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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Who Rules the World?

This is the truth - No man rules this world. No woman either.

God Almighty is ruler of this world and the entire universe. Just because you cannot see Him, does not mean He is ordering in a disordered world. God does not have ego or desire or self serving. He has no interest to keep people down or to take from people either. God does not see one person as more superior than another either. Roles of responsibility have been forgotten.

In every generation there have been a mediator between God and Man. While there are people who beleive there is no other messenger of God, then we must ask - why do these same people lack awareness of the instruction by God given to all people.

Throughout the ages, people have been instruments to impart God's Wisdom. Sophia means Holy Wisdom. Women have been chosen to be the givers of life - women carry the seed that develops into a living breathing human being in their womb. Women nurture life from within their being and in the world. Women have been chosen to fulfill the Divine Plan for women are co creators, something that hs not been fully understood.

For a long time there have been elected kings. There have also been kings by conquest. If they do not declare God as the boss and acknowledge their role as servant to God, then they might be ruling by ego. There are today a few males are trying to be recognised as royals and even see theirself as being King of Kings - eager to get in a position of power. If any royal is by divine right a King or Prince, they are already instruments to bring positive change in this world - any crowning, ceremony and adoring people does not change this. Jesus Christ and his mother Mary, did not wait until they got approval to help people. The hunger for royal status today invites questions why? Look at agenda!

Kingship is one that completely obeys God's Will not their own. The Chosen Queenship is one that carries people safely. If God rules the world we must ask why are there people who are in position of rulership and law keepers. This is because at any one time there has always been a representative of God on this earth. When the law keepers are law breakers, this is time for change!

Why are we here?

We are born to heal, learn lessons, grow and evolve spiritually. We are all here for a greater purpose - not just to eat, work, play, sleep and die. We are not even here to make money to self indulge. We are born to realise our spiritual wholeness so we can experience our spiritual calling here. For a soul to incarnate, we need a physical body. For this body to live, we need take care of it. We need nourishment; not punishment. Enough soul destruction!

In this time there are people in oppressive conditions who have been allowed to suffer. Nurturing is needed. There are people who are living on lands and yet they have nothing to eat. It is unclear who is preventing food being planted, trees to grow and animals to roam. Without plant life, fruits and vegetables what are the bees to pollinate? When the birds do not visit to carry the seeds - we can only rely on wind, and human hands to spread this. Without trees oxygen diminishes. We must plant trees to sustain all life.

Without birds and bees life cannot be sustained. We hear about the birds and the bees as children, how many people are taught about their role in nature and to nurture nature for suvival? Life is not producing children, we must learn to sustain and maintain life.

Our body is made up of a large percentage of water - without water our physical body will die. Water has been deliberately chemically polluted and these toxins are not only detrimental to our health they are brain damaging too.

People who are instruments of God are inspired in different ways. One has been to bring clean water to people. This is not for money as a priority - this is about a need to sustain life. As a child I visited the natural spring in Malvern and said then then this water should be bottled because it was so pure. Years later while socialising people laughed because I was drinking water and I said one day you will do the same 'and pay for it'. The laughs became louder - then one day driving in a car with the same friend, a truck pulled in front of us. Evian Water. We went to eat and HE ORDERED BOTTLED WATER! It was not Free! Did he get it? No!

Backwards spelled Evian means Naive. Today there are those who are making an absolute profit on water....a free resource. There are people today who are already calculating the profit they will make from water and those trying to sell their own brand label. The greed factor mentality is escalating and it is time to stop.

Nikola Tesla another Orthodox Christian was inspired to bring light to everyone. He was technically minded and had many patents. He died a poor man living alone. He had no children because he was never married. He chose to be celibate and this is not unusual for Orthodox who are spiritually enlightened. It was not his intention for people to pay for electricity and light. Remember God said: Let There Be Light and there was light!

"Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs, the future, for which I really worked, is mine." -Nikola Tesla

Today billions of people are paying for lighting that should be a free resource. People are tied to contracts and metered for their usage. The voidable contracts are those that you have not agreed to. For this reason in the last few years there are electricity suppliers knocking on peoples doors to offer a slightly cheaper deal. It is to secure you to another contract. It could be the corproations are owned by the same people.

As the awareness has been brought to the people's attention openly now. There is a growing amount of people who are getting the understanding of Free Energy and yet many people are not getting it at all. Free means no cost. We are paying for poison!

Benjamin Fulford has been speaking about HIS vision to help humanity. It seems His vision is limited and this might be because of self serving interest. Suing bankers for trillions of dollars - maybe he wants in his own bank. He wants to 'sell' the idea of Free Energy to people, namely electricity and spoke of five year contracts! Again profit is indentified. He is not looking at the bigger picture and blind to enlightened minds. He has indicated threats and I hope people will not be involved in any more wars. The world had enough of Men who conquest with WAR!

There are a growing number of wind farms. Owned land allows profit; yet what is FREE cannot be sold. Electricity contracts can be made null and void when people have not made a contractual agreement. This explains those who are busy trying to sign people up to new contracts. Here in England financial slavery is escalting with increased man made laws and fines. As above so below - society is self serving now. Greed is bringing people to a standstill.

The coal mines were shut down becuse Gas would be more profitable 'with contracts'. Add maintanance costs of boilers and householders paying out insurance to cover for being fixed up to £200 a year - plus other insurances, insurance is big business too. Has it ever occurred that the insurance companies are owned by the same people too? Profit paid by the poor people.

People think they are covered with insurance and the call out cost with a repair can cost £150 - People are being taken as fools. A monster has been created because of greed and self serving.

After witnessing someone walk out of a store with a pile of fillet steaks - estimated cost £40, the security man said he is not allowed to physically stop anyone or he could be sued. He said the store employs him for insurance purposes. When shoplifters go to court, the insurance pays the legal fees and they are not cheap. Here in England, people in business are penalised in so many different ways. Success is blocked. Industry is closing down and the bills keep rising. Our shops are filled with clothes manufactured in developing countries - bought for pennies and sold for even 1000% profit. Billionaire Phillip Green owns several high street stores. At least he employs a lot of staff.

Some time back I found a website stating Queen Elisabeth II has a personal wealth of serveral billion pounds. After posting the two websites, both were removed from the internet. Ha - the effort to hide the truth is Exposed. In another website the lineage of both Harry and William were published both on the mothers side and fathers. Those who are protecting their intersts removed that too. Surely there is nothing to hide? The All Seeing and All Knowing does not miss anything which is why this came to my attention!

The British royal family take around £50 million every year just for living expenses - yet there is so much they are expected to do and do not. I could do a lot with £50 million a year income!

The Queen can make a decision to cancel all debts. She can decide bring an end to all wars and manufacturing of weapons. She can give all land back to God as the owner of everything - she could stop all the fines that are being given to people for even parking cars and it is DISGUSTING to fine old ladies for dropping a piece of cotton on the floor. This is how low British officals stoop for profit.

A basic human right is every child has a right to go to school and learn and the same applies for adults too. No one should be obstructing anyones development, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. The costs to go to university are so high now - limiting people to study. Many people take out loans and get into debt to gain their degree - So the educational establishment gains and the bank gains too. As jobs present criteria for degrees, this eliminates the people who cannot afford to study or who refuse to get into debt. Those who fall into the trap become slaves to the system - with the cost of living rising and housing costs, people are living beyond their means to survive. This problem is escalating!

There are rules about debt and not to incur debt. No one has any obligation to pay anyone elses debt. A financial war has been created out of greed by the bankers assisted by governments and allowed by the Queen. As long as there are wars between those who control territories, more profit is made because the weapons manufacturing business pays - not a billion dollar busibess but a multi trillion dollar business. Surely people should be saying by now - it does not make sense why trillions of dollars is being spent on war - yet there are people who are homeless and without food?

When shares are owned by the government and the focus is political (financial) interests then there could quite likely reveal the problem. Instead of seeing someone as the enemy and blaming new Presidents for the previous ones, see the truth of what is happening. Why on earth would anyone want to bow down to some royal, when royals are not superior beings.

I can not imagine a World Government being formed for William or Charls to rule the world. Compare the intelligence of Prince Alwaleed and both William and Charles look pale shadows in comparison. Prince Alwaleed, a self made international businessman who uplifts his people yet he is not a King. This is an example of what is expected from ALL ROYALS - to make things happen, to give and to uplift people. Royals SERVE the people!

The Rule of Law is to prevent abuses to people. It is not the role of any Royal to be self serving. A life of comfort and ease might be provided however there are expectations. There is nothing stopping any royal from making money however examination of how money is made is noted by the All Seeing and All Knowing!

Prince Alwaleed created Kingdom Holdings. He is chosen in the divine plan to assist change. A visionary and with sharp intelligence assessing situations and making decisions. He knows the meaning of responsibility and accountability. If he makes the wrong decision, he accepts the consequences. Prince Alwaleed demonstrates to build an Empire is making the right decisions and to invest. It is His investment that reaps dividends. Prince Alwaleed is eager to bring changes to the law so women can drive and not have to hide behind the veil. Women do not wear the veil inside His Kingdom. Obstruction to bringing an end to so many human rights abuses, is because to change the law, can only come from someone who is Guided by God in the Islamic world.

Empowering women in the Middle East is high up on the agenda along with other important areas that need to be addressed Empowering women in the West is also a priority and assisting healing where there is a healing need. This is happening!

Prince Alwaleed is a Man of faith and takes his religion very seriously. Everything is by God's Will.

"My tongue will tell of your righteous acts all day long, for those who wanted to harm me have been put to shame and confusion. " Psalm 71:24

The reason why God has a representative on earth is to bring an end to all the abuses that are taking place, especially in His name. Ending injustice is a priority. So many issues are a priority and even if there is obsructing IN ENGLAND to bring an end to these abuses, they are being brought to an end anyway.

So where do we go from here?

The world must be returned to God in Order to be restored. A government run by true believers who FEAR GOD, will be less likely to make decisons to people's detriment. A government is supposed to be taking care of the people and their needs. This will be a testing time for athiests. There is no room for lip service beleivers in official roles. Actions speak louder than words.

There has been refusal from England to bring an end to all the human rights abuses - Charles and William cannot take the crown because Queen Elisabeth II has violated her oath - She has been shamed by her officials! The corrupt lawyers and police who refused to work for justice were asked to do so by myself.

Will Prince Alwaleed rule the world? No! God rules the world, Always has and always will! We are in comparison of very limited intelligence, however there are great minds and selfless people who are dedicated to serve, to enable humanity to progress. The blocks to this must be removed now! No one is a slave!

Also promises made in the Holy Bible cannot be ignored.

"As for Ishmael, I will bless him also, just as you have asked. I will make him extremely fruitful and multiply his descendants. He will become the father of twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation." Genesis 17:20

Ishamel had 12 Sons. The name Ishmael means "God has hearkened", suggesting that "a child so named was regarded as the fulfillment of a divine promise"

For those who say there is no God - think again. We live in a massive universe with countless other planets. To think we are the only life on this universe is very arrogant indeed! The ancients had understanding. Our soul has understanding. The effort to turn people away from God has been one that has been deliberate and excused so many abuses for far too long. This will be no more!

As long as there are true beleivers and those who know there is a higher power, those who thrive in darkness cannot get their hold. No Man has the right to rule over God! Remember ancient Egypt!

As time progresses, the Divine Plan will contine to unfold.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria