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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Friday, 13 April 2012

Big Brother

Rarely watching television, I am not up to date with what is being shown. However last year, I caught a snippet of Big Brother and immediately thought these are all actors playing a role. The 'entertainment' industry is booming now with so many different reality shows and distractions to entertain and occupy the audience. How we percieve televison entertainment is due to our our own thinking process.

For a few years I have known there is the capability to watch people through the television, although I did not know how being a technically minded person. The consumer surveys that are floating around and strangers calling up for information just shows that the world has opened up from seemingly allowing privacy to being open. Where this is heading - Everyone is deciding their experience.

Even in virtual reality, people are being watched everywhere.

Google earth and Google maps allow people to view where we live. There is likely another layer that is in real time for those who have nothing better to do but spy on people. Facial recgonition software is already on our computers and the latest laptops have built in camera too. I noticed a little green light in the corner of my PC. Even mobile phones have GPS tracking and probably cars too.

Are there cameras already built into televisions? You decide!

My father used to use the term 'goggle box' for television and he was far more aware than I gave him credit for. Still, even if we 'sound out' the truth, the truth will come to light anyway. My father spoke of seeking facts and not belieiving all we are told. Even with facts and evidence, perception is also vitally important to undertstand.

There are parents who are putting young children in front of a television as a babysitting service. EVERYTHING your child is watching it will learn from and this will shape a child's perception of the world and how as children and adults will react to other people. Everything a child is listening to, the child is being influenced and this could include nursery rhymes and even pop songs. Not everyone really listens to the messages that children are listening too. Even as adults a catchy tune, might be masking a catchy hidden message....

Everyone is being invited to realise SELF AWARENESS Now!

Not only is there a calling for people to wake up, we all need to be responsible for our own process. If we are blind to what is happening in front of our eyes, we might not see what is happening outside our door. The rising crime rates and destruction in this world has not just happened - it has been progressive and happening for a reason.

In the entertainment industry everything is planned and staged.

In the movie industry everything is scripted and recorded. From there it is edited. Just because we cannot see cameras when watching television does not mean the cameras and crew are not there. In watching Big Brother to observe the interaction between people, the interviewer went behind the scenes to where the filming is taking place. The cameras are behind a SCREEN!

One time chatting to a friend early hours with our pjamas on and a hold cup of tea - we are laughing and she said 'imagine if cameras were watching us'. I was wrapped up with a blanket covering my legs and am already aware that every move is being monitored on the internet. If we are not comfortable in our own skin then do not walk around naked because you never know who is watching.

Every website we visit is monitored and logged. Before anyone becomes paranoid about clicking on certain sites and even speaking about corruption - I am very active in research to try locate specificic information to share insights of undertanding and what I am guided to share openly with people. In the upper echelons in this world, there are many good people who are fed up of the corruption that is taking place.

The soaps have been influecing people with scripts and actors. For every cause there is consequence. Television and the media is not just depicting what is happening in our world - it is also showing us what we need to know. Reality shows influence people with real issues that concern people. Family relationship breakdown is a big issue today - reality shows bring this to everyones awareness. Here in England, there people who 'come alive' when they speak about what happened in a soap played by actors. At least people can decide what they show to people and so this is a step into the direction of PEOPLE POWER again.

There is great effort to get people communicating together. All the bashing of Simon Cowell and his shows - Hundreds of thousands of people found the courage to get up and sing - We only need to look at the audition queues to see the reality. It takes courage to get up on a stage in front of a LIVE mass audience and this is happening. Everyone has the opportunity to get up sing and dance and this is what we have forgotten to do. It is a natural human trait to commonicate and to find a way to communicate our truth.

So many people who want to be famous - what is fame all about? If everyone decided to be their own person and let their light shine from within, the would would be a far more harmonious place. Ok the huge egos need to be addressed and those who feel the need to impress are often with their own insecurities. There is no one better whan anyone else - all the money in the world can buy material things, it cannot buy anyone peace of mind or real love.

No matter what Big Brother is seemingly doing, there is always a positive perspective and all the wannabe celebrities if when seeing a camera they wave and smile - as people you become the influential power in this world. Every interaction we have with people in our lives, even complete strangers we are influencing people. Everyone is instrumental in everyone else's growth.

As a medium to exchange information, the internet is also influencing people. Facebook and other online resources are beinging people together and there are people using the internet for deceptive purposes and those who have discovered the advantages of using the computer for educational and research purposes and also carrying out business activities online.

The internet is being used to assist peace and bring people together in friendship. For a decade now I have been actively promoting health and well being, starting initially with removing the stigmatisation of eating disorders, promoting emotional healing, confidence building and also supplying self help tools and strategies to assist this process. It is an effort to keep writing in challenging times to influence for peace and positive change however, the people who are aware and spiritually awakening are getting it. People who are enlightened, want to enable humanity to progress, not oppress people. The work is ongoing as a way of being. We are a growing army of people of peace.

Being spiritually awake we clearly see how everything is related!

Countless people have found true love on the internet. As more people are open to the idea of looking beyond their own doorstep, the possibility of getting to know someone in another country becomes a probability. Millions of people shy to speak with people face to face. And there are people who have not met the one because they are too busy or use other excuses. What is certain, what is meant to happen will happen and this is all part of the Divine Plan.

The internet is allowing us to do a search to find information and a map of where we need to go to find out what we need to know. In the same way our mind works - if we think about what we want we can come to the solutions. In the bigger picture, if we are aksing in prayer to be guided in the right way we will do. Our mind is like a search engine...the inspiration we recieve either visually of from divine inspiration is expanding our conscioiusness - for a greater purpose.

With sharing insights and information, sometimes writing spiritual insights and seeds of wisdom to inspire people. Sometimes writing about practical issues and even global concerns. It is with intention to share awareness to other people and some information is alarming but also relevant to know. There is also a positive reason fro sharing openly and this is to assist global conscientous.

'As above so below' - We are all a part of this universe. As the shift is taking place with focus, intention this will reflect accordingly. As we live with love in our heart and send this out to the world as a way of being this heals transforms in a process that is hidden and yet evident by resutls. This is spiritual alchemy.

In an earlier article I wrote about the Eye in the Sky. Man is not above God and God is the All Seeing and All Knowing. The more that man is spying on people and decisions made to our detriment, the Eye in the Sky is shining brightly - I am going to write more about this in another article.

In seeking understanding and being guided to share certain information many things are revealed....the internet allows us to be guided to the right information - what is revevant I am sharing with everyone openly.

The next time you turn on the television - smile and wave!

Even with Big Brother Watching you, you are in control of your life, the decisions you make; what you want to do and watch - even what you want to buy! Just remember that everyone is going through their own process, everyone has feelings too.

Everyone is evolving and in our growth we are all instrumental in assisting other people with their growth too. This a natural process. No one is excluded from learning lessons and making conscientious decisions in their life. The All Seeing and All Knowing Eye in the Sky will ALWAYS EMPOWER YOU!

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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