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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Truth Seekers

Being a truth seeker, I do not see what I am told and sold as fact. Speculation is not fact, Presumption is not fact. Evidence support factual findings and this evidence can come in different forms.

Because in history so much evidence has been destroyed of ancient times, we can know ancient times existed by the ruins of temples and these represented ancient civilsations.

Names of places were not hidden from people who lived in these times. The ancient Greeks who survived catastophe have moved location and the new location being named 'Greece'. For some time Greece again is suffering and this is reminding of change and the signs of the times.

In ancient Israel - this being the name of Jacob. The Israelites being the decendants of Jacob and their families who are existing today in different locations around the world.

Over 2000 years there have been wars between people and clashes of civilisations before this too. When there is a lack of clarity as to why this is happening, we must seek to understand why. We must remove the blindness from our own eyes.

Or we can choose to dismiss this. However to change the truth is why so much confusion is prevailing today. It is Ok not to know or understand. At one time parents were conscientious about feeding the family with healthy food and nutition was a major consideration. At one time people were educated about vitamin difficiencies. The voices people need to be listening are the experts who have studied and know what they are talking about.

We can understand by seeking credible evidence. We must look to ancient history to understand ancient history. We can even go back to understand about biblical times - Moses was an important figure of the times. Jesus Christ was not in conflict with Moses. Both were born to bring people forward to a higher understanding.

The people who are rubbishing the Holy Bible might not realise this book contains important information about people and places. Family lineage too. We can understand some of the lessons people have faced over time and the warnings given to people.

In ancient times there were sorcrers and those who sought to harm people. The name Pharmaka in Greek is sorcery - something think about. Philosophy and psychology are rooted with the Greek language and yet spiritual understanding is not always understood in context in the western world, or the need for spiritual healing.

Even if we can see clearly and understand, what next? People go to college and university to get a degree. This is to enhance their learning and perhaps even for a particular goal. All learing in purposeful. Information and seeking information for a reason can help with self understanding.

My focus is to bring Global Peace and healing. Many years study to acquire understanding was to advise governments and to ensure ethical decisions are made for the people, not against them!

Corruption and injustice is a huge issue of concern. Globally people are suffering because of unethical professionals 'who abuse the name of God when they take their Oath'. Every Judge, Lawyer, Police and Prime Minister take an Oath to the Queen. Officials are not allowed to turn on the Queen - They are obliged to carry out their duty of responsibility, as their oath requires.

Our foods, water and air has been contaminated by reckless decision makers. The food that is growing, how much is genetically engineered and changed in molecular structure, I have no idea at all. Additives, preservatives and pesticides are all not good for our health. Allergic reactions that are on the rise today are because our body reacts to what we are eating.

The reason why the decisions have been made is unclear. There are people who think on the lines of mass production to feed the masses. There are cows injected with hormones to produce more milk - these hormones are going into the milk we are drinking. This is just scratching the surface.

Another product that comes to my attention is the genetically modified soya bean. Why there was a decision to change the molecular structure of this is only known by the decision makers.

Being raised to experience food from different cultures, Chinese food was frequently consumed in our home with soya sauce. In my twenties (1980's) my father brought home some soya mince to try and said it is like mincemeat. My reply was 'mincemeat is mincemeat - this is something else! I did not want a substitute.

Throughout my life is an ongoing learning process. I cannot say I fully understand because I do not. However, when I want to know something, I will apply myself and make a conscientious effort to seek the truth to understand.

The soya bean food was meant to come to my attention when it did. There were also a growing amount of vegetarians who do not eat meat and yet still want to cook tasty food to eat. For different reasons people are vegetarians and each has their own choice.

There are people who have are sensitive the cruelty to animals and their suffering when killed can be passed on by energy. In an earlier video I wrote how thoughts and inention can change the structure of water. Traumatising any animal to eat is consuming truma too.

In Japan and China soya bean is the main ingrediant in soya sauce. This is eaten with many dishes. Some time ago I was told women in Japan rarely suffer with symptoms related to menopause. Apparently soyal sauce and soya bean foods could have something to do with this.

In England and other countries, women going through the menopause tend to suffer in silence. The symptions can be debilitating and even life threatening. Hormone changes are supplimented with hormones in pills. Reading the leaflet contained in a box of 'Hormone Replacement Therapy' I noticed they carry a risk of cancer. Not good at all. Not good at all.

If a product is saying in writing 'this might harm your health' - there is also a legal protection to the manufacturer with this. Reading between the lines we gain understanding. I can just imagine the court bringing this to light and someone discovering they have cancer losing the court case.

There is a difference in my mind to other people's in relation to preventative care. If we avoid the foods that bring symptoms that can make us ill, we are at least taking preventative measures to take care of our health. Vaccines are not the answer. Building health comes from within.

