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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spiritual Insights by Pauline Maria

Photograph Copyright © Maurice Coolen - Love and appreciation.

In so many different ways we are being reminded that we are the guardians of this earth and of each other. The same lesson is being shared today to learn the lesson again. We are one humanity.

Becoming a seeker of wisdom is how we gain understanding.

When we listen with our heart, we can feel people's pain, heartache, worry, anxiety, fear and grief. Our heart also speaks the language of love.

If you talk the talk, make sure you can also walk the walk - or our words are just pointless nonsense!"

When you are who you are - you shine who you are. There is no need to boast or sell yourself. There is no need to mislead or deceive - there is no need to pretend all is right in your world when it is not.

You earned your right to be you - stand tall and claim your birthright!

If I 'played the game'; turn a blind eye to wrongs, grab what I can at every opportunity, rip off my friends, lie in court; if I did not care about consequences or the society we live in ~ the world would be in a bigger mess & I would be very rich!

When we look at life obstacles from a different perspective, we discover there are no obstacles - just many landmarks for growth.

When you let go of limitations you can aim for the stars

If you settle for second best, you made the choice.

There is always room for improvement. Many people strive to improve their home and circumstances. Everyone is entitled to improve their inner self and this does not cost anything - although not everyone will make the effort.

Go for what you want in life and be true to yourself. If you go for what feels right in your heart, you are being true to your self.

The only person who can life your life and walk in your shoes is you. The only person who can make your choices is you. The only person who can speak for you is you. Only you know your truth. You have been given a voice and your mind for a reason.

If you want to live in peace, make your thoughts be the focus of peace. When your thoughts are focused on peace, your feelings will be focused on peace. When your feelings are focused on peace your words, actions and intentions will be focused on peace. If someone is angry, they are angry. Be a beacon of light for peace.

First make peace with yourself - saying no to war is easy.

We all have free will. There is a way to put right wrongs, if we are met with refusal to do so. Trust the higher power to deal with matters in the right way. We are told if we ask, we will recieve.

You do not need money, status, titles, honors, prestige, popularity, sponsors, education or degrees to be honorable and righteous. The royal road brings everyone closer to God; uplifts and empowers people; not the opposite. Christ is an example.

The Almighty Creator God already knows who is sincere and who is not. Look at the Holy Bible written thousands of years ago.

Religion is doctrine. Beleiving is trusting. Faith is knowing. Spirituality is a way of being. Divine Providence is revealing.

There is no competition to become who you really are.

The deepest feeling people in the world know anger, hurt, passion and love. People who feel rage have reason to feel rage. Acknowledge your process. If you do not feel, you are not alive.

You will be remembered by people who love, admire; resent and even hate. It is an honor to be hated for standing up for justice.

There comes a point in life when a shift in conciousness takes place and there is no turning back. Not everyone will realise a higher consciousness. People in high places do not all have spiritual understanding. Not everyone has heard of the universal laws.

Children are valuable teachers in the world. Children are the future leaders. The mistakes adults make today, the more work will be on their hands. Listen to the little ones, not silence them.

I was born with nothing and at the end of my life will leave with nothing. The time in between is important. We all make mistakes. We all learn. We are all instrumental in each others growth.

In my solitude, I walk with God, talk with God, trust in God and when I am unsure, I pray to God and leave everything up to Him. The guidance and understanding I need is always revealed. The courage to speak out without fear came because silence is not an option when anyone is suffering. I still hurt and reminded of being human. I still struggle at times and reminded this will not be forever. When I am tired - I must rest. When illness strikes I must allow healing. Mistakes have been made and serious errors in judgement. I give everyone the opportunity to learn lessons with knowing I am an instrument for people to learn their lessons.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria
Copyright © 1992 - 2012

Pauline Maria has extenstively trained in the healing and helping profession. All the professional training is additional to over 50 years of life experience - where is the real education of life and learning. Spiritual understanding comes with knowing yourself.