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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Floods - Global Warming or Polar Shift?

Britain has had 55 flood alerts across England and Wales.

"The Met Office warns that many areas are expected to see between 20 and 30 mm of rain, but some parts could see up to 60mm - almost a month's worth of rain - in just a few hours."

"We are all sick of this weather. Rain then more rain. What I want to know is though, what is causing this? It really is a worry. Something is wrong with our weather. I have never known a summer like this one. Something must be causing it and I would like to know what it is. Anyone got any answers please?" Posted by Marie Ritchie, London, 14/7/2012 18:19 MailOnline.

A polar shift taking place can change land and water areas - (global warming?) The governments are deadly silent on this. Reading somewhere the Queen has bought land 1 mile up in Denver, not knowing if true or not. If so she is certainly saving the bacon of her family. Last year I was being drawn to buy a home high up in the mountains in Spain, however finances do not allow this.

In these years I had dreams of flooding. This year, one dream showed a huge wave of water - the next part of the dream it was sunny outide and vegetation growing. I am unsure if I was seeing something that could happen in the future, or from the past. Geological evidence has shown the earth has undergone changes with ground level markings. Not being a geologist this is not my area of expertise.

New Zealand - Manawatu Gorge. Roads are now reported closed.

A polar shift could even be taking place because of interplanetary movements with cosmic gravitational pull. Time to seek the higher power to ask to save the people. Around the world Russia and New Zealand have rising water levels. Reports are coming to light in areas of USA and Japan too. There have already been people reportedly died because of drowning. God help the people.

Switzerland - Just watching this - people cannot ignore this easily. Brings a whole new perspective to the clearing away dead wood.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Monday a national day of mourning in the wake of devastating, raging floodwaters that tore through streets in the southern part of the country and killed more than 170 people, according to Russian media reports."

People have also been warned about the wrath of God too and so with floods being one of the biblical prophesies, there could be food shortaged due to environmental disaster. The power beyond human manipulation has been making itself known in so many different ways. Some of us do beleive in miracles and this also comes with the power of prayer. In any crisis, our faith is tested.

All these years with people attacking different religions and nationalities really just shows that humanity has a long way to go yet to realise a higher consciousness. It is hard to imagine that at different times in history, groups of people have been targetted to be systematically killed. One of the lessons I learned at a very young age is how precious human life really is. We are here for such a short time and have the choice to make a positive difference in the world.

One thing for sure, war is not the way to peace. Retaliation is not the way to bring peace and healing either. All destructive energy is attracting destructive energy to our planet and people have been warned over and over.

Time will tell what will be.....This 'heavy rainfall' might just give the earth a real good watering because as more people are responding to nature and healing our planet, the universe responds accordingly. However, I cannot ignore the possibility of a polar shift taking place. Being reminded of the movie 'The day after tomorrow' this is what I realised could be the warning message.

Take That and Cheryl Cole have released songs titled The Flood.

For some time shores on the edge of southern England have been crumbling. In the video with Cheryl Cole we can see what looks like the White Cliffs of Dover and rough seeas - We can only keep and open mind and dig deep within our self to deal with whatever life brings. With people's awareness being brought to military presence in other lands, these days people have become scared with this too. The lesson is we send out what we want to attract.

Here is the song by Leona Lewis 'Collide' - watching this when released sent shivers at the time. Notice the lyrics can mean she is inviting the waves and going with the flow of nature. In many cultures the ocean is feminine nature and associated with the tides, moon and women - their monthly cycles.

There is a saying, when in deep water we learn to swim....No matter what we face in life, somehow we have to survive. The alternative is giving up. We are surivors. We are People who can help each other find strength in numbers and motivation to keep going in difficult circumstances. Not everyone realises thoughts have power or that the power of prayer is powerful. Stay calm.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria