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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 16 July 2012

New Noah's Ark - Johan's Ark

ARK VAN NOACH (NOAH'S ARK) -This is the start of what is to mark to transformation of our world and a reminder to people.

This is a true and living testament of one mans total faith in the Holy Bible. Actions speak louder than words. Johan Huibers has shown by example the mark of a man who has true faith.

In 1992, Johan Huibers had a dream - more a nightmare, where he saw a great flood after a storm in Holland. The dream was followed by more signs, that Johan had to rebuild Noah's Ark. Johan beleives his Ark is not meant to save people from a global flood as Noah did 4,000 years ago. Johan has been inspired to remind that there is a God who loves us and that He has a plan for our lives.

Johan has built two Arks. The first a smaller replica of 9 metres wide, 13 meters high and 70 metres long starting in 2005. On 30th April 2007 the doors opened to the public. Over three and half years, the Ark travelled the Netherlands stopping at: Rotterdam, Zaandam, Arnhem, Drachten, Oudeschild on the island of Texel, Vianen, Harderwijk and Vlissingen etc. During this time, the Ark visited 21 mooring places and welcomed 600,000 visitors.

After finishing the small ask, Johan set his sights on building the full scale version. The Ark is to the instructions and dimensions documented in the Holy Bible. The measurments are about 450 feet long and 75 feet wide. The full-sized Ark is ten times the size of the earlier replica model. This puts the Ark in perspective.

Johan Huibers, a gentle natured Christian spent three years and over $1 million of his own money to build the modern-day replica of the Biblical ark. With a sharp decline in faith of Christians in Holland, he was inspired to use the Ark to spread the story of Noah's Ark, especially to young children.

The vessel houses a wide selection of artificial animals in pairs, including life size giraffes and elephants - just one said to cost £11,000. There are live animals including rabbits, sheep, birds and chickens. The Ark has become a floating zoo where the cost to board is under $8 for children. 100,000 visitors has been reportedly said would allow the project to break even.

Built to biblical proportion, the Ark is around 20,000 m2 in size. Presentations about Noah’s history, along with scholarly background information, themed paintings, cinemas and a restaurant with views over the Merwede River and the city of Dordrecht gives something for everyone. The Ark has two largetheatres suited for concerts, musicals and corporate gatherings. The Ark also ia an unusual setting for weddings.

The Ark is wheelchair friendly with two lifts for easy access - with over a million people just in UK who are wheelchair dependant, we are seeing that the needs of the people are progressively moving to include everyone. obstacles and limitations are lifted.

The second Ark compounds the promise that God made to the people that is relevant in the present time. This is especially recognised as so because it corresponds with divine timing.

Johan's Noah’s Ark is located in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The Ark near Rotterdam will hopefully make its maiden voyage up the Thames for the 2012 Olympics, where it is expected to open the eyes and minds of millions of people. Noone will miss this!

The Kingdom of The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy in western Europe on the North Sea. Half the country is below sea level and so we know this happened for a reason. The lost city of Atlantis is below the sea too. Our lands being divided might not reveal why, however we are living in a diverse landscape, that is keeps people divided by water: oceans, river and streams.

In the time of Noah's life people watched him build the vessel. Noah also tried to warn people of God's wrath for their wickedness and they would not listen. Noah's family and respective spouses boarded the boat with the animals. We do not know how many people drowned in history. Everything happens for a reason.

Millions of people have been praying for God's Kingdom on Earth. YOu will never know if your prayers are answered, unless you say your prayers. Everyone is entitled to realise prayers are answered, although they way the are answered is not unexpected.

Jphan has shown that people are guided in their dreams recieve divine inspiration. Evidently he was chosen in the divine plan. I did consider if he is from the family of Noah and his dreams triggered a genetic memory. Having had dreams with floods and a huge wave, this could relate too. Or we can expect more floods.

The following video in Dutch gives more idea of the internal structure. The Ark has picture of the Mona Lisa; connecting to the Louvre museum in Paris where the original is located. The French connection is given yet again. People ask if Johan is an instrument of God - Such a foolish question. God chooses who he wants to bring His truth to people for a far greater reason than the obvious.

Ship building and sailing to new lands has been directly connected to Dutch people. We live in a world with such beauty and this is to be explored and enjoyed. Not everyone considers, far off shores or people in other lands. Today the internet is uniting people together in peace. In 2012 is a time to break down all the barriers that divide people, so humanity can unite in harmony.

A few days ago I wrote about Noah's Ark found on Mount Ararat in Turkey. This New Ark built by Johan reminds who rules the world. God rules this earth and the New Ark of Johan has set the ground for God's Divine Order to be established. Global Peace and Righteous Justice are Divine Commandments.

The Holy Bible contain the Old and New Testament. The Old Covenent and New Covenant have been given to the people. There is clear instruction not to add or take away what is written.

The Old Testament is the Old Covenant given to the Jewish people. The New Testament is the New Covenant given to both the Jewish and Christian people. A New Covenent is being given to everyone. This is what people are waiting for. Many are starting to see why.

This is a reminder of the Ark of the Covenant. The Covenent is God's Promise to the people. Globally people have remained faithful to the end and to this day, continue their religous and spiritual instructions and festivals.
God has chosen Holland for a reason in the divine plan. The Dutch East and West India trading companies connect with New York and South Africa too - where the Cape of Good Hope recorded an important solar flare on the day of my birth. One founder of New Netherland, has the name of someone guided to speak with me. Holland America shipping line connects Holland and America. The Nieuw Amsterdam ship - New York; New Amsterdam; New Netherlands being connected physical locations, these connections are not a coincidence being revealed today.

The Headquarters of the United Nations is based in New York!

Common sense should say if nations are united in peace, this is a far preferable way to live than being at war with each other.

Johan reminds me of Jonah - having written an article about a young man named Jonah who is changing the world by sharing his heart - this also brought to the connection of Jonah - a prophet from Northern Israel who was swallowed by a whale. When our minds and hearts are open to understand, we can see, hear and understand much more easily. The lessons we are meant to understand are also brought forward by specific people, who may even have connection to history and the people in some way.

Johan's Ark be a reminder of Global Peace. We are caretakers of this world, for the children today and their children's future.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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