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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Barack Obama

Earlier I was writing about the movement of time and what is happening in the world. There are still many issues that need to be addressed in the present time, to pave the way for the future. In the greater scheme of things everything is happening in a timely way and time is going to reveal everything. People who are awake and aware are busy doing what they need to do and completing what needs to be done. This is a time where creative individuals are flowing with inspiration to be shared with everyone.

Who is Barack Obama? Michelle Obama and her husband Barack were my focus earlier today, writing to put Barack Obama to the side because it is timely to acknowlege the light that Michelle shines as an individial in her own right. Some time ago, someone asked me what I thought about the Obamas and to behonest, I had never given them any thought before. My focus is on the need of the people and identifying concerns that need to be dealt with. That day a video caught my attention and I listened to Michelle engaging with people, she was encouraging too. From there I watched another video where she was doing pressups with Ellen - Michelle is showing many different aspects to her nature as a human being, wife and mother. We are not void entities - Everyone is much more than what meets the eye.

It is quite obvious that Michelle is a rock and support to her husband in his career. In the same way, it is evident that Barack encourages his wife in her chosen direction. As individuals and as a team, both people are instrumental in the divine plan. The Obama family all serving as a reminder of a united family.

The Obamas hold united marriage together in a evidently strong relationship. When we witness close family and a loving couple, this is sending a very clear message to the people about husband and wife loving each other and supporting each other. In every relationship there will be good times and bad; trials and challenges. Both Barack and Michelle have shown the human side of their nature, their willing to try and to learn from experience and have the ability to laugh at theirselves. Both have shown to be conscious and conscientious about raising their children.

The signs of the times are showing us what we need to know. There is every opportunity for people to learn from what they see and witness with other people. We are living in a time where people are waking up and making responsible decisions. Everyone is learning different life lessons. We must prioritise what is important.

There is an urgency for people to be empowered and yet for so many years, people have been expected to conform and perform. My first thoughts when seeing Barack on the stage 'strutting his stuff' - I wondered how he will mellow with his years, knowing how every challenge forces us to grow. I did not see Barack as a puppet who is doing what he is told, but a man of intelligence who was still eager to learn and grow. Barack has a vision of his own. When we realise our visions are based on what we can see - 7 billion people seeing with open eyes, will realise we all make a complete picture.

There comes a point where even if you have all the money in the world, unless you have personal fulfillment, there is a void. If we do not live with love in our heart, we are lacking life inside' - Love is not just what we give and recieve from familiar people. The flow of love and care can touch our lives from complete strangers and sending out love transforms lives. Where love flows, love grows!

In the years Barack Obama has been President he has travelled many countries and met countless people. He will have many diverse experiences that have opened his eyes. All this contributes to assisting personal growth. Not everyone can see or understand, or even allow people their right to grow as individuals. Not everyone realises we are all facing different circumstances and challenges - all learning and growing accordingly.

There are times when we do not fully engage in the moment and other times we are totally in the moment, with the situation and with the people we are with. Many people are understanding the mystery that connects everyone and everything together. People have been waiting for this understanding for a long time.

When anyone chooses the path to Grow, to seek spiritual understanding in truth, this is the journey towards enlightenment. When we reach the point of understanding, we attain wisdom. There are many different roads and ways people travel before they reach their destination. If we reach our destination at twenty years old, what next?

There are people who have given up on life at 40 and yet this is when life is just begining. There are cycles of life and time, also in the seasons and day and night. We are as human beings also part of the cycyle of life. Our families and ancestors have all been part of the cycle of life that is relvant even today.

I sense in many ways Barack Obama 'GET'S IT' and has seen for his own eyes how people have been oppressed, not only in other countries, but also witnessing people who keep eachother down in America. When someone attains self realisation, they are in a position to be an inspirration to enable other people with their self realisation too. In this way, Barack has shown who he is and the man who first walked into office is still the same person, but it seems quite apparent that he has grown as a person since,

No matter who we are, life will always give us the situations so that we grow as people. We are all instrumental in the divine plan. Everyone has their unique role in this life whether by word, deed or action we influence other people. Even without communication - just by observation and listening, even to what is unsaid.

It takes a conscientious person to realise the rhythmn of life taking place within our own being; and to attain self mastery is to do exactly as the words say.

We never know how anything will actually unfold until it happens and everything happens in the divine plan with divine timing and not before. Everything has a reason and purpose. The seeds of the past are blossoming in the present time. The seasons are relevant and this time is a new begining for everyone.

A while before Barack Obama became President, I was drawn into a discussion on the internet about politics. Not knowing who is who, someone asked who I thought would be the ideal President of America. My reply was easy. The one person I see who has the the qualities was Oprah Winfrey. I explained that she was a people person, with compassion and vision and also the experience to empower people. Since being interviewed on a news channel, Oprah has built a billion dollar empire and this is the type of person who can inspire other people not only with their healing and personal growth, but also to be successful too.

Oprah had a dream - to help people. I do not know the dreams in Barack Obamas mind but as he has come through his years, in attaining dreams to live his present day reality. Every day new dreams are formed. When a man marries, his childhood thoughts change because he has to consider a partner in a relationship. And when a father, he has to consider his children. Barack Obama has been chosen and to make us realise many things, even the negatives that are happening in the world.

Why are people relying on a President to make decisions for their life? Why are people not joining in with the times of discovering who you really are and living your life with purpose. This is the goal that many people strive for and dream of and yet this is a way of being, not a destination. Life is not all about the money....

I have no idea of what exactly Barack Obama does in his personal life or even his business dealings. A politician deals with policies and policies relate to contract law. Ucually contracts relate to profit. Just from snapshots of what I can see about Barack, he appears to be putting aside that ego front and integrating as a person in his role of responsibility. I do not mean to cause any offence to anyone or to undermine the President in any way as a person. This is not my intention.

There is a big difference between condemning a person and condeming behaviour - I am totally against war. I do not beleive war can bring solutions other than create reactions. I hope and pray that there will be no more war.....and this decision can only come from the political leaders who are making the decisions - battling with each other, for whatever agenda. I can only continue to pray that everyone realises a higher understanding. This is what weighs heavily on my heart.

It does not matter what nationality anyone comes from, or the even religion we are born born into - because usually babies are born and taken to the church of their family to communicate with God in prayer. If they are non belivers, perhaps their parents or someone influenced this. Our soul knows God. The same God is the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims, The God of Abraham, Issaac and Moses. Jesus Christ was born to confirm all that was before him. Jesus Christ confirmed God's Law - the law of Universal Peace, Justice and Brotherhood of Man.

Traditionally in ancient times the meaning of 'church' is gathering of people. The gathering of people would be family and extended family. It is only since people have been scattered to different parts of the world, that people are being forced to recognise differences between churches. Different faiths have formed in different timelines. As people we are one humanity - one family and this is something we must not lose sight of.

We cannot judge any culture, individuals or groups of people because of one persons actions. When George Bush and Tony Blair went to war on Iraq based on lies - this is because of the Liar who has earned many millions of pounds since. The political agenda is revealing a One World Government and to me this would be a United World Kingdom. A Kingdom that is united in peace, would be good for everyone...Being built on war is not good at all.

There are many issues that are waiting to be addressed, people waiting for far too long already. I know there are blocks and it is not the President of America.

America today, despite having internal problems, have bright, open hearted, aware, awake people, even on televsion chat shows. There are countless people promoting health and fitness - this is a positive message. America is still seen as the land where dreams are made - the Hollywood dream. Many foreigners have found their way to America and many Muslim women feel FREE living there. This is a strong message that continues and is promoted with the Obamas - who live by example.

If we all took stock of our lives from 4 years ago, we would realise how much we have grown. We are all responsible for our own growth process and our experience.

In looking at Barack Obama, yet never spoken to him personally, I have a glimpse of the real person when I see the bond both he and his wife she openly together. They are a 'connected' couple. Barack Obama is a man who is doing a job that has to be done. Do not lose sight of the person is a man, husband and father to his children.

A couple of weeks ago in a dream and I was given Barack Obamas personal telephone and told that I can speak to him any time 24/7. I cannot remember the person who gave it to me but it was his personal private number to ensure that we maintained communications together. Dreans carry messages and I have written openly for a few years about confronting corruption and ethical leadership. Also quite a few of the issues I have raised openly are being addressed now. This is what is most important.

What is certain, I have a connection with the people in America. Not only do family members live there, I have spoken with hundreds of people who live there by holding online discussion groups and my own resource that I founded to assist to assist recovery for people with eating disorders. There were over 1100 members. Anyone who is actively communicating with people of upmost importance and concern, word gets about. Ethicsl people are keen to listen to other ethical people. There is a growing need in the world that cannot be ignored forever.

We all have ideals - when we see how things really are, this brings the ideals to seeking solutions to how to bring positive changes to our world. Trust has to be built - bridges to bring people together, communicating openly and honestly. Hearing needs of the people, identifying what can be done and mobilising the people so they can all be a part of this process of creating change. Not everyone is aware of their role in this experience that has been ongoing since the begining to time itself.

Not everyone realises that spiritual awakening is happening constantly. It is interesting to listen to all the self styled teachers and those who claim to be the chosen one and yet they do not get it. The spiritually blind will not realise that everyone is chosen in the divine plan. We are not responsible for anyone elses process, only our own.

Everyone just has different experiences and understanding. It has taken years of people questioning about the birth certificate and even signs popping up over America - bear in mind I am in England and these came to my attention from here.. How many people actually seek to find out exactly what Barack Obama is doing for the people as his focus? I noticed someting very important...

For all the Good Works you and your wife are doing to Empower the people - From UK to USA Thank YOU and God Bless You All.

As a clear visionary I would like to share what I see -
THE PROMISED LAND is not just one patch of land - it is the entire world we are living in. YES WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER....
My calling to assist global peace and healing - because we can!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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