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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 15 June 2012

More Laws - £90 Fine for Driving

Today the Daily Mail reports more laws - man made laws.

"Drivers face £90 on the spot fine and three points for being in the wrong lane or tailgating

Fines for speeding and mobile phone use at wheel will also increase by 50 per cent. Critics say new 'draconian' measures will pile more pressure on families"

This was always the case - for profit. This law is not neccessary.

While frustrating for the middle lane hoggers, be aware people...the fines and laws are increasing. This especially applies with road offences. Due to health reasons I did not drive and my car was parked up and was forced to pay a fine for not having insurance from this DISGUSTING SYSTEM that is repulsive to me.

With a double whammy of legal corruption; as a innocent person with three homeless threats - with refusal to put wrongs right, it is clear that the satanic system is actively violating the Christ family! The enemy of the people is not a stranger living overseas.

Man made laws are not in the people's best interest. While raising awareness of concerns and witnessing esclating human rights abuses, I have listened to several people who have suffered injustice by the system. All these abuses are inexcusable. There is an increase of fines because they can and will continue to escalate. Already millions of people cannot afford to heat their homes and pay their bills. Road cameras have been up for years fining people and the bill arrives in the post. One lady had three parking tickets in three days. The law does not protect the people in England - it protects the corporation that operates for profit. The system is grinding society to a standstill with the financial war.

Man made laws and legal corruption in the law courts in England are a liablility to humanity. A highly ethical lawyer overseas told me that injustice is a crime against humanity. This is an actual term of expression and for this reason, Human Rights law is to protect people. English law courts do not protect people.

What are you going to do about it? Silence is not an option. The party is over for the Jubilee now - The Jubilee law is all about clearing debt and returning what belongs to the original owner.

An old lady was fined £75 for dropping a piece of cotton by accident from her pocket. At one time someone might have picked it up for her. It is the lack of care about people that has excused so many people being taken advantage of and exploited. Man made laws for profit are just one area of concern, There are many more.

Not everyone is wanting to know what is really happening.

Legal corruption is rife too with absolute refusal to prosecute in England - so the corporation is doing its own thing with no one stopping the abuses. They are unlikely to either because this decision will rake in many billions of pounds in profit for those who penalise the people for profit, giving nothing back at all.

The British Goverment and law courts have been confronted verbally and in writing to address legal corruption several times by myself and I am still without justice. The system is thriving with man made laws and corrupt officials are arrogannt about violating people for profit. Corrupt officials boast of immunity from prosecution. An overhaul with screening process is due.

The flag wavers are cheering the royals not questioning why England has a Queen. Why are people regarded as commoners? This relates to common law. People are being fined due to admiralty law - Town ships. The Queen is in the role of the head - her crew make the decisions for the passengers (the people).

Where is the respect and regard for the people? The royal family are costing over £180 million a year - just £100 million for security. Going back in history - already land and homes were taken by man made laws. People say the royals are good for tourism - evidently with ignorance. People are not looking at the expectations of the Queen and her obligation to uphold the law.

Injustice violates God's Law. Those who have taken ownership of the roads and land decide the rules. Just remember the wars have been based on lies and the weapons manufacturing business pays really well. There is evidently little care about the people. Too many officials do not care who suffers, who is impoverished. Does the Queen care about the homeless? The officials as public servants have been feeding into the degeneration of society.

If the Queen is not protecting the people and bringing an end to all the man made laws and human rights abuses- who will do this?

Time for the government to start paying up compensation to the people, not to find ways to take even more money from people. Too many criminal acts are taking place by officials that gives reason for great concern. Caring and having concern is human nature - something that lacks by the government.

Someone asked me if the Queen really cares about the people. Why are there homeless people living on the streets - it is people who are setting up organisations to help these people, not the Queen. I am still waiting for her to bring an end to legal corruption and not expecting it to happen by her decision, after all these yers. Officials boast the system is corrupt. Says is all.

Difficult to respect those who expect it. With a great deal of respect for public servants to know responsiblity, have a conscience and do right by people, at every opportunity I remind people of the good work they are doing. Where there are officials who are getting paid by creating laws and fining people - surely there is other more productive ways to earn a living.

Officials know these laws are for profit. Unfortunately most people cannot see or comprehend what is happening. I have suffered losses with legal corruption and the vultures have fined me with their man made laws too. Any official who portrays to be Christian and acts to cause loss or suffering to people is a hypocrite.

Before I close on this, someone actually authorised the decision for these man made laws? Parliament - who passed them?

Where is the authority that protects the people? The Queen?

Man made laws, fines and taxes is just some ways the government rakes in £billions of profit every year. In the shops many clothes are made in developing countries for pennies. The system reveals Greed top to the bottom. As long as people keep spending 'and paying up' the demands for more will prevail.

There is an increase of areas where people have to pay to park outside their home - if no ticket the traffic wardens are quick to put a fine. People who 'see' are questioning what is happening?

Trusting people have allowed the police state prison of fines and increased cost of living - deliberately created! There is a yob mentality who work even in the police who have been known to break into homes of innocent people, beat people up and they are known to lie in court - also witnessing this myself when witnessing a car crash, the police do not even protect the people any more.

There are officials 'working in the light' - Who are they?

Britain is no longer 'Great' and unlikely to be again. This is said with KNOWING the system is not working for the people.

Officials are making laws and the Queen is approving them! If officials cannot work in the people's best interest, leave the job!

Public servants are to serve the people.

People need to realise when they complain about something and ask officials to do something about it - an act (action) could be passed. Perhaps it might be wiser to be responsible and considerate when driving.

What makes England is the people - Where are the people who care about this country and the world we live in? Officials do you care?

Evidently there are people who shrug their shoulders and turn a blind eye to what is happening. Judges, lawyers and police turn a blind eye to deliberate contamination of food and water contributing to illness and even death. Road traffic fines might be seen as justifed and even harmless, however they are increasing.

Just because you have not been fined or suffered injustice, does not mean it is not happening. The bank accounts collecting from people by man made laws is overflowing.

All that is necessary for the forces of evil to take root in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.

I will leave you with this thought - as above so below. The forces of evil in this world excuse all that is detrimental to people. When officials in high places excuse and turn a blind eye to corruption, deliberately creating illness, poverty, losses, suffering, injustice, homelessness, war and death to people - this is seen as evil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

I suffered huge losses due to legal corruption and justice has been obstructed, fobbed off, denied and blatantly refused. Since the early church, Orthodox Christians and people from the Christ family have suffered. The antichrist does not care about who suffers or who is killed. The antichrist does not care about the homeless. Over 300 layers lawyers in England refused to work for justice. Many boast about it. The UK legal system is DISGUSTING!

Silence is not an option - You were born with a voice! Speak out, write and do so in a responsible way. Thank you for your support.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria