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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Seeing The Light

The people who are learning how everything is connected are also awakening to divine providence too. Nothing is coincidence!

A couple of months ago I had a vision of Jesus Christ returning towards earth on a 'White Horse. The image above does not reflect the brightness of my experience - the image further down the page does. My vision was was evidently an experience I was meant to share. One of my facebook friends wrote to say she had a dream of Jesus returning too. She wrote this "I saw Jesus flying on a white horse, with a sword, gladiator sandals with some spades. Then, I saw a woman, leading Jesus Army. Finally, the woman will attack the pope. :):):)♥♥♥. Peace to all nations. Adi."

My sharing is to show Validation of similar experiences. Adi's dream did not feel as if the lady would literally attack the Pope. However, her dream is indicating a woman will lead the people of the Church Jesus Christ is King. A New Queen will be crowned.

For some years I realise, I hold the keys to assist unity and peace. Fate brought my parents together for a reason. I am in a unique position. Jesus Christ is head of the Greek Orthodox Church, where I as baptised. My father came from the Catholic church. Both his aunties made a commitment to be Benedictine Nuns.

The current Pope is Benectict XVI Gloria Olivae - The Glory of the olive. His motto is "Co-worker of the Truth." What is particularly revealing with the Benedictine Nuns connected to the Catholic Church, Athena being my mother's name and Greek Orthodox too, it was Goddess Athena who gifted the Olive tree to the people.

The Olive branch is symbolic with peace offering and also we must not forget the story of Noah and the ark during the great flood. "When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth. " Genesis 8:11

Saint Malachy was born in Amagh Ireland in 1094 was an ordained priest had a series of visions about 112 Popes from Celestine III, elected Pontiff in 1130 until the last Pope who is described in his list as Peter Romanus. The final prophesy is being given here to consider. (In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Petrus Romanus (meaning Rock from Rome) who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.)

The present day situation is revealing. With the churches uniting together 'in peace' I believe this is a good thing. There is One God and to bring people together to set an example of Unity with God is a positive. In this present time there is interfaith dialogue and promoting of religious tolerance. People need to be careful of enduring differences. Seek what unites humanity in harmony which is a far more productitve focus. It would also serve everyone to ask God to reveal the truth and this is one of the major lessons in the present time. Seek the light, not darkness!

What is being revealed to me is a connection with Israel (Jacobs familiy), Egypt, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Also In a previous article I showed how France, Egypt and America are also connected with Greece. Already I know in Ancient times the Emperor and Empress were divinely inspired and the Israelites came out of Egypt. Also I was shown two Hebrew midwifes saved the life of the Israelite Jewish babies. They were blessed by God and married into the priestly Levitical Royal family. I am sensing these women came from a previous royal lineage too.

In my previous article Message to Israel, I showed the Greek Orthodox Chapel and Monstery at Mount Sinai, which is based in Egypt, South of the Oasis. America is also possession of the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. In another aricle I was lead to discover there is also a 'Beverly Hills' in Egypt too. None of this is coincidence and we are meant to see this. There is much more.

In an article titles Eye in the Sky this was to remind people of the the All Seeing and All Knowing Eye. This was April 1st. On the 3rd a friend posted an image of what looked like an eye in the sky - the sun with an aura around. There are a few on the internet and I did not source this and write another article so am including this here.

A few days later I encountered a disturbing women on the internet who beleives she is the messenger of the covenant and Queen of the South and yet she is bashing the Orthodox Priests...She reveals herself to be a fraud with this. After everything that has been revealed to me even with family, I did consider she might be credible and held back of writing here. Instead I asked in prayer what to do and I heard clearly she is misleading people...

Following my inner guidance I took a screenshot photograph from Google Maps to share as evidence! The Light of Lights revealed!

Being specifically guided to a particular road in Hollywood Hills - This is connected to my brother. His daughter's name translates to Holy Lamb. The area is in Santa Clarita - meaning being clear, bright, illuminates and famous. One thing for sure the Light of Jesus Christ is famous and what I am guided to share with everyone. We know the Holy Lamb of God is Jesus Christ and sharing these connections is to remind you that the truth will be revealed to you. All you have to do is 'Ask and you will be given!' Keep searchhing and you will find the answers...The Way.

The road name meaning 13 is connected; with 13 stars on the US Flag I connected this to the 13 children of Jacob (Israel) 12 sons and one daughter. Also a Wedding - bringing family together? We know there is conflict with Israel that needs to be resolved. To protect people's privacy, I have not identified the address.

My family have descended from the Christ family on my mothers side, however it would be quite extraordinary if my neice and nephew have descended through their mother to the family of Israel too. That I cannot answer....Bringing people together in Peace Globally is my intention and to assist healing where I can.

Seek the truth, seek validation and walk in peace - war brings pain.

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria