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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Planting Seeds

Further to my post titles Bruce Willis Idaho, I would like to expand more specifically about my vision in the present time.

The ground is being prepared and people are planting seeds, what look like grape vines and other fruits and vegetables. There was an intuitive understanding of much land that could be cultivated yet is not. I feel drawn these months in my attention to the Holy Land and where there is a need to plant new trees and seeds so they grow, reaping a harvest of nourishment to benefit everyone.

In my dilemma being stuck here in England, I am not in a position to force change. Already for many years I have tried to get the British legal system to bring an end to legal corruption here and also to resolve my situation. They have declined to do so. Since 2002 I have been paying out court fees to obstruct a court case that is not even a matter for the English courts. This is not on. Corruption that has been taking place is destroying innocent peoples lives. This must be brought to an end for once and for all.

Back in the Ancient times Moses led the people out of slavery from Egypt and the Power of God is a reminder to those sitting in lofty places who persistantly abuse the people, both in the past and present times. The people who are oppressing and enslaving people today, are going totally the wrong way. The bombing and killing of people is inexcusable. Destroying life comes at a price.

Oathtakers have taken an Oath to God. This means they are accountable to God; even if this was lip service. These lawyers, police and officials to the Queen all might seemingly be turning a blind eye, although the All Seeing and All Knowing Eye is not!

The mess that has been created today is wrapped up in lessons that need to be learned from history. It really does not matter what culture, country, background or situation we are born into, we are all instrumental in learning valuable life lessons now.

One of the most fundamental lessons in life relates to planting seeds for food to eat. Without food we perish. We have not evolved spiritually to sustain our life without food and maintain our physical body. We must seek to decide the food we need to keep our body, the temple that houses our soul alive.

Not everyone considers the need to plant spiritual seeds too. For even in my situation, my articles provide food for thought; to help raise awareness, to bring about a conscientious understanding; if only to be mindful of what you are eating because so many foods today are chemically enhanced and even genetically altered.

In an earlier article I wrote about planting trees and campaigning for this to be something we all get involved in. If everyone planted one tree in their lifetime, there will be 7 billion new trees growing. Trees emit oxygen and we need trees to breathe. An Olive tree can take years to grow and bear fruit. This is a tree that provides food, oil, heat and light. Olive oil even though rich, is also good for the skin. Olive oil is becoming expensive now and will continue to rise in price as less trees are cultivating the fruit that for thousands of years has grown abundantly in warmer climates. We allow this.

For so long there has been destruction and harshness towards other people. I have witnessed here in England the rejection of foreigners and those who look as if they come from another country. Yes having witnessed myself rascism and seen a very ugly side to human nature, even with officials who are self serving and corrupt to the core, we have to wonder where all this is heading. Who is going to bring order to a world that is with so many adults who are irresponsible, selfish and even spiteful in nature. What is it going to take until people learn the lesson that everyone is entitled to live in peace, to thrive and to get by in life?

It takes courage to see God as our Boss. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. There is no one more superior than anyone else. If you have a calling to assist healing, this is a role of responsibility. It you have taken the responsibility to take care of people, taking care of people is a choice and obligation, not a burden. If you are given the role to ensure that all is fair in the world, then it is your role of responsibility to ensure this is so. If you have chosen the role of a Judge, it is your responsibility to ensure there is no injustice. Man made laws have no place in God's Kingdom. This is a time for fairness and remedy; so we can all move on to progress.

There is no treading on eggshells where God is concerned because the Divine Plan is ever unfolding. In the Divine Plan everyone has their own unique role to play and no one is excluded from life because as long as you have been given life, this is for a purpose. Everyone is learning lessons to heal, grow and evolve. People who do not learn their lessons will have lessons repeated again.

Wasteful destructive minds have allowed trillions of dollars to be spent on war while the need of the people has taken a back seat. In one article I found, just one year of military spending would fund 300 years of United Nations programes to benefit people. When any people's need is being put last and bombs become more of a priority something is very wrong in the world we are living in.

