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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 7 July 2012

William & Kate Middleton - Life & Learning

This is the announcement read from a script by Catherine's father, Michael to announce their engagement. Credit to the viewer who wrote at .39 that his wife Carol looks as if she nudged her husband Michael, after he announced 'the are great fun to be with' where he continues that 'we have had a lot of laughs together.' -

Carole a former air hostess has no worries that her husband Michael might say something out of line about her daughter. Even with a script, at least he comes across as being sincere and real. Catherine was living with William for some years before they married. Evidently they love to party and get drunk. For anyone to hide this or anything else that brings reason to have concern about the future of the Monarchy is creating a false impression.

Catherine when asked about the poster of William on her wall denied this. Perhaps because she did not want to be seen as foolish. She could also be showing people that she can lie and be convincing. While men can sometimes have the wool pulled over their eyes and especially in a moment of weakness, the entire world does not need to be gullible with this relationship any more.

William has been raised to be down to earth by his mother. He was born a public figure. His mother's life and tragic death brings awareness of many other issues that people who have been though or similar can relate to. We were not much difference in age when my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards. I know only too well, that Diana could have survived and been paralysed too. Either is not easy to come to terms with.

We learn Catherine was popular at school and university. Her art degree could be invested in a successful career in the art world. If she is artistic her work would command big figures that could fund projects to benefit people if she so wished. The advantage of being now married into a financially abundant position, with travelling expenses, security and even clothes paid for by the people, people are also right to want to see something back. No one has stoped Catherine doing anything and she has had every opportunity to do something. She may have even had many lucrative work offers.

It is likely Catherine was encouraged by the Queen and William to be active in serving the people or to choose a respectable career. The Queen, who is in her 80's still walks strong and is no fool. Catherine could have helped at a charity one afternoon a week and showed some real interest in the people and their needs - no idea if she has done if anything related. I am unsure of the Queen's knowlege of DNA, however if the royals are hoping Diana's genes will be passed on to any baby Catherine has, this is not going to happen. A girl will inherit both Catherine and Carole's DNA and with that genetic make up, the child might go out to get what she wants out of life. Diana thrived by giving to people.

A polite and smiling Duchess is now presented to the people, however many people are asking to see the real person. Many people refer to her as Waity Katy still and Duchess Dolittle that the media rolled with this - these are the people's true thoughts about her. Personally I think Catherine needs to anchor her strengths and use these in a positive way. Evidently she has worked hard with 'Princess' training, to give a good impression to people. However it takes more than this and titles to command respect.

Allow me to share an observation. One of Catherine's strengths is that she is sporty and when at one time sports being very popular, she could show more of that side of her and encourage young people with fitness. Children thrive with support and encouragement. This is what is needed at this time!

Catherine, to her credit has proved she is a team player and this shows she is willing to get stuck in. She has played competatively in sports too. With this she could positively apply her experience and use her natural strengths to motivate and empower other people. Any person who is conforming to expectations is not being true to their own self. Most people have gone through phases of being foolish and irresponsible. In growing up people learn from mistakes and the error of their ways. Some people do not grow up until they are 40, 50 or 60. The good thing about growing up is we learn that we cannot run away from our true self.

People are asking who is the real Kate Middleton? There is a lot of idolising happening and intelligent minds do not know why.

If Carole Middleton cared about the impression her family were giving to any people, she would have raised her children accordingly. The people who sit and say how much more superior the royal family are and anyone who looks down on common people, a status does not determine who anyone is. The Middleton family have been welcomed with open arms by the Queen and her family. In royal and noble families it is usual to seek approval before marriage. The Queen approved this relationship and so the wedding ceremony was a formality. In the divine plan this is as it was meant to be and the future has yet to unfold.

If for any reason the marriage will fall apart, it could be that the entire Middleton Clan including Catherine will be snubbed, except any children they may have. This is not just about protecting heirs and royal lineage. There is a clear message that children are taken care of and not abandoned. The Head of State, Queen Elisabeth II has lived her life and set an example for everyone to learn from.

The following video does have some shocking images and yet I share this to show, there are people who take everyone as fools.

The PR investment has been very busy promoting Catherine and she is presented as an impecibly behaved lady and evidently is on occasion. Her childhood dream and all the effort that was made to marry her Prince paid off. Now the opportunity is no longer a choice to serve humanity - it is an obligation to do so!

Catherine and William have already gone through years together and split up too. Their relationship will have already showed if they are making decisons for all the right reasons and this is know within their being. Their marriage and future will challenge them both to grow and if they have children, they will face looking at the responsibility of parenthood and being selfless. The real challenges in life force us to grow and become stronger. Catherine or William have never had to do without or worry who will pay their bills. The couple will be presented with many life lessons for learning and they will be given many opportunities and experiences. They both need to be extremely careful not to be patronising and especially in looking down on anyone.

To be the eldest born royal is with a life of royal responsibility. This is a decision made by God. Life learning and upbringing prepares God's servants to serve in some way and to uplift humanity. This is traditionally what being royal means. The Coronation Oath - being Crowned King or Queen is to Serve God and protect the people. Being a royal is certainly not to oppress anyone - not anyone who is anointed by God that is for certain.

"Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: it is mine." Exodus 13:2

Royals wear physical crowns. Divine Right Royals wear spiritual crowns. God Almighty knows who is sincerly Serving Him.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria