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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Message from God to ALL Oathtakers.

There is actually a spiritual struggle in the world now.

Was it Jacob who wrestled with God? History repeating!

For many years there are human rights abuses, illegal wars, injustice and corruption is rife. Many millions of people are suffering globally and there are people waiting globally to bring and end to all these abuses. The New Law is to Empower people mentally, emotional intelligence and spiritually enlighten people.

This is being blocked by Man! Repent from wicked ways Now!

It is the role of responsibility of royals to uplift humanity not oppress people. Since the year 2000, people are waiting for the guided one to work in her Priestly and Royal duty. There has been an open calling for Global peace and healing need that is in so many different aspects, with so much unecessary suffering!

After hearing about Benjamin Fulford's lawsuit, there is justified concern about other threats. Every effort is taking place to block wars and implement positive changes. My loyalty is to Christ as my King, there is no one else who can replace him. I have been forced to speak out openly now - for the sake of humanity.

In England where the Monarchy reside, water is deliberately polluted with chemicals that damage the brain and bones. An ethical US expert found ingesting fluoride can cause cancer too. This was knowingly ordered and deliberately put in our drinking water. The vaccines that are 'experimental drugs' ordered by our government. The people in England are labeled 'commoners' - What is the label for those who decide genocide for profit?

Officials are violating God's name and abusing for too long. There are no excuses. There is no where to hide. One request to bring an end to legal corruption to is one request too many. Oathtakers you took your Oath! Lip service oathtakers are still accountable!

Remember what happend in Egypt! Moses warned the Pharaoh!

Do not bring God's wrath on innocent people. I have witnessed first hand it is officials who are the cause of the problems in society and within the system. Officials are destroying the Queen ship 'without care or conscience'. What little respect officials in Britain have for a Lady who invested HER TRUST in their Oath.

A combined effort to all who protects legal corruption and with every corrupt official in England have rubbished the Queen. Lawyers and police have even laughed to say they will never be prosecuted and 'everyone lies' - to then boast of many 'innocent people in prison' is diabolical. Shameful is an understatment.

The Queen took her Oath on the Holy Bible - Establishment officials in England have violated this and Rubbish her name!

I write openly because people are entitled to know the truth. The Queen will already know I am not blaming her personally although I have been instucted to confront this abuse repeatedly by the Almighty Himself and I know this affects her too. The Queen wrote to my mother personally and I have seen she is reserved but she still has feelings. It is the officials who need to be responsible for the error of their ways. Everyone is accountable in God's Law!

Will officials sit cheering if the Queen is humilated any more?

I know the reponsibility of the Coronation Oath because I took my Oath to God VERY Seriously and keep my promise. In 2003 this was compounded in a British Court of Law in front of three Barristers, a District Judge, a recorder and witnesses.

If I had to go to court just for the Oath, it was worth my suffering.

Yesterday I received a message from the Almighty God and share:

"I AM The Crown; the Life and the Universe. Do not let anyone abuse my name. You will do what you are told by me only and let no one boss you about - You will be called out to do a job - do it with smiles. Know I am with you always Pauline and you will always have a constant guide. Trust in me and I trust in you or you would not be speaking in this way to people. Many are watching you carefully. They do not agree with you but you are not here to be agreed with. You are here to give the truth to people, so they can decide to live the right way, with the right attitude, or continue to ignore my advice. People say they want the truth and then ignore the truth. You can continue sounding the horn and people will not listen because they are deaf and blind. This is an opening of doors now to prepare for what is to come. Everyone must be given a chance; so keep going and do what you are guided to do for mankind. You will succeed to change the status quo to realisations needed for change and acts of responsibilty. By the Authority and in the name of LORD God Almighty, Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Almighty Father of the Universe does not need anyone to Act for Him - HE is the Power. Humans who have not evolved are deaf to his instruction. Everyone has warnings. There are no more!

I trust what needs to be done, will be done, without any further injury to anyone, especially myself! Already I have suffered enough. Give my best regards to Queen Elisabeth II. She will understand why I did not write to her! She KNOWS who I am!

It is not up to me to tell the Queen how to do her job! I know what is expected from her! The Queen has passed her responsibility to her son and grandsons! Duke of Cambridge Serves with this!

Mr. Aggrey Orleans is still working in the legal profession and needs to tear up his diploma. No excuses with that abuser!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria
(Lady Athena Sevastianou's Daughter)