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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Tom Hanks - Jonah and The Power of Love!

The name Jonah is being given in these present times brings people back to what is really important. When anything is important to know, in different ways this comes to our attention. We are being invited to observe the signs in the present times.

Johah is the name of the young boy in the movie 'Sleepless in Seattle' - This article is about love, relationships and 'the signs'.

In the movie, Tom Hanks plays Sam Baldwin, a Chicago architect who lost his wife to cancer. He begins a new life with his young son Jonah in Seattle. Annie Reed is a Baltimore Sun Reporter.

Time passes while Jonah watches his father grieving. On Christmas eve Jonah calls a radio show because he wants his father to find a new wife. The effect of Jonah opening up his heart is listened to by all America. Hundreds of women write to Sam.

Annie is engaged to be married yet knows something is missing. After watching the film 'An Affair to Remember', Annie impulsively writes a letter suggesting that Sam meet her on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day - something inside pulls her to do this. She then decides not to mail the letter. However her friend does. Annie is sent to Seattle to 'do a story about these radio shows'

Sam also begins dating a woman whom Jonah dislikes. Annies letter arrives and Jonah reads it. The mention of Baltimore he sees this as 'a sign'. He fails to convince his father to go to New York to meet Annie - the reaction seen in the trailer above. Jonah confides with his young friend and replies to Annie, agreeing they will meet up together in New York on Valentines day.

Children certainly know what they want!

In the movie we see how peoples paths cross and to bring attention and yet it is not the right time to get together. The seeds are being planted to grow. The first time Sam sets eyes on Annie, she is arriving at the airport. Immediately he is captivated by her and yet he has no idea who she is.

We see as in every day life, when Annie sees Sam embrace another woman, she assumes this is a girlfriend and yet it is his sister. Sam notices her and says "Hello" She responds "Hello" unable to say anything else. She feels a fool in her fantasy and decides to return to New York to a life with her fiance.

Jonah in his determination; with his friend's help (another young child) manages to book a ticket for Jonah to fly to New York without his father's knowlege or permission. He arrives at the Empire State Building in search of Annie - asking every woman by herself if she is Annie. Sam being distraught that his son has flown to New York goes after him. This is how the hand of fate is forced.

On Valentines day while Annie is having dinner with her fiance - Suddenly a HUGE HEART flashes up on the Empire State Building. She sees this as 'A SIGN' and makes her way there. When she arrives the observation desk is closed although she manages to convince the security guard to go look by reminding him of the movie 'an affair to remember'. As she enters the elevator to go up to the top of the building, the doors open with Sam and Jonah leaving. They are the last people to leave.

There are physical reasons showing why two people are not getting together and yet there is a lesson in looking at the spiritual signs to point the right way. Synchronicity also shows us how everything and everyone connects together. The Sign on the Empire State building could have been the norm on Valentines day, however it was to trigger the memory of Jonah and curiosity of Sam. Annie's heart was forced to follow this Sign!

The very clear message was literally 'Follow The Heart'!

In the ending Jonah remembers he left his bag by the telecope and together hand in hand with his father they go to the top and collect it. At the top of the Empire State Building, there Annie, Sam and Jonah meet together. They become a family from this moment.

It was in the Divine Plan to show Jonah as a child and the important role children have in their parents relationships.

The storyline in 'Sleepless in Seattle' resonates in the hearts of millions of people. The story is a reminder of fate and destiny; how divine intervention can make anything and everything possible. The invisible force - the designer and creator or all things is bringing people together and even inspiring people to write the story for everyone to know. One message that is being shared in so many different ways - It does not matter if people are at a distance from eachother - if something is meant to be it will happen.

We do not know how life will unfold. Situations and circumstances can take us physically from one location to another. On the internet people are connecting together as friendship. Real love is happening and happy marriages too. We have progeressed where international business negotiations are happening over the internet and even the online telephone of Skype allows everyone to connect with whatever their need. We can shop online too.

Breaking down the barriers of communication has been enabled through the internet. The movie industry has opened our hearts and minds of people to new possibilities. This is a time of global awakening and realising personal responsibility. We are being given the awareness to make the right choices in our life too.

Millions of children are raised in single family homes. Most children want to be in a family with a mother and father firgure. For some reason, one parent might not be around, and yet another parent might be meant to be 'in the divine plan'.

Generations of adults have grown up knowing expectations today. There are authors setting out rules for dating and finding the perfect partner. The scripted effort to find someone excludes one important factor - compatibility. The focus on the packgage instead of what is inside is why the value of deep and meaningful relationships and building emotional bonds has been lost.

When parents teach children about true love and family life, this is by example. If parents give up on love and chase something else - children are affected too. A child who has lost a parent frome illness or other circumstance, feel this loss, even if they cannot express their thoughts and feelings openly.

The children being born today are teaching parents and bringing people together again. It is not a coincidence that children are the teachers today of what is really important in life. The movie industry recognises this. Today the roles have reversed. Children are looking after their parents best interests and even advise their parents. Children notice when their parents are hurting.

The movie industry is instrumental in helping us remember what is important in life and with the internet, we are reminded that friendship and caring about people is also beyond our doorstep. If we do not listen to the language of truth in our hears, we might miss our calling that is guiding and shining the way.

Children are not only sensitive - they are knowing too. Children thrive with love and family unity. When parents are happy, they feel secure. A child's life can spin out of control because of instability at home and this is reflecting their emotional turmoil.

It is not a coincidence that creative expression in music, art, writing and the movie industry has become so popular and this is a sign of the times. Scripted Soaps are falling away to be replaced by reality shows. People are revealing their personal challenges and sometimes acting out in a dramatic way their inner turmoil. Through movies, music and creative expression, therapeutic transformation takes place both for the people involved and the audience.

Love breaks down the barriers of commmunication. Love heals and brings people together. The people who live with conditonal love and expectation might not even understand unconditional love. There is a flow of unconditional love that is ever present and this flows to where love is needed in the world.

Countless people have lost loved ones to cancer. Healing the loss of a loved one does not happen overnight. If we put a lid on our feelings and protect our heart - we can prevent ourself from feeling love. Many people divert their attention into another focus, instead of feeling their feelings and being true to their heart. The state of 'denial' is a block to emotional fulfillent.

Many women who have been put in a role of caring for a mother do not get married. Getting close to someone else and the possibility of losing someone else is the sam reason why men, who have been hurt before, or lose a loved one through illness or circumstance. Even though people have a great capacity to love, there is also the reminder of the pain with losing a loved one too.

It is painful when we lose loved ones and this is a reminder that we are all human. Living with love in our heart is what heals our inner being and makes us stronger. Love is a healing energy to be shared and given freely to everyone. Living with love for humanity is a natural phenomenon. The flow of energy with unconditional love is shifting the way of the world from people striving to impress, to striving to be who we really are as human spiritual beings. The greatest lack in this world more than anything is love.

Jonah is reminding everyone to be true to their heart. Sometimes a sudden impulse to go somewhere and do something, might be leading you to meet someone you are meant to meet - taking you in the steps to the direction where you are meant to go. We are all here for a purpose and not everyone is ready to understand. Everyone is instrumental in everyone elses life.

There are millions of people miss out on even getting to know their loved ones for who they really are. So many people cry after their loved ones have gone. I wa fortunate to recognise the world can wait and to have the quality time with my mother and through her, she was instrumental in my learning. Conditional love is not unconditional love. Conditional love relates to conforming and expectations. Unconditional love - love is a way of being.

So many people are conditioned with conditional love. People who block love are those who put up the barriers and run away from love. Those barriers can become blocks in life that keep the divide between people. It is surprising to listen to people who do not believe real love exists. The understanding of feeling love that starts from within our being is being shared again.

There are books about relationship rules - what to do and how to behave with someone. The only way to be is to be true to your heart and where there is a healing need, address your healing need. When you are true to yourself, other people can be true with theirself too.

In the movie 'Sleepless in Seattle' - many people relate to peer pressure to be with someone, even if it does not feel 100% right. It takes courage for people to start over again. It takes effort to be honest with our own self and be with someone for all the right reasons. Impulsive relationships do not always work out. A shoe that does not fit, will not fit, even if the package is appealing.

Listen to your heart and be true to yourself. Beware of people who are influencing you who take you in the opposite direction. Divided loyalties divide people. When people get divorced, rntire families have become divorced because of divided loyalties - not by choice. Ideally there would be no divorce and people would be together for all the right reasons. So there is another lesson to take that step of commmitment with careful thought.

Sleepless in Seattle is a reminder of how the hand of destiny works to bring bring people together. We are invited to see the signs, the movement of the invisible influence that even takes a child alone to another place that the parent follows. We witness rich emotional reward and how a child wants family life. The alternative is also presented and this being to be with someone nice who might be nice, like a comfortable pair of slippers, yet something is missing.

Tom Hanks stars as a role that so many men can relate to as not being the initators in loving relationships and needing a helping hand to guide them to true love. There is also a lesson for women not to force any relationship or marriage because what is meant to be will happen anyway. When a man is ready to settle down he will do and men can be broody too.

Forced marriage will not work. A close emotional bond can start from friendship and blossom into something much deeper with lasting happiness. True love can start in an instant - what builds from this moment is just as important.

Many people are finding their soulmate now. The right person will find their way eventually. The right people and circumstances to bring this 'happy ending' is unfolding in so many different ways. And if you have found your loved one, cherish this gift and share your experience to inspire other people. The invisible hand is bringing so many lovers together now.

Tom Hanks has been Choson to serve humanity in the Divine Plan.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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