There is enough land in the world to cultivate growing fresh fruits and vegetables and yet it is left derelict. If there is the ability to pump oil and carry this to different lands, there is also the ability to do the same with water. Desalination of water is something already taking place, although chemical dumping in the seas is another concern. There is a viscious cycle that needs looking at to eliminate the root cause of the problem. Instead of blaming, to make sure this does not happen any more.

The reason so many companies 'get away' with their products and pushing lines that are not even safte on the market is because they have written on the label or on the description something that protects them. As a consumer - we take anything and everything at our own risk.

While women and men have become 'health and body conscious' the seeds have also been planted about thinness. A growing amount of people are buying sugarfree products for many years already. Looking at the labels on food so many contain aspartame or under the guise of 'sweetener' - this again is a 'replacement'. In my research, aspartame was considered to be dangerous and deadly by the FDA. During testing rats developed brain tumors. Today countless of children and adults have died of brain tumors.

Nothing is coincidence at all. Every illness has a cause!

Studying holistic health and self healing was a choice because already since a chlld I knew we must heal the root cause of illness. We are not a pill popping family on my mothers side. If anything prayer and natural remedies are always preferable....

The battle for heal and promoting health is made difficult when the foods we eat are lacking nutritional value or the pollutants used can bring symptons of illness and make us ill. We do not know why this was done.

What is relevant is the products have been manufactured to 'cure the problem' - the problem solution cycle continues to go on since the begining of time. Much as when a building is destroyed, a new building is erected.

We are at a Key point in time for humanity to progress, or to keep repeating the lessons of the past. We must address the issue of food contamination and this be stopped. We must also look at natural healing for health.

There is a lot of fear mongering happening and the problems that exist today have existed for a very long time already. In this time, everything is coming to light. People are fearing the new age and spirituality. In ancient times, people were spiritual and healing was the natural way.

This is a time of personal responsibility. Learn to seek the truth to understand the truth. Know there are people who are motivated to bring many issues that have got out of hand back as they should be - and officals working who are ethical, work for people as a priority not for profit as a priority.

These are difficult times, that can be made easier with cooperation and help. I will continue to share insights and understanding, also what I am learning along the way. With the geographical relocations of wars in ancient times and bringing everything back to order again - there is new seed and new light.

Every day is a new begining. We must move forward with the times and get to the truth of what is happening now.

Many people are waking up from a very long sleep. Many people are realising a higher understanding and this means, instead of self serving and a jungle mentality to grab what we can to feed selfish whims, that we must give back and also take care of the planet we are living on.

People are going on about Queen Elisabeth II controlling the world. Actually it is her job to bring an end to all the abuses, wars and injustice. It is the Queen's job to protect the people and now she is an elderly lady. She is not going to live forever. In her coronation oath she took to Cause Justice with Mercy.

If her officials do not respect her they will mock her by creating injustice. If her officials do not beleive in God they will mock God by allowing abuses to people. Somehow I cannot see her telling lawyers they must lie and judges that they must make sure they put lots of innocent people in prison.

The New Queen will represent Justice with Mercy!

The Queen must come from a specific bloodline and represent all people - fairly and ethically. This is why she is known as Mother of Humanity.

There might have been deliberate effort to hide the truth, or people have forgotten. Thankfully my mother's name was Athena and I know exactly what she represents in her oan life and in history too.

All the big voices on stage that worked hard to be famous - I am not hearing anyone saying outright, bring an end to all the corruption. No one is saying 'where is Justice?' - No one is asking why there are innocent people in prison. The selling of tickets might be the agenda with some people.

There is so much misinformation going around and people taking what someone says as fact. Take a leaf out of the book for Michael Tscarion, who when he shares his extensive research that has been for his own interest and sharing this openly so everyone else can benefit too - he ALWAYS credits the original sourse.

We are in a time where getting right to the truth of history is difficult because the original information is not available as evidence. However there is a way of seeing, knowing and understanding - that still brings validation. Even if we have all the understanding, we do not know everything there is to know.

Instead of beleiving the lie and listening to people who earn well for taking you away from the truth, seek the people who know. If you want advice on health, many medical health professions are passionate about assisting healing naturally too. A phamacist is a qualified chemist - they can advise too and this comes at no cost.

If you want to know about faith - instead of listening to David Icke who went on BBC television declaring himself to be the Son of God, do speak with a priest who has dedicated a lifetime of learning and strives to develop and maintain a personal relationship with God.

Instead of trying to be like someone else and competing for center stage, how about trying to be who you really are and just getting on with life, contributing in your own unique way. In these years I have been called to the internet. I refused my own television chat show. The media circus is not appealing.

When we know our truth - we can discover why we are here! It does not matter if you are in the public eye or working quietly in the background, everyone has a purpose. Countless people are working to resolve the misjudgements made by decisions makers who are spiritually blind. Hopefully one day everyone will see clearly and realise a sense of responsibility, instead of creating chaos and confusion. Millions of people are in pain today!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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