Are the seeds of hatred and killing innocent people in your heart? If everytime you feel pain and hurt, you plant seeds that will bear fruits and vegetables, you will see that in pain, growth can still take place. The fruits that trees bear have come through weathered conditions - strong trees grow through many seasons and sometimes they are forced to survive by their roots digging deeper into the ground. Just with the oranges that have grown and ripened naturally in the sunshine always taste much nicer than those that are picked before the right time. The sun heals too

There was a time when people used to talk to eachother and check on their neighbours here in England. People would take care of the elderly and vulnerable too. There was a time when people would look after eacho thers children if one parent had to so somewhere. So much has changed over the years. People have stopped engaging in communication and seeing eye to eye. There are so many lonely elderly people too. It is hard to imagine anyone putting their elderly relative in a home, unless they really do need nursing care. The seeds of caring about people need planting now.

People have stopped noticing when other people are hurting. Children and adults are in pain mentally, emotionally and spiritually and yet so many people are blind. If we cannot see and feel care and compassion in our being, we are not functioning as human beings. If we cannot accept people, no matter where they are from, what culture, nationality and upbringing, we are not spiritual beings. If we are not spiritual, we do not know God.

The seed we need to plant today is called Care. Care about the world we live in. Care enough to take care of the earth our food is growing on and to cultivate caring for other people. As the winds blow, the energy of care flows. What you send out will return.

So many angry people in the world have been hurt and violated. So many pepole have seen loved ones suffering. Countless people have known suffering and war. Millions of people are recovering or at least trying to. Reactions feed reactions. Hitting back at people can bring out an ugly side of our nature. In a place of recognising our healing need, we feel our soul. This is the part of our being we need to nurture with love. The Amighty God knows our hurt and suffering. He knows our frustration and impatience too. We must cultivate patience and learn from our teacher. Be reminded in faith to trust the Heavenly Father in everything.

Decisions have been made by Governments that are detrimental to people. There are people pushing an agenda before the right time. If the hunger for money and self serving was not a priorty by officials in England, in 2004 I might have visited Jersulem personally to see if there was anything I could do to assist the peace process. It might have been 2005, 2007 or 2007. This was not meant to be. The scriptures written 2000 years ago reveal what is happening since this time in the Book of Revelation. Apocalypse means lifting the veil. I am revealing many things.

We are living in the end times now. What this will mean exactly who knows. Time will tell what will unfold. There were promises made. There are people trying to push war and a word of warning is this, If the Almighty God can part the seas to allow Moses and the Israelites to pass through, think very carefully to the consequnces that will happen if innocent people are to be harmed in yet another war. There has been one war too many already!

It is time to plant seeds for peace. It is time to plant the seeds for healing and nurture our healing need. It is time where it is actually safe to talk about God and to realise the positive learnng. It is safe to be people of faith - to be beleivers and to live with the learning and understanding that God is the Protector of the people.

Spiritual understanding has been passed down through the ages. The people who are baptised in the Greek Orthodox faith have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit and we can only share what we are intuitively sensing and what is being revealed to share with the people. The way to peace is not by making war with people. Waving a magic want is taking away the FREE WILL of Man.

There is a higher way. This is called personal responsibility.

In this springtime, the seeds are bringing new growth. The trees are starting to bud and the seasons are moving forward to bring new harvest. With the cycle of change, what is no longer wanted is being cast out and left behind. This is all timely for the season.

A world that thrives is with spiritual values not man made rules. To appreciate spiritual values we must experience spiritual consciousness. In the rythmns of life, our heart is beating and we are breathing, yet not everyone notices. In the seasons of time, every day has a lifecycle, day and night is the ebb and flow of life.

Everything has it's time, place and purpose. Nothing happens before the right time. Everything happens with divine timing.

One final thought for today about the olive trees. What is done on impulse might take 1000 years to rectify. There are olive trees being ripped up that have been planted by many generations ago. If there are no olive trees think on. Our family is the olive tree.

Homer called olive oil “liquid gold”; the ancient Greeks beleived the goddess Athena created olives; King David actually hired guards to protect Israel’s olive groves and warehouses - that is the value of the olive tree and its fruit. The ancient peoples used olive oil not just for consumption and cooking, but also perfume and anointment for the dead; in soap and even medicine. Hypocrates listed 60 ailments that he identified that olive oil could help!.

For every action there is consequence. Springtime is for planting!

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

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