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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Jewish Moshiach and Imam Mahdi

This is a very important time for beleivers of all faiths globally.

Shiloh means peaceful and tranquil. Universal peace is our global calling for all humanity. War is not a solution or the way to peace.

Quoting from the comments left on the above video with relevant information. Someone using the name knightsofsjoan2004 wrote:

"Numbers 24:17 is a messianic prophecy which speaks about the Star of Bethlehem which is a sign from God as foretold in Isaiah 7:14 ""THEREFORE THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL GIVE YOU A SIGN; Behold, a young woman (virgin) shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

(continued) In 7 B.C. or 4 B.C. the three wise men from the East who in later tradition were known as the three wise kings were magis, not only they were expert in astrology but also in the Hebrew Scriptures and they understood that Numbers 24:17 is a messianic prophecy which means the Messiah who is King of the Jews is about to be born.

(continued) I know that Bethlehem is not mentioned in Numbers 24:17, it just mentions a star and that star refers to the Messiah not the star above Bethlehem and this prophecy says that the Messiah would be a descendant of Jacob as recorded in Matthew 1:1-2 and Luke 3:34.

(continued) Judah is one of the twelve sons of Jacob as recorded in Exodus 1:4 and of course the Messiah will be from the tribe of Judah and descend from King David as foretold in Genesis 49:10 and Jeremiah 23:5-6 and recorded in Matthew 1:3-6.

(continued) The reason why it is called the Star of Bethlehem because that star guided the three wise men from the East all the way to Bethlehem in Eretz Yisrael where Yeshua HaMashiach was born as recorded in Matthew 2:1-10. They paid a homage to him and they presented him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh as recorded in Matthew 2:11, this was done in fulfillment of the Hebrew Scripture (see Psalm 72:10)."

Bear in mind I have quoted someone else's information directly in this instance and so cannot vouch for it's accuracy, however when errors are seen or made, you can always go seek out the truth.

In earlier articles, I have written about signs in the heavens being an indication of earthly activity. As above so below certainly applies in context. The ancients had cosmic awareness of stars and signs of the times. It is for this reason that we are given the understanding of the Star of Bethlehem being a sign from God to mark the association of Christ. The expectancy of the Christ child being born was known from far and wide, which is why the Kings travelled the distance with Gold, Frankinsense and Myrrh.

A few weeks ago while looking up about solar flares, I discovered one on the day of my birth. The night before a Dutch lady had an apparition of the virgin Mary and Christ with a message and vision. I will write more about this in another article. A solar flare could be seen as a sign in the heavens and the one of my birth was seen to be significant and observed around the world. Planetary placements have been given in the song 'age of aquarius' - again we are given the indication of heavenly signs of the times 'for peace on earth'. The Star of David is a reminder of the six pointed star and also the connection between heaven and earth. Keep an open mind and in this way understanding will be easier to comprehend.

For the people who are still sitting on the fence or unsure about history - not everyone understands that at one time people were encouraged to communicate with God and be guided accordingly. There have been born anointed Kings and also people who have attained Christ consciousness. It was always in the divine plan to bring the truth to people and people are ready for this now.

Someone else has evidently done some research to realise that people from different faiths are waited for 'someone' to appear.

"Notice how the the Jewish Moshiach, the Islamic Mahdi, the Christian Antichrist, and the Buddhist Maitreya are very similar in action and personality. I think they're all the SAME person."

If everyone realised how terrible history has been at times, horrific is an understatement - then perhaps we could come forward in time and progress with embracing the positives of spiritual understanding. As I have said before, there are far too many people who are preaching and misleading people. There are many people who are misquoting holy books and sending hate messages to people from different religions. All this has to stop.

What the people who are bashing muslims do not realise, Ishamel was a son of Abraham and so was Isaac. Jewish people and muslims have faith in God Almighty, even if the name is different. Jewish people are praying for peace and eagerly await the Moshiach to arrive. At the same time Muslims are eagerly awaiting for the Mahdi (guided one) to restore peace and justice in the world. Non beleivers who are unaware of what this means could be confused. There are people who are confusing everything. The lesson is to seek the truth to understand; not feed confusion.

Promises have been made to people that are identified in the Holy Bible. The New World Order is God's Order in the world.

God is not for one set or people and not for another. In this present time there is great need that is to be addressed. While there are people living comfortable and even lives of complete luxury and overflowing abundance, there is also extreme poverty, famine and horrendous conditions beyond imaginable. The reasons these conditions have come about have been for everyone to learn from and review their own values. At any time our circumstances can change. Everyone is learning different life lessons even in this present time. No one is excluded from this.

With all the fear mongering taking place, this is feeding into the confusion happening in the world. The internet has broken down barriers between people and opened the door for friendships to be formed from diverse social, cultural and religous backgrounds. This was always in the divine plan. This is all divine timing.

Communication is the key to breaking down barriers. Love is the way to break down spiritual barriers. Humanity is one family.

When we seek what unites us, instead of looking for what divides us - you will see land location and circumstances shows difference. In our hearts many of us have known great suffering and yet there will always be someone else who has suffered so much more. We are not born to endure a life of suffering and oppression. In the eyes of God everyone is equal. An oath of responsibility is irrevocable. Accountability is now being addressed.

God gives and man takes away. Man gives and God takes away. God establishes His Divine Plan in His own way and eventually everyone will see how everything is relevant to understand.

In the divine plan, no one is excluded. It is one thing to condmen officials who have abused their oath of office, however, it is totally irresponsible to go around and attack people because of their nationality, cultural background, religion even their lack of beleif. God has given spiritual understanding and laws to live by since the begining of mankind. Throughout the ages, knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. Faith is enduring.

It is a mistake to change the precise words given by God or even to interpret, because misinterpretation can take place. At least we can compare scriptures and below I have posted links. However I highly recommend the opportunity to speak with the people who know and understand the Hebrew language to understand in context relevant information about the ancient scriptures written in Hebrew. There are also what are referred to as bible codes that are coming to light. The Holy Bible can also bring to light spiritual understanding relating to the present time. For this reason it is important to keep an open mind. When you ask in prayer you are trusting to be guided with prayer. Wish harm to no one.

Listen to the right people and find out their truth. The Iranian Prime Minister is always open in his address. An educated university professor who does not exploit the people's money and ensures that all his government officials disclose their details; not putting public money in spouses bank account. Dr. Ahmadinejad speaks about the Imam Mahdi. Imam means spiritual leader.

Notice that there is a growing global movement for peace now. Nothing is by accident - many years effort has been to open minds and hearts in so many different ways. It only takes one person to bring about positive change. It takes one person to initiate the lighting of a million candles from just one flame. The light of truth is pure as a flame that illuminates the world with truth. The New Age is indicating we are moving from one age into a new age - a new era. The messianic age is here now and everything relevant is being unfolded before your eyes so that you can see clearly.

History will keep repeating itself until people learn the lesson.

God is not for one set of people and not for another! Countless people have rejected God. Every opportunity is given throughout history and even in the present time, for people to know Him.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

The Seven Laws of Noah Explained

Notice Noah's Ark a boat. We hear refernce to the New Ark of the Covenant. This is relevant today. In prevous articles I wrote about Town Ships and Admiralty law. Also New Queen Ships being Christened. Noah was anointed by God - guided by God. The Ark was built to protect Noah's family and animal kingdom. God's laws have been given to protect the people and animals.

In this article the seven laws are given and also related insights that apply in this present time. We are in the messianic age now.

The Seven Laws of Noah (Hebrew: שבע מצוות בני נח‎ Sheva mitzvot B'nei Noach) form the major part of the Noahide Code.

The Seven Laws of the Noahide code, were given by God for the "children of Noah" – today this refers to all humankind.

According to religious Judaism, non-Jews who abide by these laws are regarded as Righteous Gentiles and assured of a place in the world to come, the final reward of the righteous.

The seven laws listed by the Tosefta and the Talmud are: -

Prohibition of Idolatry
Prohibition of Murder
Prohibition of Theft
Prohibition of Sexual immorality
Prohibition of Blasphemy
Prohibition of eating flesh from an animal while it is still alive
Establishment of courts of law

The Noachide Laws initially comprised of six laws given to Adam in the Garden of Eden, according to the Talmud's interpretation of Genesis. The seventh law was added after the Flood of Noah.

With God's Revelation at Mount Sinai, the Seven Laws of Noah were re-given; with with 613 Laws to the Children of Israel. These are the Torah and found in the Old Testament. Nothing is hidden.

The 613 commandments found in the written Torah were issued to the Jews and are therefore binding only upon these people. The Jewish people have inherited this obligation from their ancestors.

With God's revelation to Moses on Mount Sinai, the Children of Israel became obliged to teach other nations the Noachide Laws.

To convey spiritual understanding, strive to live by example. The times we are living in shows humanity has lost its way with taking care of God's creation - especially human and animal life.

English legal system is not in compliance with God's law because to this day, justice is being obstructed - a crime in itself. There is so much corruption taking place yet UK lawyers sit and do nothing.

There is a divine plan. The lawyers who are allowing corruption will not be working in God's court of law that respects and promotes justice. There are many cases that could be sorted out in a far more ethical way. Presently evidence is being presented that is corrupt and oral statements, including blatant lies are being allowed as evidence that is destroying innocent people's lives.

Britian is promoting false idols - ie Catherine who married Prince William. People need to ask what the Queen is supposed to be doing beyond being a tourist attraction; or clothes horse. No offense to Catherine. Many millions of suffering people have already waited too long for issues of concern to be addressed.

Theft includes theft of land, homes and income with man made laws. In some cultures people have their hands chopped off for stealing. With a growing amount of man made laws - millions of people are experiencing financial difficulty. Man made laws are created for profit. In some countries children are protected with inheritance. UK law courts are allowing blatant theft of inheritance by laws here, plus they accept evidence of perjury and corruption (lies to be paid) with dishonest affidavit that contradicts the law. The loser also pays the legal bill in UK. In different nations, legal corruption is a an issue that is being addressed - not just UK.

Regarding sexual immorality - UK Judges have excused gang rape in court. Gang rape is not uncommon. People are also being drugged with rape intention. Millions of people have been sexually molested as children. The Daily Mail reported 160,000 hits a day on child porn websites. The problem is being exposed with concern for future generations as it seems sexual imorality is thriving because the legal profession are allowing this.

If lawyers or judges do not like the truth - look within. British lawyers and police have said there are many innocent people in prison. Why is injustice rife? What is being done with regards to pedophilia and rape if anything. What help is given to victimes - this is far more valuable public spending than on lawyers legal fees that is being given to provide free legal help to the criminals.

