypt was Greek. It is possible that Mary Magdalena came from a royal lineage herself. The scriptures at the time were authored in Greek. Instead of making something fit witout evidence, we must 'see' what is already available and keep seeking the truth. We will also find important information in the Holy Scriptures.

With what is happening in the world we are meant to understand. What is happening for years in the Middle East is inviting everyone to look back in history to ancient times and learn from this, because what is relevant about history is meant to be known. With wars for occupations, earthquakes and other castrophes, leave evidence of ruins, nothing completely disappears from history. Evidence of genealogy records and official documents related to land and property might still be held by the ruling authority. Today even the census allows authorities to trace genealogy. With occupations, many people are displaced and relocated. New cities and towns created in the memory of home and people build. There is much more that is relevant to know because I am being shown how every thing is connected. This is a realisation people must see for theirself. Everything has been predestined.

Taking into consideration, just what is happening in 10 years, I can appreciate why globally people wait for the anointed one. The responsibility of this role is huge because it is one thing to be guided by God in our every day life, it is another to govern; and be a spiritual teacher. Many people are guided by the Holy Spirit today, even if they do not realise this. People are being inspired creatively, technically and architectually. With raising consciousness, people can self heal, be their own counsellor and guide, instead of seeking other people's opinions or seeking their guidance. In my own experience, I seek the truth from within and validation externally. No one can give this to me. Many years study and academic training provided a theoretical understanding of certain subjects because I am motivated to learn!

Last year I discovered Nashville America houses a replica of the Athena Temple. The Statue of Liberty is attracting interest with people wondering who this lady is. What is most important is what she represents and why she is standing! Liberty and Freedom in Greek is Eleftheria. Eleftheria is the name of my Mother's sister and Great Grandmother. My Mother's cousin and aunt are named Athina. Christina Onnassis named her daughter Athina. Both my Aunt Athina and daughter both have a look of Christina (meaning Christ Athina) This could be inherited from Aristotle. Aris (Aristotle) is the name of my Cousin - Eleftheria's Son.

When I heard Aristotle Onnassis sold the Koulourakia recipie from Smryna, I realised he sold the family cookie recipe. My grandmother would be smiling that the cookies are enjoyed by millions of people. The connection we all share as family in Smyrna is through the Greek Orthodox Church.

The focus of most importance is 'Smyrna' city which is identified in the Book of Reveleation in the Holy Bible.

I have no records of history or birth records - just connecting the dots to what I know, what is relevant and other information being revealed to me. I have never been told my Grandmother's maiden name. Today we are around 300 million Orthodox Christians united as one spiritual family, even if not connected in person. If people knew the truth about history in context, everyone who has condemned Christians would feel ashamed. Everyone who is rubbishing the Orthodox Priests Will eat their words. Despite everything that has happened in history, Orthodox Christians are people of peace in their heart. Walking in Spirit in Union with God keeps us going, when our world is crashed down by those who thrive by greed, hunger for power and destruction.

Geography is not my strong point. Google maps makes locations easier to place in perspective (so thank you Google) While I see the world as whole, when I want to understand anything, even a location, my mind acts like a radar zooming in closer. When I want to see the bigger picture I am ajusting accordingly. Connecting information together, we must have the right information to start with. What we SEE is relevant and what is hidden behind this too. When we try to understand we open our mind to greater perception. Even names and place have meaning. Numbers have a meaning too. We can recieve information in so many different ways, even in our dreams. Dreams were considered to be sacred messages from the Gods. We can also ask in prayer to be guided to what we need to know. Many insights came to me in this way.

"And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you." Luke 11:9

Last year I was feeling overwhelmed listening to Muslims and Christians in a supremacy battle. That night I had a dream and Prophet Muhammad appeared in this. The following day, I discovered St Catherine's Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinia has a copy of a signed letter from Prophet Muhammad with several signatures. The copy of this was sent to Turkey and while it has disappeared, the fact is, I trust the Orthodox Faithful Patriarchs who are Guardians of the Truth. One promise Muhammad made is that Muslims will Always protect Christians and never prevent a Christian woman who marries a muslim, to continue in her faith. The Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinai ensures that God's Truth is Never forgotten, for this Holy mountain is where Moses recieved the 10 commandments.

Saint Catherine's Greek Orthodox Monastery, Mount Sinai - South of the Oasis, Egypt.

On the top of Mount Sinai a small chapel that has been built. For all the people claiming to be royal Princes, Princess Kings, Queens and even King of Kings on the internet, I wonder how many people know all this! I wonder how many of these people are Orthodox Christians? If people are claiming to be King or Queen by divine right, how many of these people are able to show how God is bringing everything together and point out the truth to people. HOw many people can demonstrate prayers being answered and how. How many people can say truly they have a personal relationship with God and show how they are guided by God? How many people know what happened to th early Christians?

How many people even speak of Mount Sinai and know the Greek Orthodox Church is Patriarch of Jerusalem, Syria, Palestine, Jordan River, Cana of Galilee and Mount Zion? How many people know that the Greek Orthodox Church holds America as its possession - meaning America has been Protected by God. How many people know that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and head of the Orthodox Church and so no other King can rule over him or change the Law that God has given!

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. " Revelation 22:16

Instead of arguing with people, keep seeking the truth because this will reveal something relevant to you too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria