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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 9 July 2012

Princess Diana - Accident or Assasination?

There were several motives for Diana's death. The more anyone tries to suppress the truth, the truth will come to light anyway.

This is one of the most informative and indepth interviews with investigative journalist and author Jon King who speaks very openly a lot of information that is a relevant for everyone to know.

Diana's death was very suspicious. The media reporting revealed inconsitancies. Already the media had branded Diana as a loose cannon. Anyone who really knew her would know the truth. Given the information in the above video and knowing there are people who influence relationships - I do wonder if people who did get close to her were warned away from her too.

The following indepth documentary was shown on British Television about the events leading up to the crash that killed Diana. This brings lots of unanswered questions to our attention.

One thing for sure, Dodi al Fayed gave Diana warmth, affection, respect, attention, holidays and quality time together - It is no surprise that he would buy a 'tell me yes' ring. The jeweller said it was an engagement ring. The article posted below identifies the police told him to lie and here we are again, yet another example exposing blatant corruption in the UK legal profession.

Whether Diana was pregnant is possible, as she consulted with a health professional for advice. The issue of Diana having a baby by a Muslim as people have made out to be the reason she was killed, is ignoring something else. In ancient times the royal lineage passed from mother to daughter - the Isis gene. With Dodi being Egyptian, any baby with him would have Part Egyptian heritage. This could have even had an impact on the British Crown.

The Queen was coronated on a fake pyramid - linked with Egypt.

We learn from the first video that Charles arrived in Paris after Diana died, it transpires with a private team of embalmers to carry out this procedure. This involves removing and replacing the body's blood with a solution to preserve the body and slows down the decomposition. However, royalty and nobility in ancient times, particularly in Egypt, body organs were removed too.

While it did not make sense while the autopsy was taking place in Fulham, England, when the Cheif Coroner told me that BY LAW this must take place where someone dies. Perhaps what was started in Paris was completed in England. This is just speculation and I have not looked to see any evidence that can confirm this.

However once an official procedure has taken place in England this then gives those who were involved on English soil to present whatever information 'even if it is not true' and this being heard in a court of law in England - that is the establshment. This is why corruption has escalated. The British royal family are protected by the establishment and 'place theirselves' above the law.

We can only piece together factual information together to bring us closer to the truth. If we want the truth, we must be willing to look at all the evidence and also not to overlook inconsistancies. While a documentary shown in Britain has uncovered questionable evidence in Paris, there is a deafening silence about those who plotted to kill Diana and 'get rid of' Camilla.

"My husband is planning an accident in my car' : Diana's sensational letter is revealed in full published in the Daily Mail.

"Princess Diana was going to start campaigning for Palestine, according to Annie Machon. Annie Machon is a former MI5 officer who blew the whistle on a false flag operation. She was involved in surveillance of Princess Diana and would obviously have unique insight into the methodology of the intelligence services."

The videos provide evidence of some really evil goings on. Evidently we are not living in God's Kingdom on earth YET.

The Establishment is not to big for Almighty God to tear down as has happened in history. Anyone who thinks they are above the law and untouchable, might just discover that they are not above the law whatsoever. The Universal Laws apply to everyone.

This especially is a reminder to the oathtakers who mock God!

Long overdue is Global Peace and Healing.
Pauline Maria