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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 16 April 2012

Temple Liberty, Justice, Peace

The first time I heard of the Statue of Liberty - I knew this meant Freedom! Whenever I think of how law courts should be; I know the meaning of Justice that is fair and ethical, not profit as a priority or even a focus. In my heart and from experience, I know war should not exist and there is a way to sort out differences, without the use of weapons. There was a time when the pen is mightier than the sword and still in this time it is. The world needs to come back to understanding. Or perhaps our world needs to be brought forward to realise this understanding. The alternative is to endure a jungle mentality where at different times, people are attacked as a way to meet any self serving agenda. You decide!

Being spiritually awakened, I see what other people might be blind to. There are people who can see far more than I can. We are not all meant to be seeing out of the same windows - our eyes are the windows to our soul. When something is not right in the world - there comes a point where as a human being we have a choice to say something or keep quiet. While the world has been divided into territory, I have always seen the world without boundaries and our world being one planet in the entire universe. As a child looking out my bedroom window at the stars and moon shining at night - I felt a wonder with all there is and a realisation that we are all here for a reason to understand beyond what we know.

Even the people who have gone down the wrong path in life might have done so because of their experience and reactions. Masses of people are hurting in the world. To me, this is calling for a healing need. There are people who have worked really hard and had to fight to get their voice heart and yet when they get to their peak, they do not realise the forceful ways are still with them. In the same way I do not think the bully can recognise he or she is because bullies do not look in the mirror. Many bullies learn their behaviour from someone else - perhaps they witness bully tactics in their growing up. In ancient times people strived to be who they really are and not put on the masks. And when we do this, we are forced to address our healing need too. We are at a time when society is to be built up surely - the alternative is to keep driving everyone into the ground. Suffering is not at all pleasant!

What I realise is if there was no war, there would be more money to invest on land and with the people. If there is justice that is not profit as a priority, there would be an ethical standard and this cannot be ignored. And where there is peace, people can unite together and live side by side in harmony. Mediation is an ideal way to solve differences with fairness, Win Win for everyone.

Bridges were built for whatever reason, although they are paths that take us to people in other lands. If we were not meant to meet people from other lands, we would not have travelled anywhere. Our ancestors have known war, suffering and lost everything. Mine grandparents have and rebuilt their life. My father was ethical in business and it his technical designs and expertise that build a mulimillion pound company in the 1970's and 1980's in Uk and he left the day my mother died. He always said to me never sign a contract without reading the small print - he never told me about his business partner and friend registering the patents in his name. My father wanted me to be a lawyer - being sensitive, I wanted to work in the healing profession. I did not want to be the decision maker that will destroy lives and knew even before witnessing corruption here, the wrong decision could destroy an innocent persons life. Little did I realise this would happen to me.

I have lived a life now extremly tired out - but I continue writing when I can, sharing openly because if people really want a future with Justice, Peace and Liberty, there is hope.

It was while looking for another image to share, I found this.

This Temple is designed in the ancient classical Greek style. The Temple of Liberty is dedicated to Liberty, Justice, and Peace.

"James Trenchard. Temple of Liberty. The Columbian Magazine, (Philadelphia) 1788, Library of Congress. This engraving of a classical temple building depicts statues on the roof, including Libertas (liberty), Justicia or Themis (justice), & Ceres (peace). Libertas is at the peak with the others on the corners. In the background a rising sun radiating beams of light with one shining upon Libertas holding her staff & freedom cap. Emerging from the pure, bright sunlight in the distance is the new nation--lady Columbia with an eagle headdress. Standing below is Concordia holding a horn of plenty; Columbia's winged son holding a scroll with CONSTITUTION written on it; and Clio, the muse of history, beginning to write the history of the new nation. Scrolling across the front of the classical temple are the words: SACRED TO LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND PEACE. Below this engraving was written,

"Behold a Fabric now to Freedom rear'd,
Approved by friends, and ev'n Foes rever'd,
Where Justice, too, and Peace, by us ador'd,
Shall heal each Wrong, and keep ensheath'd the Sword,
Approach then, Concord, fair Columbia's Son,
And faithful Clio, write that "We Are One."

In 1788, Philadelphia's Columbian Magazine published an engraving by James Trenchard called the Temple of Liberty. Trenchard, born in 1746, at Penns Neck in Salem County, New Jersey, was an engraver & seal cutter in Philadelphia, and the artist for many of the plates for the Columbian Magazine, whose circulation was the largest of any 18th century magazine published in America."

This website has so many illustrations of buildings in America and noticing that Britain was not always friends....Times have moved on now, I hope. One thing for sure, Britain is not friends with me to make me suffer so much! Oathtakers have violated their Oath here!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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