Blasphemy is being disrespectful to God, or someone holy who is consecreated to be of service to God. Every officer of the court takes an Oath with the promise to work for justice. The Queen holds office as one of God's servants on earth. Injustice is happening in her name and God. Any police or lawyer who obstructs justice is a hypocrite of their oath. The divine plan placed myself in law courts in England; as a witness in other cases; to address the extent of arrogance and abuse taking place.

God is above every high court judge and injustice is blatantly mocking God. Quite a few lawyers in UK do not beleive in God. There has been boasting of lies to be paid and being immune from prosecution that is exposed openly for all to know the truth.

Eating flesh of an animal while still alive is self explanatory.

For the world to become a safe place for humanity, we need to be able to trust officials and know they are working in the people's best interest. Lip service beleivers and athiests in positions of public office are a liability to humanity. The Oath is a solemn promise to be upheld. Public officials are servants of God.

For the establishment of the courts of law - there needs to be a total clean out of corrupt officals. This will be done.

Everyone has been revealing their true colours from the top down. Officials who say they are immune from prosecution might not know that God does not abide by man made laws. The divine plan was written thousands of years ago and is unfolding now.

World peace is possible when we deal with what obstructs peace.

When people in positions of trust realise personal responsibility, we will see a more conscientious society. As above also below. While people say the Queen does not hold powers - actually she does, unless her oath was hypocritical too. Somehow I think not. Anyone who has God on their side has the power of Almighty God on their side. The divine plan is unfolding. No man can stop this!

Queen Elisabeth II knows God Almighty is the ruler of this world.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Jewish People and The Moon

It is a pleasure to share these spiritual insights in perspective.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spiritual Insights by Pauline Maria

Photograph Copyright © Maurice Coolen - Love and appreciation.

In so many different ways we are being reminded that we are the guardians of this earth and of each other. The same lesson is being shared today to learn the lesson again. We are one humanity.

Becoming a seeker of wisdom is how we gain understanding.

When we listen with our heart, we can feel people's pain, heartache, worry, anxiety, fear and grief. Our heart also speaks the language of love.

If you talk the talk, make sure you can also walk the walk - or our words are just pointless nonsense!"

When you are who you are - you shine who you are. There is no need to boast or sell yourself. There is no need to mislead or deceive - there is no need to pretend all is right in your world when it is not.

You earned your right to be you - stand tall and claim your birthright!

If I 'played the game'; turn a blind eye to wrongs, grab what I can at every opportunity, rip off my friends, lie in court; if I did not care about consequences or the society we live in ~ the world would be in a bigger mess & I would be very rich!

When we look at life obstacles from a different perspective, we discover there are no obstacles - just many landmarks for growth.

When you let go of limitations you can aim for the stars

If you settle for second best, you made the choice.

There is always room for improvement. Many people strive to improve their home and circumstances. Everyone is entitled to improve their inner self and this does not cost anything - although not everyone will make the effort.

Go for what you want in life and be true to yourself. If you go for what feels right in your heart, you are being true to your self.

The only person who can life your life and walk in your shoes is you. The only person who can make your choices is you. The only person who can speak for you is you. Only you know your truth. You have been given a voice and your mind for a reason.

If you want to live in peace, make your thoughts be the focus of peace. When your thoughts are focused on peace, your feelings will be focused on peace. When your feelings are focused on peace your words, actions and intentions will be focused on peace. If someone is angry, they are angry. Be a beacon of light for peace.

First make peace with yourself - saying no to war is easy.

We all have free will. There is a way to put right wrongs, if we are met with refusal to do so. Trust the higher power to deal with matters in the right way. We are told if we ask, we will recieve.

You do not need money, status, titles, honors, prestige, popularity, sponsors, education or degrees to be honorable and righteous. The royal road brings everyone closer to God; uplifts and empowers people; not the opposite. Christ is an example.

The Almighty Creator God already knows who is sincere and who is not. Look at the Holy Bible written thousands of years ago.

Religion is doctrine. Beleiving is trusting. Faith is knowing. Spirituality is a way of being. Divine Providence is revealing.

There is no competition to become who you really are.

The deepest feeling people in the world know anger, hurt, passion and love. People who feel rage have reason to feel rage. Acknowledge your process. If you do not feel, you are not alive.

You will be remembered by people who love, admire; resent and even hate. It is an honor to be hated for standing up for justice.

There comes a point in life when a shift in conciousness takes place and there is no turning back. Not everyone will realise a higher consciousness. People in high places do not all have spiritual understanding. Not everyone has heard of the universal laws.

Children are valuable teachers in the world. Children are the future leaders. The mistakes adults make today, the more work will be on their hands. Listen to the little ones, not silence them.

I was born with nothing and at the end of my life will leave with nothing. The time in between is important. We all make mistakes. We all learn. We are all instrumental in each others growth.

In my solitude, I walk with God, talk with God, trust in God and when I am unsure, I pray to God and leave everything up to Him. The guidance and understanding I need is always revealed. The courage to speak out without fear came because silence is not an option when anyone is suffering. I still hurt and reminded of being human. I still struggle at times and reminded this will not be forever. When I am tired - I must rest. When illness strikes I must allow healing. Mistakes have been made and serious errors in judgement. I give everyone the opportunity to learn lessons with knowing I am an instrument for people to learn their lessons.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria
Copyright © 1992 - 2012

Pauline Maria has extenstively trained in the healing and helping profession. All the professional training is additional to over 50 years of life experience - where is the real education of life and learning. Spiritual understanding comes with knowing yourself.

The Ancients Valued Wisdom


Two Wolves
An old Cherokee told his grandson that a battle that goes on inside each us. The battle is between two 'wolves'.
One 'wolf' is Evil. It has anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
The other 'wolf' is Good. It has joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"
The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Human Camera in Action

Stephen Wilshire from London has the nickname 'the living camera'. Stephen is autistic and lives in a world of his own. He did not speak until he was five years old. When he was 11 years told her drew a perfect ariel view of London after only one helicopter ride. The detail of his drawing proved to be correct - even the number of windows and location of buildings. The video abuse is giving evidence to show 'the living camera' in action in Rome.

Austism is a condition that many people do not feel comfortable to face because as with many labels, a cross section of society sees labels as a negative. As human beings we all have far more potential than we realise. However, many people have grown up being taken away from doing what they really want to do and even being put off from expressing their own truth.

Over my lifetime I have spoken with thousands of people with psychiatric labels and classified as not fitting into being 'normal' - however, unfortunately when there are people in the helping profession who do not have the ability to enable people to realise their inner strengths and talents, this is why we see the system disabling individuals and placing limitations on society.

With art work we can see and appreciate creative expression. The lesson being shared here is not art but the ability to see once and remember detail of locations and replicate this in a way that can be compared, to reveal that there is indeed a mind that has 'enhanced ability' that perhaps we can all learn from.

When someone has an autism label, our perception determines what this means. When anyone has a perceived or obvious physical, mental or verbal, limitation - not everyone considers that we all develop other strengths too. If the eductation system focus on enabling people with discovering natural talents and enhancing strengths, this would reflect in society.

Far too many people beleive they are not good enough. Far too many people are quick to look down on someone else or write off someone as having something positive to contribute because they have a label. Sometimes name calling can be debilitating and contribute to psychologically stunting people in their development, however still our inner process is not at a standstill.

Everyone has the opportunity to discover what is within and bring this forward in external expression. An active mind has a lot going on internally. Parents and teachers who influence children in their development. A nurturing and encouraging circle of influence at home, during schooling, peers and relationships is especially valuble in enabling expression. 'Special Schools' offer specialised attention to enhance the development of children.

A creative imagination is for a reason. Artists who are uniquely expressive or can replicate what is already existing, people, animals and locations are a reminder that our eye has the potential to see far more detail. Instead of seeing labels as being detrimental - as we see here with autism, this is showing special abilities that are to be amired and celebrated.

Seeing is beleiving. At one time Rome was without buildings - it has taken countless minds to create the city to be as it is today. To be able to take in all the detail of the buildings, windows and columns, roads and even the traffic is quite something and we are being shown here human potential, in the most unexpected way. Notice how relaxed Stephen is in this process.

Everyone has hidden talents and abilities. We are not meant to be the same. Our thinking process has developed uniquely according to our experience and genetic make up. The next time you see or hear of someone with seemingly limitations, just remember, everyone is here for a purpose and has something valuable to contribute to the world. Be inspired by this video and gallery.

Link to Stephen Witshire's gallery is posted below. Enjoy.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Friday, 15 June 2012

£2500 fine for dropping cigarette ash

A £2,500 fine... for dropping cigarette ash on pavement. Sheila Martin doesn't understand why the council is being so heavy-handed. She might not understand, however everyone else will!

"An elderly widow has been threatened with a £2,500 fine by council officials – for dropping cigarette ash on the pavement.

Sheila Martin, 70, was smoking at a bus stop when a warden pounced and handed her the £75 fixed penalty for littering.

The cash-strapped grandmother refused to pay and has now been warned it could rise to £2,500.

Mrs Martin, from Oldbury, West Midlands, was hit with the original fine by the Sandwell council warden after visiting her daughter on May 25.

She said: ‘I still can’t believe what happened. I was sat at a bus stop quietly enjoying a cigarette and from nowhere a warden appeared and accused me of littering.

‘I was only smoking a cigarette. It is one of the few things I can afford to buy myself.’

Mrs Martin claims she was so shocked that she later suffered an asthma attack at home and was knocked unconscious for three hours after falling over.

She said: ‘I’ve always been a law-abiding person, so this was all a big shock to me and I just keeled over.

‘I haven’t been the same since and have only got by thanks to the help of my friends and neighbours."

"Councillor Derek Rowley, Sandwell’s cabinet member for safer neighbourhoods, refused to comment on Mrs Martin’s case.

He said: ‘In general terms, however, our wardens do not issue fixed penalty notices for dropping cigarette ash.

‘They do for dropping cigarette butts, which are specifically classed as litter under the Environmental Protection Act.

‘The council takes a dim view of littering because the people of Sandwell tell us they want clean streets.’"

The lady feels like she has been victimised. She was a target for profit for a heartless system that is operated by uncaring people.

This is just a snippet of what is happening in England. Millions of people are totally blind to people who are struggling and suffering - One reason why depression is rising is because people are ignored and they are left to cope alone, often suffering in silence. The elderly are vulnerable and already the cost of living is high for most people to afford extras. A packet of 20 cigarettes now is around £6.50 and a big whack of that is tax, for the government.

We are living in a shameful society if we cannot take care of our elderly. It is a shameful government who makes decisions to people's detriment. Did the Queen authorise these laws and fines?

I do not understand anyone who can take a job that is going to cause loss, harm, suffering and struggle to people. For those who justify fining people to be paid - shame on you. Shame on the traffic wardens! Shame on the people sitting in not so 'smart' cars with a camera to snap a driver to send a fine in the post.

Karma comes back eventually to those who cause suffering, harm, loss and especially injustice for profit - Divine Justice is due.

Disturbing - Dropping cigarette ash and the lady gets fined!

Shame on England and all her man made laws for profit.

The smoking ban was not just for health consciousness - These laws were made for profit. The corporation operates for profit. If the corporation works to serve the people in their best interst as a priority, we would see no injustice and none of these man made laws even being made. The system is robbing people to be blind.

Every so often I get bags and pick up the litter where I live - sometimes asking the children to help. If we do not take care of our environment, it will become a mess. We need to become conscious. The officials who will do what it takes to be paid will likely continue to be blind sheep to be paid. Money is energy.

The people who say they want clean streets can choose to get active and help to keep the streets clean. Last year when the riots broke out - teams of people came out of their homes and cleaned up because it needed to be done. Once people realise dropping litter and destruction is not the way, they might just change their behaviour. It takes just one person to start a revolution.

The reason people drop litter is because they have lost regard for the environment. Adults can choose to set an example. Teach children early to throw litter in the bin. When children watch adults drop litter, they might even be learning from this.

These fines from man made laws need to be made null and void!

And they will be...The clean up is overdue with the officials too!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

More Laws - £90 Fine for Driving

Today the Daily Mail reports more laws - man made laws.

"Drivers face £90 on the spot fine and three points for being in the wrong lane or tailgating

Fines for speeding and mobile phone use at wheel will also increase by 50 per cent. Critics say new 'draconian' measures will pile more pressure on families"

This was always the case - for profit. This law is not neccessary.

While frustrating for the middle lane hoggers, be aware people...the fines and laws are increasing. This especially applies with road offences. Due to health reasons I did not drive and my car was parked up and was forced to pay a fine for not having insurance from this DISGUSTING SYSTEM that is repulsive to me.

With a double whammy of legal corruption; as a innocent person with three homeless threats - with refusal to put wrongs right, it is clear that the satanic system is actively violating the Christ family! The enemy of the people is not a stranger living overseas.

Man made laws are not in the people's best interest. While raising awareness of concerns and witnessing esclating human rights abuses, I have listened to several people who have suffered injustice by the system. All these abuses are inexcusable. There is an increase of fines because they can and will continue to escalate. Already millions of people cannot afford to heat their homes and pay their bills. Road cameras have been up for years fining people and the bill arrives in the post. One lady had three parking tickets in three days. The law does not protect the people in England - it protects the corporation that operates for profit. The system is grinding society to a standstill with the financial war.

Man made laws and legal corruption in the law courts in England are a liablility to humanity. A highly ethical lawyer overseas told me that injustice is a crime against humanity. This is an actual term of expression and for this reason, Human Rights law is to protect people. English law courts do not protect people.

What are you going to do about it? Silence is not an option. The party is over for the Jubilee now - The Jubilee law is all about clearing debt and returning what belongs to the original owner.

An old lady was fined £75 for dropping a piece of cotton by accident from her pocket. At one time someone might have picked it up for her. It is the lack of care about people that has excused so many people being taken advantage of and exploited. Man made laws for profit are just one area of concern, There are many more.

Not everyone is wanting to know what is really happening.

Legal corruption is rife too with absolute refusal to prosecute in England - so the corporation is doing its own thing with no one stopping the abuses. They are unlikely to either because this decision will rake in many billions of pounds in profit for those who penalise the people for profit, giving nothing back at all.

The British Goverment and law courts have been confronted verbally and in writing to address legal corruption several times by myself and I am still without justice. The system is thriving with man made laws and corrupt officials are arrogannt about violating people for profit. Corrupt officials boast of immunity from prosecution. An overhaul with screening process is due.

The flag wavers are cheering the royals not questioning why England has a Queen. Why are people regarded as commoners? This relates to common law. People are being fined due to admiralty law - Town ships. The Queen is in the role of the head - her crew make the decisions for the passengers (the people).

Where is the respect and regard for the people? The royal family are costing over £180 million a year - just £100 million for security. Going back in history - already land and homes were taken by man made laws. People say the royals are good for tourism - evidently with ignorance. People are not looking at the expectations of the Queen and her obligation to uphold the law.

Injustice violates God's Law. Those who have taken ownership of the roads and land decide the rules. Just remember the wars have been based on lies and the weapons manufacturing business pays really well. There is evidently little care about the people. Too many officials do not care who suffers, who is impoverished. Does the Queen care about the homeless? The officials as public servants have been feeding into the degeneration of society.

If the Queen is not protecting the people and bringing an end to all the man made laws and human rights abuses- who will do this?

Time for the government to start paying up compensation to the people, not to find ways to take even more money from people. Too many criminal acts are taking place by officials that gives reason for great concern. Caring and having concern is human nature - something that lacks by the government.

Someone asked me if the Queen really cares about the people. Why are there homeless people living on the streets - it is people who are setting up organisations to help these people, not the Queen. I am still waiting for her to bring an end to legal corruption and not expecting it to happen by her decision, after all these yers. Officials boast the system is corrupt. Says is all.

Difficult to respect those who expect it. With a great deal of respect for public servants to know responsiblity, have a conscience and do right by people, at every opportunity I remind people of the good work they are doing. Where there are officials who are getting paid by creating laws and fining people - surely there is other more productive ways to earn a living.

Officials know these laws are for profit. Unfortunately most people cannot see or comprehend what is happening. I have suffered losses with legal corruption and the vultures have fined me with their man made laws too. Any official who portrays to be Christian and acts to cause loss or suffering to people is a hypocrite.

Before I close on this, someone actually authorised the decision for these man made laws? Parliament - who passed them?

Where is the authority that protects the people? The Queen?

Man made laws, fines and taxes is just some ways the government rakes in £billions of profit every year. In the shops many clothes are made in developing countries for pennies. The system reveals Greed top to the bottom. As long as people keep spending 'and paying up' the demands for more will prevail.

There is an increase of areas where people have to pay to park outside their home - if no ticket the traffic wardens are quick to put a fine. People who 'see' are questioning what is happening?

Trusting people have allowed the police state prison of fines and increased cost of living - deliberately created! There is a yob mentality who work even in the police who have been known to break into homes of innocent people, beat people up and they are known to lie in court - also witnessing this myself when witnessing a car crash, the police do not even protect the people any more.

There are officials 'working in the light' - Who are they?

Britain is no longer 'Great' and unlikely to be again. This is said with KNOWING the system is not working for the people.

Officials are making laws and the Queen is approving them! If officials cannot work in the people's best interest, leave the job!

Public servants are to serve the people.

People need to realise when they complain about something and ask officials to do something about it - an act (action) could be passed. Perhaps it might be wiser to be responsible and considerate when driving.

What makes England is the people - Where are the people who care about this country and the world we live in? Officials do you care?

Evidently there are people who shrug their shoulders and turn a blind eye to what is happening. Judges, lawyers and police turn a blind eye to deliberate contamination of food and water contributing to illness and even death. Road traffic fines might be seen as justifed and even harmless, however they are increasing.

Just because you have not been fined or suffered injustice, does not mean it is not happening. The bank accounts collecting from people by man made laws is overflowing.

All that is necessary for the forces of evil to take root in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.

I will leave you with this thought - as above so below. The forces of evil in this world excuse all that is detrimental to people. When officials in high places excuse and turn a blind eye to corruption, deliberately creating illness, poverty, losses, suffering, injustice, homelessness, war and death to people - this is seen as evil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

I suffered huge losses due to legal corruption and justice has been obstructed, fobbed off, denied and blatantly refused. Since the early church, Orthodox Christians and people from the Christ family have suffered. The antichrist does not care about who suffers or who is killed. The antichrist does not care about the homeless. Over 300 layers lawyers in England refused to work for justice. Many boast about it. The UK legal system is DISGUSTING!

Silence is not an option - You were born with a voice! Speak out, write and do so in a responsible way. Thank you for your support.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Finale at Buckingham Palace

Presenting a video of the last 14 minutes of the finale of the Diamond Jubilee Concert, held outside Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles honors his Mother Queen Elisabeth II in front of a 12,000 strong audience. The 91 year old Prince Phillip is again in hospital and kept under observation for a couple of days. The Queen is seen to step out in the public eye to meet the people by joining everyone, not just her family, when internally as a human being she could likely be experiencing emotional turmoil.

The National Anthem follows Prince Charles tribute to the Queen.

The Queen lights the last of 4200 beacons of light using the diamond crystal as posted on an earlier article. This is seated in the center of a gold crown placed on a purple cushion. Here we see its beauty and light. The national beacon of light is illuminated with a living flame 6 metres high met with cheers. Notice the Queen is wearing Gold and the Diamond is illuminating the world.

In the finale the most spectacular firework display is seen here in it's entirety. At the start the Union Jack projected onto Buckingham Place. During the firework display the Union Jack changes to Red White and Blue stripes, stirring up confusion with people and viewers of this footage. The British people will remember this day - hopefully for positive reasons.

Around the world there have been parties and fireworks celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubiliee. What we see here is just a snippet of the bigger picture of what is happening in the world and in relation to the divine plan. Not everyone in England considers the Queen is known as Queen in other nations too.

The concert was held outside Buckingham Palace where a stage is created at the Queen Victoria monument, with a lighting show said to have taken 600 technical experts to make happen. Keep an open mind. Nothing is quite it appears to be and nothing is coincidence at all. There are many lawyers of understanding.

The monument itself has significance. A statue of Queen Victoria faces north-east towards The Mall. The other directions feature dark bronze statues of the Angel of Justice (facing north-west toward Green Park), the Angel of Truth (facing south-east) and Charity facing Buckingham Palace. On the pinnacle a Golden Angel of 'Peace and Victory', with two seated figures (the subsidiary figures were given by the people of New Zealand)

The centre stage was set around this monument for a reason, not just for public appeal. Whether deliberately planned out or trusting the divine plan, the organisers know. Not everyone considers the deeper meaning of events and circumstance. The entire city of London, Commonwealth and the rest of the world have these days to reflect on the Queen and exactly what she represents. A article with some videos provide extra insight.

Everyone has the opportunity to consider the energy focus centre of this location where 12,000 people in a life audience had their focus and countless millions more people too. This is one powerful energy focus. Look beyond the royal family and see what is solid and will continue to stand - look to the angels in the monument and up above to the heavens. Rmember the Queen took her Oath to God. The Queen is head of the Church of England.

The realisation that the only way forward is with Justice, Truth and Charity and the focus of Peace and Victory, being without weapons or fighting wars with each other is necessary now. When people are empowered they are transofrmed and all that is upstanding in this world, begins from within the people - not relying on one person. Certainly not bowing to anyone.

Queen Elisabeth wrote to my mother as soon as she learned of her being paralysed from the neck downwards - I opened her letter and held it so that my mother could read it. We spoke of the Queen warmly and had no reason to think otherwise. She has always been reserved in the public eye and yet when, listening to her speaches, addressing a population takes an open hearted person, even with evident reservation in conduct. Incongruence cannot be hidden and 60 years is a long time to maintain a fake front to people. There are many people saying things about the Queen who have had no personal relationship with her or even interested to find out what she is really about. Few people realise the Queen is the head of a church! She could likely be far more aware than I am.

Since 1973 until this day, I have never known the Queen put a foot wrong in her public image, even when Diana was killed. Had the Queen come out immediately to meet the public, this could have been easily misconstrued against her. No one can know or understand anyone else's feelings unless we have walked in their shoes. There are people saying what the Queen does behind closed doors. Unless you are there to know you do not know at all!

There is a saying 'still waters run deep' and while as a young girl Elisabeth became a free spirit, laughing and playing to stepping into a role of public duty with responsibility with seriousness and dedication, that no one can relate to unless they have this spiritual calling to do so. This is actually a totally selfless calling.

Time is going to reveal what the future will bring. I am sure the British Royal family will totally respect why my loyalty is to Lord Jesus Christ as MY King with being baptised in the Greek Orthodox Church. Also like the Queen, I have an obligation to obey God's Commandments 'to me' and can fully understand why she is not subject to man made laws! Neither am I! The people who are guided by God are obliged to follow LORD God Almighty and cannot serve two masters - FLAWED MAN! Who serves the LORD?

Jubiliee brings the reminder of Jublilee Law. Look this up!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Queen Elisabeth II

On 3rd June 2012 to celebrate Queen Elisabeth II 60 year reign, the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla Pageant with 1000 vessels sailed along the River Thames. Over a million people gathered to watch the Spirit of Chartwell and cheer the royal barge. Chartwell House was home of Winston Churchill - a thoughtful name of a barge.

The Queen is seen here with her family with highlights of the day.

Elizabeth II was just 25 at her Coronation to become Queen Elisabeth II. These videos portray her early years as a young Princess prior to being married and since her Coronation.

Elizabeth became heir apparent with her uncle's abdication

Union of Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Why the Monarchy Has Endured‬

The Queen's Job

Princes William and Harry Look Forward

A Tour of Buckingham Palace

The media and the Monarchy

A lot has happened during the lifetime and reign of Queen Elisabeth. Her children and grandchildren have grown up to know a very privileged life to learn from and be enriched in their experience. In a time where humanity is to progress, it is time for people to be empowered and so time will tell, if this is to be!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Your Voice is For a Reason - Sing Louder

Many millions of people are in the process of healing in so many differenr ways. Many millions of people are finding their voice. Many millions of people are starting to smile and laugh again.

Let no one take away your right for self expression, whoever you are. You were born with a voice to communicate your thoughts, feelings, fears, anxieties, worries, hurt, anger, hopes, dreams, wants, needs, goals, love, joy, forgiveness and so much more besides. Inside you is a wealth of wisdom that relates to self understanding. You hold the keys to your life, why you were born, the lessons you have been meant to learn, the strengths you have gained and what you can share with other people.

Ten years ago people were writing openly on the internet to assist their healing need as a focussed goal. This has now become a global phenomenon with the help of the internet. Strangers from different lands are communicating in real time and making new friends. There is still far too much suffering in the world and yet, there is also so much hope and it is knowing that peoples lives are being transformed by communicating their true self and to know, that as humanity we really do care, that the people who were once oppressed become the strong voices to help empower other people who have not found their voice to express their true self.

Being silent serves no purpose if you have something to say. Suffering in silence does not serve anyone in a positive way. Feeling insecure or shy, worried about what people might think or say, start a revolution - be the first person to speak your truth and even if you sing out of tune, as I do, at least other people will join in too. Life is not a competition - we are here for a human experience. Everyone has something valuable to share just by living their own experience and everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a valuable human being. Life is precious!

Not everyone realises if they are hurting, the way to healing is by communicating your feelings. Singing can be healing and empowering too. Singing together unites more people together.

There is no room for silent suffering in 2012.

Find your voice and sing louder!

Sing by Gary Barlow

Some words they can't be spoken only sung
So hear a thousand voices shouting love

There's a place, there's a time
In this life when you sing what you are feeling
Find your feet, stand your ground
Don't you see
Right now the world is listening to what we say

Sing it louder, sing it clearer
Knowing everyone will hear you,
Make some noise, find your voice tonight
Sing it stronger, sing together
Make this moment last forever
Old and young
Shouting love tonight

To sing we've had a lifetime to wait
And see a thousand faces celebrate

You brought hope, you brought light
Conquered fear, no it wasn't always easy
Stood your ground, kept your faith
Don't you see
Right now the world is listening to what we say

Sing it louder, sing it clearer
Knowing everyone will hear you,
Make some noise, find your voice tonight
Sing it stronger, sing together
Make this moment last forever
Old and young
Shouting love tonight

Some words they can't be spoken only sung
To hear a thousand voices shouting love
And light and hope

just sing,
just sing,
just sing,
just song,

Sing it louder, sing it clearer
Knowing everyone will hear you,
Make some noise, find your voice tonight
Sing it stronger, sing together
Make this moment last forever
Old and young
Shouting love tonight
hear a thousand voices shouting love

Another excellent Song Gary - Thank You!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Friday, 1 June 2012

St. Peter - Prince of the Apostles

Peter became the leader of the apostles, after Jesus' ascension.

So many people want signs and miracles and yet even what is evidently happening in history and the present times, there is still spiritual blindness. Sometimes what we really need to know is already there in front of our eyes. It might mean that we must open our mind so we can understand from a different perspective. Our world is more than two dimensional. Our thought process is not lineal although help to connect information together. With the right information, we can see how everything fits together. We can expand on this as you will see here. There are layers of awareness and so nothing is every straightfoward. Nothing is ever quite as it seems. Nothing is coincidence either.

A previous article shows St. Peter's and how this reveals a key. In this statue St Peter is holding Keys and also a scroll. There are two keys in his right hand. One key is silver plated and the other is gold plated. The scroll indicates that Peter received Divine Revelation and was guided directly from God with making decisions. For this reason he became an important figurehead of the church.

Old Saint Peter's Basilica stood from the 4th to 16th centuries where the Basilica of Saint Peter stands today in Rome. Construction of the Basilica was built over the historical site of the Circus of Nero. Work began during the reign of emperor Constantine I ordered the contstuction between 326 and 333; that took 30 years to complete. The name Old Saint Peter's Basilica to distinguish between the buildings of the Old and present time Bassilica.

"The altar of the Old St. Peter's used several Solomonic columns. According to tradition, Constantine took these columns from the Temple of Solomon and gave them to the church; however, the columns were probably from an Eastern church. When Gian Lorenzo Bernini built his baldacchino to cover the new St. Peter's altar, he drew from the twisted design of the old columns. Eight of the original columns were moved to the piers of the new St. Peter's."

Fresco of Constantine's Old St. Peter's Basilica as it looked in the 4th century.

Since the crucifixion and burial of Saint Peter in 64 A.D., the Basilica is said to be the location of the tomb of Saint Peter. The structure housed tombs of saints and popes. Bones were still being found as late as February 1544. In the design of the new basilica attempted to reconsecrate these remains as much as possible.

"It is stated in the Liber Potitificalis, written by Anastasius Bibliothecarius in the eighth century, that the Emperor Constantine after his miraculous conversion caused the body of St. Peter to be exhumed in presence of Pope St. Sylvester, and enshrined in a case of silver enclosed within a sarcophagus of Cyprian brass. Over this he placed a large cross of gold weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, and bearing the inscription : “Constantinus aug. et Helena aug. hanc doraum regalem (auro decorant quam) simili fulgore coruscans aula circumdat.” The body was then restored to its original tomb, over which he erected an altar and a vaulted chamber (in place of St. Anacletus’ memoria) faced interiorly with plates of gold. This chamber was, and still is, right under the high-altar of St. Peter’s basilica, and on the Apostle’s tomb still lies the cross of gold, as will be shown later."

The Destruction of Old Basilica of St. Peters

"Old St. Peter’s had lasted some 1126 years (i.e., from A.D. 324 to 1450), when the walls began to settle down on the side where the masonry of Nero’s circus had been retained. Lanciani says the destruction of this venerable basilica is “one of the saddest events in the history of the ruin of Rome,” yet it was considered a necessity, for in Nicholas V’s time (1447—1455) the structure was found to be in a damaged state, and the roof threatened to fall. He conceived the idea of entirely rebuilding it, but did little or nothing because of the enormous sums required. Pope Benedict XII (1334—1342) had spent 80,000 gold florins (i.e., some ,£480,000 of our money) in repairing the roof; but a century later it was found to be again unsafe, thousands of rats having made holes in the beams, and the southern wall was leaning three feet seven inches to the side, so that the pilgrims, who came to the Jubilee of 1450, were naturally alarmed."

St. Clements with St. Peter of Alexandria - who is seen here holding the scepter. According to Tertullian, Clement was consecrated by Saint Peter, and he is known to have been a leading member of the church in Rome in the late 1st century. Pope Clement I also known as Saint Clement of Rome (in Latin, Clemens Romanus), is listed from an early date as a Bishop of Rome. He was the first Apostolic Father of the Church.

St. Peter is seen holding a book and the keys. We also see that he is illumined (by God) His crown chakra is open to recieve divine revelation and this provides evidence of him being sanctified.

History has been mapped out to the finest detail - so has today. There is no cheating to attain spiritual enlightenment. No one can buy or sell this realisation within our being. The people who have strived to maintain lofty places and kept people down, might never realise a higher consciousness. However, in this time there are more people from all backgrounds, cultures and faiths who are ready to experience higher consciousness.

The Golden Age is the age of enlightentment - for everyone.

By research, we can learn about history in context. Visual evidence helps to support factual information. Ancient buildings, ruins of temples and churches give evidence of history and people who have lived before. In the ancient times war, fire and natural disasters, floods and earthquakes have been reasons why ancient buildings have been destroyed. At different times throughout history, people have been divinely inspired and this is not to create division between people - but to unite people together in peace. Today the churches are uniting in peace and it is important that no one is excluded from this opportunity and understanding. Today there is a golden opportunity for everyone to realise a higher consciousness. You decide your process.

Physical locatons can change, buildings can change even people can change - however truth does not change. Peter is written about in the Holy Bible. Nothing is hidden from anyone!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria