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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 15 June 2012

£2500 fine for dropping cigarette ash

A £2,500 fine... for dropping cigarette ash on pavement. Sheila Martin doesn't understand why the council is being so heavy-handed. She might not understand, however everyone else will!

"An elderly widow has been threatened with a £2,500 fine by council officials – for dropping cigarette ash on the pavement.

Sheila Martin, 70, was smoking at a bus stop when a warden pounced and handed her the £75 fixed penalty for littering.

The cash-strapped grandmother refused to pay and has now been warned it could rise to £2,500.

Mrs Martin, from Oldbury, West Midlands, was hit with the original fine by the Sandwell council warden after visiting her daughter on May 25.

She said: ‘I still can’t believe what happened. I was sat at a bus stop quietly enjoying a cigarette and from nowhere a warden appeared and accused me of littering.

‘I was only smoking a cigarette. It is one of the few things I can afford to buy myself.’

Mrs Martin claims she was so shocked that she later suffered an asthma attack at home and was knocked unconscious for three hours after falling over.

She said: ‘I’ve always been a law-abiding person, so this was all a big shock to me and I just keeled over.

‘I haven’t been the same since and have only got by thanks to the help of my friends and neighbours."

"Councillor Derek Rowley, Sandwell’s cabinet member for safer neighbourhoods, refused to comment on Mrs Martin’s case.

He said: ‘In general terms, however, our wardens do not issue fixed penalty notices for dropping cigarette ash.

‘They do for dropping cigarette butts, which are specifically classed as litter under the Environmental Protection Act.

‘The council takes a dim view of littering because the people of Sandwell tell us they want clean streets.’"

The lady feels like she has been victimised. She was a target for profit for a heartless system that is operated by uncaring people.

This is just a snippet of what is happening in England. Millions of people are totally blind to people who are struggling and suffering - One reason why depression is rising is because people are ignored and they are left to cope alone, often suffering in silence. The elderly are vulnerable and already the cost of living is high for most people to afford extras. A packet of 20 cigarettes now is around £6.50 and a big whack of that is tax, for the government.

We are living in a shameful society if we cannot take care of our elderly. It is a shameful government who makes decisions to people's detriment. Did the Queen authorise these laws and fines?

I do not understand anyone who can take a job that is going to cause loss, harm, suffering and struggle to people. For those who justify fining people to be paid - shame on you. Shame on the traffic wardens! Shame on the people sitting in not so 'smart' cars with a camera to snap a driver to send a fine in the post.

Karma comes back eventually to those who cause suffering, harm, loss and especially injustice for profit - Divine Justice is due.

Disturbing - Dropping cigarette ash and the lady gets fined!

Shame on England and all her man made laws for profit.

The smoking ban was not just for health consciousness - These laws were made for profit. The corporation operates for profit. If the corporation works to serve the people in their best interst as a priority, we would see no injustice and none of these man made laws even being made. The system is robbing people to be blind.

Every so often I get bags and pick up the litter where I live - sometimes asking the children to help. If we do not take care of our environment, it will become a mess. We need to become conscious. The officials who will do what it takes to be paid will likely continue to be blind sheep to be paid. Money is energy.

The people who say they want clean streets can choose to get active and help to keep the streets clean. Last year when the riots broke out - teams of people came out of their homes and cleaned up because it needed to be done. Once people realise dropping litter and destruction is not the way, they might just change their behaviour. It takes just one person to start a revolution.

The reason people drop litter is because they have lost regard for the environment. Adults can choose to set an example. Teach children early to throw litter in the bin. When children watch adults drop litter, they might even be learning from this.

These fines from man made laws need to be made null and void!

And they will be...The clean up is overdue with the officials too!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria