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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 27 April 2012

The Scepter and Ruling with an Iron Rod

It is particularly enlightening to observe what is happening around the world in relation to how different people understand what they learn by reading, told or sold. So much misinformation, specualition and interpretion does not mean this is truth Too many people are filled with negative feelings towards people from a different culture and religion. Too many people are preaching and yet not seeking spiritual understanding to awaken and evolve.

There are people claiming to be Jesus Christ, Yahweh, King of Kings and one who claims she holds the sceptre declaring herself Queen of the South and Messenger of the Covenant. They are not!

Someone Spiritually Enlightened can enable other people with their enlightenment and so many people are claiming to be spiritual teachers today yet fundamental understanding and application of this is not in place. Today I want to explain about the Scepter and ruling with an Iron Rod to end the confusion.

Thousands of years ago, Moses led the people out of slavery from Egypt. All Moses had for protection was a wooden staff. Moses was given 'divine protection' and in maturity he was 'divinely guided' step by step. When he needed to deal with situations, this is how 'divine intervention' occurs. - It is important to understand this in context for what to expect in the future. With self mastery, you can also experience divine intervention to guide your life.

The story of Moses brings important lessons relevent for the present times. Moses asked the Pharaoh to free the people and because he refused, the staff represented proof to the Pharaoh that he had God's authority. The Pharaoh rejected the request and his ego stepped up to prove he had more power. God always gives people warnings and the chance to rectify the error or their ways. The person in authority is the decision maker over the people. If that person is allowing people to be abused, then it is the person in authority, who is responsible. God is the Protector of the People.

The Pharaoh was asked to free the slaves more than once yet would not repent. Moses staff (his scepter) turned into a snake when he put it to the floor - The Pharaohs ego rejected this as a sign from God and called his men to do the same. Other times water was turned to blood, frogs fell from the sky, plagues fell on Egypt too. It was only when the last plague took the life of the Pharaohs son that he agreed to let the people go. And when he did, still the Pharaoh's men came after the multitude with intention to kill them. At the edge of the sea and with these conditions, is the point Moses lifted up his staff and called out to God Almighty for help and the sea parted for the people to cross over to safety.

Moses instructed a human being, even though a Pharaoh King to repent. God was the Judge and HE decided the punishment necessary to bring the message for the Pharaoh to do right for the people. Moses was NOT the Judge - he was following guided instruction given by God Almighty! He was the High Priest King.

The reason why Moses left Egypt in the first place because he had killed a man and was filled with remorse. It is actually against God's law to kill anyone. His life purpose, experiences and learning were already preordained to the finest detail - even before he was born. Moses life experience was necessary to prepare him to Serve God full time for the rest of his life. Because of the authority given to him 'to save' the people, we understand Moses to be King and High Priest. The Torah was given to the people so they could continue to Know God and learn to listen to his guidance 'commandments' too. Who is being guided by God today?

Today people are in a state of preoccupation and living under oppressive and difficult conditions. Millions of people are trying to cope with every day life, they forget to reach up and speak to God, to ask Him to help them. There are officials who are abusing and exploting people, we have seen and heard of illegal wars over the years. Injustice is rife and so we are again at the time to show this needs to be addresse4d. Already injustice has been confronted three times and yet injustice has escalated. There is still refusal to put wrongs right. This is all timely to share so you can understand Divine Intervention of God and see for yourself.

There is a difference between dynastic and elected Kings. Dynastic is when the next in line rules on the throne. Elected Kings have been decided from a lineage and chosen for suitability for the job. Then there is King by Divine Right. Moses and Jesus Christ were both Kings by Divine Right - they were both High Priest and King. Because Jesus Christ was born without the seed of a man - he was miraculously created by God to be King of Kings deliberately!

God always makes it abundantly clear who He has Chosen. The Virgin Mary was Chosen and Born into a SPECIFIC Lineage to show people, He is the Boss. One reason Mary has been seen as a Goddess is because even at the time, there will have been signs in the heaven of her birth too. The Virgin Mary was by Divine Right Chosen Queen Mother of humanity as an individual and this was compounded as so with the birth of her son, Jesus Christ. As Mother of Humanity - Mary would have been Empress over the Global Empire. Notice the Scepter, Crown and Holy Dove!

Today Queen Elisabeth II is holding the Iron Rod today. This is the scepture given to the person who is recognised as having authority by God to govern the people. The scepter is to ensure rightousness in Justice and acknowledges Divine Justice. The power of authority given by God is not to abuse people. Not everyone understands the Queen has obligations to fulfill and so do ALL her Oathtakers. The New Queen will be taking her commandments, meaning 'instruction' from God to deal with every situation that she is faced with. The will be instructed with the NEW Law given by God too. As Moses has written the Torah, The New Queen will bring the Written Law from God to the people.

Without wealth or an army both Moses and Jesus Christ walked alone and guided the people. Not everyone listened. Jesus Christ was meant to travel where he travelled and speak to the people who had not recieved God's Wisdom. When Moses went up Mount Sinai he was given the Ten Commandments written in stone. The Torah is the first five books of the Old Testament included in the Holy Bible. Everyone can read and learn from this. Nothing is hidden from anyone. Seeking the truth you will find the truth.

People ask why Jesus Christ did not write anything down. The reason is because he spoke the Word of God, his Father as instructed to him. Jesus Christ also opened the Torah to show people the message that related to them. He was is the physical vehicle that God Almighty, His Father had chosen to bring His Truth to the people. He showed people how to communicate with His Father directly - the Father of the Universe. With this truth people are set free from oppression, slavery and man made rules.

What is relevant for today's understanding is in relation to ruling with a rod of Iron. In ancent times people have been treated terribly cruelly. Today Queen Elisabeth II holds the Sceptre and Orb and you will see it is a METAL ROD! Queen Elisabeth II has taken her Oath in 1953 to Serve God and govern the people, with Mercy and Justice. She does not go around threatening people or ordering people to bow down to her. This is certainly not what God wants or expects. She does not order anyone to convert relgion or die and this has happened in history.

Today Muslims and Christians eagerly wait for Jesus Christ to return where he will Rule with an Iron Rod. The Iron Rod is the same and is a reminder that he will rule with fairness and Justice for all. There should be no war or injustice now.

Until Jesus Christ returns, the Throne of David must be occupied. Today Queen Elisabeth II is custodian of the Crown and she is representing the Bride of Christ. This allows us to see the Queen is working in partnership with Christ and God Almighty together.

The Pope also has a scepter as Bishop of Rome and he has the role of spiritual leader to Catholics around the world. God is for all people, not just one set of people. Ecumentical Patriarch His Holiness Bartholomew is paving the way to bring everyone together in Peace and with Justice too. His Holiness Bartholomew is the spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians around the world. Ecumenical means universal and pertains to the whole world. A lot of work is taking place to bring Global Peace and bring people back to God again. Promises have been given to people!

Until Jesus Christ returns, God always has representatives on this earth and this is to Protect the people. The Rod of Iron is not be beat people down, but to protect and uplift humanity. The authority to confront wrongs and bring people to a place where rectification of the error of ways is not easy. Many officials think they are above the law and Queen Elisabeth II has a problem with her oathtakers boasting of abusing and exploiting people.

The New Queen is expected be Divinely Inspired and guided by God. She will be Queen Mother of Humanity. She will be working in Partnership with Christ and God Almighty who is Her Boss. You may notice on the Statue of Liberty a Book - this is the Law given to the people in the ancient times. The torch shows this lady was Spiritually Enlightened Crowned Queen by Divine Right.

Being a Royal is not an ego trip. Being a Servant of God great responsibility. Decisions made, even the delivery and intention of what we say and write will impact other people. The Universal Law of cause and effect apply. It is totally irresponsible for anyone to claim to Be Queen and King and say they have the power to Judge 'people' especially to Judge nations and speak of the downfall on nations of people. There are many examples around today show how abuse of power has caused great suffering. Even reckless actions by officials show that it is these people who are the cause of an escalating mess. A mismanaged government is an understatement. However, God ALWAYS put wrongs right!

Jesus Christ is with pure love and pure intention in his heart. When seen with a wooden staff and given the authority to represent God on this Earth, this cannot be denied by anyone. The shepherds tend to the sheep to guide them home. Humility and being able to guide people is expected. Jesus Christ was a wonderful teacher to enable people to realise higher consciousness. We are in a time of renewed spiritual understanding. In the same time people are now reviewing their values and people are coming together in harmony!

As above so below. The Trinity is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. The three work together and are connected as One. The Queen is an intercessor to God as are spiritual leaders. Praying for people, for Global peace and healing is not a crime. The understanding of why anyone is given the authority by God is important to realise in context and the most important thing to remember - God is not for one set of people and not for another.

Here is an ancient coin showing Athena with the Scepter and notice the detail too with the olive wreath. The rejection of the ancient divinely inspired Kings and Queens is reflected in society today. Throughout the ages the truth has been given to people and perhaps people are now ready to understand that in ancient times people were spiritually enlightened to uplift people. Jesus Christ brought the understanding for people and showed The Way.

Seek the truth and you will find understanding. There are many layers of understanding and our learning is never ending. The All Seeing and All Knowing is absolute. We do not have knowledge of all things but we can learn with sincere heart. What we are meant to know will be revealed so we can gain understanding.

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria