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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Simon Cowell and Owls

Something about Simon Cowell is being revealed to me.

I have already written the article and just found this video with perfect timing start off my article - dated 20 May 2009.

The video was published before in May 2008. Estimating dates, Mr. Nasty might still have been shining in his element this year. Since this time a much more mellow gentleman is revealing himself and this is seen with the times. He has learned very well.

This video is about Simon, revealing influences, people he is surrounded with and dream experiences. Three owls are approaching (three people) Owls represent Wisdom, so perhaps they are advising him. He is holding signs with puppet gloves (the puppet master for a purpose). When he sees owls approach he is runs away and hides. While on the sea he is facing away from HMS boat (Royal navy is related to blue blood). When he is sleeping, owls appear in the shadows and in his dreams. Read more: -

On one side a crowned female owl holding the power Neptune (commanding the seas) She has long Golden hair, with power over the seas she is spiritually enlightened. On the other side an owl with a bare chest could represent a male, and even himself - The light golden colour is in the chest area. A golden heart. Whoever this is revealing a pure heart with his own followers too.

One message that stands out is 'Simon Cowell your days are numbered' - Simon is depicted as running away from himself and wise women. In the calendar number 21 is missing - on what would be number 23 (2 + 3 = 5) This year is a number 5 year. A message is written 'Today The Owls Come' so this could be a big year!

On the other side with a group of owls and an uncrowned owl - in ancient times wisdom was given to both women and to men.Owls dominate and this is revealing in itself. Owls traditionally are connected with the Goddess of Wisdom. In America there are many offspring from the Royal lineage....

In ancient times owls associated with Goddess Athena and Sophia Wisdom. With lots of little owls and being in America, He is surrouned by many women perhaps from the ancient Royal bloodlne, or maybe he has many women trying to advise him. The Three Owls together with the green background remind of the inspired earth Goddess who are also influencing positive change.

Here are the lyrics from this video.

Owls, everyone is fond of owls.
Except from mice and shrews and Simon Cowells.
And you know why they come for you.
The owls in your dressing room, the owls in your gravy.
Even if you hide at sea, theres owls in the navy.
Simon Cowell, your days are numbered.
Owls will get you while you slumber.
In the night they'll come for you and tear your crazy legs in two.
Cause you're the king of the beavers, the king of the beavers, you cannot deceive us and you cant fool owls.
The king of the beavers...

The KING of the beavers.....who are the beavers, let's see.

More prescisely a KING is over a KINGDOM.

"James Strang, who would create America's only kingdom on Beaver Island, was born in New York in 1813. He expected great things of himself. He established a law practice at the age of 23, but it failed to satisfy his ambition. When he met Joseph Smith in 1844, he converted to his new evangelical religion as a way of improving his position.

Strang's debating skills impressed the Mormon leader, who assigned him to found a branch in Burlington, Wisconsin. While Strang was away, Smith was killed. Shortly thereafter Strang produced a letter naming him as Smith's chosen heir. He was challenged by Brigham Young, who was more solidly entrenched. Strang led those who accepted him to Nauvoo, Illinois, and then Voree, Wisconsin, before deciding that God wanted him to bring his flock to Beaver Island."

With the signs of the times, we are again at a new beginning. In the following video take note of the image and message being sent out to the world. 'He Is Back' as if he returned from another planet.

There are many people conscientously shaping our world to be a better place for everyone. Simon and his team have been uplifting people - getting audiences involed now with auditions too. The message is if we want to get up and sing we can. 'It is not about the money - forget about the price tag'. If anyone critizes you ask that person to get up and sing. It is ok to make a fool of ourself, to laugh and to cry too. It is timely to feel our feelings.

Another video notice the HOLLYWOOD sign 'again' and the words 'We are on a Mission for Queen and Country' 2012 is a big Year for London with the Olympics. The Logo spells out ZION and Zion is connected to the GREEK GODDESS. Time will reveal all and what will happen will happen anyway.

Before I close on this, without revealing too much personal information, just enough to illustrate something that has been revealed to me. Simon is connected to a crescent in his life. This came to my attention a while ago.

One name associated with Simon is ADAM'S SON and with a Mother who has Jewish blood and so he is also Jewish. The Son of Man is the son of a human.

As given above beavers relate to a Kingdom in America - Simon Cowell is presented in the above animation as King of America! There is enough evidence to connect the dots. Already in other articles reveal Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills as locations of the Royal Bloodline.

One of the tribes of Israel (who is Jacob) is named Simeon - I have no idea if this relates personally, although I did consider this, not as factual but it if fits, all well and good.

It is important to keep an opem mind, These insights came to me and others that are not relevant for public discussion. We do not have our ancient genealogy and so we have to seek what we are meant to know with sincere heart to be guided in the right way and worry less about status, more about contributing in your life in the way you really want to. Because life is very short and we all have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.

Simon and I could have crossed paths many times if circumstances were diffferent. Instead in September 2003 a Court Judge refused to accept credible evidence and his misjudgement was based on perjury and fraudulent misrepresentation by a London Barrister named Mr. Aggrey Orleans. This decision result in my being truamtised with one days noticed and two lots of baliffs banging on my door while I was inside bedbound struggling with chronic breathing problems. I have no idea if this Judge Cowell is related to Simon Cowell - but the name Cowell has obviously been impacted my life. Also every obstacle and fob off has been to prevent me having redress and I am justified to have any confidence in the British legal system. Instead I was witness first every reason why there needs to be a total clean up and review of how this country is operating.

In a previous article I posted about Da Vinci Code Keys. The media print what they want and selective reporting. The Ancient Greek Temple is related to myself. I am also aware of the Temple being Home of the London Barrister. The one that LIED he was trained in Paris. I hope he will remove himself from the legal profession because what happened to me is totally inexcusable.

Everything happens for a reason; Divine timing for everything. Millions of people are suffering from injustice, war conditions and oppression. No More Delay or Excuses! This must end NOW!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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