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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 6 July 2012

Camilla's Family Affair

With all the talk about royal family and future heirs - many British people worship wealth and insiders excuse royal bedhopping too. It is disturbing to consider that in history people have died for their king. As we gain a little more insight of the royal heirs, it is hard to imagine they could be seen as representatives of Jesus Christ. Selected representatives by birthright?

"Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is the only mistress in British history to have married her lover. But she's not the first of her family to fall for the Prince of Wales. Camilla Parker Bowles' great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, was the mistress of King George VII, Prince Charles great-great-grandfather.Alice, outwardly a respectable woman, married George Keppel in 1891. In order to raise his profile, she embarked on a series of affairs. She began consorting with Edward in 1898, an affair which lasted until his death in 1910. So, why no scandal? Why no media outrage of the sort Camilla endured? Well, it's a little easier to keep the media on-side when you have the help of the secret service.."

Camilla had been Charles mistress during his marriage to Diana. She was also married to another man and allegedly friends were happy to accomodate their affair. The people who value the sanctity of marriage, might find this disturbing and even a disgusting mentality. When the truth came to light, with Diana speaking that there were 'three people in her marriage so it was overcrowded' the royal PR team were quick to smear Diana and make her look bad. Kanga makes four!

Gullible people do not consider that Charles is weak in character and has shown he is unable to say no to temptation. He might be settled down and happy now in his older age. If the Royal Crown was just based on anointed Kings - anointed by God, the crown would come back to show respect to the people. Instead of keeping people down while the idle rich bring society values to the gutter, where even law courts let rapists and gang rapists walk free, people would be protected.

When any King or Queen is not working to protect the people, they contribute to innocent people suffering - past and in the present time. There is reason to be concerned with the future because there are serious issues to address - so time will tell what will be. There are British people who are praying that the Queen will live a long time because they do not want Charles as King and most certainly not Camilla as Queen. This is with justified reasons.

Camilla achieved a major ambition to marry Charles. While the Queen has welcomed her into the family and his sons have accepted their step mother, we are reminded that the family are sitting on a vast income of wealth and so this can explain why some matters are pushed under the carpet so easily. I cannot imagine how the boys have coped with losing their mother and accepting Camilla with affection, although they have. Boys seem to be practical in their approach and move on easily. Whether they do so in their private world is known to those concerned.

In my last article Queen Elisabeth married Phillip for love. Diana married Charles for love. Camilla set out to succeed and she did!

The false fronts any royals put on to the public shows they are not being sincere, not being congruent and not being honorable to the people and to serve the people. Unless royals think they have an entitlement to self serve. Ancient traditions evidently show spiritual influences have vastly differed in these 100 years.

The media has reported on royal scandals in the past - printing letters. They have used the medium to express their views on the royal bedhopping too. To quote what is included in conculsion to this article seems appropriate timing to bring to the table.

"If unbridled sensuality and lust have led him to violate the laws of honor and hospitality, then such a man is utterly unfit and unworthy to rule over this country. "

Sadly women past and present have been silenced. God help this world if we are to continue to have weak willed men who want to be rulers on this earth. If a man cannot control his personal urges and do right to people, honor his oath - even the marriage vow is a promise to God, then what worth is any oath he takes for King?

Thats all for now. Not impressed with people taken as fools.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria