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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Truth Seekers Can Find The Way

So much confusion is compounded with misinformation by people with a self serving agenda. If we want to know truth of anything, we must seek the truth, not make up what suits. Today people are awaking about history being re-written, one reason is presented another is for spiritual understanding. It is not easy connect the dots if we do not have the right information to understand. Being born in family that covers much of Europe and Middle East, also feeling a spiritual connection with Asia, particularly India makes it far easier to understand over time, why at different times, spiritual understanding has been given to people. One lesson being given in this era, is to seek validation for everything, with open mind!

To understand present day politics when spiritually inclined is like comparing oil and water. Two different substances can sit side by side but not mix. When spiritual values are with love and politics with aggression - there is conflict. We are at a point to marry the two side by side to be beneficial for everyone. Politics should not be about gaining money and profit as a priority. The government of a territory should be providing for the needs of the people. Law courts should not be about profit, but to ensure fair and righteous remedy takes place so people can move on with their lives.

In history there have been attempts to hide the truth, sometimes out of total ignorance but also by those who are hungry for power. Everything that has happened is already written in the Holy Scriptures. The DaVinci Code has brought the search for the Holy Grai to the public eye. This has opened the minds about another Royal Princess, with a French Connection. No coincidence this is a well known brand name, also French People have a bond with American people. France and America are connected with Ancient Greece and Egypt. In the ancient times the Pharaoh Queen in Egypt was Greek. It is possible that Mary Magdalena came from a royal lineage herself. The scriptures at the time were authored in Greek. Instead of making something fit witout evidence, we must 'see' what is already available and keep seeking the truth. We will also find important information in the Holy Scriptures.

With what is happening in the world we are meant to understand. What is happening for years in the Middle East is inviting everyone to look back in history to ancient times and learn from this, because what is relevant about history is meant to be known. With wars for occupations, earthquakes and other castrophes, leave evidence of ruins, nothing completely disappears from history. Evidence of genealogy records and official documents related to land and property might still be held by the ruling authority. Today even the census allows authorities to trace genealogy. With occupations, many people are displaced and relocated. New cities and towns created in the memory of home and people build. There is much more that is relevant to know because I am being shown how every thing is connected. This is a realisation people must see for theirself. Everything has been predestined.

Taking into consideration, just what is happening in 10 years, I can appreciate why globally people wait for the anointed one. The responsibility of this role is huge because it is one thing to be guided by God in our every day life, it is another to govern; and be a spiritual teacher. Many people are guided by the Holy Spirit today, even if they do not realise this. People are being inspired creatively, technically and architectually. With raising consciousness, people can self heal, be their own counsellor and guide, instead of seeking other people's opinions or seeking their guidance. In my own experience, I seek the truth from within and validation externally. No one can give this to me. Many years study and academic training provided a theoretical understanding of certain subjects because I am motivated to learn!

Last year I discovered Nashville America houses a replica of the Athena Temple. The Statue of Liberty is attracting interest with people wondering who this lady is. What is most important is what she represents and why she is standing! Liberty and Freedom in Greek is Eleftheria. Eleftheria is the name of my Mother's sister and Great Grandmother. My Mother's cousin and aunt are named Athina. Christina Onnassis named her daughter Athina. Both my Aunt Athina and daughter both have a look of Christina (meaning Christ Athina) This could be inherited from Aristotle. Aris (Aristotle) is the name of my Cousin - Eleftheria's Son.

When I heard Aristotle Onnassis sold the Koulourakia recipie from Smryna, I realised he sold the family cookie recipe. My grandmother would be smiling that the cookies are enjoyed by millions of people. The connection we all share as family in Smyrna is through the Greek Orthodox Church.

The focus of most importance is 'Smyrna' city which is identified in the Book of Reveleation in the Holy Bible.

I have no records of history or birth records - just connecting the dots to what I know, what is relevant and other information being revealed to me. I have never been told my Grandmother's maiden name. Today we are around 300 million Orthodox Christians united as one spiritual family, even if not connected in person. If people knew the truth about history in context, everyone who has condemned Christians would feel ashamed. Everyone who is rubbishing the Orthodox Priests Will eat their words. Despite everything that has happened in history, Orthodox Christians are people of peace in their heart. Walking in Spirit in Union with God keeps us going, when our world is crashed down by those who thrive by greed, hunger for power and destruction.

Geography is not my strong point. Google maps makes locations easier to place in perspective (so thank you Google) While I see the world as whole, when I want to understand anything, even a location, my mind acts like a radar zooming in closer. When I want to see the bigger picture I am ajusting accordingly. Connecting information together, we must have the right information to start with. What we SEE is relevant and what is hidden behind this too. When we try to understand we open our mind to greater perception. Even names and place have meaning. Numbers have a meaning too. We can recieve information in so many different ways, even in our dreams. Dreams were considered to be sacred messages from the Gods. We can also ask in prayer to be guided to what we need to know. Many insights came to me in this way.

"And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you." Luke 11:9

Last year I was feeling overwhelmed listening to Muslims and Christians in a supremacy battle. That night I had a dream and Prophet Muhammad appeared in this. The following day, I discovered St Catherine's Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinia has a copy of a signed letter from Prophet Muhammad with several signatures. The copy of this was sent to Turkey and while it has disappeared, the fact is, I trust the Orthodox Faithful Patriarchs who are Guardians of the Truth. One promise Muhammad made is that Muslims will Always protect Christians and never prevent a Christian woman who marries a muslim, to continue in her faith. The Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinai ensures that God's Truth is Never forgotten, for this Holy mountain is where Moses recieved the 10 commandments.

Saint Catherine's Greek Orthodox Monastery, Mount Sinai - South of the Oasis, Egypt.

On the top of Mount Sinai a small chapel that has been built. For all the people claiming to be royal Princes, Princess Kings, Queens and even King of Kings on the internet, I wonder how many people know all this! I wonder how many of these people are Orthodox Christians? If people are claiming to be King or Queen by divine right, how many of these people are able to show how God is bringing everything together and point out the truth to people. HOw many people can demonstrate prayers being answered and how. How many people can say truly they have a personal relationship with God and show how they are guided by God? How many people know what happened to th early Christians?

How many people even speak of Mount Sinai and know the Greek Orthodox Church is Patriarch of Jerusalem, Syria, Palestine, Jordan River, Cana of Galilee and Mount Zion? How many people know that the Greek Orthodox Church holds America as its possession - meaning America has been Protected by God. How many people know that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and head of the Orthodox Church and so no other King can rule over him or change the Law that God has given!

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. " Revelation 22:16

Instead of arguing with people, keep seeking the truth because this will reveal something relevant to you too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria