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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 27 July 2012

The Flame in London with Enlightening Insights

Hundreds of thousands of people saw the Olympic Flame in London. Now people are going to learn that being spiritually enlightened is in everyone's best interest. This is certainly not to oppress anyone. What can we learn from these images.

The Olympic Flame carried up the steps of St. Pancras station to make its way later on a journey towards Buckingham Palace. We are reminded with this, of coming out of the darkness into light.

Kings' Cross St Pancras tube station is an underground station attached to the railway station. The Royal Priesthood bloodline is relevant to the Olympic Flame - This flame is from ancient Greece. The flame travelling to England does not change it's origins.

In iconagraphy St Pancras is vested as a bishop. He holds a cross in his right hand, and Gospel book in his left. St Pancras saved the city of Taormina from destruction by the pagan commander Aquilinus. Saints are venerated and recognised with being intercessors of God - miracles occur by Divine intervention.

Sint Pancras is a village in North Holland, Netherlands. Holland features in the divine plan. The New Noahs Ark Built confirms this. Restoration of God ruling this earth is for HIS Divine Plan.

Joanna Lumley, the 'absolutely fabulous' actress was born in Kashmir. We can see Joanna proudly carrying the flame.

Kashmir is a location where Jesus Christ is said to have travelled to. There is a tomb there also a foot shape sculpture with a distinctive representation of a nail mark when Jesus Christ was crucified. It is not for certain being the Tomb of Jesus Christ, however sufficient evidence shows that he was in Kashmir. It is common knowledge he travelled to India. Faith in Jesus Christ has grown globally because he was crucified and ressurected.

The reason Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Global Emperor - His position cannot be taken by anyone else. The incarnate Living Word of God was born to ensure God's Law is never changed.

Joanna holding the flame with another lady. Notice the bus stating 'moment to shine' - the people are occupying the streets with the vehicles protecting the sacred flame. A yellow sign I can just make out that says no vehicles - they would not be able to get through anyway. The Olympics is all about the People standing up and Shining their light. Two ladies are leading is relevant. Behind them is a familar colour yellow car. Yellow is also a reminder of the sun, associated with Christ and Christ consciousness.

The flame of peace and harmony at the Shakespere Globe Theatre - William Shakespere was born in Stratford-on-Avon, where the Royal Shakespere Theatre recides. The Globe represents the World. Queen Elisabeth II has celebrated her Diamond Jubilee - The Shakespeare Jubilee was staged in Stratford-upon-Avon between 5-7 September 1769. Danny Boyle, from Manchester is artistic director for the Olympic ceremony in Stratford. He has worked for the Royal Shakespere Company. The Queen was given an Orb and sceptre on her Coronation. See the connections.

The theme of the Olympic event is 'Isles of Wonder' taken from a quote by Caliban in Shakepeare's The Tempest. Shakespere's plays are comdedy, history of royals, tradedy and poetry. England holds a Mystery. When we are ready and open to understand, the mystery we are meant to know is revealed. Divine providence is coming to light. We need to open our eyes to see the signs.

The flame outside St. Paul's cathedral, St. Pauls is distinctive on the London landscape with a dome shape roof. St Paul's is a lasting monument to the glory of God - a symbol of hope, resilience and strength of the city of London and the United Kingdom. This Olympics marks Uniting God's Kingdom - Uniting Humanity.

Saint Paul was a prominent apostle who spread the teachings of the life and works of Jesus Christ and his teaching of a New Covenant established through Jesus' death and resurrection. Pauline Christianity relates. Orthodox Christianity relies heavily on these teachings. God does not change his truth, even 2000 years on we see the same message given to people - by Pauline Maria. Not everyone accepts that Mary (Maria) mother of Jesus was also guided by God and she was specificially chosen for her role in the Divine Plan that is still being revealed today.

Out of ignorance people have killed the Saints who were guided by God. However, it was common knowledge that anyone anointed by God could be a threat to any self styled ruler and elected kings.

The Olympic flame travelling through the crowds on Oxford Street. Notice the flags facing each other. One shows London 2012. The colour purple ia Royal Purple. With 5105 nobnoL - this is relevant to understand too. Akcnowledge and look beyond Zion.

Googling Nobnol, Nodnol appears as a science fiction comedy Red Dwarf Series III episode "Backwards". The sitcom is about 'an alternate Earth where time runs backwards!' Red Dwarf refers to a star or habitable planet. Red Dwarf studio was located in Manchester at the time of production and filming.

More - the plot is about the paralell universe. A roadsign notice states "Nodnol, 871 selim" - reversed - London 178 miles. Any 'signs' are relevant to understand in the present time - more research. A link posted below lists of state leaders in 178 ad.

Resaerch shows an earthquake destroyed Smyrna in 178 AD. This was rebuilt. My family are from this ancient Greek City. The were taken to mainland Greece to establish New Smyrna in Athens Greece in 1922 when the city was completely destroyed by fire. Athena and the Temple of Athena relate to ancient Smyrna. The exact figure of innocent unarmed Greek Orthodox Christians massacred is unknown. In the divine plan, truth comes to light.

The Ottoman empire was founded in 1299. The sultanate was abolished on November 1st 1922. Looking at the name Selim.

Selim I and Selim II were Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Salim II was born in Constantinople - a son of Suleiman the Magnificent, who left the running of the empire to his ministers. With Selim 1, on the eve of his death in 1520, the Ottoman Empire spanned almost 1 billion acres - trebling during his reign.

After claiming the Caliphate, Selim I assumed the titles King of the Two Lands (continents Europe and Asia) and Khagan of the Two Seas (Mediterranean and Indian Seas), Conqueror of the Two Armies (European and Safavid armies), Servant of the Two Holy Shrines (Mecca and Medina). This title alludes to dominions in Africa and Asia (Egypt, Anatolia, and much of the Fertile Crescent)

When Sultan Mehmed II Fatih (1451 - 1481) conquered Constantinople on May 29, 1453, he claimed the title Kaysar-i-Rûm "Emperor of Rome" and proclaimed himself the protector of the Orthodox Church. He appointed the Patriarch of Constantinople Gennadius Scholarius, whom he protected and elevated into leader of all the Eastern Orthodox Christians. As Emperor of Rome he laid claim to all Roman territories. At the time before the Fall of Constantinople, this extended to little more than the city itself plus some areas in Morea (Peloponnese).

The sultans adopted many formal titles including "Sovereign of the House of Osman", 'Sultan of Sultans', and 'Khan of Khans' meaning 'King of Kings' ranking equal to "Emperor". What is most relevant to point out, especially to Muslims, Muhammad made a promise to protect Orthodox Christians and the churches. This has been made public knowledge to all Muslims because it is meant to be.

The Ottoman Dynasty (the Imperial House of Osman) ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1299 to 1922, when the Monarchy was abolished, it is succeeded by the Republic of Turkey. A Turkish Lawyer recongnised my face as being from Anatolia and it turns out his family live in Izmir - another uncanny connection.

Sunni Islam stipulates that the head of state, the caliph, meaning leader, should be selected by Shura – elected by Muslims or their representatives. Followers of Shia Islam believe the caliph should be an Imam chosen by God from the Ahl al-Bayt (Muhammad's purified progeny). Jewish people stipulate the King will be a descendant of the House of David and chosen by God too. The Holy Bible and Torah identify the eternal throne of David. Zion was the source of religious truth in the ancient world.

To end on this image, Nobnol in reverse is London. Local people from Bolton often refer to the town as Notlob. Bolton directly connects with the Olympics and again to myself personally. Nobnol led me to find BBC News articles written backwards, No coincidence BBC Television is moving from London to Salford in Manchester; where I studied. Salford means Sea Lord. Remember the Queen ships? Another title for Queen is Lord or Lady. The Holy Bible gives a message to the Elect lady or Kyria. Said in context.

"The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in the truth; and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth; For the truth's sake, which dwells in us, and shall be with us forever. Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love." 2 John 1:1-3

Here we see two gentlemen; one flame of peace lighting the other in what is known as the kiss. Just one candlelight can light a million more. 204 nations of people are gathered in London City to celebrate the flame unites and brings people together. The sacred flame will always represent unity and peace.

On the newspaper article there are photographs outside Number 10 Downing Street with David Cameron and his wife Samantha. The olympic torch bearers are Kate Nesbitt and Florence Rowe - We are reminded of Kate Middleton who 'could' excel in promoting sport. Florence is the name of the Cameron's daughter.

William, Kate and Harry are joined by 40 children from the 'Team GB Ambition Programme' watching Wai-Ming hand over the London 2012 Olympic Torch to John Hulse - Ambition can be positive and enable other people. Kate was seen as ambitious to hold on tight to William and it paid off. He married her! However neither are 'spiritual leaders' - The Media PR machine promoting keeps their popularity and distracts people. Kate easily 'ignores people who campaigned against injustice and war'. Spiritual blindness is bad enough. To ignore pleas from people who are hurting is not a good sign. Countless soliders have lost their lives on wars based on lies. The Queen stepped into the role as Mother of Humanity - If she does not protect all the people - who will?

The colours blue and white are a reminder of the star of David, especially with the 6th person entering the picture centre. The blade and chalice is an ancient symbol going back thousands of years. Mysteries of the divine have been revealed. Spiritual knowledge shared openly, however people distort truth and even rewrite what has been given. Evidence of truth about history is known 'somewhere'. The Almighty Creator sees and knows our every thought, words, actions and intention. The hidden power is guiding everyone - whether they are aware of it or not. Servants of God are tested to completely trust and follow divine guidance.

The Divine Plan is revealed in the present time. The divine plan has never been to oppress people. The ancients aware of our soul journey. The spiritually enlightened are obliged to take instruction from God as their guide and share what is relevant to share with people. Not to follow man's rules and bow down to conform, especially when man has not even mastered his own self.

On a final note to my readers: -

All the messages we hear and read have a more profound meaning than what appears to be obvious. Connect the 'right' information together. Truth can be proven with evidence. Always seek truth not opinions. Spiritual understanding is not meant to be misleading or decieving people. The above is to assist awareness of a bigger picture and show everything is connected.

We have endless opportunity to expand our understanding. We never stop learning. Allow me to take this opportunity to remind readers to be selective in what you feed your mind and especially with children who learn from what they hear and see. Not all we are told and sold in the media is true. Hidden messages might be relevant to know and understand - said in context!

The Global Peace campaign is because I care about humanity.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No copyright infringment intended.